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Topic: Rokash Adventure Q&A
Subject: Sorry for the delay...

Go ahead....make my day.....

This should be a good story if I can keep up with you guys.

Whew, can you folks write.

Posted on 2012-04-22 at 02:53:20.

Topic: Trail of the Rokash
Subject: A Change In Plan............

Gamard the Grim snorted his reply with an affirmative nod, thoughtfully chewing the remainder of his Bar Stool Blues, while slowly draining the contents of his Tankard.

Roger slipped past the gathered town folk and out door. Making his way around the corner a female voice seemed to penetrate the walls.

“Why just before dawn? If demons we face you’ll be needing one of my talents, but why give them such a great advantage as to an entire night?”

Pausing the ranger listen to the challenge. The Krord had been brash, but confident; now there was another that wanted their heroics to be noticed. It wasn’t unusual for the men of Drannon to boast and challenge, but a female?

“Another outsider”, the young man breathed.
The party was still not complete and the gaming for leadership was a foot. Roger watched the contest from window as the Khord step up on a table.

"Tis True that Time is Not Our Ally! Neither is the Dark of Night and the Unknown! Only Daylight is Our Ally!"

Grimm was attracting the attention back to him. “Well like most Khords he could anthrall a room."

"I Wear This Patch as a Reminder! Years Ago I was in a Place Such as This! A Group of Adventurers were Stirred to Dash Off into the Dead of Night to Rescue a Poor Unfortunate! I was with Them! Rushing Out to Help in a Noble Cause!"

"No Plan! No Preparation! Most were Butchered or Not Seen Again! I Almost Lost My Eye! The Noble Cause Ended in Bitter Failure! That Night I Learned a Hard Lesson!"

"I Will Not Make That Mistake Again! I Will Leave at Dawn! You are Free to Rush Out into the Dark if You So Choose! If You Bring Tara Back in the Morning I Will Rejoice!"

"How Prepared are You to Follow Her Captor in the Darkness? How Prepared are You to Go and Not Use Light or Torches or Campfires that would Show Her Captor Our Location?"

"You Are Free to Go Now if You So Choose! I Will Not Stop You! Perhaps You are Better at Such Rescues than Me? Who Knows? Just Beware of Any Traps in the Darkness! You Are Free to Go Now!"

"But If I Find Your Dead Carcase on the Trail ... I Will Not Stop to Bury You! If I Find You on the Trail Bleeding or Dying ... I Will Not Stop to Waste a Healing Spell on You!"

"We are Not Talking About Just Rescuing Tara! My Experience as a Crusader Against Dark Things Tells Me There Are Probably More to Rescue!"

"Not to Mention Finding a Way to Destroy Whatever ... or Whoever ... Is Responsible!"

"Better to Get a Good Sleep! Leave at Dawn so We Know the Territory! We May Be Fleeing for Our Lives in the Dark of Night ... Trying to Bring Other Captives Back Alive!"

"I Choose to Sleep and Prepare! There Will Probably Be No Sleep for Us Tomorrow Night ... Nor No Sleep the Following Night ... Possibly! So It Is Best to Sleep While We Can! Unless You Choose to Go Now! My Choice is to Sleep and Prepare!"

"Let the Dark Forces Beware! There Be Time Enough to Find Tara ... Alive!"

”Well the little guy sure could talk, hope he fought as well” Roger mused. As he started to turn from window the female once again spoke out.

“You assume the girl’s still alive or will be in the days it will take us to find her. Since days it will take as the beast seems to travel in both day and night as it took the child during day. You assume I would go into danger without a plan. One may make plans while one travels, and gathers information which we have little of currently. You assume yourself to be the only one with experience with dark creatures, and you assume that one set of circumstances are much like another. That just because you traveled into a trap before there must be a trap after. Perhaps the kidnapping isn’t an invitation for us to chase. Perhaps it is simply selecting a sacrifice. Perhaps the beast isn’t bound to a cult but instead now hunts on its own since the defeat of the cult before. There is many questions and few answers beyond your assumptions. Answers I don’t think your mushrooms hold. Yet as a Khord and as a knight you believe yourself to be the only one right, and are to stubborn to listen to another. However a party will indeed be needed to succeed at this rescue, so despite my reserves as to your character I suppose I have no choice but to wait on the slowest steed in the caravan. I will see you before dawn.”

Again watching through the window Roger saw the female then defiantly storm from the room. “Oh this is going to go swimmingly.”

With no more outbursts from the Inn Roger thought better of leaving and waiting at the edge of town, way things were going no one may show up. Making his way back the stable stowed his gear in the loft and found a comfortable pile of hay to sleep to night.

As morning broke Roger gathered his things and waited for the Khord. When Grimm appeared the ranger said, "I heard you debate with the female last night and thought it best to see you all were still going to show up.”

As the Cleric completed his assurances to the owner Roger chose his mount and secured his gear. When Grimm indicated he was going shopping before they left Roger decided to go back into the inn for some breakfast. This group would not be hard to find and even they could follow the road to where the Rokask had appeared and stolen the girl.

“I’ll wait for the Cleric inside, we’ll want to be sure the healer finds his way.”

Posted on 2012-04-22 at 02:43:27.
Edited on 2012-04-22 at 02:49:31 by Odyson

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Out the Front..........

BTW....... Didn't tunnel collapse? If I dust recall isn't that why got small?

Ulthok has prepared several spells to take on multiple critters so he should be up front with Sirene. If the critters we encounter are low intel then we can huddle together in 10' radius invisiblity spell. We just need to get a wiggle on and head back through the mountain. We should have to solve any more puzzles to find the temple.

Posted on 2012-04-21 at 23:23:05.

Topic: Happy Birthday, Celeste!
Subject: 8>)

Wonderous Coming Out Day!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 2012-04-21 at 22:48:52.

Topic: Rokash Adventure Q&A
Subject: Long work week.............

Sorry gang, I've spent a lot time at work and just couldn't to get anything written. I'll going in Saturady and maybe Sunday a bit too. I have been able to get some Q&A and a note to Tann.

If I don't get a good post up, use that Roger hung outside the Inn long enogh to hear Grimm and Liriel. He will stay the night in the stable and meet up with Grimm there to choose a horse. I'll try to add some color to that.

Posted on 2012-04-21 at 02:59:27.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: That be Ulthok's Panthor...

The panthor is one of Ulthok's toys so it not is the loot pill.

Posted on 2012-04-21 at 01:36:59.

Topic: Happy *Facelick* Birthday!
Subject: So Glad............

Thank goodness you were born! You were the first to welcome me, be friend and help me here at the Inn. Had you not been born then I'd never have been so welcomed and stayed around.

May the Rum flow freely and there be mega amounts of coffee for you tomorrow!

"Thank you for being a Freind."
"Licking up my face and down again."

Life is brighter with folks like you around!

Posted on 2012-04-20 at 02:42:47.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Wow...........

So quickly I'm behind. Looks like our new player have really spun life into the story. Sorry gang, it's was my turn to have a work week that just sucked the time away.

I'll get my spells to you Tann as quick as I can. Should be by Friday night.

As for escaping I'd say let's go out the main door and fight through the slugs. We know they are there and that at least gives us a fighting chance. If Tann doesn't have a hidden portal we can find then we fight our out the way we came.

Back reading should refresh memories of what things are still there.

Posted on 2012-04-20 at 02:32:44.

Topic: Rokash Adventure Q&A
Subject: Wow...............

I can see you guys are going to a challenge to keep up with.

Great stuff!

Posted on 2012-04-19 at 01:34:21.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Spells??????????????????

This is always tough, I tend to pick badly.

Do I go for combat spells, healing spells, search ???

Oh, well time for the dart board, lol.

Posted on 2012-04-18 at 01:02:10.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Ulthok ain't no Fool..........

Ulthok ain't goin in that room until he is respelled and well armed. Also backup would be good.

I don't care which we camp on but i don't want fight to the closet.

Posted on 2012-04-18 at 00:14:04.

Topic: Rokash Adventure Q&A
Subject: So I Cheat a Little.....

Well I did copy the first stuff from the Audalis information.

I'm hoping that will give any "Lurkers" some background.

Who know it may even be a bit misleading.

Hehe, it looks like I'm writing more than one stry at a time.

Posted on 2012-04-16 at 00:51:24.

Topic: Rokash Adventure Q&A
Subject: It's up.................

Ok, it's up.

Posted on 2012-04-16 at 00:34:41.

Topic: Trail of the Rokash
Subject: The Need outweighs the Deed............

131-452 ER: Modern Times
The emperors rule now mostly consists of Drefast and are called "Lame Grouses" by the Warlords ("lame" in that they have no real power and "Grouses" because all they do is complain a lot). The imbalance of power causes many mini-civil wars as the fighting among marks and legionnaires gets out of hand regularly. Around 430 ER, Emperor Decimus takes the throne, and makes many treaties and accords to balance the power and smooth relationships. When that fails, he uses force and punitive strikes against the warlords, including Sendrian assassins and dark magic. In 445 ER, Decimus dies very suddenly, as do most of his sons (blamed on food poisoning). The youngest son survives to become the current emperor. Rogerius takes over, but is expected to be a puppet to the warlord's whims. Instead, he attempts to be progressive with dreams of a new golden age. The warlords try to control him, but find that Decimus was a better teacher than they had thought. While Rogerius is not as ruthless as Decimus, he does have a backbone and a excellent knowledge of politics. A stalemate now exists among the powers of Drannon.

: In the empire, relationships are a strange mix of unequal rules and uninformed taboos. For instance, it is very important that a woman be a virgin on her wedding night. However, it is equally important that a man not be a virgin. In fact, he should be well seasoned in the affairs of the bedroom. An interesting dichotomy, when you consider with whom it is they expect the men to educate themselves with? Ladies tend to marry young, as young as fourteen, and normally to men who are older by at least five years. Another case of this strange double standard is that Drannon has very harsh adultery laws for women, and almost none for men.

Roger had picked the table in the corner carefully. He had a solid wall to his back and full view of the room, the stairs, the door and the bar. No one could enter or leave without him seeing them and he would see them first.
The corner was just dark enough to obscure his features, but this far from Drefast the townsfolk would see him only as traveler, it was the Officers of the Mark that might make a connection. Why had he decided to use the name Roger? Every time he ventured into a city or large town there was risk, but that was where the information would found to lead him to what was needed to know about the countryside. A hot meal cooked by someone else and perhaps a little wine was a small reward for the risk.
The time he had had to spend on his own in the wild was proving its use. The furs he’d trapped were easily sold and provided enough Guians to provision him and a little left over for this treat. It would be nice to sleep in a bed again too.

As he reached for his goblet the signet ring on his right hand clinked slightly. The design was unique, only very few could recognize it for what it was. The circle of gold around a field of gray and on that field a swirled of the colors green, black silver blue and red spun into the center where rest a perfectly cut diamond. This was his key to safety and doom. The special coin of citizenship worn around his neck may help him with local magistrates but the ring would get him home. But he could not return yet, there was still much to learn, he could not fail, the future depended on the knowledge he would gain here with the people.

The silence of the his thoughts was abruptly disturbed when the barmaid screamed at the site of a tattered man stumbling through the front door. A great commotion ensues as the man’s tale of terror unfolded. Roger didn’t want to be where he may be seen, but the man’s troubles were the thing that could divide or unite the people. It appeared that the locals had no intent to get involved and it was this poor man’s misfortune and they didn’t want to make it their own.

From the bar a heavy drinking Dwarve ambled over to the misfortunate and with great bravado proclaimed his intent to right this injustice.

Why does it take outsiders to do what needs to be done?
Where has the honor gone?

If ever he was to succeed he must learn to rally that again, but this cannot be ignored.

The ranger sat quietly; listened and watched as other strangers addressed the Dwarve and offer their assistants.

Roger would not let this go to the hands of outsiders alone.

When the Dwarve was alone, Roger approached him. In a low whisper he said,” You will need a tracker, I will find you at the edge of town. If we must ride, then bring me a good horse.” With that Roger left the Inn.

“Well so much for sleeping in a soft bed.”

Posted on 2012-04-16 at 00:33:22.

Topic: Rokash Adventure Q&A
Subject: I'm Working On It..................

My post is about half done.

It takes me several hour to just do a few paragraphs.

I may be old, but I am slow!!!!

Posted on 2012-04-15 at 23:33:51.

Topic: Rokash Adventure Q&A
Subject: Go ahead...

Roger is not going to jump up, run over and volunteer.

He will join. but sort of on the Q. T.

Posted on 2012-04-15 at 21:28:39.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Better Luck Next Time.............

The look of hope and expectation faded from Ulthok’s face as it became evident the stand wasn’t the hiding place of the real sword. “Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained..... As old Uncle Trapspring would say “There is nothing quite as dull as bright idea that doesn’t shine.”

The Halfling then turned to survey the scene and drew a deep sigh at the sight of the losses the party suffered. Three of the party were lost and two others had been turned against them. Now the Elven Enchantress seemed quite stressed from the ordeal and was challenging the naked warrior that had lead the charge to save Althena and perhaps was the pivot that turned the battle to their favor. From the moment the strange naked man opened his mouth and uttered the foolery so familiar now, it was clear that Maggot had returned. Ulthok just shrugged as he knew not to get in the way of a woman’s ire.

As the mage walked to help tend the fallen he heard Cor, "Ulthok, the corner where what once was your brother appeared, did you check it well? Perhaps there is something not right about that corner."

Pausing the mage looked back the Cleric, “ You betcha there is something not right over there. Divot was doing his best to drag me into a secret room there to have me for lunch.” Ulthok watch the cleric’s eyes and knew where his next search would be located. Well at least he’ll be walking in on his own.

Posted on 2012-04-15 at 21:23:28.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: As for the story.....

Divot was trying real hard to pull Ulthok into that secret room, so there must be something there. It may be trouble, but if we go prepared it might not be too dangerous.

I agree that rest and respelling is needed. Any ideas on what tpye of fun Tann has in store so we can pick spells to match?

Posted on 2012-04-15 at 19:37:36.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Sharing is Good!!!!

Sirene is a higher level mage than ulthok and can cast 6th level spells. Ulthok relies on the stuff he has, potions, rings armor and wands to strengthen his attacks. So you would benefit from the spell book more now and Ulthok the wand. It was the Wand of Illumination that enabled him to defeat Divot.

Ulthok is "Professional" theif so the money isn't what he is in this to gain, but the stuff and gems are usable. He will take his share of the money loot in the end. He was contracted, more or less, by the King to aid the quest.


Ulthok would still take the ring of protection for the added aid to saving throws.

Ring of Protection: A ring of protection improves the wearer's Armor Class value and saving throws
versus all forms of attack. A ring +1 betters AC by 1 (say, from 10 to 9) and gives a bonus of +1 on
saving throw die rolls. The magical properties of a ring of protection are cumulative with all other
magical items of protection except as follows:
1. The ring does not improve Armor Class if magical armor is worn, although it does add to saving
throw die rolls.

2. Multiple rings of protection operating on the same person, or in the same area, do not combine
protection. Only one such ring—the strongest—functions, so a pair of protection rings +2 provides only
+2 protection.

Where can I find the description of the Potion of Dragon Sight?

Posted on 2012-04-15 at 19:23:24.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: If I may? (Dibbs)

Well if I may, here's what Ulthok would like from the list:

2 +3 Daggers (Goes with his Theif skills)

Whip of Entanglement (Just seems cool and something he might have)

Ring of Protection +2 (he has the lowest hit points of the party)

Potion of Dragon Sight (I couldn't find a decription but it still sound like a Mage item)

Wand of Frost (Charges Remaining: 87)

Oil of Fiery Burning (To replace what he used on Divot)

Haila’s Spellbook (he'll hold it while we have a chance to copy the spells)

3 diamonds (These may be useful in spells, as for the money, it can go into the holding to be shared at the end or when they return.)

If any heal potions are left, he'll take them too.

Posted on 2012-04-15 at 15:46:35.
Edited on 2012-04-15 at 19:27:37 by Odyson

Topic: Rokash Adventure Q&A
Subject: Hang On... I'm Coming......

What a bunch of show offs, lol. I have some catching up to do.

Every time I start to write my dog wants to jump in my lap. She just needs soooooooo much attention tonight.

Posted on 2012-04-15 at 01:49:00.

Topic: 'Rokash' Recruitment
Subject: The Gear.........

I should finish getting the stuff on the list to you tonight.
But if I don't there is nothing really special on my list, so if you assume a stanard "Adventures Kit" such as in 3.5 or 4.0 then you'll be very close. Right now I'm looking at not spending money on a horse and gear. That will be a requirement to be supplied for the ranger's services if the party needs horses for transportation.

Posted on 2012-04-14 at 15:51:04.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Ulthok knows it exists...

You can't just cast the spell in an area and hope something opens. Ulthok is casting it on the stand. If the stand is not a container as the cleaver theif suspects then nothing happens.

Someone can yell "wait" and then cast a seeing spell if they doubt the "Thief".

Posted on 2012-04-13 at 17:56:47.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Never Fear............

Hehehehe.... Ulthok has two knock spells ready!!!!

The theif would seem to beleive in hiding something where others may think it was already found.

Posted on 2012-04-13 at 02:54:36.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Right Under Our Nose????

The determined charge of the mage had proved successful as all four of his arrows make their mark. The blue shielded enemy turned its head to stare back at the mage in the eye as if in disbelief. Ulthok started to grin as the body dropped to the floor. Still moving to try to get to Althena the mage saw the helmet bounce away from the minions revealing a hideous face. As the life or evil passed out of the creature the face changed to that of a young female elf child. As Ulthok passed the child he felt no pity, but knew he had served this one as he had his brother and set to poor thing free from its torment.

As he raced to reach the Valar he saw Sirene land and gather Althena in her arms to comfort. Straining to hear he could barely make out the words, “Here, yet not, I still feel it, but it’s gone, but here yet?, why do I feel it, not right, not right………….All this way… All the friends lost…. lies told to each of us by our king and my father… all of it was for nothing.... NOTHING!! Then she screamed, “The sword Alasdair took, the one that so many died for, was a FAKE!!”........

“A fake!! “Ulthok echoed back. “Well that’s really going to serve Alisdair well when he presents it to his Master.” Then Ulthok nearly roared with laughter.

Ulthok listened as Maggot approach and expounded as only the bard could. He was always so good with colorful words. The Halfling waited and when the Bard was finished he turned to the Valar.

“My Lady, then your sword is still here, we have not failed quite yet.” He then turned to the stand that had so temptingly held the fake for all to see. “The case is more than it appears, the sword may still be there.” Raising his hand he commands out to the stand “Open” as he cast a spell of “Knock” to out any locks or magic that may be confining the object of their quest.

Posted on 2012-04-13 at 02:31:12.
Edited on 2012-04-13 at 02:49:48 by Odyson

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