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Topic: **Noldaria*Final War**
Subject: kill this beast

Things were suddenly moving fast. Elandor had hoped the creature was reasonable and anciently wise. But the darkness of its habitat had probably projected a permanent hate of light in the eel’s brain. How could a creature think that conceited. The pure hatred and superior attitude was something Elandor did not even try to understand. Teros’ words had been beautiful and sincere. The kender had been really touched when his glorious quest was revealed to him fair and square once again. The dragon eel was not impressed, and even made fun of the desert man for stating their business openly. It should’ve been impressed!

There was no time to linger on how events should’ve turned out. But one thing was certain: if they couldn’t beat this creature, they would not stand the tests that lay before them either.

The dragon eel went down, only to reappear with a sudden burst of the waters. Damien was sticking from its mouth like a worm in a bird’s beak. But the worm proved to have some tricks, and it was definitely not the only worm in the area. His counterpart in emotional unbalance, embodied in Elandor Underhood, was there and ready to strike. From the darkness of the water he protruded his hoopak. Kicking his legs rhythmically he tried to float on his back, his feet towards the monster and the bard. Aiming his forked walking stick over his belly he drew back a rock and let it fly at the eel’s jaw. He hoped that by applying some pain to the mouth part, the creature’s reaction would be to pop it open en drop the bard.

Posted on 2007-01-12 at 19:58:05.

Topic: The Voting Game
Subject: this totally yawns

bleep! this bleeping bleep bleeping bleep is like bleeperdebleepybleep.

anways.... keep voting and perhaps we'll someday be lucky enough to have enough votes to almost make the list...

or... *oh no!* did somebody break the rule and got us banned from the list due to exessive voting?

*looks at Grugg*

Posted on 2007-01-10 at 22:08:17.
Edited on 2007-01-10 at 22:10:47 by Almerin

Topic: Add On Story. Fill in 3 words!
Subject: post 501

exorsistic pee stew

Posted on 2007-01-10 at 22:02:53.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: never fear

your DM has his ideas about Elessarae joining the party. She will not attend the meeting at Guland's residence, that's all I'm revealing right now.
Both you and the party have plenty to do still, I suppose. Your test isn't over, but won't be long, their preparation and meeting should not take too long either. If everything goes right, you will join in time.

Posted on 2007-01-10 at 21:55:47.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: next phase

Alright everybody, we're getting close to the next phase of this adventure. I hope you will all be able to post quickly. I do aim for an update next weekend (not coming weekend, because I cannot possibly ask from you all to post so soon).

to Greenleaf: I never got a post in from you regarding your reaction to the librarian (see my last update). If you post, then I will make a seperate update for you too.

Posted on 2007-01-10 at 19:38:27.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - an Adventure in Audalis
Subject: a new year, and a new update

Kharolis Mountains
Troshba’s Grounds
13th day of the 7th month: Pfier
0:29 pm

Troshba wasn’t very keen on answering Tobin’s questions. She did though, seduced by the rogue’s polite and reverent soothing. The party learned that Troshba would be happy with just one cow. She did not see the need in getting more than she and her young could eat. A little prodding revealed that the locals give her offerings every now and then, and that she hasn’t left the boundaries of her territory yet since she birthed her young. She is afraid something will happen to them.

It took the group the rest of the day to find the nearest farm, buy a decent cow for the reasonable price of 4 GP(after some haggling), and return to the place where Troshba had been. They were surprised to find the area deserted at first, but the Manticore came flying back soon. She accepted the cow and once again swore to look over them as they passed. Her voice was less harsh and almost appreciative as she told the group of an empty bear-cave only an hour away. Although it was getting dark, the group headed for the cave and spent the evening in safety. They were in the Kharolis Mountains, and the Khordaldrum Capital was getting closer.

On the morning of the 22nd day of Pfier they arrived at the gates of Khordal. Aside from the encounter with Troshba the Manticore their journey had been a safe and beautiful one. The Kharolis Mountains proved to be rich in wildlife and hunger had been the least of their worries. Also, the paths they had chosen had shown them a few sites that seemed to be blessed by Kith-Jora. A waterfall thundering with brute strength ended in a deep pool. The pool had invigorated their minds and healed the last of their battle wounds. Healthy and energetic they now stood before a gaping opening in the bare rocks. A paved road lead into the mountain, where six guards were just checking the contents of a mule towed two-wheeler.

(OOC: You’ve made it to the city, and you’ll have one and a half day before Guland expects you. I’m giving you guys that as down time. You can tell me what you like to do in the Q/A or in PMs if you prefer that.)

Maelamin Kingdom
Bladesinger Keep
25th day of the 7th month: Pfier
8:40 pm

Fully intend on finding the fastest route out of the keep Elessarae jumped past the orc and towards the door, her exit. The creature made a fast backhand slash with its rapier. The blade missed her widely, and she was free to try the door. It was shut tight. Not lingering too long on yet another disappointment Elessarae ran for the next one, forgetting the tiles and traps that lay under the tiles of the corridor. All doors were shut, and the orc was now in full pursuit. One of the tiles gave away and she felt her right leg freeze over instantly as a sudden ice storm filled several feet of the hallway. She heard the orc scream behind her, and limbed onwards. She felt nauseous and weak. Her leg felt lifeless but she managed to get to the last door, opposing the corridor.
This one opened smoothly and the bladesinger pulled herself in and closed it behind her. There she slid down against the wooden surface, exhausted.

It was only then that she realized the contents of the room she had entered. She was facing a beautiful carpet covered floor with a long desk standing in the middle of this big room. Elves had been seated behind the desk, facing the door she just came through, but they now stood up and approached her. Most of them were old, and they all wore breathtaking garments bearing the symbol of the bladesingers. One of them kneeled down besides Elessarae.

“Come child. Stand up, and address your judges with honor. This is no way for a new member of the bladesingers to attend her final test. You’ve overcome the first part, and you should be proud.”

His voice had a fluent kindness to it, but his words did not reveal whether or not she was deemed worthy.

Posted on 2007-01-10 at 19:35:36.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: delay

I'll be able to update for the game tomorrow. With the site being shut down the last days that's the best I can do for you all.

I hope we can speed things up again

Posted on 2007-01-09 at 19:35:22.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: hehe

well, you're still doing great. The orc/elf is in as bad a shape as you are.

I will update after the holidays (probably after the 6th of January). I don't have the time to update now or later this evening, and I'm leaving tomorrow morning. I'm sorry to leave you all at this point, but we'll pick up the pace once I'm back.
For now: have a Wonderful Holiday and a Great Newyear!

Posted on 2006-12-22 at 06:32:42.

Topic: The Egg Tart Game
Subject: mash... hmmm

Mash those potatoes up for me, will you?

Posted on 2006-12-20 at 14:28:54.

Topic: The Voting Game
Subject: bah

20 again... people should keep voting....

Posted on 2006-12-20 at 11:12:18.

Topic: most unusual/thrilling end to a campaign...
Subject: not an ending

This is not really about an unusual ending, but it IS about rolling criticals a lot.

One of the groups I played with had this guy who played a huge, strong fighter. After a while we started to realize that he scored a lot of criticals, and never EVER rolled a 1. Then his brother examined his d20, the same one he used all the time. It turned out that he had found a dice somewhere with 2 opposed 20s and no 1. He acted like he didn't know that about the dice, but we all knew he did.
The cheater!

Posted on 2006-12-20 at 11:09:22.

Topic: The Voting Game
Subject: number

number 19!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah!

Posted on 2006-12-19 at 10:37:26.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: hehe

, killing of players is my favorite thing to do after dinner. *goes to cook* Be back later....

haha... j/k. I'm not giving you all an easy time, because I think that challenges are cool when they are actually hard to overcome. If it's easy, what's the fun?

Posted on 2006-12-19 at 10:26:58.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: generator

Your character generator is wrong, according to the Player's Handbook. You reach level 5 at 10.000 xp, and level 6 at 15.000. Be glad, now it takes you less time and XP to go up a level. The 50 XP is the extra I promised to those who would post before the set time, after my last and late update.
Sorry I'm giving Elessar such a hard time, but you're also having bad luck with dice, AND this is supposed to be a difficult test. She is proving herself worthy right now.

Blammm, Tobin's negotiations reached home. Troshba's willing to reconsider, though she's not happy. But Manticore don't come with more patience than this, so this better turn out good! (That's the first time I've actually refered to Troshba as what she is, but you had all figured that one out long ago, of course).

Posted on 2006-12-18 at 15:32:52.
Edited on 2006-12-18 at 15:36:39 by Almerin

Topic: The Chakran Portal - an Adventure in Audalis
Subject: updates already!

Kharolis Mountains
Troshba’s Grounds
13th day of the 7th month: Pfier
0:29 pm

Troshba sprayed a shower of spittle before replying to the Cidal.

“That was Troshba’s offer she said first time. You get food and Troshba gets you safety. We all live.”

That was her answer, and now she was waiting for them to start getting her food. She was still ready to react should they try to continue the battle.

Khordal Kingdom
The Grand Library
23rd day of the 7th month: Pfier
5:31 pm

Mrs. Orebelly leaned in, as if she was sharing a secret. Checking the room, she whispered to Geim: “You wouldn’t believe what kind of people come in here. Not just Runemasters, you know. Merchants come in here too, doing research for their business. Mages I see a lot as well, but they’re never as interesting as you are. What did you come here for? Interested in the history of our lands, judging by the books. Why don’t you sit …. here,” the keepers tapped another chair next to the table, “and tell me all about it. I get so bored, sometimes.”

Maelamin Kingdom
Bladesinger Keep
25th day of the 7th month: Pfier
8:40 pm

Elessarae lunged for the orc with her sword. The magical blade sliced a deep cut in the orc’s arm. Red blood clung to the weapon as the bladesinger withdrew it. The orc cried out, but it was not the cry of a green blooded brute. Elessar didn’t need this information any more. She knew what she was dealing with. It was another test.
The tip of the rapier that the disguised elf carried shot up, and would’ve skewered her like a frog on a stick. She could barely step aside. But she managed to evade. This action brought her so close to the orc’s face that she could feel its foul breath. Very unselfish.

Posted on 2006-12-18 at 14:19:01.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: too bad

I'm sorry to inform you guys that he XP bonus is no longer available. If you had all agreed on going with the peaceful solution in the first place than the bonus would be granted. The moment I said there was a bonus, it did not apply anymore.

Posted on 2006-12-18 at 13:03:03.

Topic: The Voting Game
Subject: a way

Perhaps there is some way we can get every member of the rdinn to vote in one day. We would get quite the boost I would think. Perhaps if Olan sends one of his all-members-messages.... hmmmmmmm

Posted on 2006-12-17 at 13:10:17.

Topic: most unusual/thrilling end to a campaign...
Subject: forgotten realms

When we were playing the last module of the Forgotten Realms 2nd edition adventure trilogy, involving Marco Volo (Departure, Journey and Arrival) I experienced something with my dice very similar to what was described earlier.
I was a player then, an Alaghi fighter with two two-handed swords (power-play to the max). We were inside a round chamber with several openings. Through the openings poured Githyanki fighters, but we had to hold them off until an NPC ran three circles inside the chamber. We also had to protect him, of course. My character was guarding one of the openings alone, and he was scoring critical hit after critical hit. The cool thing was that the entire evening prior to this final battle I had been rolling nothing but misses. It was like my dice had been holding their special powers until the end.
It was awesome.

Posted on 2006-12-17 at 07:20:13.
Edited on 2006-12-17 at 07:22:02 by Almerin

Topic: **Noldaria*Final War**
Subject: Not fair

Secretly smiling Elandor did his best to look as upset as possible. He had guessed this would happen. It was exactly the reason why he had not wanted to travel with those thugs.

He wanted to open his mouth to speak, but Rinrin was faster. At first the kender believed she was really thinking of handing them the treasure. But soon her plan became clear. It appealed greatly to the small rogue. With the others he slowly walked away from the crossbows, but as soon as they were out of view he took a sprint. Arriving first at the hole in the wall, Elandor felt a sense of I told you so. With more joy then a goblin with a dead rat he jumped into the hole and waited for the others to follow.

Posted on 2006-12-17 at 06:56:38.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: oh yeah

There's an update waiting for all of you.

If the party wishes to negotiate then that's fine. Troshba will hold to her old wishes (food, preferably that cow she wanted). If anybody wants to make a sense motive check against her please PM me and I'll let you know what the result is.

My last chance to update is on coming friday. After that I'll be traveling until the 6th of January, and unable to post. If we can come to a conclusion before that, it would be a perfect ending of the prologue part. My first update in January would then be a merging of the party and Geim.
If you can't come to an arrangement with Troshba before friday, so be it. We will all have to wait a bit longer for the prologue to end.

Posted on 2006-12-17 at 06:37:41.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - an Adventure in Audalis
Subject: A change in battle

Kharolis Mountains
Troshba’s Grounds
13th day of the 7th month: Pfier
0:29 pm

As Gunar remained standing as a living shield, Loda took her time to uncork a vial with healing liquid. It glided like honey down her throat and set her stomach burning with energy. She felt the life get sucked back into her body, as if she gained strength from the rocks around her. The spikes still stuck from her flesh, but in the heat of this healing frenzy she could not feel their hindrance.

Draven had his own way of curing himself. With a primal willpower he tore the spike loose from his leg and cast it aside. He knew that revenge was all that would help him this instance. Another black dart found its way into his hand. It followed the other one’s path, but this time struck true to Troshba’s skin. The creature screamed, but showed no sign of losing balance, and Draven realized her metabolism withstood the poison.

Tobin let go of another arrow, then jumped behind the rock. He saw how Draven was slowly limping his way. His gaze went to Loda, who had already taken a lot of damage, but was looking better now. Gunar had been struck too, and soon they would be out of healing spells. The rogue figured it would be better to talk.
What he hadn’t seen was that his arrow flew straight into the chest of the monster. The impact was hard, and it infuriated Troshba. The words that followed the arrow were dubious to say the least.
"Troshba! I wish to renegotiate with you!"

Troshba seemed to ready herself to unleash another swarm of spikes. She hesitated for a moment and growled: “Your words better say that you get Troshba food. Troshba WILL leave you safe. She is not sneaky as short man-likes!”
Though she keeps from attacking, there is no doubt that she will return to battle. Although she has been hit several times, she seems healthy enough.

(OOC: Loda is almost back to complete health. Alyssia can still cast her mage armor is she wants, but if negotiations are leading to peaceful departure you may not need it. Your call Vesper.)

Khordal Kingdom
The Grand Library
23rd day of the 7th month: Pfier
5:31 pm

Tempting as it was, Geim held true to his beliefs. With a content feeling he randomly picked several other books and put the journal in their midst. He knew Kharox would be proud of him. With his quick mind and trained reading skills he had taken to paper the most important sites and remarks. These papers were now safely tucked away.

Mrs. Orebelly looked up from her scribbling and actually smiled at the Runemaster as he plunged the stack of books on her desk. She took a curious look at the titles he brought her.
“Did you find what you were looking for? Aren’t these books amazing? You can smell the knowledge, richened over ages of history. I love my job, as I’m sure you do too. You ARE a Runemaster also, am I not correct?”

Maelamin Kingdom
Bladesinger Keep
25th day of the 7th month: Pfier
8:40 pm

Ensnared in the ropes, Elessarea had a hard time concentrating on her spell. What was more, she was hindered by the orc, and could barely move her hand for the somatic part of conjuring a mage hand. She tore hard at the rope and got it to stretch out an inch. It was enough though, and she completed the gesture just in time before the spell slipped from her mind. The ghostly mage hand hovered in the air for a second, only for her to see. Then it shot into action, and pressed the last tile the orc had carefully stepped over.

Instantly, they were both engulfed by a sea of fire that erupted from under the stone. The orc dove down in a reflex, and Elessarea would’ve done the same, was she not bound in place. The ball of fire hit her with full power, like a spider in a web, caught by a falling pinecone. Her clothes and skin were scorched, and the ropes that bound her snapped. Down she fell, next to the orc, who was already getting up. She could now see how part of the orc’s face was distorted, and a pale skin shone through the dirt. Holes in its clothes revealed the same pale tint of smooth skin. Elven skin.
Still, an attack came. Perhaps the bladesinger was caught off guard but the rapier pierced her flank and the tip dug deep into her organs. Blood stained her burnt cloths, but she was still holding her sword, and free to use it.

(OOC: The fireball and a critical hit dropped Elessar to one third of her HP. The orc, or whatever it is, doesn’t look so fresh either. The mage hand is gone, unless you want to make a concentration check. You can’t concentrate and fight with your sword at the same time. Your call.)

Posted on 2006-12-17 at 06:31:39.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: actually

It's +2 at 3rd level,
+3 at 6th level
+4 at 9th level
+5 at 12th level

Still a great bonus for natural armor I think. Everything helps... most of the time

I just require a post from Vesper, Drakar and Valimar to continue, or a message about their action. I would like to be able to update today, or sunday. I've already added the extra XP for those of you who posted, in the first post of this Q/A.

Posted on 2006-12-16 at 09:10:13.
Edited on 2006-12-17 at 06:38:03 by Almerin

Topic: The Voting Game
Subject: sure

definately a big difference between number 1 and 2. But our rating is almost equal to number 19, so keep voting!!

Posted on 2006-12-15 at 11:53:20.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: barkskin

It's 1 extra for every third level above 3rd level caster, to a max of +5 at 12th level.

btw, thanks for the quick post.

Posted on 2006-12-14 at 12:49:51.
Edited on 2006-12-14 at 12:50:20 by Almerin

Topic: The Voting Game
Subject: bah... libraries

Thank those library computers. I'm on 11, you cheat!

Why aren't we rising? this is torture...

Posted on 2006-12-14 at 12:16:17.


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