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Topic: Darkness Rises Q&A
Subject: gotta catch up

I've been gone a few days, and it will be a few before I'll be able to post. Jorak was going to talk to Kit/Saffron, after he received any form of reply from the dark woman, which he didn't.
It wouldn't make sense for him to keep sitting at the table, since all he wanted was for her to tone down her aura a bit. He has hinted at his power. It would be kind of strange to assume he would just lay down his entire history or 'cover' to her, just because she asked. He doesn't even know who she is.

So don't panic. I'm not leaving the game. With everybody just entering the inn, there is plenty of time to find a hook that will stick.

Posted on 2012-08-12 at 13:51:33.
Edited on 2012-08-12 at 13:55:41 by Almerin

Topic: Darkness Rises Q&A
Subject: linking a pic

IMG SRC="url goes here"

put that between < and >

Posted on 2012-08-09 at 20:23:26.

Topic: Darkness Rises Q&A
Subject: @ Takley

Hey Tak, what were you hinting at in your post? If you wanted there to be some kind of history between our characters I think it would be best if you PM me about it, or write it in this Q/A. Now I'm just confused.

Posted on 2012-08-09 at 19:26:03.

Topic: Darkness Rises!
Subject: Old man Jorak

Jorak needed little more convincing. This woman was quite full of herself.

He sighed softly to himself, for he recognized the feeling. How easy it had been to elevate himself above others, not just in his own mind, but in theirs as well. He was better, smarter, stronger than any of them, which is why he prospered. As he had lifted himself beyond the capabilities of normal human beings, the less he felt inclined to what he had considered to be lowering himself to their level.
The woman named them sheep, but at his peak, uttering such a metaphor would have been a generous thing. ‘Mites’ came closer to how Jorak had seen the people around him. He had achieved things that others could not even conceive. His mind had wrapped around issues so large that for normal folk they simply didn’t exist. And with each rising power he had distanced himself from other people. He had been infinitely better.

And infinitely more lonely.

He was shaken from his train of thought by Thorn the halfling, who said something about a joke that Jorak didn’t understand. He had seen Thorn moving around in Morad a few times, even spoke to the roguish fellow a few times, but he could not remember anything about clothes. Was this his memory acting up again?

“Hello Thorn.” He nodded his head at the Halfling. “I’m forry. I think you’re confufing me with fomeone elfe.”

He looked at the woman and shrugged his shoulders. A very boney and genuine gesture.

“You know, I hope one day you’ll come to fee that all thif if not fo bad.”

It was then that a stranger approached their table and asked the woman if he was allowed to join her.

“Well,” he said while giving her a sweet smile, “I fee you have company. I won’t bother you anymore. Gotta take care of fome orphan kid.”

He took a step closer to her and patted her shoulder twice, nodding sagely. “Good day, laff.”

He knew he was overdoing things a bit, but that was exactly the point.

Posted on 2012-08-09 at 14:56:06.

Topic: Darkness Rises Q&A
Subject: ok

Reply is in. Gonna wait a bit now to give other people a chance to join in.

Posted on 2012-08-08 at 13:59:54.

Topic: Darkness Rises!
Subject: boogie

Jorak smacked his lips and chewed his gums a bit. The loss of teeth still hadn’t settled with him completely, and sometimes his jaw trembled involuntarily because of it. Not now though. Now he just felt a bit annoyed. He had asked nicely, hadn’t he? And instead of being a good girl and reduce the display of power, she had opened up the bucket of ice even more.

It wasn’t all bad though, he thought, looking at his beer. It had been lukewarm all evening, but now…

“Thankf.” He said cheerfully, and took another swig. “Though you have ruined your wine there. Red if allwayf better at room temperature.”

He put down the mug again, and leaned back in his chair while staring at her.

“Well, the beer fertainly helped, and Tyrannif if already fqueeving me to her bosom. But otherwife I think I wouldn’t have been afraid of you either. I’m ufed to the cold, having worked with dead bodief for fo long. I waf an undertaker, way back in the day. I remember there were no wooden boardf yet to make coffin, fo we ufed paper mafche inftead.”

He put his elbows on the table and his sweet, old-man smile disappeared. Though he didn’t open his mouth, she could hear his voice inside her head, articulating with precision.

“Anyway, time to cut the crap. Be a good lass, and leave these people to their drinks. Please. See? I asked nicely.”

Posted on 2012-08-08 at 13:59:17.
Edited on 2012-08-08 at 14:00:19 by Almerin

Topic: Darkness Rises!
Subject: old man

Every week, mostly on Thursdays, Jorak found himself in the Half-Blind Warrior. There had been a time when he would’ve laughed at a name like that. Denying one’s shortcomings had been a habit for so long in his life that he ridiculed anybody who would embrace personal errors. Also, he had caused many warriors to become half-blind, half-dead, or even just ‘half’, throughout his life.

But all that was in the past.

Some would call it midlife crisis; trading in your complete life for something you never had. In Jorak’s case though, it would be more like an end-life crisis.

He was old. In fact, he was in that state of age where a person starts to shrink. Even worse: that state had long gone, for Jorak was small compared to any man. Up to the point where he would be confused with being a tallish hobbit or gnome.

In any case, he no longer laughed at Inns’ names like the Half-Blind Warrior. The thought didn’t even cross his mind. He saw the establishment just like any other human being would; as a place to get warm and share a few laughs with the good folk of Morad.

He was in the middle of a discussion with Jonathan Meagerbeard, the local blacksmith, on what metal to use for an arm brace they were designing for one of the orphans. The child had lost an arm during an unfortunate run-in with a horse on Main Street. Jorak had been at the scene, and the sight had been of such impact that he contacted Jonathan that very day.

“How come you know so much about metal, old man?” Jonathan asked.

Jorak peered intently at the smith from under his wrinkled eyebrows. There was a twinkle in his eyes that betrayed that beneath his bald head there was a sharp mind. He smiled, showing his gums, toothless, and pointed a crooked finger at the young man.

“Why, I ufed to be a bit of an engineer myfelf, Johnny boy. I remember, back in the day, there were no hammerf like you fiffief ufe nowadayf. We molded the iron with our bare handf.”

They both laughed heartily, but the sound was cut short when the door opened and an obscured person entered the inn. Darkness seemed to ooze from the woman, for it was clearly a woman, Jorak thought, judging by her figure. An aura colder than the winds outside swept from her frame and engulfed everybody in the common room.

The old man watched, his eyes squinting to better see her movements, as she went over to a table and chased away the men occupying it. Then she sat there, basking in the terror she had instilled in the hearts of the gathered folk.

He got up from his seat, grabbed his beer and started to walk over to her. He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned.
It was Jonathan. The smith looked pale, and shook his head slightly in warning.

Jorak ignored him. With an open look he pushed his way through the crowd until he reached her table. He sat down on one of the vacant seats and put his beer in front of him. Peering just over the top of his mug he looked at the woman with an amused glint in his eyes.

“Alright, young laff. You’ve proven to everybody here that you’re not to be meffed with. They’ll leave you alone now, fo tone it down a bit. Thefe good folkf have come here to forget their forrowf. Why don’t you try to do the fame? The wine if good, and fo if the food. Even if you don’t need food, don’t spoil the evening for the reft of uf.”

Posted on 2012-08-08 at 10:16:54.

Topic: Darkness Rises Q&A
Subject: yep

I was serious. I'm going to play an evil wizard who has been retired for years.

Doesn't mean you can't be a fey sorcerer. I'm sure they'll be quite different personalities.

Posted on 2012-08-08 at 09:30:11.
Edited on 2012-08-08 at 10:17:55 by Almerin

Topic: Pointless Rant(s)
Subject: totally

Yes, you can make better films with the same means, but that requires a certain determination.

A thought occurred to me, but I don't know if it has any merit or not: would Lucas have made the same movies back then (episode 4-6) if he had all the means he has nowadays? Somewhere along the line his tone changed (f.i. Solo shoots first in the bar vs he doesn't). But what if his tone didn't change, but the circumstances changed. Maybe his tone always leaned towards a more childish approach (ewoks anyone?), and was he moderated by other people, telling him to keep it more mature?

Anyway, I don't know what people will look back on and how. I saw the first trilogy of Star Wars films for the first time when I was about 13. They were on TV, one film split in half to feature two evenings (who knows why, possibly due to their length).
I loved them.
When the new trilogy came out, I thought they were fine, but not as good as the first. But I see kids now who grow up and experience all 6 films in a row and they don't see the difference. This is all a matter of perspective. Without the nostalgia, the first trilogy might not even be that much better than the second. It's just really hard to judge this issue from an objective point of view.

Posted on 2012-08-05 at 18:17:20.

Topic: Pointless Rant(s)
Subject: ok

Well, Phantom Menace was not so bad, for it's target audience. Darth Maul looked really cool en really evil, but he didn't do that much evil. He didn't do that much at all.
In other words: it's a kids' movie. George opened up the Star Wars world for a whole new generation, and in doing so also drew in a lot of the people who actually spend money; their parents.

Don't tell me you still believe that studios make movies because they like the stories so much. This is business, and from a marketing point of view, the new SW series performed wonderfully.

(Of course, the trick is to make good movies that earn a lot of money for a studio, or make great movies on a low budget in an independent manner, but that's the idealist point of view).

Posted on 2012-08-05 at 13:21:17.

Topic: Looking for something to do
Subject: yup

That's three. My retired evil wizard will return.

Posted on 2012-08-05 at 08:57:27.

Topic: Looking for something to do
Subject: well

I think the problem with games is that Freeform hasn't been a very active part of the forums. But you could change that, you know? There are plenty of people like yourself, looking for a game to join. Celestia drew lots of folks when it started. I think the point with that game was that the GM disappeared.

So why don't you start one yourself? I think people would love that.

(I might even join myself).

Posted on 2012-08-04 at 18:48:48.

Topic: Prayer Drive
Subject: cool

I'm not a religious man, but I think it's cool what you're doing. Even if one doesn't pray, this is a great, selfless gesture towards other people. Awesome, man.

+1 applaud from me.

Posted on 2012-08-04 at 13:03:29.

Topic: Durloch Q&A
Subject: BOOM!!

Entry has been made.

Posted on 2012-07-26 at 22:20:15.

Topic: A Town Called Durloch
Subject: leader

Does a tree, robbed of its roots, still know that it’s a tree? Does it know to seek water, or does it helplessly wonder at the despair of thirst?
Farreus the storyteller

Rocking back and forth on the back of one of the wagons, Ymerion kept to himself. Thoughts ran in circles through his head, chasing each other, colliding at times. There were many questions he needed answered, but for now there was only one prominent issue that required his attention.

Why was he heading back to the Sendrian border?

He had barely made it out of that dreadful land of torture and wicked power games. He desperately wanted to call is a God-forsaken place, but he knew Tyrannis was having a blast there. Gods were like people; they came in all shapes and sizes. If you were lucky, you knew to evade the bad ones. And Ymerion had done just that.

When he had crawled his way to safety, he frantically had fled into the woods. He didn’t know why. Instinct just took over and he had hauled himself into the comforting embrace of green leaves and sturdy trunks. Next to a cool stream he had collapsed and awoken two days later.

Wandering the forest, searching for a clue to where he was he had stumbled upon a road. And the Caravan had passed. Without thinking, the ranger had jumped onto one of the wagons. He needed to blend in, he told himself later, and that’s what he was doing. Fact was, he didn’t really know what had compelled him to join the ranks of strangers. Perhaps, in the company of people, even if he didn’t know who they were, he felt less lost. It was only later, when evening had settled and a camp had been made that he learned of the true purpose of the Caravan.

The question still rang in his head. But he knew, somewhere back in the dark shadows of his mind, that he was heading back for Sendria because he had no other choice. Or rather, he did have choices; he just didn’t think any of his other options were any better.

So, when General Blarg called out to them and said: “Ladies, Gentlemen you have all come here for different reasons, glory, riches, personal ambition or maybe even to clear your name. Well, you have come to the right place,” he did cheer. And if felt good to do so, with a drink in his hand and food on his plate. This was a life, as good as any, and answers would come.

In time they would come.

He was sure of it.


Then they were assigned to a command group. Group 7940 was a funny handful of left-overs, it seemed. Ymerion felt sorry for the human, being the only one of the majority of the population of Ertain, and being put in a group with only outsiders. Ymerion himself didn’t mind. But the question of who was to become leader was an interesting one.

He looked around the faces of the group, introducing himself with a good handshake to all of them. When dinner was over, he headed over to the barracks and made his place at the bottom of one of the bunk beds.

“Ok guys,” he said, laying down on the slightly uncomfortable straw mattress, “they want us to pick a leader of the group. I nominate the half orc.”

He pointed at Havaluk.

“They won’t expect it from us, and the General is a half orc as well. People tend to generalise. If they hold Blarg in high esteem, they might do the same for his kind.”

Posted on 2012-07-26 at 22:19:15.
Edited on 2012-07-26 at 22:19:46 by Almerin

Topic: Durloch Q&A
Subject: Kenders

A Kender Quarterstaff with sling is called a Hoopak. By means of stats, you just use the att and dmg for the quarterstaff on one end, and the stats for a sling on the other.

Posted on 2012-07-23 at 17:50:07.

Topic: A first for everything!
Subject: concerning ammo

Do we keep track of ammo? In the games I DM I usually don't, since I rather have people concerned with roleplaying than keeping statistics. But it's your game and your call.

And Hammer, you make up time for this game partly because I'm playing? I feel extremely honoured.

Posted on 2012-07-19 at 22:21:39.

Topic: A first for everything!
Subject: hmm

Hammer + Khord Cleric... are you going Loco, Hammer?

I think the equivalent of Moradin in Audalis is Kharox, God of Carfting and patron of Khords.

So far we have a nice group of players gathered here.

Posted on 2012-07-19 at 07:09:01.

Topic: A first for everything!
Subject: sent

Background sent!

Posted on 2012-07-18 at 17:32:09.

Topic: A first for everything!
Subject: Ymerion - Description and BG will follow

Name: Ymerion
Class: Ranger
Alignment: CG
Level: 1
Race: Sylvari

Str: 12 +1
Dex: 18 +4
Con: 10 +0
Wis:12 +1
Int: 12 +1
Cha: 10 +0

HP: 8
AC: 17 (10 + 4 + 3)

Ba: +1

Fort: 2 (2 + 0)
Refl: 6 (2 + 4)
Will: 1 (0 + 1)

Common, Sylvari, Khordaldrum

Class/Racial Abilities:
Favored Enemy (Magical Beasts), Track, Wild Empathy

Land speed 30, Low-light Vision, +2 Listen/Search/Spot

Immunities: magic sleep effects, +2 saving throw vs enchantment

Light: 43
Medium: 44-86
Heavy: 87-130

Weapon 1 Melee: Rapier, att +2, dmg 1d6+1, CR 18-20 x2

Weapon 2 Melee: Sickle, att +2, dmg 1d6+1, CR x2

Weapon 3 Ranged: Long Bow, att +5, dmg 1d8, CR x3

Weapon 4 Ranged:

Studded Leather (+3 AC)

- Balance 5 = 4 +1
- Climb 1
- Handle Animal 4 = 0 +4
- Hide 8 = 4 +4
- Jump 1
- Knowledge Nature 2 = 1 +1
- Knowledge Geography 2 = 1 + 1
- Knowledge Religion 2 = 1 + 1
- Listen 5 = 1 +2 + 2
- Move Silently 8 = 4 +4
- Ride 4
- Search 5 = 1 +2 +2
- Spot 5 = 1 +2 +2
- Survival 4 = 1 +3
- Tumble 6 = 4 +2
- Use Rope 5 = 4 +1

- Point Blank Shot

GP: 12

Studded Leather Armor
Long Bow
Explorer’s Outfit
Hemp rope (50ft)
Holy Symbol of Kith-Jora
Vial with blue ointment


Posted on 2012-07-18 at 10:41:35.
Edited on 2012-07-18 at 17:29:56 by Almerin

Topic: A first for everything!
Subject: cool

If we have a close combat fighter, I'm going to make my guy more ranged; a ranged ranger, how fitting.

Posted on 2012-07-17 at 18:50:33.

Topic: A first for everything!
Subject: random

If you really want to go random, you should play a Wild Mage. Look it up online, or read some of the info on Wild Magic here.

Posted on 2012-07-17 at 08:54:16.

Topic: A first for everything!
Subject: character

I'm going with the Sylvari Ranger (sword or bow specialization depending on what other characters will be). He's found himself with a memory loss and in possession of a vial filled with blue liquid, which he knows is important, but he has no idea what it does. (of course I do, but I'll send you that part in a PM later this week, along with his sheet).
He made his way from Sendria to Drannon and will happily take his place among the guards until his memory comes back, if it ever does.

Liking the idea of pick and choose adventuring. Makes me think of Fable.

Posted on 2012-07-16 at 18:33:13.

Topic: A first for everything!
Subject: Cool

First of all, thumbs up for trying this. Second of all, extra thumbs (I'll need to lend some, since I only have two) for doing this in Audalis. and more.

Third: I'm in. Before I make up my mind about what I'll be playing, can you tell us where in Audalis this is going to be set? And how do you propose everybody gets together? Since it's a 1st level adventure, what's the back story, or is there one.

My first thought goes to Sylvari Ranger, but there are many other options I can/would do.


Posted on 2012-07-16 at 13:59:43.

Topic: Adventures in Celestia (Freeform D&D)
Subject: a group

Jorak was starting to feel a bit uneasy. If they wanted to get the drow they should get moving. And the newcomer's arrival heightened the feeling even more, though not for the same reason.

Looking at the woman, and feeling her aura of aversion radiating from her, he was reminded of his own past. He would never openly admit it, but it brought back pleasant memories and fond feelings. Though he had sworn of his previous occupation, looking back on it made his heart warm. But the contrast between wanting to stay and desiring to go out and find the drow was something he couldn't tolerate any longer.

"We leave." He said, and there was something dark and final in his voice. Something not very senior citizen like. And with those two words he tipped his hat to the woman at the table and headed out the door.

(OOC: I just realized that my old post about Jorak returning to the Inn was deleted in the crash. For continuity's sake let's say he returned half an hour later and the conversation went from that point on. Ok with everybody? He's wearing a wide brimmed hat, a small backpack and a belt with many pouches and a chain on which dangles an old book. His quarterstaff looks more like a stick he picked up from the woods than an actual fighting weapon. )

Posted on 2012-07-14 at 09:56:46.


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