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Topic: Creator's Call!
Subject: Well

I wouldn't mind trying my hand at something new, in a while. I'd have to think about what kind of adventure, would have to read up on the setting on your website, and I would most definitely need some kind of arrangement should your product start to sell. I think up stories for fun, and my adventures tend to be more story-based than hack-n-slash, but I'm past the point of putting my creativity to use without some form of benefit.

I think, for anybody who would be interested, that after the product is published two things would be required: a copy of the published material, and some form of payment. I don't think I for one could be motivated writing for somebody else's profit. That can't really be expected. (Oh, greedy me )

I have made things for Audalis in the past, but that's a different ballgame since it's a nonprofit organization (no matter how hard Olan tries).

As far as imagination goes, check out the PDF for the Khordal Kingdom here. I wrote it, based on the loose facts and hints that were written in the other articles on Khords and the world of Audalis. I know there are a few misspellings, but with english not being my native language I think that can be expected. I assume that anybody who would write adventures would have to be monitored by you, for everybody's sake. (which looks to me now like I wrote everybody's Japanese rice-wine)

Anyway... just a rant. Let me know your opinion about what I said.

Posted on 2010-06-03 at 16:46:55.

Topic: Hello new here
Subject: Hah!

Welcome to the Inn!

Hope you'll have a good time here.

Like the others said: check out the recruitment area. New games emerge all the time, but not only Ad&d. We have a lot of 3.5 going on, and some 4th edition as well. I would suggest looking around and contacting people, via the forums or Private Messages.
If that doesn't get you anything, you can always start your own game here.

I would say that the mods are always eager to help new members out, but in fact, most people here who aren't mods are eager to help new members out. That's the type of community this is.

Posted on 2010-05-31 at 15:53:10.

Topic: New Spores of Itanlok Q/A ~ 2
Subject: dilly dally

Enough delay, oh mighty crusaders!! Posting time is here for you!!

Posted on 2010-05-31 at 15:46:40.

Topic: Update on Dragon Mistress.
Subject: any news?

Any news, Brianna?

Posted on 2010-05-25 at 15:30:54.

Topic: New Spores of Itanlok Q/A ~ 1
Subject: aha

Update is in! Yeah, finally. We have a new player, Ion Kired, who already introduced his character Arduin. Welcome to the team!

The map on the first page of this Q/A has also been updated, so you can have a look there if you feel like it.

Again: updates before Friday please, so I can update before the weekend. After that I'll do my best to keep the updates coming on Saturdays.

Posted on 2010-05-22 at 19:26:17.

Topic: New Spores of Itanlok ~ 1 ~ A Short Adventure in Audalis
Subject: Entering the forest again.

Thagovan waited for a few moments after calling his need for armed men. Gyviar was first to respond, and Thagovan thanked the ranger for his participation.
Niaou’li came second, and again Thagovan nodded his appreciation. When she suggested he’d rest and regain power before continuing he shot her a stern glare.

“I will not rest to regain power before these children are saved, and the men and women who sought to rescue them avenged. I will rest only if I perish in battle. If you are afraid of getting wounded, perhaps it’s better if you stay here.”

Stepping in, a Khord from the crowd replied before any of them could.
“I agree, my blade is with you. She has a point Thagovan. You’re fairly injured though I have a spell to help.”

“Arduin. I’m glad you’re joining the search. This is good news. And if your spell will not take a lot of time, then I’ll receive it.”

Arduin put a hand on Thagovan’s arm and began casting a spell. Niaou’li recognized the magic as a healing spell, and the way it was cast as a druidic way of tapping into the forces of nature to cure the wounded. Thagovan looked somewhat refreshed, but it would take a whole lot of additional magic to get him cured all the way. Still, he seemed to be ready to head back into the jungle of mushrooms.

“We will go now, if there are no others.”

Nobody said anything. Most of the gathered Khords looked at the ground in shame, or pretended to be very much occupied with staring into the mushroom forest. Thus, the four of them left the Spores of Itanlok behind once more.

Thagovan seemed to know his way around the paths by now, taking unexpected turns but following a course towards the north-east reaches of the forest. Around them, the air was filled with an undertone of mould. It was an earthy smell they could normally appreciate, but just a little too sour on the lungs. Heavy hoods hung over the paths, and sweating stalks of huge chanterelles and gilled boletes formed a natural wall on either side. The atmosphere was clammy and hot this deep in the sea of shrooms. Not many people dared go this deep into the forest, and those who did took great caution. The paths were not made by Khrods, but formed over the years by who knew what. Tales of what created them ranged from subterranean animals to hulking monsters to Kharox himself, and the truth probably lay somewhere in between.

After half an hour they heard a sound in the distance. They hastened their pace and noted that it was a Khord calling out.
“Hey, let go of me. You beast, let me go!”

Rounding a corner they noted a clearing in the forest. With less hoods blocking the overhead view they saw that they had reached the wall of the cavern. The yelling they had heard came from a Khordaldrum man who was being dragged away by an Ankheg. They reached the clearing just in time to see both of them disappearing into a dark hole in the cavern wall. The calls echoed shortly and then abruptly fell silent.

Thagovan pointed at the dark tunnel that led into the stone wall. On closer inspection, it appeared to be shaped like a big mouth, with lips and teeth made of stone.

“We go after him.” He stated, rather than asked.

(OOC: I’ll stop here now. You can see inside the tunnel, and it looks like a long, deep crevice into the heart of the mountain. It seems very artificial, but not so artificial that it is made by a civilized people. It is only 10 foot wide, so two people could walk side by side, but in any case, I need a walking order; who goes first, who comes last, etc. Updates in before Friday please, since I won't be able to update next Saturday. Otherwise we're looking at a late update.)

Posted on 2010-05-22 at 19:17:07.

Topic: New Spores of Itanlok Q/A ~ 1
Subject: Ok

I've sent a message to Gboy long ago, and had no reply so far. This means we'll continue coming Saturday. I'll update the party. It looks like we have found one (or maybe even two) new recruits, but I don't know how fast they will be able to submit something. My hopes are that at least one of them will be able to join you guys this weekend.

Posted on 2010-05-20 at 18:40:52.

Topic: New Spores of Itanlok Q/A ~ 2
Subject: yeah

It's been kind of silent. On both groups, actually. I need to update their storyline, but have been busy as well.

I'm a slacker... don't be like me.

Posted on 2010-05-18 at 19:14:52.

Topic: New Spores of Itanlok Q/A ~ 2
Subject: eh... people?

... Posts, anybody?

Lol... I feel abandoned.

Posted on 2010-05-12 at 19:32:38.

Topic: It's my birth day and I'll game if I want to!
Subject: yo!

Happy birthday! Hope you had a good one!

And oldest? I don't think so. There are plenty of older gamers out there on the inn. More than you would think, even.

Posted on 2010-05-08 at 07:22:59.

Topic: Another comic setback
Subject: hah!

Don't sweat. I'm sure it will be awesome, once it starts.

This way, you keep people anticipated for something. It works wonders in the movie-world. Set back here, minor speed bump there, and people stand in line for you.

Posted on 2010-05-07 at 13:02:37.

Topic: Where in the Realms is Ion Kired??
Subject: he's in Zion, ask Bob

Bob Marley sang it back in the day: Ion, Like a Lion, In Zion!

so yeah... that.

Posted on 2010-05-06 at 21:36:51.

Topic: Update on Dragon Mistress.
Subject: well

I'm glad we could bring some joy to her in this time of bad news. Keep us updated.

Posted on 2010-05-06 at 10:52:24.

Topic: New Spores of Itanlok Q/A ~ 1
Subject: hmmm

Well, I haven't heard from Gboy in a while. He hasn't been online or hasn't replied to any messages I sent. In any case, like I said before, I'm going to join the two groups together very soon. For now, you should be fine with the two of you, and Thagovan, who's is coming with you all of course. For his sake, we'll continue in English.

Posted on 2010-05-04 at 17:23:15.

Topic: New Spores of Itanlok Q/A ~ 2
Subject: ah

There are at least 30 Ankheg on the walls, as far as you can see. If you step out of the tunnel and into the cave, you can also look to see what is happening at your end of the cave. So, how close the closest is, I can't say until you decide to enter the cave.

Posted on 2010-05-04 at 13:36:16.
Edited on 2010-05-04 at 13:36:54 by Almerin

Topic: New Spores of Itanlok Q/A ~ 2
Subject: Posted!

Update is in.

Brianna, I took the liberty of altering your actions just a little bit, since Bohen was already up. This means that you didn't use any of the charges of your healing belt.

Also, I excluded Odin from the party. Should Dragonblood ever return, he can catch up. For now, he's left behind.

Posted on 2010-05-02 at 13:55:58.

Topic: New Spores of Itanlok ~ 2 ~ A Short Adventure in Audalis
Subject: A cave

"Odin? Are you alright? It looked like it had a good hold on you there for a second." Then, Bohen looked at the two guards and asked with a grin: "What about you two? Not dead yet I hope."

The two brothers had been in a quarrel with each other and Ilde, over whether or not Lortrac was going to accept the bard’s healing aid. On Bohen’s remark they both turned to him and fell silent for a moment. Only to erupt in a series of objections, grunts and Khordaldrum curses a second later. It was just enough distraction for Ilde to put her hand on the wounded brother’s back and heal him with a quick Cure Light Wounds spell. She even managed to mask her aid by acting like she was only patting his back.

“There, I feel better already.” Lortrac stated with an expression that betrayed that his ego was hurt more than his body.
“It’s no use arguing, he won’t accept any healing aid from anybody.” His brother piped in. “Once he has his mind set, it’s not going to budge.”
“Like you at the dinner table, ey?” Lortrac added slyly. To which he got a nice prod in the ribs.

Odin was not so quick to reply, and definitely not as vivid as the two brothers. The old Khord stood up with some effort, holding the wall for support.
“You guys go on.” he said, and waved his hands towards the darkness that lay ahead of them. “I’ll catch my breath and follow when I feel a bit revived. Save your healing spells for now. I’ll be fine, but I need a moment.”

Seeing how they hesitated, he urged them on. “Go! Those Khords depend on you. Ikamor depends on you.”

At that moment another Khord arrived at the scene. It was a warrior in full plate. And it took a moment to recognize it as one of their own. A female Khord, another one, joined their party. She tipped her well decorated helmet off her head and showed her bald face. She was something else, to say the least. She went over to Odin and made a gesture to aid him.

“No.” He stated again, “Save your power, and go after them. They can’t be too far.”

And so they went on. Lost one hand, gained another.

The tunnel stretched out before them. It led them deeper into the belly of the mountain, and as they all could sense, they were starting to descend. Slowly, the tunnel began to spiral downwards. On it stretched, without any branches, as if its sole purpose had been to reach the museum. But to reach the museum from where?

That question was soon answered. Up ahead, a soft illumination crossed the darkness and broke the stillness with its flickering movement. It was a flame, seemingly sprouting from a protruding rock in the wall. It marked the end of the tunnel, for beyond it opened a cave as wide as a cathedral. From its doorstep they could peer into it, and noted a sight that took their breath in terror.

The cave was large, and quite high. Long pillars had formed where stalactites and stalagmites had met. A damp smell of wet earth filled the room, and the ceiling sparkled with millions of watery drops. There were more flames sprouting from the rocks, and the soft illumination cast long shadows. In the darkness ahead, they could see the end of the cave. A large hand protruded from the ground, made of the same stone as the cave. It reminded some of them of the altar in the Rock of the Ageless Craftsman, the most beautiful temple of Kharox in all of Khordal. But this hand didn’t look beautiful. It looked crooked and only vaguely humanoid, its gesture more greedy than giving.
But what really took the air from their lungs were the walls. At first they appeared rough, with a pattern of eroded rocks sticking out in rows and columns. But they were not rocks. Embedded in the walls were their kinsmen, Khordaldrum men and women. They appeared in a trancelike state, their lower bodies covered in stone. They twisted and stirred, like overcome with nightmares. Between them, crawling over the walls and seemingly tending to these captives were more Ankhegs.

Looking closer, the group noted how walkways were formed on the walls, leading up to even the highest points of the cave. Apparently, a way was formed for humanoids to pass through the cave, and access the other tunnels that were leading in and out of it.

(OOC: Ok, so you stand at the entrance of the cave. A walkway in front of you leads the the right and left, and is connected to other ones, leading up and down. Basically, you could reach any point in the cave, including the floor and ceiling. It’s up to you guys to decide which course to take. Also, I skipped introductions, but that doesn't mean your characters can't converse while moving through the tunnel.)

Posted on 2010-05-02 at 13:54:28.

Topic: Intro
Subject: yep

What they said: Welcome.

Posted on 2010-04-29 at 17:49:04.

Topic: New Spores of Itanlok Q/A ~ 1
Subject: hmmm

Yeah, I say we continue the adventure as well. But I'm looking for an addition, since both Ayrn and Kaelyn have taken an indefinite leave of absence. I haven't heard from Gboy either, so for now, it's the both of you. But don't fear, for I'm hoping to join the two groups together soon.

Posted on 2010-04-28 at 16:34:45.

Topic: New Spores of Itanlok Q/A ~ 2
Subject: well

After the currently stated actions I'm quite sure that everybody is back to full health, with the exception of Bohen, who still has some minor bruises (not completely full, but not worth your cure light wounds either).

Posted on 2010-04-28 at 14:11:13.

Topic: Kaelyn's Leave of Absense
Subject: Noooooo!!!

Not another one!! That's half my party that leaves in one weekend! Now what!?!

I'm reaching my exclamation mark quota for the week, so I'd better stop there.

Good luck, Chris, with whatever it is that needs your time and attention. Hope you'll be able to return soon!

Posted on 2010-04-26 at 17:26:36.

Topic: Seeking Avatar Free Form
Subject: Yeah

I had the same conflict at first, but I assumed that in every natural environment where species live together there is symbiosis and parasitism. So though most of the species live in some form of harmony, there will always be things like food-chains and hierarchy. And while the na'vi are peaceful and harmonious towards their environment, some other tribe or race might not be so consciously humble.

But you certainly have a point there.
Also, I don't own the field guide, and would rather make things up. So maybe you'd be better off doing the game yourself.

Posted on 2010-04-26 at 17:24:36.

Topic: Skari-dono's coming back?
Subject: Cake!!!


Posted on 2010-04-26 at 17:09:53.

Topic: Ayrn takes a leave
Subject: wow

Things must be pretty hard on you if you decide to jump away from the inn indefinitely. I hope everything will turn out for the better.

It really sucks to see you leave the game, Scott, since you're a quality player that you don't find every day. But I'll comfort myself with the knowledge that you'll return eventually. You always do.

In the mean time, I'll find a replacement.

Good luck, and keep us updated from time to time, ok?

Posted on 2010-04-25 at 08:17:20.

Topic: Prayers and Light needed
Subject: ah no...

Send her my well wishes, as well as a bucketload of strength and good thoughts. Seriously, as you describe it, the situation sounds horrible. So the well wishes are also directed at you, for it must be hard on you as well.

Take care, of your sister as well as yourself. Hopefully you'll be able to bring us some good news soon.

Posted on 2010-04-22 at 10:12:47.


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