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Topic: A Local Legend - An Audalis Short Adventure
Subject: and now?

The creature’s appearance had left a stain of dread on the adventurer’s mind. Though they had stood up to many threats before, this was no ordinary monster rampaging farmer’s crops or woodlands. These creatures looked intelligent and perhaps even civilized, in their own tribal way. There was little doubt that this would take a delicate approach.

To Driscoll, these monsters resembled something that he had heard about in his travelings. The swamps of Kedesh, south of the Cindari Plains, bore creatures of similar description; reptilian humanoids living in groups. Did these monsters change the muddy habitat of the swamps to the salty environment of the ocean floor? Answers brought more questions it seemed.

(OOC: You can go down to the beach and inspect the area. None of the townfolk is going to be coming out this evening. Still, you will find nothing of significance there. Another note you will find in the Q/A.)

Posted on 2009-03-28 at 19:04:46.

Topic: This was freeform
Subject: yep

Hell... Silent Hill... not so different indeed.

Posted on 2009-03-27 at 18:41:22.

Topic: The Lost Temple of Sunryad - A Freeform D&D Adventure
Subject: the dangerous pool

Clouds of blinding steam blew in Jonathan’s face. The water below was feverishly hot, and he squinted his eyes against the heat. Sweat and condense were already forming on his forehead. He wiped his thin brow with his forearm, before the liquid could leak into his eyes. Below the surface lay the goal of his task, but he wasn’t keen on burning his delicate fingers. He could feel the temperature radiating onto his palms as he held his hands above the water hesitantly. Then a big fist grabbed his left wrist and yanked it into the hot basin.

“It gets easier if ya just go for it without thinkin’,” the cook told him with a stern look. Jonathan felt the water burn, but grabbed the first plate off the stack and started scrubbing it with a brush. Absently, he glanced around the kitchen. It was not the biggest kitchen he had ever seen, nor the cleanest. But it was a cosy one, and the cook looked mean, but was really soft hearted. He was the one who had hired Jonathan to wash dishes for a few evenings, in trade for some silver pieces, a meal and a room to sleep in. It was not the grand performance the young bard had hoped for. It was surely nothing like the adventures he had lived a few months past, but it bought him shelter and food, and Jonathan knew better than to pass on those. There was only so much he would do to keep his slender figure. Starving himself to a desirable size was not an option.

When he finished the first stack of plates, he dried his hands on the dirty apron that he had been given, and moved the pile over to the cabinet, where the serving girls would take them, or the cook, or whoever was dressing the plates in this establishment.
Through the door, he could see the common room, with the patrons dining and drinking, smoking and conversing. His attention was drawn to an old man who seemed to be harassing a strange looking warrior. Jonathan leaned closer and concentrated on their words.

…you are a great warrior, but you are also an archivist, a searcher for forgotten lore…

“Forgotten lore…” Jonathan whispered, but then jumped as a hand suddenly grabbed his shoulder. It was the cook’s wife, who was in charge of the bar, and she pried her eyes into his own. “I think you are the one who is forgetting something. Back to work!” She snapped at him under her breath, after which her face instantly went to ‘customer friendly’ before she stepped into the common room.

Jonathan went back to work, scraping crusts off bowls and silverware, and dipping them into the hot water before giving them a good scrub. But when he returned to the cabinet a few minutes later, he couldn’t help but glance through the door, behind which the old man was now talking to the warrior and an elven woman.

“This reeks of adventure,” Jonathan thought, and returned to the kitchen counter. From that moment on, he dried every single item he washed right away, and brought it to the cabinet. It was the most inefficient way of getting his job done, but it allowed him to gather bits and pieces of the conversation.
Slowly, he felt the urge for adventure rise in his heart. It started like a slight unrest in his muscles, then spread to tingle in his fingers. He had trouble standing still, and hopped gingerly on his feet while doing the dishes When he brought two cups to the cabinet, he was juggling them as he walked. He knew then that he better not try to get any more information on what those three were gathering for, because it would surely make him do something he would regret later.

He allowed himself a final glance at the trio, and was sold immediately. They were now joined by the most stunning beauty Jonathan had ever seen. This woman was so exotic looking that she could not possibly be human. His bardic nature took over, and he kicked in the door with his foot, slammed the two cups on the bar as he passed it, and made for the table where the old man was sitting.

“I don’t know what you guys are up to, but I want in. I’m tired of scrubbing dishes when my voice should be heard by the world. Let me help you, and you will not regret it!”

He glanced slightly to the side, to see if the beautiful woman had noticed his bravado. He had heard women liked bold men. Or was it bald men? He thought it was the first as he looked back at the wizard. He couldn’t picture anybody getting the hots for a hairless old man like that. He smiled sincerely, for there was no ounce of disrespect in his mind. He was young, and didn’t know any better.

Posted on 2009-03-27 at 18:40:25.

Topic: Everything you always wanted to know about HELL but were afraid to ask
Subject: Everything you always wanted to know about HELL but were afraid to ask

This is the Q/A for the freeform game 'This was Hell'. Before joining up in this one, please read the first posts to see the feel and the setting of this game. This is not a high fantasy type of game, nor is it a full realism piece of roleplaying. It is Hell, and comes in many forms, though all are seriously dreadful.

If you're still thinking of joining, read this text from the recruitment post:

1 ) I host this game, which means that I don't make everything up. I welcome you to help me out in this. Still, people might die, which in this game doesn't have to mean anything.
2 ) While I put it in the horror section of the freeform games, this is only because of the horrific scenes. This is not an excuse for strong language or explicit sex, though I know you all like those two.
3 ) I am looking for characters that fit a realistically fantastic mood. There is very few magic involved, so your character that acts like a 20th level sorcerer has no place in this.
4 ) The idea of the game is more simple than its solution: we have to escape hell. And this is hell as we imagine it, not how other people have imagined it for us. Of course there is going to be a lot of resemblance and referance, but this is not going to be like: Ooh, we just had the fungoid forest, according to my planar guide to hell we'll arrive in... shut it! Yep... like that.
5 ) There is no 5

I hope we can all enjoy this little thing. Whoever feels like jumping aboard is welcome to do so. There is no need to send me character sheets or backgrounds. Just make sure you write well, doesn't have to be long per se.

And I can't stress this enough: making your character interesting doesn't mean he has to be a half-dragon barbarian with a doublebladed broadsword. Keep it as realistic as you can. This doesn't mean your minotaur isn't welcome... just don't make him too standard.

Posted on 2009-03-27 at 17:29:54.

Topic: The Lost Temple of Sunryad - A Freeform D&D Adventure - Q&A
Subject: alright

Good. I'll try to get a first post in this evening. After that it will be whenever I have time.

Posted on 2009-03-27 at 17:22:59.

Topic: This was freeform
Subject: Great news!

I'm glay you guys are going to give it a go.

I'll make a Q/A for it, where we can post our questions to each other and post information or thoughts.

As for post count: this was never meant as a fast paced game. We want quality, despair and interesting characters. And as I stated before: this is a joined effort. So Roger, go ahead and change whatever needs to change to make it as hellish as possible. We all have full freedom.

Posted on 2009-03-27 at 17:21:25.

Topic: The Lost Temple of Sunryad - A Freeform D&D Adventure - Q&A
Subject: eh

You are saying 1 to 4 posts per week minimum? I won't be able to keep up with that at all. Or did you mean 1 post every 4 weeks? Which would seem very slow.

I can do 1, maybe 2 posts a week, but not more. Not with other games going on, and having to read other people's work as well. I don't read or type fast.

Posted on 2009-03-27 at 16:54:26.

Topic: The Lost Temple of Sunryad - A Freeform D&D Adventure - Q&A
Subject: please no

What's the post-count per week going to be? Looks like it's moving really fast, and I will not be able to keep up a fast paced game.

So is this just the beginning burst of rp-energy, or will this keep up?

Character info:
Name: Jonathan Longward
Race: Human
Class: Bard

Jonathan is a young man of 21 summers, handsome and full of life. He seems carefree and frevolous, and is always in a good mood. His light reddish-brown hair is kept quite short, drawing full attention to his bright eyes. He is a master of all string instruments and has a voice like a refreshing spring. He is the embodiment of enthusiasm and adolescent ignorant stupidity.

Posted on 2009-03-26 at 20:05:12.

Topic: Just a new...well, newbie...
Subject: all been said, but:

Hey there, Fletch. Welcome to the inn!

We hope you'll have lots of fun here. It's pretty hard not to.

I personally started out with freeform games, and found the transition to rules based very smooth. Perhaps it's best to try your luck there first.

Posted on 2009-03-24 at 17:29:07.

Topic: What does it mean to be Human
Subject: well

video for cats and dogs can be designed... but not BY cats and dogs, you know. They need us to give them that form of entertainment.

anyway, addy: no, not much, but when I do I don't hide it.

Posted on 2009-03-22 at 17:43:40.

Topic: A Local Legend - An Audalis Short Adventure
Subject: there be monsters

Deciding it was best to stay as a whole to watch whatever monstrous mystery would come from the depths of the ocean, the group waited for the night to come. They found a secluded spot in the dunes, close the village, and left the horses in the shelter of the sandy hills, while they themselves crawled to the tops and peered between the long blades of grass.

The village was buzzing with activity, even though the dusk had began to grow into night. In the clear light of the moon and the many torches that had been lit along the beach, they could see the villagers grim faces as they hauled baskets of fruit, sacks with bread and other food, and four sheep and two lambs from the town’s square to a dozen yards from the waterline.
Slowly, the activity retreated as people went into their homes. The lights at the inn went out, and one by one, the windows of the houses faded to black. Only the fiery dance of the torchlight remained.

Silence took the night, emphasized by the continuous breaking of the waves upon the shore.

The adventurers waited quietly. And just when they were getting impatient, dark forms erupted from the water. The moonlight glittered on the scales of these hunched figures. They were humanoid, but with long tails and reptilian heads. Their eyes seemed to glow in the dark as these monsters made their way towards the offerings. There were six of them, all naked except for a loincloth. Though only two of them were armed with spears, the long claws on their hands and feet betrayed that none of them would be helpless in battle.
Without much sound they hurried across the sand and went for the food. The sheep called out in fear as the dark silhouettes approached, but their cries were muffled quickly as the monsters slid their throats. The dead animals were slung over the creatures’ shoulders without much effort, and the baskets were emptied into the sack. When all of the offerings were gathered, the monsters cast a final look upon the village before slipping into the surface of the ocean again.

All in all, they had come and gone in less than 3 minutes, leaving bloodstains and footprints, which were washed away quickly with the rising tide.

Posted on 2009-03-22 at 17:40:40.

Topic: What does it mean to be Human
Subject: pfft

What makes us human is that we are capable of thinking on multiple levels but choose to numb our minds with TV and drugs, where animals do just what they need to do and enjoy the clarity that comes with simplicity. Subconsciously, maybe most humans wish their lives were as simple as: sleep, eat, scratch itchy spot, run away from stronger figure. We often deprive ourselves of these things because in our society it is important to lack sleep, change your eating patterns and deal with people you don't want to deal with. As for scratching your itchy spot... that's about the only thing that wasn't taken from us. We should do it more often.

Or is that too pessimistic for your essay? I don't say that this is what I believe though. But you wanted thinking outside the box, right? Or perhaps this kind of thing has been said a hundred times by other people already, which would make it inside the box. But what hasn't already been inside the box nowadays?

In MY opinion, we're just another form of apes who got to understand the world around them better, which also complicated matters. What makes us humans stand out from other animals? We are more capable of influencing our habitat than the average animals.

Posted on 2009-03-22 at 11:39:22.

Topic: A Local Legend - Q/A
Subject: there it is

We can welcome two new players: Ayrn and Dwelkinor. We had another applicant, who had to drop before completing the character due to real life issues. We'll go on with 5 players now. Sounds like an ideal head-count to me.

I've updated again, a very short thingy. I need you guys to interact and make a plan. If you don't want to make a plan and just see what my next update brings you, please let me know before sunday, if you can. I would be able to get a good update in that would take us a bit further into the story, and you'll know what you're dealing with as well.

Posted on 2009-03-21 at 10:52:10.

Topic: A Local Legend - An Audalis Short Adventure
Subject: short nothing

(OOC: At this point we have two new players: Ayrn and Dwelkinor. We’ll act like their characters (Driscoll the human Scout/Swashbuckler, and Cassandra the Sylvari Wizard) were a part of the group from the beginning. The absent players have been deleted from the game as if they were never there.
For those new, and for those who had forgotten: this game includes some flashes to a storyteller, who is telling the story of this game to a group of kids in a tavern somewhere in the future. We are ‘taking part’ in his story; this is just something to add some flavour to the game. )

“The sylvari druid left them to ponder on what next to do.” Farreus told his audience. “They were in a bit of a difficult situation. They wanted to help the townsfolk, but also wanted information before acting. Going back to the monastery would take at least a day of travelling at full speed. Doing so would mean they would miss the chance to see for themselves what was bothering the villagers. So, they decided to stay and wait for the night to come.”

(OOC: Ok, this was way more crappy and short than I thought I would update. The thing is that I don’t want to skip too far ahead. I don’t know if you guys want to make a plan or not. Or if you want to improvise…. If you can let me know today, I’ll be able to put up a better update by tomorrow. )

Posted on 2009-03-21 at 10:34:53.

Topic: A Local Legend - An Audalis Short Adventure
Subject: sylvari smile

The Aquatic druid smiled warmly under Perrin's inquiry about his own knowledge.

"You are more ready to be a part of your order than you may know."

He did not elaborate on how he knew that Perrin was new to the monastery, though one could assume what his sources were. Neither did he continue on the question asked. He had given all he would.

"I'm going to leave you now. I am certain that our paths will cross again. Untill that time: fare well."

It was then that Isilimiri spoke, high atop her horse. To that Blbaobabl only chuckled, and nodded in appreciation. Then he turned and started to walk into the dunes, in the opposite direction of the village and the beach.

Posted on 2009-03-20 at 09:20:12.

Topic: NEW Star Trek Trailer (17/11/08) Simon Pegg AWAY!
Subject: yes

Kirk is now officially Donnie Darko.

Posted on 2009-03-14 at 03:00:29.

Topic: NEW Star Trek Trailer (17/11/08) Simon Pegg AWAY!
Subject: photoshop fun

Oh, and here's the movie-poster, as taken from Anybody still watching trailers on youtube... don't you want to be able to see what you're watching?

anyway... here it is:

oh... and yes, I altered it a little. Does this look familiar to anybody?

Posted on 2009-03-13 at 17:05:33.

Topic: A Local Legend - Q/A
Subject: Ayrn, you're my hero!

Ayrn, you're more than welcome to join. A cidal rogue would be perfect, since our rogue just left.

Maybe we can find somebody else to join us. I do have to say though, that this will be the last time I will allow people to join in a later stage. In the past, games that had a lot of player transitions died out because there was too little connection with the backstory.

But since it's still early in the game, I'll post a recruitement notice.

Posted on 2009-03-12 at 16:46:27.

Topic: A Local Legend - Q/A
Subject: hmmmm

well, that's another one gone... leaves us with 3 players, which I can harly call a group. Perhaps we should consider leaving this for what it is.... since we haven't gotten too far into the adventure yet.


Posted on 2009-03-11 at 21:48:33.

Topic: A Local Legend - An Audalis Short Adventure
Subject: answers... or not?

The druid turned from Perrin to Isilimiri and then to Ocyari when she joined. He awaited all their questions before answering, but then spoke freely:

“My life’s story is not something I share lightly with strangers. I can tell you though that I was once an ordinary Sylvari man that found his calling in the waves. The sea has given me much, and Cardista has been good to me. Serving her is fair and balanced. In the ocean, things are less complicated then on the surface of Antaron. As long as everything is weighed off equally on the scales of life, the ecosystem survives.”

He paused for a moment.

“I know that you want to help the villagers, and I know what is ailing them. But I think it would be against my nature to aid in defeating their monsters. The sea doesn’t interfere, why would we? Now I understand that you may not feel the same way. You are heroes, believing in good, is it not so? I can only hope that in the end you’ll understand why I am not giving you any other aid than pointing your words back at you. You want knowledge as old as the sea itself? There is a place where you can find some answers, and YOU should know where to find it.”

He looked at brother Perrin with a thin smile.

Posted on 2009-03-10 at 17:47:47.

Topic: A Local Legend - An Audalis Short Adventure
Subject: blbaowhatta?

As the three companions introduced themselves, the Sylvari male simply looked at them. When they were done, he took a moment, as if waiting for another voice to join in. But after an awkward moment of silence he smiled at them.

“Well met, Perrin, Isilimiri and Tamuril. Am I a spirit of the sea? Yes… and no. My name is Blbaobabl, and I am a druid of the ocean.”

The man’s name bubbled from his mouth like foam from the waves.

“What is it that you want to ask me?”

Posted on 2009-03-09 at 20:48:17.

Topic: A Local Legend - Q/A
Subject: well

I never said he was sitting in the shade. In fact, there is no roof over the well, it's just the stone ring.

And no, there is no knowledge of Aquatic Syls, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Which in turn doesn't mean that he is one of those.

Posted on 2009-03-08 at 18:58:58.

Topic: A Local Legend - An Audalis Short Adventure
Subject: a Sylvari

As Perrin came closer to the man, he was given a better look at who he was facing. It was a Syl, surely, with the slender build and pointy ears that mark the race. But this was no ordinary Sylvari. The man’s eyes were more blue than seemed possible, reflecting the depth of the seas. What flowed from his head was not hair, but waves of water that eternally poured onto his back.
The man’s clothes, in various shades of blue and turquoise, also fell freely around his body, except for the sleeves, which were a multitude of starfish clinging to the Syl’s skin.

Perrin greeted the man as heartily as he could, and got a smile in return. Isilimiri and Tamuril joined in time to hear Perrin’s question: "Hail, good sir! A nice day isn't it? What would a man such as yourself be doing just standing out here all alone?"

“It certainly is a nice day.” The man replied, with a voice as gentle as a forest stream. “And I’m merely standing by this dry well to take in the scenery and the ever changing world around me. But may I ask what you are doing here?”

Posted on 2009-03-08 at 11:57:03.

Topic: A Local Legend - An Audalis Short Adventure
Subject: update

There was only so much they could try against the stubborn villagers. It was best to leave the town before things got even worse. But the true nature of the adventurers surfaced in this time of refusal, for even though the townsfolk didn’t want their aid, they decided to take up this mission. For too long had these fishermen carried the burden laid upon them. They would not be heroes if they didn’t release them from this twisted fate, or figure out a way to relieve these people.

The villagers eyed them as they left, their glances a mix of despair and gratitude. Peace, however tainted, would settle upon their village again, as they left the town square and went to prepare for the night to come.

The adventurers found the continuing path leading parallel with the ocean. The dunes quickly blocked any sight of the village, and soon it was as if it had never existed. The sound of the waves, the shrieking of gulls and the ever rustling grass took over. They didn’t follow the path for too long, when they noted an old well not too far off the path. It was located in a small clearing in the dunes, and looked old and worn. Next to the well stood a lone figure of slender build; a man in blue clothes with long hair that seemed to be waving even though he found himself sheltered from the wind. He was looking at them, but did not move.

(OOC: I've taken the story to the next part, moving you out of the village. I figured you would take some distance from the town and inspect whatever is happening from there. )

Posted on 2009-03-07 at 13:59:42.

Topic: Old newb
Subject: another one won't hurt

Yes, welcome to the Inn! There are lots of games looking for players. I hope you'll find a good one that you'll enjoy.

Posted on 2009-03-03 at 20:48:18.


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