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Topic: Mature Ducktown game
Subject: Mature Ducktown game

Hey Everybody,

Last night I had an idea for a game, but I don't know if there is anybody out there who is interested. Please note, this is not a recruitment, this is just to check interest.

The idea is a game set in the Disney Universe, but than translated to a more Film Noir or Horror setting. Ducktown is plagued by some kind of threat, and various characters of the players' choice will deal with it. Characters will have to be tuned into a more mature form of themselves:

Donald Duck might be an unemployed sailor with an alcohol problem.
Daisy might be mentally stuck between keeping her job as a waitress in a restaurant and taking care of the children, all the while maintaining a nighttime vigilante routine.
Mickey might be going through a tough divorce with Minnie, fighting over custody of Pluto.
Horace Horsecollar could be a bouncer at a stripclub.

Just how this would work I'm still trying to figure out. Might be rules based, might be freeform. The setting just really got my attention. Please note... mature doesn't mean explicit sex and violence, it's just a big step away from the fairytale world Ducktown usually is.

Let me know if you think this is cool, disgusting, inappropriate for this forum, or ultimate win.

Posted on 2012-06-07 at 16:25:51.

Topic: Shadow Cathedral Q/A
Subject: pff

This game is hereby closed. Thanks to those participating, and for some of you: check your PMs.

It has become too much of a drag of inactivity to continue.

Posted on 2012-06-04 at 16:59:41.

Topic: Prometheus
Subject: Prometheus

Just got back from watching "Prometheus", the Alien prequel/non Alien prequel.

Let's be clear: this IS an Alien prequel, in such a way that it is situated in the same universe and plays before the events in Alien. There will be some familiar sights, but it is obvious that the makers were very intent on going a very different route than the Alien sequels we've seen so far. Instead of focusing on the Aliens as we know them, this movie goes into all the other questions involving the monster and its origins. But, in trying to answer these questions, a whole lot of new ones are brought up. And not all of them are answered.

In the end, the movie feels cluttered, with a very strong first hour and a second half which is all over the place. It's enjoyable and opens very promising, but it leaves you with too many questions to be satisfying, and character motives aren't always realistic or even clear.

The ending is so open that it screams 'sequel', but it's been confirmed that a sequel to Prometheus will only be made if this one does well. As a stand alone film this has some great moments, some really horrific too, but it lacks the eeriness of the 1979 movie, and frankly it feels unfinished.

Would I recommend it? Well, if you've liked Alien 1, 2 and the underrated Alien3, you should definitely go. But recommendation is tricky, because I don't think this is a film for everyone, as Avengers was.

Posted on 2012-06-01 at 23:05:29.

Topic: Here I go again on my... no wait, I think I'll take the family with me.
Subject: alright, take care

Have a fun trip in Deutschland! Auf Wiederschnitzel!

Posted on 2012-06-01 at 15:29:05.

Topic: Lack of games rant
Subject: well

Not sure new games are the solution. I have a game running, and it hardly gets posted to. It's just a really busy time of the year, I think. Maybe in a few weeks it will get better?

Posted on 2012-05-30 at 20:19:06.

Topic: Shadow Cathedral Q/A
Subject: well

That's a bit of a passive role to take. I would like to see players a bit more active and eager than that. I'm sure you can come up with something.

In any case, to give you all a bit room to breathe, I'm going to postpone my updating to later this week. So think of something good, and, as suggested by others, come up with something for me to work with.

Posted on 2012-05-28 at 14:06:59.

Topic: Tumbleweeds, again
Subject: cool

Good news, Brundel. New games are always welcome!

As long as you don't forget to post to my game!!

Posted on 2012-05-25 at 14:28:29.

Topic: Shadow Cathedral Q/A
Subject: update schmupdate :S

Oh well... it IS an update. I just can't really get the story forward with Berodin's proposition hanging unanswered and Boshaunn still waiting at his table.

Posted on 2012-05-21 at 18:41:59.

Topic: The Shadow Cathedral
Subject: intermission :P

The common room of the Boar on Rotation was slowly filling up. Mylos and Marius had just sat down, and noted that this was not the kind of bar where one would expect to find a fight. It was cosy, with the ceiling low overhead and a round fireplace in the middle of the wall opposing the bar. As they ate, more of the townsfolk gathered, though only half of them ordered drinks. The people just talked among themselves, occasionally glancing in the direction of the newcomers, but mainly minding their own business. Discussions were held quietly, words exchanged without a smile. This was not a joyful town.

One of the customers stepped up to the adventurers’ table, and asked if he could share a seat to eat his food on their table. He didn’t introduce himself, but rather plunged into a proposition. He affirmed what the old man had told Mylos on the town square; there was something strange going on. Young lads were disappearing without a trace. Even the mayor had not been spared.

“A mission for the good of these people is motive enough for my purposes. Though I heard there may be one willing to compensate us for our efforts, should we explore this mystery. Interested in such a mission, sir?”

Before they could answer, the door to the common room opened once more, and in came a man in his late thirties holding a lute. He held up his hand to the crowd in an apologetic manner and said: “Sorry for being late, people. Got held up on the Longtusks’ bull.”

He strode through the crowd and sat down on the wide, stone edge of the fireplace. He put his coat on a nearby chair and cleared his throat.

“Alright, what shall we start with tonight? Something for the little ones, then?” He winked at a group of young children who giggled under his attention. Then he strummed his lute once and started playing a melody. It went slow, and the words he weaved through it spoke about Herbert Hawking, who went out walking, went out walking in the night. Herbert’s stalking turned to gawking, when he caught a horrid sight. A shadowed spectre, please neglect her, please, neglect her wail astray. Though Herbert begged her, dug red nectar, took him with her nails away. Keep the door barred, Ezra keeps guard, so lie safe in linen’s hide. Herbert’s head was hard, now his soul is jarred, in the shadow dome tonight.

His words died away while his fingers ended the lute’s tune. He then went on with a song about the different animals of the forest and their special traits.

Meanwhile, on the table rested a proposition yet unanswered.

Posted on 2012-05-21 at 18:40:14.
Edited on 2012-05-21 at 18:43:17 by Almerin

Topic: Shadow Cathedral Q/A
Subject: ah I see

Ok, what's an SCA event? Sociopathic Cookie Assembly?

Anyway, thanks for the heads up Eol.

Posted on 2012-05-18 at 12:52:22.

Topic: Shadow Cathedral Q/A
Subject: hehe

Just fixing the last details on his sheet, so he'll be able to join us real soon.

His initial mess-up on the stats gave me an idea for a future adventure though. So one applaud to Boshaunn for that.

Posted on 2012-05-18 at 10:48:38.

Topic: Shadow Cathedral Q/A
Subject: well

Let's welcome Boshaunn to our midst.

I've PMed the rest, haven't heard from any of them. Aleric and Phelan haven't said anything about inactivity, but Celeste has. So that's half our group. The other half has posted already. I'm not going to wait with updating any longer than necessary. Monday will be update day once more so expect a good update then and there.

Edit: I should add that Boshaunn will be there on his own accord, which gives Ayrn every bit of freedom to go wild on posting without having to compare details with other people.

Posted on 2012-05-18 at 08:38:57.
Edited on 2012-05-18 at 08:40:55 by Almerin

Topic: Shadow Cathedral Q/A
Subject: well

Take care Celeste, with whatever secret project you're doing. Anna will be waiting for your return. I'm sure we can make it past a little drag.

If not... well... we'll see what happens then. First, let me PM some people to see what's the hold-up.

Posted on 2012-05-14 at 18:15:57.

Topic: Avengers Discussion (Spoilers!)
Subject: not really

Shoarma and Döner Kebab are two separate things, both really good.

Posted on 2012-05-13 at 18:35:01.

Topic: Shadow Cathedral Q/A
Subject: hmm

This isn't good. Just a single post? Are things intimidating? Is time a problem? Let me know what to expect, guys. The game has just barely started...

Posted on 2012-05-11 at 16:28:04.

Topic: Avengers Discussion (Spoilers!)
Subject: just to verify

Just to verify, people. You guys over there don't know what Shawarma is? It's common food here (though we call it Shoarma), so I didn't really understand why Iron Man would say it's new and he never had it.

It's really good, btw.

Posted on 2012-05-11 at 16:25:54.

Topic: Guest Floyd
Subject: Hah

Very nice!

The group I play in usually doesn't ask those kind of questions. If they want to be sure, they just hack it into bits.

Posted on 2012-05-09 at 18:57:38.

Topic: Happy Birthday, Tiamat!
Subject: Hoppy Barfday

Have a great day, dude!

Posted on 2012-05-07 at 16:08:33.

Topic: Shadow Cathedral Q/A
Subject: well

The coming two weeks are very much taken up by all kinds of random stuff. My Mondays are fully booked the coming 2-3 weeks, and Thursdays are hard as well. I think for the coming 2 weeks we'll have to see. This depends strongly on how you guys post too.

After that, Mondays really have my preference.

Posted on 2012-05-06 at 09:52:30.

Topic: Geek Children's books?
Subject: well

The problem is that said tweaking would take up quite a lot of time. If you read most in-game-posts here, you'll notice how there is a lot of referring and replying to other characters. So basically, tweaking the story would be the same as rewriting it and filling in the gaps where other people reacted. Tricky business.

Here's the initial post though:

The long blades of grass that made up the field softly rocked back and forth in the light breeze of this summer night. Harebells softly tinkled as they were touched by the wind, audible only by the animals gathered on this summer-eve’s feast. They were all quiet now, enjoying each-other’s company in invigorating silence. Mrs. Fieldmouse relived the earlier festivities, sitting in the arms of her husband. One of the few caterpillars lay back against a big leaf and lazily munched the last piece of Mrs. Fieldmouse’s grain-pie. The ladybugs had all inserted their legs and lay dreaming peacefully, their red jackets buttoned tightly around them.

Paul the vole stood near the tin foil shutter of a milk-bottle and poked the burning cigarette that lay on it with his stick. Looking up he could see the smoke curling skywards, blending into the night. He marveled at the forms and patterns being displayed in the dim light. Sighing deeply he sat down and warmed his little hands by holding them near the fire. It wasn’t very often that they held a feast like this, and now the end was near, the cigarette almost burned completely. How they had eaten and danced to the cricket-music. Then the night had come and fire-flies had lit the open space in the field. The old black beetle had told his tales and they had lit the cigarette when the fire-flies dozed off.

What a night to remember.

It was then that amidst his drowsy memories he heard a soft sobbing.

Somebody was crying.

Paul the Vole looked around to the other animals. They were all lost in their own thoughts or sleeping contently. As far as he could see, he was the only one who had heard the soft sobs. Had he been dreaming? He listened intensely.

Yes, there it was.
Under the loud snores of the dung-beetle (who had his own place far from the other animals) he could clearly hear a soft crying. It came from the south trail that lead through the field. Not to wake the other animals he tip-toed away from the light of the cigarette. He left the small clearing where their feast had been and blended with the shadows that the long grass cast down. As quick as he could Paul scurried down the path until he came to a second clearing.

A big puddle of water reflected the bright moon and the stars around it, giving the water a silver hue. Several fire-flies danced above the surface, ignorantly lighting up in green, red and yellow colours. But it was not this that caught Paul’s attention.

Near the puddle sat a small faery, wrapped in a dandelion leaf. Her face was buried in her hands and shook slightly as soft sobs erupted from within. Her blue see-through wings hung down sadly. Paul felt a lump growing in his throat as he looked at her from behind a big blade of grass. She had not noticed him yet. Should he go to her?

Posted on 2012-05-04 at 13:46:35.

Topic: Shadow Cathedral Q/A
Subject: I'm right here, hehe

Yes, since I was waiting on updates on Monday I had to wait for the next opportunity to post.

Which was now! So yay for that!

This was quite a tricky update to do, since it involved some interaction which wasn't very much specified beforehand. Maybe it's handy if next time you approach somebody for information you give me a few questions you'd like to get answers to. I think that would help a bit. I don't want to give to much away for free.
Since most my games are very much player-initiative-heavy you'll have to give me a bit more insight in what it is your character wants to get out of his/her actions.

Ayrn, PM on its way.

Posted on 2012-05-03 at 19:29:08.

Topic: The Shadow Cathedral
Subject: a few directions

Though many questions came to mind, the group had enough wits about them to refrain from openly displaying their confusion. Only the Gods knew what was going on, and until the adventurers had any clue on what to expect it was better to act like nothing was amiss.

Mylos and Anna approached the old man sitting in front of his home, trying to act like they didn’t know what the insides of his cupboards looked like.

“Ho, friend,” the brath stated joyfully, “A lovely day is it not? May I ask after your carving there? I am a keen collector of such pieces.”

The old man regarded the bard for a moment, a puzzled look on his face. He glanced at the wooden piece in his hand and then, in disbelief, back at Mylos. He noted Anna’s beautiful and warm smile and his confusion grew even more.

“You mean you actually like what I’m carving here?” he stumbled in a deep voice. “I’m no artist, t’is just a way to pass time, you know. A man’s gotta have something on his hands.”

He handed Mylos the piece, which was still very rough and only half finished. Yet, the rider on horseback was terrifyingly familiar.

“So, have you folk just arrived in Varithne?” the man asked. “Did you travel safely? The woods can be quite dangerous, always have been. Better lock your shutters at night, I always say.”

A bit more prodding from the two charismatic adventurers loosened his tongue even more.

“I’ll give you some good advice, that’s what I’ll do: Don’t go out at night.”
He looked them both deep in the eyes, and returning his stare they noted no glee what so ever in his own. He was deadly serious.
“Something’s out there, snatching young men such as yourself out of their beds. Even the Mayor’s boy disappeared. There are all kinds of rumours about what is going on, but I tell you, if they had locked their shutters, none of this sad business would have happened.”

(OOC: going to leave it up to you if you want to buy the statue or not. The man accepts any offer you make. He wishes you a very nice evening afterwards and goes indoors.)

Meanwhile, Marius entered The Boar on Rotation and discovered that it was nothing like the eerie, desolate place they investigated in the… well… other town. The common room was quite crowded, sprouting chatter, laughter and the occasional *clink* of toasts being made. It all diminished ever so slightly when he stepped indoors, but it was enough for him to realize his entry had been noted.

Behind the bar, a pretty woman in her early fourties stood filling a tray with tankards of ale. She looked around and nodded as Marius approached.

“Welcome to The Boar, stranger. What can I do for you?”

He told her he wanted a room for four; that only the best would do. She explained that she was almost fully booked for the night, but that her most luxurious room was still available, but at a price of 2 gold pieces per person. Though he assured her that money was not an issue she looked at him for a moment, then demanded to be paid up front for the first night. There was a finality in her voice he wouldn’t have linked to her otherwise calm demeanour.

The room she showed him was not the most luxurious he had ever seen, but then again, having been there before he knew exactly what to expect. It was big though, with four separate beds, three large chests for storage, a small leather couch and a private chimney. They would be very comfortable there.

Who would not be comfortable there was Arvin. The mage was too aware of the fact that the town may look bright and safe at this moment, but only a misty journey ago it had been quite the opposite. He didn’t trust the situation for one little bit.

While the others went out to gather information or rent rooms, he followed his instinct and tuned in to Cass, his faithful companion. All through the tiresome travelling he had felt that though they were lost themselves, his familiar was not lost to him. Somehow the connection had been maintained, and right now the empathic link would guide him to where he needed to be.

He crossed the square and entered on of the many cobbled streets. He noted little shops left and right, cropped between domestic residences. The further he walked, the more houses grew apart from each other. He finally stopped in a neighbourhood where large mansions were surrounded by big fences and stone walls. It was from one of these that he felt Cass’s connection. The guards at the gate noted his stare and approached him.

“The Mayor isn’t home, sir. If you want to speak with him, you’d better make an appointment at the town hall tomorrow.”

Since they were eyeing him too much he decided not to take his chances and come back some other time. He headed outside the town and started conjuring his Secure Shelter.

(OOC: Going to stop here to give Ayrn a chance to come into the game. I’m assuming you’ll be having some food and a drink in the common room later. His character will be there as well. Also, I would like to stress here that I’m not a fan of groups splitting up. Now since this situation is so weird for your characters I’m going to allow it. In the future though, you make decisions as a team. )

Posted on 2012-05-03 at 19:21:00.

Topic: Geek Children's books?
Subject: wow

Thanks Eol. Can't believe you remember that. That was a fun game.

I still have my own posts in a word doc, but it doesn't flow because it lacks the responses of other players.

Posted on 2012-05-03 at 07:29:09.

Topic: Geek Children's books?
Subject: well

A bit controversial, but: The Tough Princess, by Martin Waddell. Couldn't get enough of it as a kid. It's funny to see how many of the books I've read as a kid have been translated from English.

Posted on 2012-05-02 at 22:05:17.

Topic: Geek Children's books?
Subject: Gruffalo and stuff

Every heard of 'The Gruffalo'? It's awesome. Not specifically geeky, but overly geeky isn't for 5 year olds. Also, 'Room on the Broom', by the same author.

Check those. I'm sure they'll fit your bill as close as possible.

Posted on 2012-05-02 at 21:48:22.


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