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Topic: Death of a Best Friend
Subject: ...

Sorry for you loss, Tann. Hope you'll find the strength to deal with this.

Posted on 2014-06-29 at 08:13:31.

Topic: The Gobber King
Subject: to late or not to late

Entering the throne room, Gamard was awestruck with the size of everything. Except for its decorative taste, it reminded him of home. He wondered at the workmanship and couldn't keep himself from taking a closer look. Could it be Khordaldrum work?

But as he pushed his nose against the stonework he caught sight of two of his companions racing each other for the throne.

Uh-oh, he though, seeing that it was the two Cidals. When Cidals were caught up in a joyous game, the world was no longer a safe place. He went after them, hoping to stop them before they could do any real harm.

Too late.

With the buttons pushed, all he could do was pray. Pray like he never did before.

Posted on 2014-06-28 at 07:19:34.

Topic: The Gobber King- QnA
Subject: weird

About not reading the posts: I reread your two posts twice and I have missed that line about the empty pack every time... must be something in my brain.

Or you put that phrase there afterwards! Aha! <--- look, it's a wink, I'm joking.

About the portals: lets do some more room hopping and see where that leads us.

Posted on 2014-06-21 at 08:11:27.

Topic: The Gobber King- QnA
Subject: food

Is it true what Tann's saying? Did the food we took from the room disappear? That would be interesting...

Posted on 2014-06-20 at 08:34:54.

Topic: The Gobber King- QnA
Subject: nope

I'm still here and very interested.

Posted on 2014-06-19 at 14:45:46.

Topic: The Gobber King
Subject: back to dinner

At first, there wasn’t much Gamard could do but stand there and try to wrap his head around how they could have ended up in the wine cellar again.

Then Ivan said: “Woah. It is Deja Vu all over again,” and the cleric snapped out of it. There seemed to be no use.

“No,” he said to the cat, “this isn’t Déjà vu. It would’ve been if you were sitting on that keg over there. Now that would’ve been a brain twister.”

He turned to the rest of the group.
“We should go back and follow those rats. Sooner or later we’re going to bump into them and I’d rather have the benefit of surprise than be a victim of it.”

Going back through the doorway he (assuming we’re back in the same room) went to the table and decided to try a little experiment. Running his hand over the table’s surface he said: breakfast. And awaited the results. Not that he was hungry anymore; he was just trying to understand the working of the object.

(OOC: Seriously, how possible is it for Gamard to take this table with him? How big is it?)

Posted on 2014-06-19 at 07:37:19.

Topic: The Gobber King
Subject: food!

Gamard sighed in relief that all the lovely food on the table wasn't just a piece of metaphorical cheese in a trap. They were fancy gourmet dishes and they would be thoroughly enjoyed.

"The food seems to be safe." He said to the rest of the party. "Dig in."

He helped himself to a bit chunk of mushroom, trying his best not to cram it into his mouth.

Posted on 2014-05-26 at 16:51:50.

Topic: The Gobber King- QnA
Subject: well

If this table proves genuine, than Gamard is calling dibs on it. He'll drag it along through the whole maze if need be.

Also, if the food's not poisoned, we should try other commands, like 'breakfast', 'dry-rations' or 'take-away menu 34, with rice'!

Posted on 2014-05-23 at 19:07:01.

Topic: The Gobber King
Subject: food?

Seeing the rats flee before them gave Gamard a bit of a mixed feeling. On one hand he was feeling the comfort of his God’s strength channelling through him, bringing light to the world and banishing foulness all around. On the other hand he was a bit worried with the ease in which these creatures used the portals. It only now occurred to him that these portals were true gateways to unseen areas of this hellish maze. Which meant that at any time anything could come through without any form of warning.

He would not be sleeping as peacefully this night.

His ponderings were interrupted by Alôndas’ hand on his shoulder.
“Well done, my friend!” the platinum blonde Sylvari exclaimed.

Gamard offered him a reassuring smile.
“You’re welcome.” He stated with a firm nod.

The Syl continued on to investigate the room. Gamard approached the two bodies, hoping to get a better understanding of the cause of their death. When suddenly there was a bright flash of light and a sound that reminded him of a magician’s prestidigitation act. Indeed an incredible feat had been performed, as the most delicious food he had seen in a long time was suddenly spread across the tabletop. He hadn’t realised just how hungry he had been until now.
Without much further ado he made for the Khordaldrum wine and the big mushrooms. His parents had been mushroom traders, before the accident, and he knew a lot about fungi. These looked exquisite!

“There be no need to pass up free food, I say.” Mal noted, but he seemed more cautious than his words implied. Gamard took note of this, and it dawned on him that he had almost stepped into a possible trap.

“Good thinking.” He said, and motioned for the fighter to lay off the food just a short while longer. Searching within, he felt the presence of his God and the divine energy stored there during his morning prayer rituals. Then he let his hands run over the food, slowly and deliberately.

(OOC: he casts Detect Poison. Might be a waste of a spell, but if this food is good, we’re going to need it. Who knows when the next opportunity for dinner is.)

Posted on 2014-05-23 at 19:03:00.

Topic: The Gobber King
Subject: now slide and dip and turn

“Well, apparently, master Ivan,” Gamard replied to the Cat’s outburst of fear, “we have a problem sorting rats from mice.”

He touched the golden orb on his headband, the symbol of the sun. Straightening his back he pulled himself to his full height, trying his best to tower over the rats even though his Khordaldrum form was not that much higher than they were. It was all about conviction, and he had plenty of that.

“Foul creatures!” he called as he stepped forward. “By the Sky-Light of purity, the Heavenly Orb, Father of Morning and Hallowed Circle I banish the darkness pulsing in your veins! I grant you rest eternal!”
He added, under his breath: “Or go cower in a corner so my friends can beat you to your second death.”

(OOC: in case it wasn’t clear: he’s trying to turn them.)

Posted on 2014-05-14 at 14:47:05.

Topic: The Gobber King
Subject: nice indeed

The information the Bugbear gave them wasn’t much, but it sounded genuine and it was at least another piece of a larger puzzle. Though a bigger picture remained to be revealed, this was a helpful step in understanding what they were up against.

Gamard thanked the Bugbear for his honesty and, borrowing a knife or other sort of blade, cut the creature’s throat. It seemed the easiest and least painful way he could bring death.

Standing up, he didn’t feel like having his back massaged anymore. Still wrapped in a towel he sank down against one of the walls. Wembley came up to him speaking of Solanis:
"What do you think happens to him after death? Do you think Solanis would reward him for helping us out? I hope so... it sure was nice of him to answer your question."

Grimly, as was his trademark, he looked at the Cidal and smiled a humorless smile.
“I think,” he said, “that he is hunting humans on the wicked fields of The Ghost Singer’s realm. I think it was Solanis’s mercy that put us here to kill him, so he would not have to die where his Mistress could raise him as an undead minion.”

“We should get some rest.” He added after a short pause.

(OOC: The next morning he will pray for new spells and safekeeping for his companions. After that, it’s off to the nearest portal.)

Posted on 2014-05-07 at 14:39:25.

Topic: The Gobber King- QnA
Subject: ok

Gamard is questioning the bugbear about this strange place we're at. He's just looking for information that can help the group escape or get a better understanding of what kind of place we find ourselves.

Feel free to sum up the outcome of the conversation, Roger. No need to drag this out. I know you wanted a quick dungeon crawl.

Posted on 2014-05-01 at 11:45:11.

Topic: The Gobber King
Subject: information

It looked like nobody else was going to talk to the Bugbear, so Gamard decided to do so himself. He got up from the massage bed and, still wearing nothing but a towel, stood before the bound bugbear.

“Listen,” he said to the beast, “I’m sure you’d like to get back to your mistress of the undead.” He tapped the symbol of the enflamed rose on the creature’s armor.
“Also, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to die. So, we could arrange something. When morning comes, we are going to leave this room. We don’t like loose ends, but if you’re helpful, we might let you live. Tell us how you got to this place.”

(OOC: I don’t see a reason to play this whole thing out, IF he’s even willing to talk. The point is to get as much information as possible about this place, then we rest. After that, we leave him tied up in the room.)

Posted on 2014-05-01 at 11:42:31.

Topic: The Gobber King
Subject: Mistress? He's from Amer'loc...

From the top of one of the massage beds, Gamard heard the conversations in the other room. There was talk of torture and talk of tickling. He grinned at the notion of the use of a feather. In Khordaldrum warfare, no means were left untapped.
Still, he didn’t believe the creatures were here by choice. Rather, their outfit hinted at an unfortunate chance. He knew all about Sendria, as his parents’ downfall had been caused by Sendrian raiders. It had been the start of his journey in becoming a Knight of Holy Anger.

“Master Mal,” he called from the bed, “I do not believe we are IN the tower of Amer’loc, or we’d already be dead. Instead, I believe these creatures are trapped in this maze just as we are.”

He popped his neck and groaned with relaxation. Then sat up straight on the bed; a sweaty Khord wearing nothing but a towel.
“Look, I have no love for Bugbears, but maybe this time we should try to talk to it, instead of just threatening it with hellish pain. Perhaps we’ll learn something about this place.”

Posted on 2014-04-28 at 10:06:02.

Topic: The Gobber King- QnA
Subject: first post

My post is in. If necessary, Gamard will use his remaining spells to heal any wounds that still need attending to.

Posted on 2014-04-27 at 10:21:34.

Topic: The Gobber King
Subject: Gamard the relaxing

Gamard sputters a rain of spit, blood and pool water from his lips and mustache as Dudley and Wembley drag him out of the pool. Wide eyed, he runs the palm of his hand over his face in an idle attempt to wipe away the wetness. When he is sure enough he’ll be able to stand without falling back into the water, he nods to the two Cidals.

“Thanks lads, it seems Inko-mengu has determined that I stink. This was my second bath of the day, and,” raising his eyes to the heavens, he adds, “I hope the Sky-Light is satisfied now.”

He looks from the dead Bugbears to his wounded shoulder and shakes his head. Seeing that the leader is being sufficiently questioned he puts his mind to other things.

Closing his eyes, he reaches for the holy symbol on his headband and touches the golden orb of Solanis. He clenches his fist, as if he grabbed a portion of holy energy from the orb, and then touches his shoulder. As he touches it, a soft glow spreads from his fingers and he feels instantly revived.
(He casts CLW).

Looking around he notices Crows wounds and steps up to the sylvari ranger, offering to do the same for him.

“Here, let me shine Solanis’ blessing on your wounds.”

Later, he will aid in the questioning of the Bugbear if needed. When it comes to resting, he is absolutely sure to take a massage from one of the massage bots.
(taking a gamble here, so he shoots a few extra prayers to Solanis that they won’t flay him alive on the padded table, hehe.)

Posted on 2014-04-27 at 10:20:29.

Topic: The Gobber King- QnA
Subject: Thanks!

I'll get to reading soon, and hope to post my first entry this weekend.

Posted on 2014-04-24 at 17:09:19.

Topic: Dwarf cleric needed
Subject: alright

I'll look into the character. Can I find his sheet in the Q/A? Not that it really matters. He's Hammer-made, and an Alacrity game is promise enough.

I'm in.

I can't promise a delivery date for my first post though. Somewhere this week is the best I can do.

Posted on 2014-04-20 at 11:09:09.

Topic: Dwarf cleric needed
Subject: so...

Is this just for 3 weeks?

Posted on 2014-04-18 at 21:36:15.

Topic: City Fantastico Q&A: The Quest for Liquor and Shame
Subject: in

My post is up. I'm terribly sorry it took me so long to get something up. I hope it's not too late.

Where is everybody anyway?

Posted on 2014-02-14 at 10:40:20.

Topic: Tales of City Fantastico
Subject: power

Loud music. You could fire a gun in here and nobody would hear it.

Gerald sat down with the rest of the team in the booth they had been ushered to. He had trouble squeezing his chest between the comfy leather chair and the not-so-comfy wooden table board in the booth’s centre.

People laughing. Laughing a bit too high spirited. Probable drug use.

He rested his arms on the table, covering about half of the surface, and looked at the rest of the group. They were all taking in the scene: the bar, the dance floor, gambling tables and the waitresses, waiters and people having a good time. Gerald’s attention was drawn to that strange, blue curtained stage. He imagined it opening up, revealing a multi-machine-gunned contraption, ridden by Darius Garnet himself. They had been found out, and now the action started.

Cards crunching between a thumb and index finger. A young tan woman smacked her boyfriend across the cheek. Somebody offering a small bag of blue powder to two dancing guys.

He couldn’t concentrate. There was too much going on.

At the bar, a tiny flask was emptied into a girl’s cocktail. In one corner a slick middle aged man with sunglasses and tightly combed back hair was on the phone, making contact with another, similar looking man on the other side of the dance floor. They were scanning the crowd. Alcohol was spilled on a blue leather jacket. Fighting ensued.

While his team mates sat comfortably in the booth, he squeezed out. He had trouble breathing. Fun was not something Gerald was familiar with, and when he did have it, it usually included arresting criminals or beating himself to a game of chess. Not that he understood the mechanics of the game, he just liked moving the pieces and throwing them across the room every time he lost.

The bartender was flirting with an older woman, too old for him. Some kind of strange humanoid creature was staring at them from a booth not far from where they sat. The heavy dance beat slowly made way for the more monotonous click and base of a rap song.

That was it. He was not going to suffer all this intolerable behaviour AND listen to rap.

Walking into the crowd he drew Big Gun #1 and went up to where the DJ was performing. There he looked for the most impressive power cord he could find and yanked it loose.
In the silence that commenced he pulled himself up to all his impressive height and slapped his gun theatrically into his hand. Then he called out to no one in particular, since he figured whoever WAS particular would hear him in the mean time:

“We’re looking for Darius Garnet! Either you bring us to him, or you will all suffer the consequences!”

Somewhere he knew that this bold approach was not what had been the plan. He just couldn’t help it. This was how he usually did business. And usually, somebody would act stupid and that was the person he needed to talk to.

Posted on 2014-02-14 at 10:38:23.

Topic: City Fantastico Q&A: The Quest for Liquor and Shame
Subject: ok

I'll do my best to get a post up in the near future. I am away all weekend, so it will be after that.

Any other takers in the mean time?

Posted on 2014-01-23 at 21:18:25.

Topic: City Fantastico Q&A: The Quest for Liquor and Shame
Subject: toilet

That knowledge gives a whole new meaning to the first word of that paragraph.

Btw... 'he's carrying ice-cream'... priceless.

Posted on 2014-01-15 at 16:31:14.
Edited on 2014-01-15 at 16:31:43 by Almerin

Topic: City Fantastico Q&A: The Quest for Liquor and Shame
Subject: yeah

Happy Newyear!!

I know, but at least I said SOMEthing, right?

Anyway... what's cracking? Any news on updates?

Posted on 2014-01-09 at 18:05:03.

Topic: City Fantastico Q&A: The Quest for Liquor and Shame
Subject: business

Downhouser is also in business. His merchandise is pain, and he has lots to give away!

I mean... I posted

Posted on 2013-12-21 at 16:00:56.


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