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Topic: A Local Legend - Q/A
Subject: yep

no problem... should be able to get one up somewhere this weekend.

Posted on 2009-11-19 at 19:37:19.

Topic: A Local Legend - Q/A
Subject: the End

Ok guys... I'm sorry to do this, but this game isn't working for me like this.

I put time and effort in typing up updates, and creating stats for this final battle, and to see a few lines in return is just not satisfying enough. Posting becomes more of a chore than something to look forward to.

I thank you all for your activity on this one, and for sticking with it for as long as you did. Hopefully we'll meet again someday in another adventure.

Posted on 2009-11-19 at 19:24:04.

Topic: Assistance is Required...
Subject: heh

I'm just here to say hi: HI!

Good to see you again, Tek.

Posted on 2009-11-18 at 20:52:58.

Topic: Loaded Dice Gets its First Official Review!
Subject: well

mid-90s too... "sorry ms Jackson -OOH- I am for reaaaal"... etc

Great review indeed.

Posted on 2009-11-18 at 20:51:08.

Topic: training dragons
Subject: zombies

Zombieland! that movie was awesome... full of genre stereotypes, but awesome.

Posted on 2009-11-16 at 20:50:31.

Topic: training dragons
Subject: training dragons

Check this... fits our alley, I would think: How to Train Your Dragon.

Posted on 2009-11-16 at 20:36:34.

Topic: A Local Legend - Q/A
Subject: ok

here we go then. Time to slay some fishies.

Posted on 2009-11-15 at 15:54:08.

Topic: A Local Legend - An Audalis Short Adventure
Subject: deep down

The edge of the chasm was quite smooth. Long years of harsh currents had worn it and twirling water had polished it further. They could feel the strong flow of water coming from the hole.
Going down should’ve been easy enough. Lowering themselves into a hole seemed a matter of gravity. But as they descended, they realised this was not going to be a plunge towards the light down below; it would be a struggle.

Still, they managed to climb down, stepping onto the few rocks protruding from the chasms wall. What would’ve been a ten minute climb down became a journey of fourty minutes. The further they went down, the stronger the current became. It tugged on their clothes. Then pulled on their gear. It grabbed at their bodies and tried to raise them up, but they resisted. With joints aching and muscles burning they climbed deeper into the vertical tunnel.

After a while they could see the source of the light. It was a jellyfish, translucently purple and pink. From it radiated an aura of power, white and beautiful. Long tendrils swirled about its body, creating the wild stream that erupted from this hole on the bottom of the ocean: the very current that patterned all around Antaron.
The creature was about the size of a large troll, seemingly diminutive in the large and dark chasm.

The heroes finally reached the smooth, rocky bottom of the hole. The infant God was about 300 feet away, dreamingly flowing back and forth in the middle of its gargantuan playground. It was quite overwhelming to think that in his adult stage he might just fill up the chasm completely.

Then a dark form passed Gubulondil, and came rushing towards the heroes. It was a shark, big and wild. And though it seemed to be suffering from the pressing flow of water as much as the heroes themselves, it swam quite steadily and opened its maw for something more than a pleasurable greeting.

(OOC: The shark’s not within reach, but he’s approaching fast. You get one round of action before he’ll get to attack. Remember, I make the rolls for attack, damage, skills, initiative etc etc.)

Posted on 2009-11-15 at 15:53:02.

Topic: Hello All
Subject: yeah

Welcome to the inn! We hope you'll have a good time here. If you don't mind dodging the probes and implants, I'm sure you'll find some awesome moments here.

Tann, good to see you're online again.

Posted on 2009-11-15 at 15:03:31.

Topic: Loaded Dice #31: Funny is in the Eye of the Beholder
Subject: heh, I liked that movie though

I think the art is fine, and the comment Olan quoted shows how limited the posters view is: is this Guy? blogging....

But it's true, it's not always funny, just like it mostly isn't funny when you try to tell people the hilarious moments of your dnd games. Mostly, you-should've-been-there-moments.
But that's ok, it doesn't have to be funny.

A cheesy question to close this post: In which eye of the beholder is funny anyway?

Posted on 2009-11-14 at 10:39:39.

Topic: New Spores of Itanlok Q/A ~ 1
Subject: awesome

I'm glad I have enthusiasm from you guys at least.

It seems we've lost Eol. Yana and Hammer have disappeared. Yana messaged me a few weeks ago that she's interested in continuing, but I don't know if she has the time. I haven't heard from her since then.
Vesper has been online a few weeks ago as well to tell me he would like to pick up a character, but hasn't been on since.
The two replacements I found, Luthor and Keeper of Dragons haven't posted yet.

I don't know what to do. Should I find more replacements? Continue with three players?

Input please.

Posted on 2009-11-14 at 10:32:30.

Topic: A Local Legend - Q/A
Subject: yeah!

I fully intended in updating last weekend, but stuff came up... stuff always comes up everywhere... who leaves it lying around all th time

Anyway... I hope to find time this weekend. I'm going to reply to that new person looking for a game, to join you in fighting this God so I don't have to hold back too much and give you guys a nice epic little end. Ok?


Posted on 2009-11-13 at 17:19:44.

Topic: Greetings
Subject: heh

Welcome to the inn!

I think we'll be able to provide you with something better than what you've experienced so far.

What strikes me is that you stuck with the game after mostly bad experiences. Good though, since we can show you how it's properly done!

Yeah, with facelicks. that's how

Posted on 2009-11-06 at 17:16:13.

Topic: New Spores of Itanlok Q/A ~ 1
Subject: yes, update time

This is what is going on: I want to update, but cannot really do so if I don't have a lot of posts to go on.

We have attracted 2 new players: Luthor and Keeper of Dragons. Luthor is ready to go, and I'm waiting on word of Keeper.
Vesper has returned and shown interest in joining as was originally the plan.
Yanamari has messaged that she is swamped but still interested.
Eol just posted in the Q/A that he's busy.

So the thing is: I think I'll give it another week of waiting. NEXT Saturday, so not coming, but the one after that, it is Update time for me. If you haven't posted by then, you will be left behind and the story will continue.
I know the team is rather large, but I could always split the game in two, and make it two separate games within one concept.

We will see what will happen.

Posted on 2009-11-05 at 18:57:25.

Topic: Olan's new baby (and other photos)
Subject: coolness

Really cute!! Thanks for posting them here.

Posted on 2009-11-04 at 17:58:51.

Topic: RDI Stats 2009
Subject: bleh

I don't have facebook :S

Posted on 2009-10-31 at 20:27:20.

Topic: RDI Stats 2009
Subject: yeah, cool


The past few months were slow at the inn. A few new games started, and a other died (nothing new there). If you haven't been online for some time, here are a few facts that you DID miss:

- We have a webcomic. What am I saying, we have two!
- Olan had a kid. Yes, another one. And yes, he has promissed pictures, but so far not shown us anything. (nothing new there too)
- Grugg has been fed and has now evolved into a new level of pokemon, and has also revealed his numerous familymembers amongst rdinn gamers.
- We have a blog, something Almerin and his ever worsening humor wants to write on but doesn't have a clue what about.

Anyway... that kind of thing

Posted on 2009-10-30 at 16:12:43.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Just noticed

Just noticed that you guys have reached 100 pages of Trilogy gaming! Congratulations!!

Ok, I'm out again.

Posted on 2009-10-30 at 09:00:41.

Topic: A Local Legend - An Audalis Short Adventure
Subject: answers

"I'm afraid I've helped you as much as you can." the sea druid responded. "I don't have any other potions or items to aid you. But I can tell you that he is most vulnerable these days, for he will begin his growth to adulthood again in a week."

To Isilimiri he nodded: "Yes, I can ask some of my friends if they'll transport you. I think you'll have enough time to fight Gubulondil and return to the surface before the potions' magic runs out."

After that he gave out a high pitched whistle that echoed deeply through the empty city around them. Moments later, two dolphins and a big octopus arrived, and attended the meeting.

"They will transport you to Gubulondil's hide-out. Climb up, there isn't much time to waste. Good luck, my friends. You are heroes already."

They climbed on the backs of the animals, Driscoll getting stuck with the octopus, who wasn't too keen on somebody sitting on his head. Every time Cole shifted one of the creature's tentacles would prod him in the ribs.
But though not extremely comfortable, they did travel fast. The city and the druid in it, disappeared from sight within a handful of seconds. Before them, the ocean floor stretched out, while below it flashed by. It was a wonderous sight, of colours unseen on the surface of Antaron. If they would survive, they would have one story to tell!

Not too long after they left the city they came to a slow halt. Not much further, the bottom of the ocean caved into a giant hole. It was dark, obscured from the rays of sunlight. There were no schools of fish or other signs of life, and the current was strong here. They could feel it pull on their bodies and items. Their underwater steeds had trouble maintaining a steady position, but managed with great effort.
Slowly they swam closer to the gap. Looking over the edge revealed that it was deep and pitch black, but down at the bottom shone a faint light.
It was then that the octopus threw Driscoll off its back and swam away like its life depended on it. The Dolphins too showed great unease.

How would they proceed now?

Posted on 2009-10-30 at 08:49:10.

Topic: I'm so bored...
Subject: bleh

I'm so bored that I could kill off my old games and start new ones just for the joy of anticipating reactions.

Posted on 2009-10-27 at 16:16:54.

Topic: New Spores of Itanlok Q/A ~ 1
Subject: boogert

Hey everybody,

I'm in Rome, Italy this week, and most likely won't update next weekend. I haven't been able to update last weekend due to post-activity.

What has happened? I want to update, but with only 3 posts there isn't much I can do. What happened to Hammer, Yana and Eol? I really hope this isn't one of those disappearing moments that have plagued all three in the past.

Anýway, I'm still good to go, and can give this a small break, but I don't like interupting games like this. It mostly always kills them off.

Should I go hunt for new souls to join the team?

Posted on 2009-10-27 at 16:07:06.

Topic: A Local Legend - Q/A
Subject: well

This is what the druid has told you before about the sword:

"I've heard of the sword Iyaldar carried, though he himself never knew the full power of his weapon. It was a sword of Brilliant Energy; one of the rare blades blessed by Solanis himself, it is said. It goes by many names, and has traveled the world, changing hands whenever it chose. It is said to have a mind of its own, but that might just be legend."

Posted on 2009-10-18 at 09:53:27.

Topic: A Local Legend - An Audalis Short Adventure
Subject: return

And so they returned to Iyaldar the wizard, ancient as he was in his manlizard form. He was more than a bit surprised to see the adventurers return so soon after they had gone.

They explained their new findings and he shook his head.

"I don't understand." He said. "We've been ssswimming these watersss for a long time, but never have we heard from these Kuo-Toa. They must be deep into the western watersss then. We don't go there."

And that was all he could tell them. He didn't have any potions of water breathing, so the ones the druid had given them would have to do. Diving from the manlizard's lair would give them a head start though.

They went into the water, and soon found that the potions allowed for more than just breathing under water. They didn't feel the usual restriction of weight when going below the surface while wearing armor. What was more, they found themselves able to speak, though slightly muted. Swimming seemed easier than it should've been. There was no doubt that Blbaobabl had given them something quite powerful.

Going westward, as Iyaldar had indicated, seemed a good guess. Half an hour later they noticed the long silhouettes of towers in the distance, rising from the bottom of the ocean. Schools of fish flared in the long beams of light that penetrated the darkness. Their path was clear, and well lit, as if the Gods smiled on their mission.
Well, perhaps there was one God who wouldn't smile for too much longer, but one could hope nevertheless.

As they closed in on the towers they didn't notice any activity other than the occasional octopus darting away at their pressence, or a few curious dolphins who came to check out the activity.
In fact, the underwater town they found had long ago been deserted.

They entered through a mother-of-pearl gate, passed beds of anemones of beautiful colours that waved strange patterns at them. Open doorways in the rocks and a few enormous curled shells told of a wonderous civilization that had left ages ago. There were towers of shaped coral and a town square overgrown with seeweed and pale sands. There, in the middle of all the passed glory, stood a single person holding a sword.

It was Blbaobabl and he regarded them with a focused stare.

"I'm glad you have come. I am sorry to have misinformed you. There is no Kuo-Toa tribe, but I had to know that you were willing to stand in he face of danger to retrieve the sword. Many have looked for it out of a desire for wealth or fame. None of them were interested in saving the village, or settling matters between good and evil. You have now shown that you are worthy."

He held out the sword.

"So take this weapon now, and make an end to all the suffering that has been cast upon the innocent by a jealous God. You will find Gubulondil not far from here, deeper on the bottom of the ocean. Destroy him, and I will be in your debt forever."

Posted on 2009-10-16 at 13:32:02.
Edited on 2009-10-16 at 13:32:50 by Almerin

Topic: New Spores of Itanlok Q/A ~ 1
Subject: hmmm

I must admit that I had hoped for a bit more enthusiasm, posting wise.

Was the update not satisfactory?

Posted on 2009-10-15 at 15:58:34.

Topic: incoming baby!
Subject: aahhhh, another one

I mean, another one who asks where the tcatt came from. I though you already knew, Tann? You're up for a real awesome story!

Oh yeah, and another baby! Congratulations man! :GB:

Number four... you and your wife can add 'management skills' to your resumee (if you haven't already).

Posted on 2009-10-12 at 18:29:16.


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