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Topic: You Filthy Little Thief!!!
Subject: did you expect this?

Ocyari was not scared in the least of this undead man who had grabbed her. Wasn’t that strange? Any child would’ve screamed, but not this brave little thief. In a fluent motion she pulled herself from under the arm, flipping backwards, so her knees came very close to hitting the vampire in the face. He evaded her legs, released Ocyari completely, and she was free. Quickly she rolled forward on the cobbled street and landed in between the rest of the group, who were already setting their attacks in motion.

Miran was first to react when the little girl had been grabbed. He drew his rapier, but decided to fling a spell first. Two bolts of energy shot from his hand, flying like arrows of energy into the vampire’s torso.
The undead, who had just released Ocyari was hit full in the chest. It stumbled backwards two steps, but took the pain without a sound or grimace.

Next was Pao. The cleric was more focused on keeping the other vampire at bay, and released a soundburst. For himself, the spell was no more than a ripple in the air, but to the vampire, who got the wave of sound in the face and whose ears were more sensitive than human’s, the burst was deafening. But it also took the pain without any display of grief or remorse. It strode on, but halted right outside the range of attack of the first party member.

Percifeer was always ready to use her spells, and this one would definitely give the vampire a nice surprise from the rear. But before she could start casting, the creature spoke.

“No! Understand that I meant no harm! I have seen what I needed to see. My apologies for scaring you, Princess.”
With that he knelt in front of the party, and placed one hand on his chest as he bowed. Bowed, before Ocyari.
The other vampire followed his chivalric display of service.

Posted on 2008-10-12 at 15:23:52.

Topic: The Spores of Itanlok - Q/A
Subject: nice

Quality posting, all of you!

Posted on 2008-10-12 at 15:03:51.

Topic: Audalis Shorts - The Spores of Itanlok
Subject: there

This recruitment is hereby closed! All further posting concerning this game should be done in the Q/A.

Posted on 2008-10-11 at 19:01:46.

Topic: The Spores of Itanlok - Q/A
Subject: hehe :BGB:

That was quite an entertaining post, Hammer.

For the rest of you who noted how Loco overheard the couple: that's not really supposed to be the case for everybody. It's not like their belching their gossip over the crowd. But in Loco's case, it fits perfectly, and I would not have Hammer change his post in a million years.
I just wanted this cleared out though.

Posted on 2008-10-11 at 18:58:56.

Topic: The Spores of Itanlok - Q/A
Subject: coolness

The first post has been made, guys! We are ready to ROCK!

Posted on 2008-10-11 at 11:37:53.

Topic: The Spores of Itanlok - an Audalis Short Adventure
Subject: The Spores of Itanlok - an Audalis Short Adventure

At the dawn of time,
the winds arrived,
and carried spores from Yonder.
Rock split and opened wide,
cradling the seeds divine.
Ideas and visions.
Intentions undetermined.
A mining nation’s wonder.

Hurond Trippledig, Captain of the Throne Guard, after drinking too much Blue Fungid Beer

A Khordaldrum wedding is unlike any sort of celebration anywhere else on the Antarian Continent. It is a feast of many days, with continuous drinking of the deep ales the subterranean race brews. It is a marathon of fun and games, of singing the tales of the families and chanting the prayers of good luck, after which, of course, more ale is needed to toast.
Ah, toasting. Every member of each family seems to have something to add to whatever has been said already. Advice passes. Well-wishes too. And in the quiet moment where everybody listens to the elders mumble their blessing, a unity is formed between strangers. After that, nothing is as it was. A family has expended, and a deal has been sealed. But never was business mixed so well with pleasure, as in the festivities of Khordaldrum matrimony.

Khordaldrum hardly ever marry out of love. Arrangements are made by families soon after a female Khord is born. The marriage of Kretarund Orehand and Befilda Shieldmaster was no exception. The Orehands and the Shieldmasters had planned this wedding since Befilda was a toddler. It was a great opportunity for both parties, since it would strengthen their positions as aspiring granite-distributors.
Kretarund and Befilda had met each other over the years, and had always known what was to happen. They rejoiced in it, for each appreciated the other very much. One could call it Love, but Khords are not quick to take that term in application.

The party was in full effect now. It was held at a special bar in the Warrens of Gunthras, where both families lived. The bar was a literal drinking hole at the base of the great Mushroom Forest, and founded by a Khordaldrum Druid who had died many ages ago. To enter ‘the Spores of Itanlok’, as the establishment was named, you had to descend into the earth, with a whirling staircase. It was like entering a rabbit’s nest, and the bar had every cosy aspect of such a place.
It was the second day into the wedding, and the official ceremony was already forgotten by most of the attendants. Kretarund and Befilda Orehand were sitting on a single big chair, taking in the festivities and whispering soft comments about the guests in each other’s ear over a mug of Dark Bellyfold.

“Look over there, me little pebble, it’s cousin Thondrek. I didn’t know ‘e was still alive? Last I heard ‘e got himself lost in the Chakran Mountains with a bunch o’ them Syls.”
“You must be joking. Thondrek the ‘adventurer’? Never would’ve thought. Weird one though. Thinks he’s too good to work in a mine?”
“Oh, and there’s Uncle Grabrocks. Did y’see the enormous diamond ‘e gave us?”
“Pfff, it’s probably a fake. I’ll ask one of my Burrowfolk nephews about it. He’s a Gemhound. He’ll sniff the falseness right out of it.”

Kretarund gave Uncle Grabrocks a nice wave with his tankard of ale. He then turned back to his beloved.
“Hey, look! It’s Grothtorg! And he brought his owl. Let’s keep an eye on him. I’m want to ask him how he got that braid.”
“Yes, rocky-Bottoms,” Befilda said with less enthusiasm than her husband, “sure that will make a fine tale… oh, ‘ey, it’s that strange fella. ‘e got a crush on me when us was little. What was his name again… oh, that’s right: Baldorf. Always sneaked up on me without a sound.”
“He probably thought you smelled nice. I never thought he was that strang…. Oh you have to be kidding me! Did you invite ‘Loco’ Fungihammer to the party?”
The groom had almost dropped his mug in astonishment. Befilda followed his gaze and groaned. “Tyrannis’ Tits, I didn’t think ‘e would actually show up. You know ‘e saved some of me brothers? I couldn’t NOT invite him. Cost me quite a bit to track him down too. Let’s just hope ‘e will stay away from the beer.”
Kretarund laughed heartily at his wife’s remark. “We’re Khords. Of course he won’t stay away from the beer!”

To prove his claim he brought the Dark Bellyfold to his lips and dried it to the last drop. He flung the wooden mug to the ground and echoed a deep, satisfied burp over the heads of the crowd. Cheers went up and more than one reply sounded back at the couple. The bride and groom grinned at each other while Kretarund wiped the foam from his hair. It was a useless effort; after a full day of feasting, both their beards were saturated with all sorts of liquids already. By the same time tomorrow, they would be wringed out and the mix of ales would be caught in a jar, shaken and given to the crowd. Whoever would dare to drink it was said to be the next to marry. Everybody knew that the only thing you would get from it was a certain gastric ulcer, but there were always guests bold or dumb enough to try.

The groom kissed his bride and went to the bar to order two new mugs of ale. As he walked through the crowd he was patted on the shoulder, jabbered at, and even hugged. The guests were truly letting go of their reserved social boundaries. High spirited and slightly drowsy from the amount of fermented liquor, Kretarund grabbed hold of a familiar face and steamed a breathy “Hey there, haven’t seen you in a long time, glad you could make it” into it. The face, however, belonged to Jamdock Burrowfolk, who did not return the tipsy welcome. The gemhound stared at the groom with one bright eye (the other one had been replaced with a green emerald years ago).
“Sorry nephew, no time to chat. I caught me a scent… a possible trace. Leave me alone, and I’ll give ye my best-wishes later.”
Jamdock shrugged loose from Kretarund’s hold and disappeared in the crowd. Gemhounds were subterranean hunters, looking for fake or illegally marketed gems, and apparently the groom’s nephew was on the brink of discovering something. After a moment of disillusion at the unhappy meeting, Kretarund started to snort with incoherent laughter and made his way to the bar.

While waiting on his Farmboy’s Death ale, he looked around at the guests that were around. He noted a familiar face and old friend of the family, only at that point he couldn’t remember which family it was: Crulgrin Shadebeard.
“Hey Crully, old boy. How’re things over at the refinery? You still work there, right?”
He would’ve loved to listen to whatever Crulgrin had to say, but he got suddenly pulled away from the bar by a young girl in her mid-hundred’s and flung into a wild dance of Catch the Badger. More Khords joined in and soon the band of war-drum percussionists caught onto it. With the rhythm taking control of the crowd, even the most traditionally sober Khord could not help but tap his feet at the festivity dance. Kretarund and Befilda Orehand found each other in the middle of the crowd, and swirled, tapped, hopped and ducked with a rocky stiffness that graced the dance and the race that developed it.

Suddenly a loud explosion erupted from somewhere close to the bar, which made the ground shake and brought sand and dust misting from the ceiling. Heads turned, silence fell and everyone’s attention was on a Khord with a blackened face, who was holding what was left of two wooden mugs.
“My apologies,” he shied, then started laughing. They all knew who he was: Magnumopus Warpstone, one of the Servants of Fire and Stone; followers of Kharox that experimented in chemistry and ‘new weaponry’. A dangerous lot to be around. Apparently, he had been mixing different kinds of ale that did not fit together well.
Magnumopus looked around at the astonished faces of the Khords around him. They were as black as he was and equally unharmed. Still, he started brushing off the first person that came to hand: a strong fellow named Kharov.
The silence slowly faded when chatter restarted and Kretarund returned to his bride.

“Bef,” he said, “this is the best wedding a Khord could wish for.”

(OOC: You've all been 'introduced', and ready to post. Have fun!)

Posted on 2008-10-11 at 11:30:22.
Edited on 2008-10-11 at 11:37:17 by Almerin

Topic: The Spores of Itanlok - Q/A
Subject: well

usually, these spells don't use a lot of expensive components. But the same rules apply. The act of using components comes from the belief that you draw energy from these objects, I believe. So where would this energy come from if it doesn't come from the material comp? From your own energy?
Compare it to sorcerers, who have the same thing going on: the energy comes from within, but they need components too.

At least, that is my take on it

Posted on 2008-10-11 at 11:08:28.

Topic: Audalis Shorts - The Spores of Itanlok
Subject: yes!

Coolio for Real!!

ehm.. I mean... well done, guys!

I hope Jozan will be able to get at least some of his character in by tomorrow.

Posted on 2008-10-10 at 21:02:16.

Topic: Audalis Shorts - The Spores of Itanlok
Subject: hehe

make that 76 points, because you also get 2 extra stat-points from being level 8

Posted on 2008-10-09 at 18:45:59.

Topic: Audalis Shorts - The Spores of Itanlok
Subject: friday

A ranger/rogue it is then, Eol. Looking forward to that one

And Hammer, I can always help out in filling in blanks, like I said in the last PM I sent you. But I need at least a little bit about your character on friday evening. I write my update on Saturday, close to midday (which is about 6 am for you guys). So Friday evening would be good.

Posted on 2008-10-09 at 16:33:44.

Topic: Filthy Thief Q/A
Subject: ok

no problem

Posted on 2008-10-09 at 16:23:16.

Topic: The Spores of Itanlok - Q/A
Subject: oh, yes

Spellcasting: A cleric gets his spells from his god. In Audalis, they take a great deal of strength from the character, but there are no rules connected to this. So basically, it comes down to the player to spice it up in his posts.

But in my vision cleric spells are granted by the followed diety after morning prayers (could also be evening, as long as it is the same moment, every day).

On another note: I don't specifically use material components. This only goes for components that are common. So if you need a raven's feather or mushroom dust, we'll say that you don't need it. If the component is a diamond worth 100 GP, or something rare, than you're going to need it.

Posted on 2008-10-09 at 16:22:46.

Topic: Audalis Shorts - The Spores of Itanlok
Subject: ah you want epic

Epic you say? Epic you get. Hopefully one at least. But combat is always exciting when I'm behind the board... right?

(dare to say no, and it'll cost ya!)

Posted on 2008-10-09 at 16:13:57.

Topic: Filthy Thief Q/A
Subject: hehe

Utan, you're a cleric, right? You could also try to turn undead, if you want. I can't say that you would be succesful, though. Because that's always tricky.

It's a suggestion that you don't have to take at all. Just a reminder, because sometimes people forget what their characters can do.

Posted on 2008-10-08 at 11:58:23.

Topic: Audalis Shorts - The Spores of Itanlok
Subject: spot

I'm sorry to disappoint you, Soup, but this game is full at the moment. I can, however, give you a spot in the reserve list? Utan the Orange is waiting there as well. As soon as somebody drops from the game, you're good to go. Is that agreeable?

And I'm going to aim for posting the beginning of this game coming Saturday. So by then I should have all the characters, or at least their names, so that I can include everybody into the game.

Posted on 2008-10-08 at 11:55:22.

Topic: The Spores of Itanlok - Q/A
Subject: for those who are into this

I just put up Gboy's character sheet. Those of you who take time to read through other people's sheets will notice the high scores for this character. I would like you guys to know that I was first apprehensive about the addes bonuses from the template. But after PMing back and forth with Gboy about the kind of character, and seeing the fact that he sacrificed 3! levels for it, I believe it will not be that much of an advantage. This character will be of equal strength (even less in combat), and hopefully bring great roleplaying ops with him.

I really hope that I won't get any upset posts or messages about his sheet. I think I made the right choice in allowing it.

Posted on 2008-10-07 at 18:50:13.
Edited on 2008-10-07 at 18:51:07 by Almerin

Topic: Audalis Shorts - The Spores of Itanlok
Subject: yeah!

Good to see we're all getting ready to see this game starting. I know I'm ready! But I'm not posting until I have the sheets in.

So get creating!

Posted on 2008-10-05 at 10:41:32.

Topic: Filthy Thief Q/A
Subject: new

a new challenge addresses itself. Check the update

Posted on 2008-10-05 at 10:35:49.

Topic: You Filthy Little Thief!!!
Subject: a darkness meeting

The job assignment for Stuart had to wait until later, for they were all feeling the weight of the late hours. Going into a possibly dangerous test without preparations or proper sharpness of mind would be ignorant.

The way back to the orphanage was a silent one. They walked deserted streets, where even most lights had been doused behind windows long ago. The cool silence of the night was somewhat calming, and gave them time to reflect on their findings. Much had happened this day, but did they find out enough to save the orphanage? They seemed to have a long way to go.

After fifteen minutes of walking they were suddenly stopped by a man, who seemed to be waiting for them in the middle of the road. They were about 10 minutes away from the orphanage, but still on the wider streets with shops on either side.
The man held up a hand, in a command for them to stop. But as their attention was on him, a pale claw came from behind and grabbed Ocyari. She struggled to get loose from its strong grip, when the soft soothing voice from her assailant whispered: “Don’t struggle, princess. Let me get a closer look on that neck of yours.”

The others in the group now saw the young thief, in the grip of a pale man, with long fangs sticking from his open mouth, and hands with nails like a beast. He held her in front of him, and had his red eyes on her neck.

The man who had been standing in the street ahead of them was now slowly approaching. In the moonlight, they could see that he also had protruding fangs and a deathly pale skin. There was no doubt they were dealing with vampires here.

Posted on 2008-10-05 at 10:32:40.
Edited on 2008-10-05 at 14:53:04 by Almerin

Topic: Filthy Thief Q/A
Subject: ok

I'm sorry for not updating yet. I'm tired and kinda sick, but I'll do my best to manage a post today or tomorrow.

Posted on 2008-10-04 at 17:15:08.

Topic: The Spores of Itanlok - Q/A
Subject: ah

Well, he could've been in any of the warrens, though the most fitting to his character would be in the mushroom forest in the Warrens of Gunthras. But you could also consider the Deeper Dark, or the Caves of Madness. Both make excellent places for a Khord to get lost from society.

Posted on 2008-10-04 at 17:12:09.

Topic: Audalis Shorts - The Spores of Itanlok
Subject: starting

To everybody who doesn't have a character in yet: I'd like to start this game next weekend. So I would very much like to have all the character sheets in before next friday.

I hope everybody can manage that?

Posted on 2008-10-03 at 22:12:34.

Topic: short leave
Subject: no problem

I'm looking to start the game next weekend, so if I have your Stonelord in before then, I'll be able to put some more information in the opening post concerning your character.

Posted on 2008-10-03 at 22:10:50.

Topic: The Spores of Itanlok - Q/A
Subject: well

Basically, you guys have no idea what it is that is going to happen. It would spoil some of the fun or plot if I started giving away information for free already, so to speak.

So it could be happening anywhere

Posted on 2008-10-03 at 22:07:47.

Topic: Filthy Thief Q/A
Subject: ah

Well, this was said at the beginning of the game. Perci and Miran should be able to tell you guys that, at least. Or we can say that Ormander filled the late-comers in.

In any case, there is a room waiting. But you don't HAVE to go back. It's just an option.

Posted on 2008-10-02 at 15:13:23.


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