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Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: Great Q

Great question. I don't know. I'm rolling the dice right now for random check.... it's....


Posted on 2008-07-20 at 22:12:56.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: axe

the heft seems to be wooden.

Posted on 2008-07-20 at 15:06:24.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: no

that is not what I meant.

Every round, it would take your character a free round to check how close the goblins are to the grassy plane. In other words:
if you wish to direct your attention from the fight with the wyvern, to check on how close the goblins are, you sacrifice a free action.

I use this rule right now, because otherwise people will keep asking how close the goblins are now, when in a real combat it would also take a 'free action' to keep up what's happening in the distance.

Posted on 2008-07-20 at 11:11:32.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: lotr

haha, lotr... yes, I must confess that I too could not let go of the nazgul image when I wrote it. But on the other hand, maybe that's not a bad thing. You now know to be afraid

Posted on 2008-07-19 at 18:05:03.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: there then

update is in. You've done wonderfully, but are now facing something else entirely...

well, maybe not entirely.

Posted on 2008-07-19 at 15:38:55.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - an Adventure in Audalis
Subject: shatter those bastards!

The Chakran Mnts
15th day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
8:30 pm

Now the ogre was dead, the question was what to do with the remaining time until the goblin forces would arrive. The path was narrow, and steep, but the creatures were pressing fast. Luckily, the group was made up of some quick witted warriors, and a plan was composed within seconds.

At first Thondrek made sure the sounds of the ogre continued to call, screaming away a warning that the Chakrandrum had returned. If it unsettled the troops below, they did not show it. But then a shout of pain came next, and there was a definite pause among the climbing goblins. The falling body of the large creature was even more impressive, but it also urged the goblins forward. The other magical sounds did no longer have any visible impact. Even the hoard of Chakrandrum voices chanting a defiant cry made no difference. But perhaps the goblins were driven forward by more than anger. Larger forms could be spotted between the torches. Yes, they were coming, and all they could do now was wait, and prepare themselves.

Elessarae and Geim went looking for wood, or other materials to burn. Unfortunately, the only thing they could find on this bare mountain were a few sticks and the grass that was not dry enough to burn. Still, a few drips of oil can persuade any material to burn at least a little bit, and soon they had created as much as 6 torches that burned eagerly.

Then the goblins came within range, and received a rain of boulders. The large stones plummeted in the depth, crushing the bodies of four grunts at a time. This definitely caused an unrest, and the troops that came behind them drew back for an instant. At least forty goblins had been killed, and a seed of fear had absolutely been planted. But when the rain of boulders stopped, the creatures pressed on again. Roars of rage were now audible, and the persistence of the forces was a bit unsettling. The companions were now out of rocks light enough to throw, or spells to hurl larger ones. It came to magical attacks now, using ranged elements to not let the goblins come any closer.
Alyssia let go of her first lightning bolt spell, and shattered another fifteen bodies down the mountain. Another pause rippled through the upcoming warriors, but once more they returned to duty. Loda entered a firey ball that flew at the troops, and quickly readied another spell that conjured a pack of wolves. Gothard, by her side, was eager to join them and throw himself at the green skins.
Malius had his arrows knocked, but was told to wait, because his Sylvari crafted bow would betray the ruse they were still holding up. Geimiedefher was also ready for action, but could not do much at this time.

Another lightning bolt crackled over the mountain, and scorched more goblins and the occasional orc that could be spotted between the ranks of the approaching army. Accompanied by Loda’s flaming sphere it shattered the troops that were closest. And at last, the goblins closest to the destruction of their kin halted; halted and retreated. The grunts at the front were then attacked by the wolves sent by Loda, and even more chaos erupted among the creatures, some of them choosing to jump to their death rather than being shred to pieces by the vicious mammals.

Grinning, or at least content at their successful efforts, the companions gazed at the back-stepping goblins. For now they had positively held on to their illusion of the returned Chakrandrum forces.

But then a shadow fell over the low moon, and their preoccupied ears caught the sound of sudden wind. Turning, their smiles evaporated from their faces for what they saw was death on wings: a wyvern black as unlight itself. On top of it sat a dark rider with glowing eyes, a goblin bigger than any of its kind. It pointed its double bladed axe in their direction, a silent challenge that was all too clear. Alyssia gagged, and looked down at her stomach. Protruding from her ragged dress was the long hook that was the end of the wyvern’s tail. It pulsated as it pumped poison into her. Then the hook was withdrawn with a vicious jab, and the sorceress sank to her knees. The wyvern rose again and sent a victorious screech into the night.

(OOC: The wyvern is hovering at 15 feet above the grassy plains. Behind you, the goblin troops have regained their composure somewhat, and will be getting closer with every round that goes by. Judging the time it will take the goblins to get to the combat will use up a free action.

Stoneskin has been cast on Draven.

Alyssia is bleeding heavily, and the poison made her Con score drop to 3. Next round, secondary poison dmg will come up, and I already know that it is bringing her Con below zero. So you have one round to fix her, otherwise she is gone. )

Posted on 2008-07-19 at 15:36:01.
Edited on 2008-07-19 at 15:38:00 by Almerin

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: ok

update will come later today.

I can already tell you though that you will not find any dead wood or pine cones on the grassy plane. you'll have to go back to the other side of the mountains. The closest trees and bushes will be in a few hours, so that won't do. Lighting the grass might be possible, but as I stated before: it's not very dry.

Posted on 2008-07-19 at 10:00:12.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: hmmm

Well, whatever you guys decide, I need to know tomorrow, so I can update.

You don't know of any border patrol, but then there is lots of stuff that you don't know about that is going on in Sylvaria.

As for finding information on the dead Chakrandrum:
How you want to go about and finding information is up to you guys. I say scouting the area for one of the entrances of the underground city/cities is most likely your best option. Unless you can find out exactly where you need to be.
I do need to know how you will all go about, because leaving things in the middle will keep you stuck with nothing.

Posted on 2008-07-18 at 20:54:44.

Subject: yoho


Up to the next step, yes?

Here's an applaud to get you started!

Posted on 2008-07-18 at 20:39:53.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: ok

so CDN, are you still game? Or are you too busy.

anyway, here's a map, showing the scene from the side.

Posted on 2008-07-18 at 20:37:25.
Edited on 2008-07-18 at 20:38:24 by Almerin

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: also

I think Elessarae is forgetting the true nature of her quest. The Sylvari know that goblins are stirring and up to something. She was to find out what exactly is going to happen. Running back to a castle will not do much but delay your adventure.

Posted on 2008-07-18 at 09:58:00.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: ok

map coming up then.

But seriously... you guys are going to take on the goblins? I did mention there are possibly 1000 or more...
You are going to be in for a treat then.


Castle? Which Castle? You can look at the Audalis maps and add 1 day of travel to the outer borders of the northern Sylvari Kingdom.

So far it is hard to see how many enemies are coming up. The encampent is astir, and at least thirty torches are coming up so far. That doesn't mean that more will come or are coming already.

The trail is not much more than a series of passable areas. It would not even qualify as a goat's path. So basically the whole trail is dangerous.

Yes, there are boulders, but they are heavy. You need to pry them loose, and by more than muscle strength.

The main body of the enemy, being the encampment is at least 900 feet below where you are now. But the goblins are climbing fast. Faster than you would think them to be able to at this kind of steep path.

If they are close enough is for you to judge. I'm not going to give away my tactics here.

Posted on 2008-07-18 at 09:56:32.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: weapon

I think I said he had a whip. That's basically all he had.

And the grass is not dry enough to burn.

Posted on 2008-07-15 at 11:18:53.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: hehe

what happened? You went down a very steep path, and didn't make your balance check. Full plate isn't easy on you in that sort of situation. Be glad Kaelyn made his concentration check in his fall. Without the damage from his spell the ogre would still be running, Malius or not.

Posted on 2008-07-14 at 23:16:26.

Topic: Filthy Thief Q/A
Subject: huh?

But it is still your game as well Jozan. So you can definitely post, at least to say that Beinsel is going to heal Pio. Also, Dorothy is as much your 'sister' from the orphanage as she is to anyone else in the group. If you haven't been in the orphanage at the same time she did, at least you've heard of her.

Guys, I'm ready to get this thing going. We're past an important battle. Follow Sib's example, and post!

Posted on 2008-07-12 at 12:33:37.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: updates

And we're updated again.

Valimar has noted that his computer is down, and he will start posting again as soon as he has created a new one.

I have not heard from Jozan or Cdn, and I'm gettig a bit tired of having to PM people to post. I don't want to, but very soon I'm going to have your enemies find a liking to either of these characters. I know Draven and Alyssia had something going on, as did Geim and Loda (kinda), but I don't want to wait in vain for a post, or something like that.

Posted on 2008-07-12 at 12:30:57.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - an Adventure in Audalis
Subject: taking the ogre down

The Chakran Mnts
15th day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
8:21 pm

The ogre fled, driven by fear and a sense of responsibility to warn the encampment at the bottom of the steep path. But he had a long way to go before he would arrive there. Still, his screams bounced off the rocks, spreading deeper and deeper down the mountain. And his feet, wide and clawed made a good solid grip on the gravely path on which he descended. He stumbled a few times, but caught his balance every time.

His pursuers had a more difficult time going down the path. It was tricky and steep, and their vision was only limited in the growing shadows of night. Already they had trouble discerning the ogre from the darkness, his figure a mere moving blur in the distance. But Elessarae persisted, and managed to keep her balance as well, while she sprinted down the path. She wasn’t gaining on her target, but she wasn’t losing him either.

Thondrek also dared himself on the path, going slower and peered at the ogre while readying a spell. But he didn’t focus enough on his footing, and three steps before completing his spell he tripped on a loose pebble and fell face forward on the rocks. He blocked out the pain to maintain his spell. Losing concentration would mean a sure escape for the ogre. Flat on his belly, he aimed and let go of his Fire Bolt. The searing hot stone flew through the air, projected under Elessarae’s pumping legs and hit the running ogre straight between the shoulder blades. The creature let out a scream of pain, but did not stop its flight.
Now the pain of the fall hit Thondrek, and he realized his face was bruised, and his belly was uncomfortably positioned on a sharp rock.

Geimiedefher had been hiding between the rocks on the side of the path. He too pushed himself after the ogre. The rocks were his home, his old companions, and he should not have much trouble mastering them now. But it appeared that he was overly confident of his relation to the materials of the earth, and planted his feet a bit too easily. He too, like Thondrek, fell down, his foot stuck in a small crevice. A second later he noted Elessar’s slender form jump over him and after the ogre.

They were all ready to get up and continue the pressing pursuit, when all of a sudden the vague form of the ogre fell forward. Had he tripped like the two Khords? At first it seemed that way, but he was not getting up.
When Elessarae got closer, she noted a single arrow sticking from the creature’s back, and the ogre was not breathing.

Down in the encampment, a string of torches was forming, and the first dark forms were finding a way up the hill. They were moving fast. Not much time would be left to figure out what to do.

(OOC: You have about 15 minutes until the enemies from the encampment arrive. They are moving fast, even going up-hill. Please tell me your intentions, so next time I can update as they arrive at the ogre or even at the grassy plane.)

Posted on 2008-07-12 at 12:26:30.

Topic: Filthy Thief Q/A
Subject: oh yeah

that always sucks. I thought Olan fixed that. If you log in and get timed out during posting, it should save your post anyway.

Post when you conjure up some new enthusiasm

Posted on 2008-07-09 at 20:47:06.

Topic: Feeding The Undead Q/A
Subject: No problem, Val

Don't worry about it. I hope you'll get your computer up and running soon.

Posted on 2008-07-08 at 11:10:27.

Topic: D&D 4.0 Discussion
Subject: several things

I looked at the new books, and I must say that they look quite nice. The art and the 'newness' of the books really made me want to start creating characters.

But that doesn't say anything about the stats and the facts that they messed up the way of the standard fantasy world. As a new setting, it would be Great. As a new edition, it's not.

They should've taken this enthousiasm into a new nice campaign setting, instead of a next edition. I like the idea of Halflings in swamps, but not as a global rule for a PHB. And where, oh where is the (half-)Orc? Are they not interesting enough anymore?

Talking about settings: that's what they should reprint: 2nd edition adventures in Planescape, Ravenloft and Dark Sun, but possibly with extra information for conversion. An inter-edition module with stats on the side for every system.

Posted on 2008-07-07 at 20:46:37.

Topic: What's in an Adventure
Subject: The Strawberry Seige

There's more than meets the eye in Farmer Johnson's kitchen garden. Hordes of ants are attacking the tiny fairies that made their home amidst the plants. They've driven the peaceful fey into a last bastion of strength: the large strawberry, pride of Johnson's growth.

The fairies are ready to make a final stand, and they shrink the PCs to their size to aid them in this battle.

Will the players be able to save the fey AND farmer Johnson's awardwinning strawberry?

Up Next:
The Tides Unwanted

Posted on 2008-07-07 at 09:02:55.

Topic: Feeding The Undead Q/A
Subject: heya

Hey Goti,

Best thing to do is message Valimar. He is having some computer problems right now, but I'm sure he'll get back to you with whatever answer as soon as he can.

Posted on 2008-07-06 at 13:57:21.

Topic: Filthy Thief Q/A
Subject: pfhew

*sigh of relief*

ok, guys... the fight is over, and we're ready to continue our quest. You can definately do something with this situation if you play it right.

Good luck!

Posted on 2008-07-06 at 11:04:43.

Topic: You Filthy Little Thief!!!
Subject: woohoo

Thunder River
North West Dock

~Positive Tide is normal
~Negative Tide is rising

Percifeer now turned to the crowd that was gathering around the docks. About fifty people had already stopped or gathered to see what was going on, or to listen to the enticing music the bard was effortlessly throwing their way. The sorceress pleaded with them, using her female charm to lure in any help she could get.
Beinsel backed her up, and together they rose a murmur in the crowd. But nothing happened still. They could see how the people were confused. Written on their faces was intrigue; was this real, or were they spectators of a very real performance?

Meanwhile, Pio was still underwater, trying to punch the monster that held him down. He aimed, but found his efforts blocked by paws that were faster in the water than he was. The shark was still circling around him, and had tried to enter the fight. But it had been bashed off as easily as Pio’s attempt to harm the feline menace.
The knight was surely not in his element, fighting without steady ground, sinking slowly and losing hold of his breath with every second that passed. And now another claw sliced his skin. He had been hit harder by enemies before, but the cumulative pain and blood loss was now taking its toll on him.

Miran had also abandoned him. The swashbuckler had to go up for air and help. And when he surfaced his face was pale with fear. The warning he shouted was what brought the final realization to the crowd that what they were seeing was actually real. A few men and women now jumped from the bridge into the water, and from the stone stairway that lead to the docks ran a few commoners as well. From the other side of the dock, where the Freemen’s Way was came a man in leather armor. He flung his longsword on the water-swollen walking boards and dove in where Miran had surfaced.

Percifeer stood watching, urging more people on to take action, aided by Beinsel.
Pio became aware now of many dark forms plunging down at him from above. They were coming at him and the monster. Urged by his burning lungs he flung in another punch, which missed again. Then the monster hit him again, and he was felt the last of his strength slipping away. He was holding on to his life by a thread, and would’ve surely died if two strong hands would not have mingled in the underwater brawl. The knight was too weak to see who was causing the sea cat to stop its attacks. Then he felt himself free, and supported by a firm arm that pushed him upwards, to air. He gasped for air when he came up, and all he could do was hang limply over the docks. The man supporting Pio climbed up the docks himself, and was quickly met by a woman who flung her arms around him. Just before Pio passed out he realized he had seen her before. It was Dorothy Galios.

A few seconds later, the crowd that had jumped into the river came up again, holding between them the body of the monster that had nearly killed Pio. The spectators on the bridge and on the side of the docks cheered as the dead body was pulled out of the water.

(OOC: Congratulations, you’ve managed to survive this encounter. And you’ve found Dorothy as well. You can all interact now as you wish, Pio is out for a little bit, and will need some healing.)

Posted on 2008-07-06 at 11:01:47.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: there it is

It took me a while to find the time to sit down and update, but there it is. Not what I had expected, but things turned out to go differently than I had anticipated. Still... you're in for something interesting.

Posted on 2008-07-06 at 10:23:17.


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