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Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: Well It Is The Magic Kingdom......


Posted on 2012-01-25 at 17:39:35.

Topic: Demonic Vending Machine
Subject: Just Spoon full......

It spit out a bottle of Gerital for iron poor blood!

I fed it a plank, a tank and crank.

Posted on 2012-01-25 at 02:24:35.

Topic: The Wizards' Duel
Subject: Back to Basics........

I am the Wizard that cast a time warp and recovered the Annual Report.

Posted on 2012-01-25 at 02:17:58.

Topic: The Skill Check Game
Subject: Tap Into your Strength.....

Sorry, you fail, mind was numbed by the game and eyes dulled by the glear of the screen. BTW, the tests didn't go so well either.

I roll a fortitude check to finisn a keg of "Good Old froth-n-Slosh".

Posted on 2012-01-25 at 02:11:42.

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: Ahhhh......


Posted on 2012-01-25 at 02:06:49.

Topic: Who Owns Rusty Dull Swords? (W.O.R.D.S.)
Subject: He's Back......................



Posted on 2012-01-25 at 01:58:28.

Topic: Add On Story. Fill in 3 words!
Subject: Moving forward............

for better or

Posted on 2012-01-25 at 01:43:48.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: Your Karma Ran Over My Dogma.........

^Karma Challenged

< Karma Chameleon

V Karma Crash Dummy

Posted on 2012-01-25 at 01:19:08.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Outside of the Box.....

Here's an outside of the box idea. what do you guys think of doing more character development by writing more back story?

Flashbacks and just plain storying. I can see doing Jon as he grewup on broad with Captain Clark, more war stories, ect.

Just filler to keep the site alive, it would also add insight for others as to character play without affect on their character.


Posted on 2012-01-25 at 00:40:13.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Oh Flirty.................

Girl you take care and I'm sure we'll still see you pop in and out of here at the Inn. Ody will keep your Tankard in its usual place on the mantel so you can drop into the DragonChat Lounge and enjoy the fellowship and cold frosty "Good Old Froth-n-Slosh". BTW if I'm not there just summon Igor.

Licks and Bear Hugs from this old Werebear.

Posted on 2012-01-24 at 17:48:06.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Monster vs. Monster.....

This could be a good action, might get us up to four more fighters. Good suggestion Gina.

It could be followed by Summons Shadow, which would bring three shadows to fight for us too.

Monster Summoning III
Range: Special Components: V, S, M
Duration: 4 rds. + 1 rd./level Casting Time: 5
Area of Effect: 50-yd. radius Saving Throw: None

This spell is much like the 3rd-level spell monster summoning I, except that this spell
summons 1d4 3rd-level monsters. These appear within the spell's area of effect and attack
the caster's opponents, until either he commands them to cease, the spell duration expires,
or the monsters are slain. These creatures do not check morale and vanish when slain. If
no opponent exists to fight, and the wizard can communicate with them, the summoned
monsters can perform other services for the wizard.
The material components of this spell are a tiny bag and a small candle.

Posted on 2012-01-23 at 03:24:28.
Edited on 2012-01-23 at 17:43:32 by Odyson

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Here we go............again......

Go for it RPN!

Thanks for the spell check, Ginafea.

BTW, I read "The Art of War" as prep to play this game.
Now i don't remember a lot of it but it does make you think a bit differently. Luckily we don't have to worry about running an army.

Posted on 2012-01-23 at 01:19:47.
Edited on 2012-01-23 at 01:47:36 by Odyson

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Time To Get

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………..” Ulthok cried out as the bug he’d thought he’d halted lashed into him with its bite. He could feel a burning sensation and knew that bite carried more than ripping teeth, venom was now coursing in his veins.

He now felt the foolishness of the ego in his actions; he was not the trained warrior. Standing toe to toe with these creatures did nothing for his friends or himself but slow down one of the hideous bugs and get him injured. Stealth and guile were his best tools and his friends deserved his best.

The pain heightened his awareness of the actions around him. The blur of iron blades of the samurai inflicting their biting damage to the advancing creature. The sheer massive fury of a giant white bear as its great strength, huge paws and claws ripped apart the bug that leaped over them devastating Haila.

Ulthok’s mind leap at the thought of combining the size, strength and fury of the Great Bear with skill and flashing iron of the samurai.
Falling from the grip of the giant roaches bite Ulthok willed his ring to hide him from another attack and he vanished. Scrambling behind Tomiki and away from the bug the mage reached into his element pouch, finding a pinch of powdered iron. He thought how appropriate this was for their situation; plain iron would continue to be their salvation.

Shouting as he rolled behind the fighter, “Tomiki, do not be frightened, I am going to make you as big as that bear, you will be a giant warrior.” With that he willed the pinch of iron to carry its power onto the samurai and utters “Enlarge”!

As the iron dissolved, its power flowed into the brave warrior. Through eyes that want to wince from the pain the mage saw in the time of a breath the robed fighter grew to over twelve feet tall, his weapons growing with him. Kenji could now deal the fury of the bear with the bite of his iron blades.

Staying out of harm’s way Ulthok smiled through the pain hoping this would make up for his foolish pride. Now what could he do next?

(OOC, ok now Tomiki is 12’ 10” tall and 374 pounds. Sic’um!)

Posted on 2012-01-23 at 01:12:21.
Edited on 2012-01-31 at 17:36:23 by Odyson

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Rayne....

If Rayne is back down the stairs maybe she should look over the iron weapons, I'd think there would be an iron hammer or mace in that pile even though we weren't so specific on all the weapons. She can use them and inflict damage with the iron heads.

If that a fair assumption?

Posted on 2012-01-22 at 22:04:44.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Oopsy...

I miss read that to mean he took that much damage, not his remaining hit points. I think I've been getting that wrong all along, durp!

Posted on 2012-01-22 at 21:58:49.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Tann............

Ok, just to add to possible actions.

If Ulthok would change into another form, his ring would still work on that form too.

So that he vanished, change into something and then attack in that form. Would that kind of attack get any sneak attack bonus?

Sirene was flying in the room before, so how high is the ceiling?

Posted on 2012-01-22 at 21:56:24.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: PM's on Ulthoks action...

Ginafae and RPN check your PM for my post. Let me know what you think.

Also Tomiki's damage rolls get increased by multiplying by 1.1.

Wow, Ulthok is really hurting, he can't take another direct hit.

Posted on 2012-01-22 at 21:43:26.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Thanks Gina...

As you might have noticed, I've started posting the spells in our Q&A so everyone has a better idea what to expect or might have a better idea on what to use. I do go back to the character lists to see what others might have too.

I've gone so far as to actually having a spell book for Ulthok where I've copied all his spells for easy reference.

I'm not trying to go against our original plan that Keeper set out but it just looks like the story changed that plan for us. To me it just seems we now need to occupy and defeat each bug one on one because they can't be singled out for group attack safely. Sure we will need to help each other best we can as the oppertunity arises.

I just felt that with Ulthok now poisoned his physical attacks would be weaker and casting helpful spells on party members could serve the group more. He tried "fighter hero" and now he needs to fall back on his Mage / Thief skills.

BTW Gina Ulthok is still smiiten by Sirene and he really appreciates her going after bug #2. In my post he will be vanishing, but moving behind Kenji, so there will be a clear path to bug #2. You'll hear him shout out as he screams in pain and them warning Kenji as what is about to happen to him.

Gina, do you want to see the post too in PM so all three of us can better plan?

Posted on 2012-01-22 at 16:54:23.
Edited on 2012-01-22 at 17:05:56 by Odyson

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: "Big"..............

RPN, Nenji will increase 110% because Ulthok is an 11th level mage.

That makes make him 154 inches tall, 12foot 8inch, bwaaahahah.
And @ 170 pounds he's now 374 pounds, Heavy...dude!!

Plus your weapons are 110% larger, they increase in proportion.

I've started to work on the post, RPN do you want me to PM it to you first so we can tweek it?

I think if Sirene steps up to take on bug #2, Big Kenji hits #1, Cor on #7, Conall on #4 & Alasdair on # 5 that should give Althena and Cynil hit #10.

Ulthok will get back in the fight next round. But if another good spell on one of our folk helps then I'll look into that.

Posted on 2012-01-22 at 03:38:41.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: But Dad..................

Boss, I'm just learning to play your game better.

I thank Celesta and Phelan for helping me with my amulet, that was a life saver, lol.

Now if I just get better at planning spells.

Get ready RPN Ulthok is about to make you, "Big Man On Campus".

Posted on 2012-01-22 at 02:21:57.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: This is now my only game...........

With Al out for RL stuff this is my only game, so except questions so this is player well.

Now I thought that going invisible with the ring was of an "at will" type action because it didn"t require special activation, like him boots, they just work when he wants them to work.

My thought was similar to our last battle where he went invisilbe, advanced a half move and then attacked with the bow that brought him out of invisible and then he willed invisible again.

My thought for this round was to will invisible form the ring, half move to change location to avoid charging bug, cast spell as round action (I didn't see anywhere that said casting a spell brings him visible, only if he attacks does he become visible.)

I want to give Kenji "Enlarge" so he can deal more damage with the two iron swords but now as a larger being.

I'm trying to use more of Ulthok's potential of being an 11th level mage, I'm still getting use to this much ability.

I'm thinking that Kenji "Large" would be more effective that Ulthok Polymorphed.
Great Googily Moogily, I need an editor. I just reread that first sentance, lol.

Let's see it should have been "expect". "so that this one is played well."

Posted on 2012-01-21 at 22:14:49.
Edited on 2012-01-22 at 02:03:41 by Odyson

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: At Ease...............

You take care of RL.

If you need us you how to find us.

That goes for me in RL too.

You know where River Styx is now.


Posted on 2012-01-20 at 20:47:26.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Enlarge.....

Who wants to be large and in charge?

Kenji? 10' 8" 340# one big Ninja!
Cor? 8' 2" 300# a Giant Dwarve?
Conall? 11' 340# a Pounding Paladin?

Range: 5 yds./level Components: V, S, M
Duration: 5 rds./level Casting Time: 1
Area of Effect: 1 creature or object Saving Throw: Neg.

This spell causes instant growth of a creature or object, increasing both size and weight. It can be cast only upon a single creature (or a symbiotic or community entity) or upon a single object that does not exceed 10 cubic feet in volume per caster level. The object or creature must be seen to be affected.

It grows by up to 10% per level of experience of the wizard, increasing this amount in height, width, and weight. (110% for a 11th level mage)

All equipment worn or carried by a creature is enlarged by the spell.

Unwilling victims are entitled to a saving throw vs. spell. A successful saving throw means the spell fails. If
insufficient room is available for the desired growth, the creature or object attains the maximum possible size, bursting weak enclosures in the process, but it is constrained without harm by stronger materials--the spell cannot be used to crush a creature by growth.

Magical properties are not increased by this spell--a huge sword +1 is still only +1, a staff-sized wand is still only capable of its normal functions, a giant-sized potion merely
requires a greater fluid intake to make its magical effects operate, etc. Weight, mass, and strength are affected, though. Thus, a table blocking a door would be heavier and more effective, a hurled stone would have more mass (and cause more damage), chains would be more massive, doors thicker, a thin line turned to a sizeable, longer rope, and so on.

A creature's hit points, Armor Class, and attack rolls do not change, but damage rolls increase proportionately with size. For example, a fighter at 160% normal size hits with his long sword and rolls a 6 for damage. The adjusted damage roll is 10 (that is, 6 x 1.6 = 9.6, rounded up). Bonuses due to Strength, class, and magic are not altered.
The reverse spell, reduce, negates the enlarge spell or makes creatures or objects smaller. The creature or object loses 10% of its original size for every level of the caster, to a minimum of 10% of the original size. Thereafter, the size shrinks by 1-foot increments to less than 1 foot, by 1-inch increments to 1 inch, and by 1/10-inch increments to a minimum of 1/10 of an inch--the recipient cannot dwindle away to nothingness.
For example, a 16-foot-tall giant reduced by a 15th-level wizard (15 steps) would be reduced to 1.6 feet (in nine steps), then to 6/10 of a foot or 7.2 inches (in one step), and finally to 2.2 inches (in the last five steps). A shrinking object may damage weaker materials affixed to it, but an object will shrink only as long as the object itself is not damaged. Unwilling creatures are allowed a saving throw vs. spell.

The material component of this spell is a pinch of powdered iron.

Posted on 2012-01-20 at 02:33:54.
Edited on 2012-01-20 at 03:20:02 by Odyson

Topic: Spell Swap Shop
Subject: Bump.....

Ok, so it's a bit self serving but I thought I'd revive this old thread.

"Got Spell?"

Posted on 2012-01-19 at 01:12:36.

Topic: My Complete Conversion Homebrew Campaign (WIP, P.E.A.C.H.)
Subject: Bump...

Ok all you game wizes how about giving the kid some ideas?

Posted on 2012-01-19 at 00:48:56.

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