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Topic: Adventures in Celestia (Freeform D&D)
Subject: soon

No sooner did he utter the words which urged the others to hurry up, or a new face entered the gradual vacancy of the common room. There was something about this new person that got Jorak's attention. The old man was not sure how to take her entrance. She arrived late, at a time where most people wouldn't be traveling anymore, and she was definitely not from around. He would've remembered her. After all, the town wasn't very big.

Eyeing her from under his thick, white brows he spoke to the others softly.

"Say, does that drow travel alone?"

Posted on 2012-07-08 at 18:12:03.

Topic: Adventures in Celestia Q&A
Subject: well

Our host has disappeared. Maybe we should continue the adventure ourselves while waiting for her to return.

What do you guys think?

Posted on 2012-07-08 at 14:09:38.

Topic: Adventures in Celestia (Freeform D&D)
Subject: going

"Well Aerick," Jorak stated, "I think we would be very happy with your company. Now, I don't believe that standing around here will help us catch up with the Drow, so let's get going."

(OOC: This is just a short nothing to get the attention of our host, hopefully.)

Posted on 2012-07-04 at 20:52:37.

Topic: Looking for something to do
Subject: games

The Ducktown thing is off. I didn't get enough players. If you're looking for freeform game that you can just jump into, you can go for Adventures in Celestia. We've just started, and it goes pretty well so far.

Posted on 2012-07-04 at 20:48:01.

Topic: Savage worlds anyone?
Subject: nope

Never played it. Are you going to run a game?

Posted on 2012-07-01 at 20:11:17.

Topic: Adventures in Celestia Q&A
Subject: DM

A question: freeform games are usually very free (duh! it's freeform). But I think it would be very handy if somebody handles the role of the narrator, and if somebody controls the NPCs we'll encounter.

The question is: who is the DM for this game? I hope you'll take up that part, Avalon.

I'm asking because we are in a point in the adventure where somebody will have to get us out of the tavern and into the wild. I think it's good to know what the liberties are and what each of our roles is.

Posted on 2012-06-29 at 16:20:41.

Topic: Floyd back?
Subject: Cool

It's been quiet in RDI-comic land.

Posted on 2012-06-29 at 15:54:12.

Topic: Teller of Aryn
Subject: Teller of Ayrn?

Hey there, Teller. Welcome to the Inn!

For a moment I thought your screenname was Teller of Ayrn. With Ayrn being our very own diplomat and member of staff, that would've been funny. Anyway... welcome.

Posted on 2012-06-28 at 19:58:08.

Topic: Website Crash!!!
Subject: hmmm

This couldn't have happened during the recent ghost-town fase, of course.

It sucks, but I'm sure people will understand.

Posted on 2012-06-28 at 19:49:33.

Topic: Wish me luck
Subject: ok

Good luck!

Posted on 2012-06-22 at 16:11:19.

Topic: Adventures in Celestia (Freeform D&D)
Subject: Are you kidding; does that mean you're being a kid?

The halfling's comment about the drow made Jorak's head turn and stare at him in disbelief.

"Are you saying you actually saw a drow in town? And you talked to him?"

The man had said it in a way that implied it was the most normal thing in the world. From what Jorak had experienced, drow were vicious and malicious beings, who didn't talk to other races, deeming them irrelevant. He'd sooner think the drow would've cut out the halfling's tongue than strike up a conversation.

In Jorak's opinion, if you didn't have very urgent business with the drow, you avoided them as best you could. This time though, business seemed urgent.

"Miss." he said to the elven girl, as she sat down, "Avalon. I don't think you need a place to stay overnight. I think what you need is to get moving. Drow are sensitive to sunlight, and he will most likely travel by night. If you want to catch up with him I suggest you make sure he doesn't get too big of a head start on you."

He looked at her and smiled his warm, old men's smile.

"I'm coming with you. I'll be back in half an hour. Gotta take care of some things."

With that he stood up and started for the door. He changed his mind and looked up at her, short as he was.

"My name is Jorak, by the way, and I used to be an evil wizard."

Posted on 2012-06-21 at 15:34:12.
Edited on 2012-06-21 at 15:37:08 by Almerin

Topic: Ducktown recruitment
Subject: ahhh

Hammer, no need to apologize. Some concepts do better with some people, and you made a just choice. After all, you are here to do something you like.

I'll see you in another game. No worries.

Btw... Reralea's background for Tempest was quite awesome, and hit the exact mark I'm looking for. Great job!

Also, I'm going to get this thing going, even if it's just the four of us. People might join later, or they might not. I've grown too attached to this idea to just let it slip.

Posted on 2012-06-16 at 10:07:09.

Topic: Adventures in Celestia (Freeform D&D)
Subject: and I was just trying to be polite

Jorak had a hard time believing what the elven girl was telling them. The way he saw it, and he saw it from the slips she had made in her tale, made purposely or not, she was not just a girl looking to free her kin. This evening, not an ordinary elf had walked into the Blind Pig, but an elven princess, ready to reclaim the throne which had been so violently taken.

The question burning on his lips had to wait for a moment more because a dwarf barged into their conversation offering them all a free glass of ale. Jorak accepted the gesture but didn't accept the drink. He had enough with his Dragon-maw beer, sipping it slowly. Doing more than one of these would get him in a different mood entirely; a mood he was not ready to get into ever again.

Once the waitress had brought the others their drinks he asked what had bothered him in her tale.

"So, who exactly are you after? Is it the dark elf? Or are you looking to free your people by destroying the Asgoth completely?"

Posted on 2012-06-15 at 17:05:00.

Topic: Ducktown recruitment
Subject: alright

So far we have:

Reralae playing Tempest (grim version of MerryWeather)
Raven playing Bagheera
Keeper of Dragons playing Prince John

I would need one more to have more of a full body of players.

Posted on 2012-06-15 at 16:53:31.

Topic: Ducktown recruitment
Subject: ok

I think Prince John would be much more fun to work with than Maleficent. He's such an awesome character. Don't know if he should be completely evil though. I think you need to consider that none of the characters will have the same range of power and influence they did in the movies.

If you pick Prince John, you could translate him to the right hand man of a lowlife underworld wanna-be crimelord; somebody who wants to be tough, but really isn't. Or he COULD be completely evil, but I never do well with evil player characters. They tend to throw things off balance in the party.

Also, for all of you who are interested: I would like to ask you to include a bit in your character background where they owe Scrooge McDuck in some way or another. Can be a loan, can be something less substantial. As long as he has a reason for asking you for help, instead of any other miserable Ducktown inhabitant.

Posted on 2012-06-14 at 16:27:43.

Topic: Ducktown recruitment
Subject: Bump

Any other takers?

Posted on 2012-06-13 at 17:19:40.

Topic: Adventures in Celestia (Freeform D&D)
Subject: just an old man

There wasn't much Jorak could do to prove to the elven woman that she could trust him. He reasoned, however, that trust came from a feeling rather than rationality. And wouldn't trying to prove trustworthiness trigger the opposite?

So he just smiled kindly and shrugged his shoulders apologetically.

"I guess you can never know if you can trust somebody." He lisped.

"But I can lend you my ear and listen to your troubles. Perhaps the only thing that will happen is that you'll be unburdened somewhat by sharing. But maybe that's a good thing in itself."

He loved this part of interaction. That part where you don't know the other person very well. In some cases it was the most true form of communication, because there were no expectations yet. Things had been so different for him, but he realized, and not for the first time in the past ten years, that giving up his old job was the best thing he ever did.

Posted on 2012-06-12 at 17:22:26.

Topic: Ducktown recruitment
Subject: also

I should also add that for character creation, the movies are your starting point. Like Reralae said: don't change the movie... all that stuff happened to the characters and is part of their past. What happened beyond the happy ever after is up to you.

And, if we can get enough people interested to get this going, please realize that this will be a roleplay heavy game, and not an excuse for me to torture you all and kill as many characters as I can. In other words: don't be afraid to give your guy/girl/duck/robot a few flaws here and there.

Posted on 2012-06-11 at 16:09:43.

Topic: Ducktown recruitment
Subject: yes

Please do.

Changes made to characters to make them more complex or real or fitting to the setting are good. But you don't have to go into great detail. Finding out a lot about a character in-game is usually better.

Posted on 2012-06-09 at 23:11:38.

Topic: Adventures in Celestia (Freeform D&D)
Subject: an elf?

Sipping his tankard and being very occupied in minding his own business, Jorak noticed a slender figure approaching the bar. The sword on the person's back combined with an otherwise obscured features caught his attention. He'd seen swords carried into the Blind Pig before, and usually it wasn't a good sign.

Then the person dropped her hood to reveal something Jorak hadn't expected to see ever again. She was an elf. And a very skittish one at that, but he couldn't blame her. She was far away from her own people.

It occurred to him for the slightest of moments that she was there because of him, but he didn't see any reason why. Well, that wasn't true. He saw many reasons why, but he didn't think any of them very likely.

She made her way back to her table, and after a few moments of contemplating he decided to go to her.
He approached the table casually. This was not some kind of feigned nonchalance, not some kind of routine to take people of guard. This was who he was; an open and interested old man. He pulled back a chair from her table and sat himself down. He looked at her face, somewhere hidden under that broad hood and smiled politely. When he spoke, the slight hisses in his voice betrayed the fact that he was missing a few teeth here and there. Old age... pffff.

"Hello there, miss. I couldn't help but noting your elven features there. I'm very curious to know what brings one of your kind here. If this is none of my business I'd be more than happy to just talk about the weather."

He smiled reassuringly. He was, after all, just an old man in a bar, trying to make some conversation.

Posted on 2012-06-09 at 09:59:55.

Topic: Ducktown recruitment
Subject: hah

Tempest... nice catch.

Grugg, if you don't have time then you know it's not going to happen, right? I know both the interest and the time-limitation are sincere, but the latter is a known problem (in general) which sank games before. You should only be a part of this, if you can BE a part of this.

Posted on 2012-06-09 at 09:37:19.

Topic: Ducktown recruitment
Subject: Ducktown recruitment

You know the comics, you’ve seen the shows, rewound the videotapes and perhaps visited the rides. But you have never experienced Disney like this. I welcome you to a world dark and real. I challenge you to take the silly out of the symphony: this is your chance to explore the dark side of your heroes.

The setting: This game will begin in a mature Ducktown. Where it will go from there is something that remains unkown. This is not the Ducktown you know. It is a place where happiness is sought but rarely found. Think Sin City or Gotham. Think pitch black back-alleys and giant corporations. Think criminality and unfairness. In short: think survival.

The rules: This will be a freeform game, since I have no real need to limit your imagination. In fact, I urge you to be as creative in shaping this world as you can be.

The characters: you can pick anybody from the Disney Universe as long as it adds to the realism. Ducktown is not a lovely place, so if you want to be Tinkerbell in her joyful, fairydust spraying cuddle mode, you’ve missed the point. Neverland is out of reach, motherF…

A note on the maturity of this game: sex and violence are part of life, but this is a message board accessible for children. Especially a Disney game might give the wrong idea. Therefore I urge you all to keep the graphicness to a level acceptable for a broader audience. Swearwords will be partially bleeped, as the example above. People will get the point.

The story: Magica the Spell is after Scrooge’s number one Dime again. The players will be hired into Scrooge’s service to prevent her evil schemes.

So, now it’s time to post your character proposal. I am very excited to see what you guys come up with.

Posted on 2012-06-08 at 22:36:10.

Topic: Mature Ducktown game
Subject: wha

You used a gay male hooker?

Just kidding. But with the risk of getting angry hisses: what's Beyond?

Posted on 2012-06-08 at 19:16:40.

Topic: Mature Ducktown game
Subject: Darkwing = Nolan's Batman

Good reactions so far. Love the bambi crossover.

An adventure hook is shaping up in my mind. I think this should be freeform, or some kind of very low rules thing. We'll let it marinade for a few days and it'll be ready to fire up.

Posted on 2012-06-08 at 16:29:43.

Topic: Adventures in Celestia (Freeform D&D)
Subject: Enter Jorak Shadowborn

The Blind Pig was a fine establishment. Well, the floors were littered with damp hay and a bar-fight was never far away. The air stank of alcohol and burnt roast, and it was quite dark in there.What was fine about all that was that people minded their own business. And that was just why Jorak liked to come there. He wanted company, but also wanted to be by himself. The Blind Pig was just the place for a strange contradiction such as that.

Jorak sat his old frame down, nodding to the familiar sight of Sop the baker, a few tables away. He received a slight motion of Sop's hand as a greeting, which curved his lips into a thin smile.
Leaning back against the wooden chair he arched his back, cracking the rusty segments of his worn spine before oozing down into a state of relaxation.

Josie came by and asked him if he wanted the usual. He did, and not much later she brought him a tankard of Dragon-Maw beer, one of the few habits of his old life he still permitted himself to enjoy.

To the eyes of the unknowing he was just and old man with neatly trimmed hair, a big nose and a wrinkled brow. But his deep brown eyes hinted at a mind that was any bit as dusty as a 20 foot waterfall. The locals didn't know who he was, or who he had been. They knew him as Grampa Jorak, who had been living in town for almost 10 years now, and spent his days feeding the ducks and chatting with the locals. And that was exactly how he wanted it; a quiet, peaceful life and a chance to meet people.

Posted on 2012-06-08 at 12:45:38.


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