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Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: there it is... the update

and as usual: an update on saturday.
I'm free this coming week, so I invite you all to post soon, so I can get an early update in for the eager, perhaps?

Posted on 2007-05-12 at 12:38:05.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - an Adventure in Audalis
Subject: cookiecookiecookie

Kharolis Mountains
East base of the mountains
24th day of the 7th month: Pfier
9:14 pm

Before any of them could react, the old man cut down again on Alyssia, this time with both weapons. He seemed far too agile for his age. His rapier aimed for Alyssia’s flank this time, but the sharp tip pierced only the air in front of her. Perhaps the man’s attention was more on his sickle, for it followed quickly and struck hard in Alyssia’s back. The point of the sickle punctured her skin and struck bone. Not even bothering about prying his weapon out, the man grabbed at his vest, where a row of sickles hang for the taking. Within a second he had filled his fist once more with a deadly curved blade.
The pain in Alyssia’s back was not enough to dull her senses. She stood up straight and proud, the magic from her goddess ready to strike this foul intruder. She started glowing, and her hands formed the pattern of a levitation spell. In that small moment her guard was down, and the man lashed out with his rapier; an act of fear, clearly. (OOC: attack of opp) The rapier cut a deep gash in her stomach and her clothes stained red instantly. It was not enough to get the devotee of Lysora out of her strong concentration. Like a weeping angel she rose to the sky, out of range of further attack, her blood dripping down in streams upon the old man.


Draven faced a battle of his own. As he dove forward, fearless of what he deemed a minor opponent, his katana swerved high. But before Soulscythe could come down, the hound jumped at him and scratched its claws over his chest. They scraped over his armor harmlessly, but the beast’s teeth clapped dangerously close to Draven’s neck. He had been lucky.
Then his katana came down upon the beast, and he knew that luck was not on his side. He was just plain skilled as a fighter. The blade struck hard and sliced a piece of skin and flesh off the hound’s right front leg. If it mattered to the creature, it didn’t show it.
As they stood there, facing each other for a split second, Draven became aware of a sound from behind him. Through the bushes came the sound of somebody approaching fast. He was not in time to turn and hit, but he caught a glimpse of a woman, dressed in black like himself. A dagger got punched into his ribs, and though it was a small blade, the impact was incredible.


Loda and Gothard both weren’t feeling to well. They were almost sober, and in a state of mind where the lust for ale dominated everything. Still, when the old beggar had ruptured their calm campfire, the druid got up with only one thing on her mind: killing the old bastard.
Gothard was by her side as she rushed in, axe held high. The old man was so caught up by Alyssia’s flight that he was too late to even step aside. Loda’s axe carved a straight line from his left shoulder down to his hip. He yelled out in pain, and took a small step backwards from the impact. The Khord’s companion wasn’t doing so great. Gothard thought he had aimed his jump righteously but missed the old man widely.

(OOC: Alyssia is wounded badly. You can still continue your plan of attack, Vesper, but you’ll need healing soon. Draven is under one third of his HP. I didn’t include Malius, Geim and Thondrek in this post. Malius stated that he wasn’t doing anything yet. Geim is waiting for a new player, and Thondrek is going to die soon if Grugg doesn’t post. )

Londelirinen Kingdom
Aerie of the High King
Urvanial’s tower
26th day of the 7th month: Pfier
1:25 pm

Elessar had encountered these owls before. She knew what to expect. Still, what she saw coming through the window of the druid’s tower was an unnerving sight. It looked like a cloud of feathers coming their way. At least 15 of these creatures came flying from the outskirts of the elven city.
She yelled a warning to the others, but they stood stiffened by the view of the owls approaching. Then Urvanial snapped out of his trance and called down the hole:

“Kher, bring your shovel up here! We’re under attack!”

Then he looked at the bladesinger and nodded at the words of her song. Before the owls reached the tower he had finished a spell that covered Elessarae in a striped aura. She heard loud purring, like that of a cat. When both aura and purring faded, she found that her senses were heightened. She could see things more clear, felt like she had gotten faster. It was then that the owls crashed upon the walls with their talons and loud hoots.

As soon as the first owl appeared in one of the windows, the bladesinger let her arrow fly. Despite her stronger view the arrow missed and flew through the cloud of birds harmlessly. The owl entered the room, knocking over the plant that Urvanial had tended earlier. It came directly at Elessar and would’ve pierced her face with its talons if Telliri hadn’t interfered. He had drawn his longsword and brought it down upon the owl in mid-air. The creature slammed into the stone floor, but was quickly replaced by another. Four owls had found their way into the room already, and they were ready to attack.

Alloryen Kingdom
West brim of the forest
25th day of the 7th month: Pfier
3:56 pm

Tobin had searched his cell thoroughly, and found some interesting items. The text on the wall was slightly discouraging, but the Cidal didn’t despair. He decided to use his time to think of a way out. Just when he had found a comfortable spot, the two ants in front of his door started to move. One of them started to untie the rope that bound the door to the cell. The other one pressed its body flat on the ground. Even its head pressed down as if it wanted to sink into the bottom of the walkway. When the door was untied and opened, the other guarding ant joined its cousin in the strange position on the ground.

Around the corner appeared an ant unlike any of the ones Tobin had already seen. This one was larger than the others, bore a bronze helmet on its head, and wore a robe the looked like it was made from paper. From the sleeves of the robe sprouted human hands, but for the rest it was every bit as insect as the other ants.
Without even looking at the flat ants it walked up to the opening of Tobin’s cage. As it looked at him, the little hero felt himself sink away in the endless facets of the creature’s eyes. He had a vision of himself standing in a pit, a hole in the ground. The edges of the pit were swarmed with ants that cheered his name. On one end he noticed the large ant with human hands, even several of the same kind. In their midst was the mother of all of them, so large, her head could’ve been Tobin himself. Her long body carried away into a tunnel beyond Tobin’s sight. But even she felt appreciative towards him and nodded gently as he looked at her.

The cheering faded, the image too, and the ant in the cell’s opening nodded at the Cidal like the queen had done. Then he turned and walked away. The cell door remained open, the two guards flat on the ground.

Posted on 2007-05-12 at 12:35:14.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: well

Summer is always a time when a lot of games stammer, and some even die. I believe that we have a strong and committed enough group to prevent this.
As for you storyline. I shall speed things up a bit, if that's alright with you, so that you will be at a good 'waiting point' (hopefully) when your summer stop begins.

Posted on 2007-05-11 at 08:35:12.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: thanks

Thanks for the notice, Blammm. I'll hold Tobin's update until you've given more specifics on what he's going to do after searching the room.

I only need a post from Vesper and Grugg to update for the main group. Hit it, guys! Maybe we'll have an early update tomorrow

Posted on 2007-05-10 at 09:19:00.
Edited on 2007-05-10 at 09:23:35 by Almerin

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: level and light

You have been given the title of Bladesinger before you went up a level. That means that once you rise in level you'll get your first Bladesinger Pr. Class level.
So no extra attack bonuses etc yet.

Blammm, the light in the ant-hill comes from the center, where a big hole goes up and down, like a central shaft. It's hard to tell whether there are torches or magical lights, since you do not see a direct source. Its overal strength is 'faint'.

Posted on 2007-05-08 at 09:49:30.
Edited on 2007-05-08 at 11:18:39 by Almerin

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: ok

Good to hear from you, Grugg. I was about to give Thondrek some serious penalties

Blammm, here's what you find in your searches:

The dead young man:
He's dressed in the clothes of your average farmer. His shirt is ripped and on his stomach you see a deep round wound, like something punctured the skin. His flesh there is greenish, and still oozes a little.
He carries:
-a small dagger (hidden in one of his boots)
-a pouch with 3 SP and 4 CP
-a selfmade headband of cow leather

The rest of the room:
There are several animals laying around, squirrels, badgers, even a wolf. They all carry the same kind of wounds as the young man, though they appear to be dead longer than him. Under the wolf lies a small wooden pan-flute.
You find no alternate exit, but in a dark corner somebody carved a text in the wall:
What will happen? Friends no longer screaming. Ants took them down pit. Find way out!

Close to the text lies a pouch with sewing material (needle, threads, scissors).

Posted on 2007-05-07 at 09:17:19.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: yes

apparently, the ants didn't think there was much edible stuff in your backpack. You still have all your equipment, save for your rations.

Posted on 2007-05-06 at 09:44:02.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: take that

Alright, you got your action! Draven suffered about 1 third of his HP in that bite. Now kick butt!

Have fun posting guys!

btw... Grugg... are you still alive?

Posted on 2007-05-05 at 11:12:31.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - an Adventure in Audalis
Subject: lots of action coming up for you!

Kharolis Mountains
East base of the mountains
24th day of the 7th month: Pfier
9:14 pm

The old man smiled at Alyssia, and accepted her gesture of welcome. He seemed to relax as they walked up to the fire together. With a stiff leg he put himself down on a log near the flames. His eyes went over each of them; the girl in rags, the dark toned Syl, the Khordaldrum wizard and cleric, the druid and her groggy wolf companion. He even looked into the bushes where Draven had just disappeared. His gaze returned to Loda though, and he smiled at her.

“There’s no need to hug your axe, my dear Khord. I am as harmless as they get. And as hungry too!”

He happily accepted Alyssia’s share of the meal, but was cautious not to eat more than half of it. The rest he returned to her. He nodded at her request to inspect his leg, and as she moved to strip his pants up, he folded his arms over his chest and pulled the blanket tighter around his shoulders. He seemed to be almost shivering.


Draven didn’t trust the old man for a bit. He had heard a noise coming from the bushes on the left, and had not hesitated a single moment. Behind him, the light of the fire was diffused by the bushes. Whatever glow penetrated the leaves was absorbed by his katana. He was a shadow within shadows now, and looking for signs of intruders.

He got his sign, but it came too late. From his right side, two fiery eyes suddenly rushed in, and a hunched figure jumped him. It was too late for evading the attack and he saw a maw with hot glowing teeth come in and close on his arm. The pain was incredible. The creature let go and hopped to the side. In the glow of its panting he could see that it was a big dog-like thing with a rusty red fur. A hound, as if it was sent from hell itself.


Alyssia stripped the old man’s pants up. His leg was in good condition for such an old being. The hairs on his leg were dark, and as she rolled further, she found nothing like a scar or a bruise or anything of the sorts. As she looked up to inquire what was ailing the man he suddenly threw off his blanket and held a sickle and a rapier in his hands. The rapier immediately came down again, aimed at Alyssia’s back.
The blade slashed across her spine and would have surely paralyzed her if a thin layer of magic hadn’t protected her. Now, the only thing she felt was betrayal of her trust.

(OOC: we’re in combat now, so please post your intentions for the first round, and I’ll paste them all together according to initiative. Remember that none of you, except Loda, is holding their weapons.)

Londelirinen Kingdom
Aerie of the High King
Urvanial’s tower
26th day of the 7th month: Pfier
1:23 pm

Urvanial listened to Elessarae’s story with great interest. He narrowed his eyes as she described the foul gibberish of the owl, taking in every little bit of information. When she was done he was silent for a while. He peered at the plant on the stone pedestal in front of him.

“You bring quite a remarkable story, Elessarae of Meg Nost. Although we have seen and fought these twisted animals before, we have never heard of them speaking or possessing any special vocal powers. I should go into the woods and investigate this phenomenon.”

He took the plant from the pedestal and placed it on one of the window sills.
“Do you realize how blessed you are that a mother deems you worthy to take care of her own child? She must have seen something very strong in your being in order to make that decision. Kith Jora must’ve smiled at that very moment.
Take him with you on your quest, is my advice to you, even though you haven’t asked for my opinion. It will be his journey to become a full grown male, and he might prove to be a good companion, if not a powerful one.”

He turned to her, resting one hand on the window.

“Of course this is none of my business, and I trust you are capable of making your own choices. You’re a bladesinger, by all means. I should listen to you instead! Please, show me the owl you brought.”

After they revealed the creature to Urvanial, he placed it on the pedestal and took a couple of tools from a pouch on his belt. With two thin metal rods he pried open the beak of the creature and looked into its throat. He stuck his finger deep inside the beak and moved it around until he raised his brow.

“This thing’s vocal cords are very different from your average owl. They feel bulged and still feverishly hot. I wonder….”

At that very moment a loud noise reached their ears from outside the tower. It sounded exactly like the strange gibberish Elessar had heard earlier that day. Only this time it came from several directions, and it was coming closer fast.

Alloryen Kingdom
West brim of the forest
25th day of the 7th month: Pfier
2:39 pm

"Hey there, friend," Tobin smiled. "Not looking to cause any trouble... just watching you all hard at work."

If the ant heard Tobin, it did nothing to stop him. It seemed more like the thing wasn’t thinking at all, and just following orders. It continued its run and dove right on top of the little Cidal.
But Tobin had been in this situation before, and he dove to the side with elegant suppleness. The ant turned quickly and came at the rogue once more. From behind him Tobin could hear another set of legs rushing his way. He tried to dodge aside in time, and succeeded by a hair.
If he wanted to run, this was the best moment. But then, all of a sudden, he felt like a hand had grabbed his brain and squeezed. As the pain suddenly went away he felt one with a larger force, a soft womb of intelligence that soothed his thinking and comforted him into numbness. Through a haze he saw the two large ant soldiers come closer, but didn’t perceive them as being threatening any longer.

When he regained his own state of mind again he was standing in a small chamber made of hard sand. There was only one way out of this room, and it had been barred with a fence made of wood and metal. Around Tobin lay several dead animals and even the fresh corpse of a young human male.
Outside his prison was a large walkway around a big hole. Connecting to the walkway were numerous tunnels going up and down. An endless stream of chaotic ants ran in and out of tunnels or over the edge of the big hole, and up the walls towards the next level. In front of his cell stood two of the warrior type ants. They were looking at Tobin with tight gazes that didn’t blink, and didn’t betray any kind of emotion.

Posted on 2007-05-05 at 10:26:25.
Edited on 2007-05-05 at 10:27:31 by Almerin

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: hmmm

despite our large group, I think I'll try to find somebody to replace Greenleaf in playing Geimiedefher. I like the character, and he might play an important role in later storyline.

Any suggestions for a player? We need somebody who will post in good quality and frequency, and who doesn't mind taking over an existing character (although personality and attitude may be changed). Hmmmm... let me send an invite around.

Posted on 2007-05-03 at 16:12:03.

Topic: Vote for the Inn
Subject: number 12.. over

looks like it's definitely over. We're number 12, and the other sites are rising like toadstools on the crap of their own producing.

lol... I just felt like saying that. I don't even know what's on the other sites. Maybe they're really good and deserve a good voting?


Posted on 2007-05-01 at 16:27:51.

Topic: DND Trivia Game
Subject: heh

Shadowdale is correct. I think the Burning man answer wasn't....

Posted on 2007-04-30 at 08:19:52.

Topic: DND Trivia Game
Subject: nope

'snot Myth Drannor. Maybe somebody else knows?

As for your question: I have no idea

Posted on 2007-04-29 at 18:21:19.

Topic: DND Trivia Game
Subject: well then

Ok then... I've got a question for all of you out there:

In the forgotten realms there is a mage of some power called Elminster. In what town/city does he have his tower/home?

Posted on 2007-04-29 at 09:12:15.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - an Adventure in Audalis
Subject: Ah... cookies

Londelirinen Kingdom
Aerie of the High King
Urvanial’s tower
26th day of the 7th month: Pfier
1:17 pm

After a bit of searching the large overgrown room, Elessarae found the stairs Telliri had asked her to look for. They were made of wooden beams sticking from the stone wall. Both wall and stairs were covered in ivy. Years of people climbing up and down had smoothed out the unevenness of the roots though, and it was impossible to tell where ivy stopped and stair started.

Halfway the stairs, the elven woman stopped. Telliri, standing a little below her on the stairs looked at her, but her attention was not on him. She had experienced a sudden revelation, a realization of why the young moonhorse was following her. She seemed willing to fulfil the task appointed to her, and called the horse to join her up the stairs.

Passing into the next level was like reversing gravity. Although they had walked upwards, it felt like they had descended into the earth. The wooden beams didn’t end beyond the ceiling of the overgrown room, they grew into a rocky stairwell with wooden steps. It was not a room Elessar entered, but more like a tunnel that lead up first, but bended even into a horizontal walkway, barely high enough to stand in. The walls were made of rock and dirt, roots hung overhead, and the smell of earth was everywhere.
The darkness of the tunnel led into a room where a single lantern illuminated a desk. The atmosphere was that of a badger’s burrow. In a corner a hunched figure was digging at the earth, but when they entered he turned. It was a Khord, covered in dirt.

Telliri passed him with a nod and moved through the room into the next tunnel and started climbing a rock wall. Elessar could follow him, but the colt would not be able to manage the steep climb.

The next room was bright white, and carried several large windows. In the middle stood a pedestal, where an old elf was caring a flower covered plant.

“Welcome Telliri, good to see you again. Any changes? Oh, you brought company! Welcome, youngling. I am Urvanial Westwind, druid of Sillarion.”

Kharolis Mountains
Entrance to Khordal
24th day of the 7th month: Pfier
11:27 am

They left Khordal over the same route Tobin had taken earlier that day. It took them up towards the last mountain rim of the Kharolis Peaks. A few hours later they were granted a breathtaking view, as the rock before them gave way to a spectacle of sky and forest as far as they could see. Below them, the mountain rolled down into a blanket of hills. In the distance the elven kingdoms awaited.

Beyond the mountain top the walking got easier. The downhill paths were even and clear. A few rests and a lot of walking later they arrived at the base of the mountain. The sun was already casting a long shadow over their heads, and night was waiting to take over.

Camping happened at the base of the mountain. As they were eating they were suddenly surprised by a singing voice coming from the road that lead up the mountain. A man dressed in black with a thick blanket over his shoulders stood in the distance. He addressed them as he walked closer. In the light of the rising moon his face looked old under his grey hair.

“Hello there! Care for some company? I’ve been walking all day and hadn’t had anything to eat for hours. I’d appreciate some of that dry meat of yours.”

He walked closer, supporting himself with a stick. One of his legs was limping a bit. Although he welcomed himself, he seemed cautious to approach.

Alloryen Kingdom
West brim of the forest
25th day of the 7th month: Pfier
2:39 pm

Tobin’s interest was triggered, to say the least. The overly excited Cidal had to do his best no to jump out of joy. He didn’t know how the ant creatures would react to his presence. Therefore he softened his steps and aimed for the shadows of the trees and bushes.

Sneaking closer, he noticed how the ants were gathering food. Most of the ones that were walking around didn’t wear any clothing. None of them seemed to notice the little hero from his hiding place, and he had plenty of time to observe this strange scene.
The ants that did wear clothing also wore helmets made of some kind of metal, and carried nasty stingers on their bodies. After a while of peeking at them Tobin observed a pattern of activities. The clothed ants walked certain routes to disappear into the big pile of sand. The workers also ran in and out of the hole in the sand pile, carrying sticks and edible things they found in the forest.

Suddenly a movement on the pile of sand caught Tobin’s eye. An ant that looked slightly bigger than the others came running down the pile and stopped right above the opening. It looked straight at one of the clothed ants, and it responded with a nod, even though they weren’t looking at each other. Then it ran straight at Tobin.

(OOC: It seems that you’ve been spotted. The ant is looking straight at you.)

Posted on 2007-04-28 at 13:00:43.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: hmmm

I'm very much interested to see how all your characters will develop. Seeing how there is a lot of friction between people right now. But that isn't a bad thing, I think. As long as you can still function as a group, and grow as a group.

I'm definately glad that there is real roleplaying and interaction. Keep up the good playing!

Posted on 2007-04-27 at 15:24:58.

Topic: DND Trivia Game
Subject: oooh, the fraggle rock

anyways... you are correct, Miko. Also, there was this little annoying character called Ghan Buri Ghan, or something like that. And I am SO glad he was left out of the films.

any new questions?

Posted on 2007-04-26 at 15:08:22.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: wow

I hoped for a little more reaction than just one post. Posts don't have to be long, but you guys know that. And I don't want to keep asking for responses. So, am I boring the main group? Or is everybody extremely busy and waiting for eachother?

Posted on 2007-04-25 at 12:44:24.

Topic: DND Trivia Game
Subject: alright then

Here's a new question:

Name two characters from Lord of the Rings that were in the book, but didn't make the movie.
Perhaps that's a double question, so name 1, but if you can name 2 you get 100 bonus points

Posted on 2007-04-25 at 12:35:59.

Topic: Recruitment Posting Game!!!
Subject: Genius

Genius, Kyle! Exactly my thoughts.

Posted on 2007-04-25 at 12:32:40.

Topic: DND Trivia Game
Subject: well

if nobody is going to answer the question, perhaps a change?

Posted on 2007-04-24 at 17:14:03.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - an Adventure in Audalis
Subject: big ants

Kharolis Mountains
East base of the mountains
25th day of the 7th month: Pfier
2:38 pm

The very night of the banquet at the Granitefingers residence, Tobin had made up his mind. As the others laid themselves down to rest, the Cidal was anything but tired. He had heard his goddess’s calling. The Khordaldrum kingdom had much to offer, but the little ants under Tobin’s skin directed him out of the dark tunnels and onto the surface of fresh air and free flight.

The morning sky of late summer welcomed him onto the mountain, and he chose his path. A nice day was rising with the sun, and the Cidal’s path ran quickly under his feet. At midday he had reached the top of the mountain, and it gave him a most spectacular view. Far in the distance lay the forests of Alloryen, the northern Sylvari Kingdom. Behind him stretched the vast jaw of Antaron, the teeth of the mountains piercing the sky. His trip would go downhill from now on.

Later that day he left the mountains for the hillsides on the east base of the Kharolis Peeks. The forest was still far away, and already the sun was going down. He decided to camp under a tree, and continue the next day. He had been walking for a long time already. He ate some of the rations that Guland’s servants had left him.

The next morning the small hero got up with the birds. He passed several farmhouses and crop fields, where corn was starting to spring up. The farmers were working hard, but paused to stare at this lone person passing.
When the sun was already beyond its highest point, Tobin reached the first thin growth that would soon heighten to the forest of the Sylvari. Between the trees the sun played shadowgames with the little Cidal. But suddenly Tobin saw something that the sun did not conjure up for him: a big column of sand rising up from the forest floor. In front of the column creatures were busy gathering things from the forest floor. Some of them came from the deeper areas of the forest, to enter the big column in a big opening at the bottom. From a distance they looked like ants, standing as high as Tobin. As the Cidal drew closer, he realised they were ants, although some of them wore sparse clothing. It was a very strange site indeed.

Posted on 2007-04-21 at 11:03:40.

Topic: Getting to know you
Subject: kubrick?

Directing is an art. People like artists because of their special touch. A movie where you cannot notice the directing doesn't mean it's great. It means that the director didn't have any special opinions or perhaps chose to make it as 'flat' as possible.

I understand your opinion, but I happen to disagree. Perhaps you see it as a distraction from the movie, I think it adds something. People like movies like Sin City and 300 not only because of the story or the violence, but because of the style. That style was based on Frank Miller's novels. So if you say you don't like to see a style into a movie, that's saying that every movie should be filmed in the same way. How boring would that be?

And no, I'm not confusing directing with art direction. A director's job is more than just saying 'cut' and deciding on the angle of the camera.

Posted on 2007-04-21 at 08:27:52.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: good

I'm glad to hear nobody's taking anybody's character too serious in real life. We have to face that in real life people might have the same goals sometimes without having the same reasons. I'm actually glad we have this kind of friction, cause it will make the gameplay more interesting. As long as characters develop. So I'm happy to hear you're both up for that.

anyway... updates are in. the main group has left Khordal.
As for the conversation between Alyssia and Malius, I hoped that would be over before my update. There's still plenty of room for it, but I think Vesper should take the lead and say what Alyssia wants to say.
As for directions, you can ask the guards or use any skill at direction sense.

Tobin's lead shall come pretty soon, but I didn't have time earlier to type it up. Also I don't have time to do it right now. But I have high hopes of completing it this weekend.

Posted on 2007-04-20 at 17:05:38.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - an Adventure in Audalis
Subject: druid and out of Khordal

Maelamin Kingdom
Side-branch of Rilma Duin
26th day of the 7th month: Pfier
12:57 am

The captain of the guard jumped up from his desk at the rudeness of Elessar’s entrance. He took two hesitant steps backwards and peered at the fiendish creature that was now polluting his desk. His confusion soon ebbed away though, and he came closer to inspect the dead owl. Bend over he prodded the thing with a feather pen, then looked up at the bladesinger with interest. He opened his mouth to speak, but suddenly became aware of the small crowd that was gathering around his desk.

“Don’t be alarmed, brave soldiers of the high king. This creature is dead. I shall take care of it, and you shall return to your duties.”

The crowd didn’t move.

“I said, RETURN to your duties!” The captain burst out. Then he turned to Elessarae and wiped a braided strand of hair from his face. The rest of the guards left the area, glancing at the young moonhorse as they passed it.

“My apologies, my lady. We have had several incidents with distorted creatures such as this, and they were very unpleasant I can tell you. A walk through the woods isn’t so calming anymore when squirrels the size of a small horse sink their teeth in your skull.”

He picked a cape from a chair nearby and threw it over the owl. Then he started wrapping the creature further in the cloth.

“I’m glad to hear there are still able fighters such as yourself, defending our forest. It’s hard enough keeping my men focused now their families are unsafe. I’m sorry to hear about your moonhorse. I see that you managed to save one. Let’s go find Urvanial the druid. He’ll be able to tell us more about this thing here.”

He walked away from the desk and headed for the door. Just before exiting he turned around.

“Where are my manners! My name is Telliri Evandus, captain of the city guard. Pleased to meet you.”

He guided Elessar out the building, past Gharion and onto the forest floor, where towers sprouted upwards like corn from a field. They walked for several minutes and Telliri informed the bladesinger of the occurrences in and around the city. They hadn’t been frequent, but definitely apparent. Transformed animals with glowing eyes and a drive for blood. There was also time for Elessar to tell her own tale. But as soon as it was over they had arrived at their destination; a tower of white stone, shaped like a stalk growing high and proud.

As the doors opened, they both entered a dense jungle of plants and damp air. The floor was covered in moist dirt, and a chirping and singing invited them into this indoor land of green. There was no path, but Telliri seemed to know his way.

“Look for a flight of wooden stairs. Its position is different every time I come here.”

Khordal Kingdom
Warrens of Caelbo
Granitefingers Residence
24th day of the 7th month: Pfier
7:14 am

And so morning came, and the desire to leave rose in their hearts. Malius woke up to find a beautiful young woman in ragged cloths waiting outside his door. She felt a need to talk to him, and being her future party companion he listened politely.

Later that morning the group gathered and left their employers home. Some were eager to see the mission accomplished, others had goals of their own that coincided with the journey.

The streets of Khordal were busy as ever. The Warrens of Caelbo were a vibrant and happy part of the Khordaldrum kingdom, as far as Khords ever get happy. Merchants were loudly praising the quality of their wares, bursts of fire rumbled from smith’s furnaces and the clinking of metal on metal broke the continuing underground stamping of feet through the stone streets. Khrods halted and pushed, crowds split as carts rode by, and even in the quieter tunnels there was always a Khord or two ready to tell you to piss off.

There was much of the city they hadn’t seen. But that was perhaps for another adventure. They had found their mission and had no time for distractions.

The way out was very much a reversed version of the way in. It lead past the big open space where daylight sprouted from the very stone ceiling, where the highest temples of Khordaldrum society were situated. The smooth and wide tunnels that lead to the exit of the city were more crowded this time, especially with the Khord-pulled wagons that ran up and down over the rails.

It was a steep climb, but eventually the warm light of the Antaron sky shone on their heads, and they could shake off the itch of stone walls closing in on them. The guards that waited outside looked at them and smiled.

“She’s bright today! No rain for a few days. Now y’all come back sometime, alright?”

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