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Topic: Buried Secrets Q&A
Subject: dang, you guessed it!

It's aaafter miiiidnight...

Okay, let me clarify a couple of things:

1. Isaac and Neri killed their zombies. Syana and Meera (the wolf) attacked and injured one zombie (who in turn hurt the bard pretty badly), while Volkmar hit his own zombie (twice). So it's not one unstoppable zombie, it's two that just haven't yet taken enough punishment to fall (curse the dice).

2. You have the two zombies still essentially in the road, both damaged. All eight of the new zombies are in the woods, having come up behind you guys from the same direction you originally came. Three of these are now in melee range, the remainder will be in range this coming round.

3. Shianna can indeed attaempt to turn the new arrivals. The basic rule of thumb is that you get one shot to turn any given undead. Since these were not addressed in your last try, you may certainly try again.

If you guys *do* want to break through and run for it, I need some specific questions answered. Neri has stated a willingness to stand and cover your retreat (yay lawful stupid!). What if one or more of you fall in the attempt? Syana is hurt badly enough to require medical attention, and soon. What if she goes down?

Please do note that if you turn and run while engaged in melee, your foe gets a free shot at your back.

Posted on 2008-11-17 at 14:28:55.

Topic: Buried Secrets Q&A
Subject: gluttons, I say...

Gluttons for punishment. First, they ask for more monsters. Now, they complain about my descriptions of monster defeats. What next? "My sword is too pointy?"

I mean, if you have a problem with the zombie now being dead (instead of undead), I could let it be raised again. Would that make ya happy?

Posted on 2008-11-17 at 01:31:48.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: awesome

You're quite right - Arien would happily go along with the scout plan. Just don't get killed or captured or somesuch.

Posted on 2008-11-16 at 23:09:50.

Topic: Buried Secrets Q&A
Subject: yay zombies!

The score:

Two zombies dead. Two more injured (the one near Syana injured quite badly). Eight new zombies have appeared from the woods, back the way the party came from.

The only injury right now *is* Syana, who is hurt pretty badly.

Posted on 2008-11-16 at 21:02:52.

Topic: Some Secrets are Best Left Buried...
Subject: and the fight is joined

18th Olemra (Thirkday), 452 E.R. - dusk
Forest, northwest of Lynx, Ertain.

Isaac was first into the fray, interceding himself between the creatures and the retreating form of Aryan. He swung powerfully, and his two-handed blade buried itself into the rotting flesh of the first zombie, which fell to the forest floor and lay motionless.

Shianna held her holy symbol aloft and commanded the undead to obey Kith-jora's power and leave this place. Unfortunately, knowing how such a thing is to be done, and actually doing it turned out to be quite different things entirely. Perhaps the young priestess harbored a shred of doubt in her heart; in any respect, her attempt to turn these undead failed entirely, for the remaining creatures continued their unholy advance.

Aryan finished her casting, and a bolt of purple energy streaked from her fingertip to slam directly into the face of one of the monsters. The creature staggered from the blow, and the scent of burned meat filled the air - but yet, the creature continued to lurch forward. Unfortunately for it, Neri was there, her blade seeming to flash brightly with Oriana's light. The paladin's stroke was swift and sure, and the creature fell dead, cut almost in twain.

Syana held her ground, allowing another zombie to lurch close before she struck. Her blade sank into the putrid flesh, but unlike living creatures, whom she had faced before, this monstrosity did not seem to recoil from the blow. Meera, the wolf, lunged into the same creature, and rent the flesh with its fangs... and still, it came. Likewise, Volkmar struck true, his spear emerging from the back of the monster he attacked - and yet, it did not fall.

In fact, the creature used the closeness of the spear strike as an opportunity to return the attack to the khord, who was barely able to deflect the attack with his black shield. Syana was also the target of attack, and was struck hard by the undead creature. The force of the blow staggered the quiet mage, and she almost fell from it.

Volkmar struck again, skewering the same zombie again, but the creature still fought on! Both Neri and Isaac tried to help Syana, but were unable to strike the creature who so threatened the bard.

And then, the real trouble began.

More undead abominations appeared from the mist, from the direction the party had already come from. While it was difficult to count among the chaos, it would appear that twice as many new assailants had joined the fray as were already involved. Three were close enough to join into melee, but none of their blows landed. While the party was not fully surrounded, the situation had grown noticeably more grim.

Posted on 2008-11-16 at 20:59:46.
Edited on 2008-12-03 at 15:38:49 by t_catt11

Topic: Hey, graphics peoples!
Subject: well

I will certainly use more than one of these.

Posted on 2008-11-16 at 18:04:13.

Topic: New here
Subject: gimme a break

Everone knows that you DO NOT feed the Grugg. Sheesh.

Posted on 2008-11-14 at 22:34:51.

Topic: Hey, graphics peoples!
Subject: check that

The bottom one is, after you flattened the background colors a bit.

Posted on 2008-11-14 at 19:54:56.

Topic: Hey, graphics peoples!
Subject: cool!

You got the whole head in.

Better than me. Not sure it's more readble, though.

Posted on 2008-11-14 at 19:44:38.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off
Subject: a new adventure!

Dawn came all too early, as Arien's "goodbyes" had lasted well further into the evening than the young man had planned. Still, he knew full well that these missions for Dwan could well prove fatal - and he had no intention of standing before whatever judgement awaited him in the next life, carrying a sackful of regrets for a life not fully lived. Indeed, a little morning fatigue was a price well worth paying for the comforts he had enjoyed.

On the way to Dwan's stables, Arien mused about Maximus. The man had shown himself a right fool the day before, and though he was certainly a capable warrior, Arien had serious doubts as to the level of the man's commitment. If some silly prank would cause him to abandon the mission, was it such a bad thing if he left? Could such a temper not give a wily enemy an easy weapon to use against not only him, but the entire party? No, if the big warrior wished to act like a grownup and get over his pettiness, he would be welcomed. If not, Arien would lose no sleep over him.

As the group received their extra equipment at the stables - including an invaluable healing potion each - the heir to House Thedell made it a point to be gracious. "We truly appreciate these provisions, particularly the potions," the knight spoke. With a salute, he mounted Winston, and nudged the warhorse towards their destination.

The journey began uneventfully enough, though colder than Arien would have preferred. At least there was firewood and shelter - the knight had no interest in spending any more time exposed to the elements than could be avoided. Still, his spirits were good - while he has certainly enjoyed the relaxtion and fine company that Freegate offers, Arien lived for quests, and it had been long enough without one.

Then came the accursed rain, and Arien was glad that his armor is sufficiently oiled and polished. Even so, he was well aware that the weather means that he will be spending far too many hours in the coming days, maintaining his gear.

And then, the interesting events began to happen. Refugess told a tale of evil men, dark magic, and cowardly priests. The latter was particularly galling to Arien, who named Heironeous as his patron. He spits in disgust at the story of the priests' cowardice. "My sincere apologies, ladies, at the worthlessness of these who would call themselves worshippers of Heironeous," he spoke. "How such can live with themselves after allowing events like these, I do not know. You have my word that we will do all in our power to set things right."

"Char," Arien asked, "will it benefit us to leave the path, and travel cross country? Or will we lose more time than we already would in dealing with the refugess?"

The knight shook his head. "I would like for us to reach this evil as soon as possible... we should not suffer these poor people to be stricken any more than we can help. Even so, all know that darkness lends aid to such wickedness, and I would have all in our favor as is possible. What say you all?" The last is directed at the party in general.

Posted on 2008-11-14 at 19:22:42.
Edited on 2008-11-14 at 19:23:19 by t_catt11

Topic: New here
Subject: welcome, newbie!

Welcome to the Inn! We're glad to have you.

We're not a site that enforces a "one size fits all" system of gaming - each and every GM tends to have their own style.

Go to the recruitment threads and see if you can find any games that appeal to you. Barring that, start your own thread with what you would like to get involved with.

Posted on 2008-11-14 at 18:49:26.

Topic: Entertainment for geeks
Subject: need material

Anyone interested in writing some RPG-related parody songs? Or (even better?), RPG-related Christmas parody songs?

Posted on 2008-11-14 at 18:02:48.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: we've gotten sloooowwww

Is anyone else planning to post? If not, I'll update. Get us back into some action. Kill off a couple of ya.

Posted on 2008-11-14 at 16:17:04.

Topic: The Guiding Light
Subject: climbing...

13th Pfier (Valday), 452 E.R.
Pirate camp on the beach

En'Aranthea made her decision, even as the others pulled out rope and began to tie up the sleeping pirates. A quick second look at Tal'Anor verified that the paladin, while eager to deal revenge for the murders in the tower, was not seekign to do so at this very moment.

The wind was brisk, and the bladesinger could feel it ripple through her hair as she moved to climb the tower. She was able to easily locate the rope ladder that lead to the top, and with a last glance around, began to climb. The oaf at the top was apparently oblivious to everything below, as he continued to aimlessly pace, unaware of the threat that ascended towards him.

Soon enough, the top of the tower was reached. Carefully, slowly, the sylvari eased up over the edge. Unfortunately, Shinara chose that moment to turn her face away from the bladesinger, as the board upon which she placed her weight groaned, alerting the sentry.

The man, on the far side of the platform, whirled to face En'Aranthea, but instead of reaching for a weapon, he chuckled. "I wondered 'ow much longer it'd take ye lot."

Glancing at En'Aranthea's bared blade, he opened his hands slowly. "I surrender," he spoke, a sneer spreading across his bearded face. "But first..."

Before the bladesinger could react, the pirate reached out and casually pushed a lantern off of the tower railing, causing it to crash to the beach below. "I'll not fight ye, lass, but ye might wish to look to yer friends, aye?"

The shattered lantern was obviously a signal. When the rest of the party naturally glanced towards the noice caused by the breakign glass, a new noise broke the night air - the telltale twang of a crossbow bolt being loosed. Several, in fact.

Tal'Anor is struck a glancing blow, then a second bolt buries home in his thigh, causing the tall syl to stumble backwards in pain. Varuna takes another a shot himself, this one to the shoulder. Armed pirates come rusing out of the tents, where they have been lying in ambush!

Posted on 2008-11-14 at 16:06:31.

Topic: Hey, graphics peoples!
Subject: agreed

Lettering is a little tough, but I tried every color under the sun. The big contrast in colors in the original image means that no color was perfect with it.

Posted on 2008-11-14 at 15:22:45.

Topic: Hey, graphics peoples!
Subject: thanks!

Thanks to those who sent me a button. I appreciate the work that you did.

I had an unfair advantage - the original logo file in high-res. I was able to resize it, take a slice, and apply some text on top. I am pretty pleased with this one.


Posted on 2008-11-14 at 15:09:57.

Topic: Buried Secrets Q&A
Subject: absolutely

Like I said, I'm assuming that all casters have a supply of commonly available materials.

BTW, Merideth - we left your spellbook off of your character sheet. I'll add it to my copy.

Posted on 2008-11-14 at 14:45:34.

Topic: Buried Secrets Q&A
Subject: you've got questions...

...I've got answers.

You absolutely have to use material components. I won't make you keep up with every rose petal or pinch of sand that your spells might need; if your character periodically makes an effort to replenish components, I won't worry about the cheap/free ones (unless you cast sleep twenty times, and I KNOW you're out of rose petals, for instance). However, if your spell requires costly components, I will stricty enforce you to keep careful track of them.

No casting "death spell" willy nilly... I don't see you carrying around a pack full of rare black pearls.

Now, as for the zombies: two are quite decomposed. The other two are certainly rotted, but not to the same level as the aforementioned pair. I would not guess any of these four to be "fresh" dead.

Posted on 2008-11-14 at 14:17:09.

Topic: Hey, graphics peoples!
Subject: Hey, graphics peoples!

Could I possibly get a graphics-savvy person to do an attactive button for the Red Dragon Inn? We have several of 'em, but an exchange that wants us to join needs us to provide one at 88x20 pixels - and I don't have one that fits the bill.

I would prefer to integrate our logo (or a cool, graphic-y slice of it) into the button. Also, our name would be a good thing.

Would someone be willing to do this, or will I need to hack something together?

Posted on 2008-11-13 at 23:05:04.

Topic: Buried Secrets Q&A
Subject: yep

Time to rename this game "Epic Party Wipe."

Posted on 2008-11-13 at 22:49:36.

Topic: Buried Secrets Q&A
Subject: just... wow.

You guys have nowhere near enough of a healthy fear of the DM.

Posted on 2008-11-13 at 22:26:27.

Topic: Buried Secrets Q&A
Subject: imps, you say?

So, you would rather fight thousands of undernourished imps?

Ooookaaaayyy.... your funeral.

Invulnerable to fire, cold, electrcity.... check.
Invulnerable to normal weapons (need silver or magical weapons to hit).... check.
Ability to polymorph.... check.
Attacks with insta-kill poison.... check.

Okay, you asked for it, I'll have an evil wizard open a rift and accidentally let in a whole bunch of imps. So, what do you guys what to play in the next adventure?

Posted on 2008-11-13 at 20:58:27.
Edited on 2008-11-13 at 20:58:36 by t_catt11

Topic: Buried Secrets Q&A
Subject: ask, and ye shall receive!

Did I just hear a player stating that he doesn't want to avoid any monsters?

Okay, I'll make sure to give you plenty.

Posted on 2008-11-13 at 20:30:22.

Topic: Wanna hear some crazy stuff?
Subject: heh

But Skari - I had the iPod while walking to work. I dropped it on said sidewalk. This is some 45 minutes from my house, so no way a family member found it.

Which is why the Twilight Zone theme applies.

Posted on 2008-11-13 at 18:38:13.

Topic: Wanna hear some crazy stuff?
Subject: logical?

Yeah, my wife and I wondered if, for some reason, the eBay seller sent me a second copy of the game by accident. A longshot, sure, but plausible.

The first? Two weeks went by without me finding the iPOd - which was sitting right on the back seat.

My car stays locked when I am not in it. I do not park in a lot with anyone that knows me. The lot, while pretty full, seldom has anyone going in and out at the same time as me.

I don't see how a stranger on the street saw my iPod on the ground, carried it to my lot, opened the lock, and placed it in an area of the car I never use. It does not make sense.

I'm not one for "stories of the mysterious", but this is one.

Posted on 2008-11-13 at 18:23:59.

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