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Topic: Vote for the Inn
Subject: huh

What exactly do you mean?

anyways... we're 15 now... How can that be?

Posted on 2007-03-09 at 10:47:17.

Topic: Favorite Adventure/Setting
Subject: greatest

I think that my coolest experience with (A)DnD was the first real adventure I ever played. It was fantastic...

I had some experience in a dutch version of dnd, so the ways of playing were pretty known. It was the adventure that made it totally worth the buy.
We, the players, had to retrieve a powerful magical item called "the silver key", and that was also the title of the adventure.
We were hired by the government of a city that feared that orcs got a hold of said key. We were polymorphed into orcs and had to go investigate. The fun trick was that if a character started behaving like an orc, he would get a so called Orc point. You can only get as many orc points as your wisdom score before turning into an orc for real.
We had so much fun nominating eachother for orc points... .
It was great... perhaps one day I will bring that adventure to the inn

Posted on 2007-03-08 at 19:17:09.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: yep

Yep, Grugg, you're officially replaced

of course not!!! Who could replace the panda-man?

Posted on 2007-03-08 at 16:33:26.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: oooh

hmmmm, what shall I say about that...

I would love to see you come back in the game, Jozan, and Loda's character stats are still somewhere in the recruitment thread, I belief.
Still, you would be player #8, and it would get pretty crowded. I don't want interaction to suffer under the number of players. Also, combat will be more difficult for me to balance.

what to do, what to do.... hmmmm

I'm going to let you participate once more, with Loda and her wolf, provided you roleplay her drinking problem real well. That should give some interesting moments with other players, especially with Tann's ranger and his animals.

I hope all the players can back me on that decision?

Posted on 2007-03-06 at 22:46:43.

Topic: who's your favorite charicter that you made and played?
Subject: gna

Glum the Alaghi Chess Fanatic, who freaked into a berserk rage every time somebody would carry a whip. 2nd edition character that I played for a long time.
He fought with two two-handed swords, which is normally not possible. But because of his size and certain combat styles he was able to specialize that two weapon fighting technique. Unfortunately, when the time came for him to "master" fighting with 2 two-handed swords, there was nobody left to teach him anything of the technique that he didn't already know. That sucked...
He used to walk around with a little leprichaun in between his horns, a character that a friend of mine played. That was fun.

Posted on 2007-03-05 at 18:06:19.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: ALright

I've replied, and I hope it will do for you to get your post in

Posted on 2007-03-04 at 10:41:43.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: put up something you did

Yep, it's a start Grugg. Perhaps you'll roll into it now

Posted on 2007-03-03 at 22:16:05.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: oops, you are right

My stinky fault... bah.

anyways... where ever they were, they are now in your face begging for attention

Posted on 2007-03-03 at 16:32:14.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: another one

Updates are in. they should not really interrupt the meetings, and I would still like you all to roleplay these with lots of interaction. Posts do not have to be long, but rather to the point and inviting to reply to, as in real conversation.

Dragon Mistress, my apologies for being not adding this to your information: You are to meet the group as they travel through the Northern elven kingdom. Still, you do have time to find yourself a moonsteed if you desire so.
I thought I added that to the message I sent you but now I re-read it, there seems to be some info lacking. I hope this compensates for that.
So: find where the group is traveling, and join them.

Posted on 2007-03-03 at 13:11:48.
Edited on 2007-03-03 at 13:12:38 by Almerin

Topic: The Chakran Portal - an Adventure in Audalis
Subject: two lines linked

Khordal Kingdom
Granitefingers Residence
Warrens of Caelbo
23rd day of the 7th month: Pfier
6:02 pm

The streets rolled by as Geim hurried towards his friend’s villa. He was used to the architectural wonder by now, and headed straight for the door. The same servant that had shown him around earlier that day received him, and lead him once more through the big marble hall, and to the same small study he had visited a few hours ago. Things had changed since then. He was no longer ignorant considering his task. He had learned some information that would aid him in his quest.
The servant opened the door to the study and bowed. Then he disappeared to attend to other matters concerning the household.

The study was now filled up with people pretty well. Geim entered in time to see a Cidal wearing a mask approach a wolf and pet it on the head. The wolf closed its eyes to the small man’s touch and began wagging its tail. An Sylvari with exceptional dark skin also occupied the room. Around his neck lay two ferrets that looked at the wolf with envious eyes. They jumped from the elf’s shoulders and onto the wolf’s back, where they started twitching their necks in a competition for the Cidal’s attention.
Also present were two humans. One was a man clad in darkness, and reading the backs of the books that inhabited the shelves. The other was a woman dressed like a beggar, poverty dripping from her otherwise beautiful features.
And finally there was a fellow Khord, wearing the robes of a mage.
Guland was no where to be seen yet, and Geim also noted that the draconic journal was no longer on the table in the centre of the room.

The group was glancing at him now, and it seemed that more greetings would follow.
(OOC: Tobin’s wild empathy check succeeded greatly. He has now three animals competing for his attention. So far, Draven has found that most of the books are about history, delving and metal crafting. Tell me if you’re looking for anything specifically.)

Maelamin Kingdom
Bladesinger Keep
25th day of the 7th month: Pfier
9:48 pm

In the last orange rays of sunlight Elessarae hurried through the forest. It was getting late. She reasoned the elder had allowed her a horse to buy time to find herself a moonsteed, but perhaps the intention was that she use this horse to make her way towards the higher regions of the elven kingdom as soon as possible. Her decision was made though, and she paced on.
She reached Tinechur without any hold ups well after sundown. The purple clouds had driven by and were replaced by starlight and a wide moon. Tinechur was a small place. Most of its buildings were positioned on the forest ground, and just a few had been built in the trees. Yellow lights shone from the windows and laughter and several streams of music reached her ears. The streets, or the paths between the trees that functioned as such, were vacant. She followed her nose towards where the scent of horse was strongest, and found the stables to be next to the only inn in the town, the “Pines Reaching”.

The double doors were still opened, but a young elven man was just about to close them. Apparently she was just in time. She showed him the note and he let her access the stables for a quick inspection.
Her mouth dropped, for in one of the spacious boxes stood a moonhorse in full beauty. A window had been carved in the roof so that the moonlight fell straight on the creature’s fair skin. It seemed radiant.
The young elf informed her that this was lady Quilanday’s companion, also a bladesinger. He added with a laugh that both steed and lady had a matching attitude, and that it was better not to come too close.
After that he introduced her to a young horse named Gharion, who would bear her to whatever destination she had in mind.

(OOC: you can decide what your plans are next: take the young horse now and ride in the darkness, or stay at the inn and leave the next day.)

Posted on 2007-03-03 at 13:05:54.

Topic: Having the WORST day, in 3 sentences
Subject: DELTA sucks

Fly Continental or something next time. That's what we (Fantasy and I) will do

Posted on 2007-03-03 at 10:30:35.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: haha

lol, "Not looking to steal her". I can totally picture a little halfling grabbing the wolf and yanking it into his backpack... haha...

sorry... just ehm... carry on

Posted on 2007-03-01 at 22:02:31.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: alright, but

Grugg, posts don't have to be extremely long. Seeing the amount of posting you do in the creativity forum, I'm sure you can squeeze something in. I really don't require a whole novel

require? is that how you spell it? Recuire... nah... I had it right.

Posted on 2007-02-28 at 18:08:53.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: nice nice nicenice

well, Greenleaf, you've managed to get a post in. Also, Tann posted and that was post #100!!! Time for a party!!! hehe.

Posted on 2007-02-27 at 16:47:31.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: update = in

We have an update. Grugg is with the party, Tann is the elf in the studies. Have fun people!

Greenleaf: congratulations on rolling an instant kill on the thug

Dragon M: you have lots of freedom in filling the time and setting in making it to the stables. Enjoy

Posted on 2007-02-25 at 11:43:12.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - an Adventure in Audalis
Subject: getting things moving

The Clouded Mug
Khordal Kingdom
22nd day of the 7th month: Pfier
3:20 pm

Their conversation cut short, Alyssia and Tobin found another table. As they set down the sorceress realized that the aura of light surrounding her would be better turned off. But then again, she had walked in radiating good energy, and none of the Khords had reacted to that in any way.
While they talked about their adventures, Draven sat alone at his table and waited for what was to come. Thought apart, they all observed one thing: the atmosphere of the Clouded Mug was one of dark taverns, it even inhabited the sinister talk of those establishments. Still, nothing bad happened after the poisoning of the rich Khord. It seemed as if some kind of silent agreement was made not to break the peace.

The body of the rich Khord was eventually taken away, the floor cleaned as slightly as possible, the event erased from the memory of the Mug. A couple of Khords embarked in an aggressive dagger throwing competition, aimed at a target on the wall. Customers came and went, creating a constant filling and ebbing of the room. It took the adventurers a while to realize that time went fast, and that the night had probably claimed the sky outside the mountain. Their meeting with their new employer was soon to come. Hunger and sleep were slowly trying to take over, and they learned that no food other than Khordaldrum snacks, and no rooms were available. The Clouded Mug was a tavern, a bar, but not an inn welcoming guests to stay over.
They were redirected to another part of the Warrens, where they found refuge in the Stone Ocean. With full bellies they went to their rooms and slept for a long time.


The next day they took a quick breakfast and asked the innkeeper for directions. He told them the Granitefingers family had a massive mansion over in the Warrens of Caelbo. This meant going back up a level. The crowded streets and tunnels finally brought them to a larger cave, where their eye fell directly on their destination. The Granitfingers’ residence was built on the base of an enormous stalagmite. The stone walls seemed to flow into the natural phenomena as if they belonged there. On the façade above the double door they recognized the same symbol that was etched into the green diamond they had received. A pompous villa it was, with rich ornamentation, but not so much to become a brew of forms. It was splendour over the top.

A servant answered their knock and lead them through a large hall with winding stairs, to a small study. There they were ordered to wait until the master of the house would arrive. Upon entering the cosy room they found it to be already occupied. An elf accompanied by a wolf was already waiting.

(OOC: I ruled that all of you go together in this post. If you desire to fill in the time that was given in some other way, you are free to write so. I just wanted things sped up a bit )

Khordal Kingdom
Warrens of Caelbo
23rd day of the 7th month: Pfier
5:49 pm

He was a cleric of Kharox, a Runemaster looking for lore, not a warrior in search of a fight. Geim wanted to get out as fast as possible. So he ran straight past the thug with the hammer. The Khord made another slam in Geim’s direction but the cleric was already gone before the swing came.
He rushed up to the one with the chain.

“For Kharox!!” he called out, but the thug suddenly lashed out with his chain, reaching farther than Geim had anticipated. With his shoulder he bounced away the attack and came up again with a sudden strike with his waraxe. His swing came from a low position, for he had just countered a strike. Up came his blade and sank deep in the arm pit of the thug. Deeper it went in Geim’s momentum and it sliced straight through the joint and into the thugs neck.
Not thinking but acting on instinct, the cleric yanked free his blade and ran for the nearest tunnel that would lead him back to the main streets. He didn’t even see the red light in the eyes of the thug go out.

(OOC: This is where you say: Woohoo, I scored a critical hit! )

Maelamin Kingdom
Bladesinger Keep
25th day of the 7th month: Pfier
9:20 pm

“Go as fast as you can.” Had been Gyvontill’s reply to her question about a horse.

Although she wanted nothing more than to own herself the companionship of a moonsteed, she knew that visiting the river meant going south, a detour from her assignment.
Once she was out of the keep, she headed for her supplies. The most necessary of things she had already on her. While she sped through the forest she became aware of the shriek of an eagle. She looked around and noticed a bird flying rapidly towards her. It was a familiar vision now, for it was the second time that day this had occurred. The bird flew over her and dropped a small leather bag in front of her feet.

It was a belt pouch, containing a sum of 25 gold pieces, 3 gems that she knew equalled 5 GP each, and ten silver coins. There was a small note also, that held instructions for the stables in Tinechur, a small town nearby, to give Elessarae a young horse to speed up her journey.

It seemed making it to that town was the next step once she completed her departure.

Posted on 2007-02-25 at 11:41:18.

Topic: **Noldaria*Final War**
Subject: that's what I want

As small as his achievement at the farm had been, Elandor was proud. No more innocent blood, unless that of the cattle perhaps, would be shed that evening, or any time in the near future. With a victorious feeling he walked alongside the others and brought the animals before the astonished Kelzonians. Before he allowed them to take the cattle he had some words that his heart needed uttered.

“We have brought you more than you requested, but these cows are not all for slaughtering. You shall learn to raise your own stock with these, so you will not have to fight the farmers any longer.”

He spoke extra slow, so they would understand his meaning.

“In time, you must go to the farmers and ask for their knowledge of breeding. I am sure that if you come with respect, they will give it to you in return.”

The lizardmen looked at him, and he expected them to start laughing any moment. They held still. But he feared that they had not caught on to his intentions.

“Stealing is bad.” He concluded before he followed them. Automatically he held his hands in front of his pouches, to shield the ‘borrowed’ content from the Kelzonian eyes.

The feast that followed later that day wasn’t bad at all. If he had expected a boring ceremony of some sorts he was wrong. To give the lizardmen an extra treat he retold the story of the Odly Shaped Stone in his pouches, that he believed was a diamond once. After that he was quick to fall asleep, for rest was welcome. His dreams were full of the events that had happened that day.

But events kept unfolding. Elandor wanted nothing more than to stay for a few more hours and take some of the Kelzonians to the farm and learn from the humans. Time was not on their side though, and his friend the whale was still waiting for him somewhere in the ocean. When all his travels in the name of the gods were done, he would come back here and create a peace between the scaled people and their neighbours.

The river took them back to civilization as they knew it, in the form of the beautiful city of El Jalnine. The guards at the docks asked their interests, and Elandor had a ready answer for them.

“I’m interested in seeing a cartographer. One that sells maps from all kinds of lands. Also, I would like directions to your barracks.”

Posted on 2007-02-23 at 13:09:42.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: okydoky

Thanks for the notice, Blammm

Posted on 2007-02-22 at 16:43:42.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: yes and no

Yes, this game is definately about roleplaying. More interaction is better, but it requires faster posting.

And no, this game is not just about small scenarios. Pretty soon you'll find yourself in something that's definately bigger than your average encounter

Posted on 2007-02-21 at 14:35:42.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: yes

I'm still waiting for posts too from the main group. If you guys want a conversation going than you need to reply to eachother. I've given you time, but I haven't heard from Vesper. And I'm not going to keep sending reminders.

oh, and Grugg: grrrrrrr!

Posted on 2007-02-20 at 15:10:34.

Topic: FIRST one to post here wins
Subject: lol

I can't believe you guys are still running this thread...

anyways... I found out a cool glitch in the rdinn. Here's how it goes:

You sign in, and go to the user list (under the interactive menu button).

You click ANY member that you've always wanted to be, and in his/her profile you click on "show recent posts by this user".
Then, when you see these posts, click on the username of this member that you've always wanted to be, and from than on the inn tells you you're logged in as that person.

It's harmless, cause you can't do anything as that user, but it tells you you're them! Isn't that cool?

If it doesn't work for you than perhaps it's just a thing on my computer... let me know.

Posted on 2007-02-18 at 10:55:28.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: hmmm

perhaps it was their scarred childhood?

btw: you're attacking the one with the chain?

Posted on 2007-02-18 at 09:05:38.
Edited on 2007-02-18 at 09:07:44 by Almerin

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: it's there

Geim and Elessarae are good to go

Posted on 2007-02-17 at 15:19:02.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - an Adventure in Audalis
Subject: fighting and assignment

Khordal Kingdom
Warrens of Caelbo
23rd day of the 7th month: Pfier
5:49 pm

Geim wasn’t one to jump into battle if he could help it. He called for Kharox to aid him in strength. On completion of the prayer he felt his muscles swell and tighten in his cloths.The two Khords did not seem impressed though.

“Your God is not going to be able to help you, priest.” Spoke the one with the chain. “Very soon all of you will die before us.”

His words had been spoken in the Draconic tongue. He now lashed out his chain, and though it didn’t quite reach Geimiedefher, the gesture implied enough. The Khord with the hammer rushed in now, while his comrade remained in the door opening. Down came the hammer, aimed well, but it skimmed off on Geim’s heavy armor. The thug looked surprised, but the failure also heightened his anger.

Maelamin Kingdom
Bladesinger Keep
25th day of the 7th month: Pfier
9:20 pm

“I am ready to serve,"

Gyvontill smiled. “Yes, I know you are. There are many tasks that a bladesinger can fullfill. Please, sit down a moment.”

He motioned for the desk, but prefered to be standing himself.

“The Bladesingers have worked in service of the crown and the Sylvari people for as long as any of us can remember. We have fought in wars and shadowed in secrecy just for the greater good of the kingdom and its residents. The journey that I have planned for you is a very important one….”

“… you have one day to say goodbye to your family and friends. Normally we wouldn’t give you any time, but since this is your first time, we’ll make an exception. Tell them you’re now a bladesinger, but reveal nothing of the task you’ve been given. Gather what you need, and report at the keep tomorrow at midday.”

He gave a nod and saw to it that she was escorted outside the keep by an esquire. There were plenty of preparations to do.

(OOC: I’m sending you a private message with the assignment.)

Posted on 2007-02-17 at 15:07:52.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: working

on an update right now.

Posted on 2007-02-17 at 13:41:29.


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