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Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: character roster

Name: Montgomery Kernan
Player: Bromern Sal
Rank: First Lieutenant
Billet: Team Leader
Gender: Male
Age 31
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Hometown: Denton, Montana

Appearance: Monty is the epitome of a redneck cowboy. He has curly black hair when it is allowed to grow, square features, a casual, lazy grin, and sharp, excited hazel eyes. He's ruddy brown in coloring with thick, corded muscles while still maintaining an athletic build. He has a tattoo on the left side of his neck of his family's brand: a half circle with a K on its side (The Lazy K Ranch), tribal tattoos around both biceps, and a Yosemite Sam with both guns blazin' on his left calf.

Background/personality: Monty led the charmed life through his childhood and into high school. He was athletic, easy-going and friendly enough that everyone got along with him, and he was about the most popular kid in his 300+/- person town. His father was mayor and owned the bank, his mother was involved in just about everything, and Monty was an only child. Then, in his senior year both of his parents died in a car accident. Being washed in the public's sympathy was too much for Monty and he left town in the dead of night. He ended up in Reno, NV working as a bouncer for a strip club, drinking, and getting into trouble. It wasn't until he wound up in dire trouble gambling that he joined up. Since then, the military has given him direction, trained him and advanced his natural talents. He's hooked on Army Rangers and he can spell it too!

M6A1 carbine w/7 magazines of 30 x 7.62mm ammo
M13 .45 cal pistol w/3 magazines of 10 x .45 cal ammo
MAK Knife
Fitted ARBA suit
4 fragmentation grenades

Name: Charlene “Charlie” Blake (probably not her real name)
Player: Vanadia
Rank: Chief Warrant Officer (two)
Billet: Techincal Attache
Gender: Female
Age: 23 yrs
Height: 5’11
Weight: 140 lbs
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX (classified in all official documents)
Appearance: Straight black hair, typically in two ponytails, pale skin and light blue eyes accentuated by goth makeup and drop dead red lipstick. Numerous tattoos, multiple piercings of ears and left eyebrow. Tall with an athletic build, usually clad in mini tartan skirts over black leggings and black Doc Martens.


Charlene (Charlie) Blake was an intensely competitive gamer: shoot'em ups, role based fantasy, card based games...if it required a handset and a monitor, she played it and played to win. At fourteen, she was legendary in the online world under her gamer name of "Angel of Doom" for her win stats, and she began programming her own games when the commercial ones became too easy. When she hacked into the DOD computers in order to get enough horsepower to compile one of her games, she came to the attention of the intelligence agency, especially when they realized that she'd been behind their firewalls for months, undetected, and only tripped a network alarm when she linked two supercomputers that were never meant to share data. Charlie was given two choices: jail time for the list of computer violations as long as her tattooed arm, or work for the government as a computer specialist. Given that she’d have more access to virtual horsepower with the grey suits, she chose the grey suits over the orange jumpsuits.

The government took guardianship of Charlie at the age of fifteen and she had quarters in a naval dormitory as not quite a prisoner, not quite a free civilian. As much as it was a restricted life, Charlie didn’t appear to miss her family, and indeed, refuses to speak of them (“I sprung from the forehead of Zeus fully formed!” she’d proclaim grandly.)

High school was completed online; after that, Charlie attended MIT (under escort) while simultaneously attending training at Quantico and other intelligence facilities. Her handlers were resentful at first at being assigned as watchdogs over a teenage girl, but she charmed them with a quirky sense of humour and a cheerful acceptance of their presence overshadowing her life. (“You dudes do what you gotta do…I’m just gonna chill with another Caf-Pow”). One Christmas, she gave them all hand knit cozies for their ear wire transmitters (black with little white skulls, naturally).

Charlie’s intuitive understanding of computers and machine logic were only enhanced by the formal education, and her handlers soon realized that she could hack or bypass any security they tried to enforce on her online activities. Charlie merely treated these attempts to control her access as yet another game, and would happily post her hacks on web forums once she’d fought her way onto the web. After several of such stunts, her handlers negotiated an agreement: Charlie was given more freedom in return for sharing her hacks only with the security designers themselves so that they could fix the loopholes she exploited.

One side effect of Charlie’s gaming addiction was one that parents everywhere would hate: it really did give her excellent hand-eye coordination. One of the FBI no-necks at Quantico had been teasing the civilian goth girl about only knowing life in a virtual world when one of his buddies suggested a shooting match at the range. Charlie’s first few shots were wild, the recoil nearly sending her flying, but then she watched the others shoot a few times, re-braided her pigtails, then proceeded to place her remaining shots within a tight circle around the bulls eye.

Special Ops recruited her after that and the rest is a matter of official record (So the DM can figure out rank and specializations). She’s not very athletic (her build seems to be more from genetics than any effort on her part, given the poor diet and lack of willing exercise) but she’s got fast reflexes, so her martial arts training emphasized personal defense over attack. Boot camp nearly killed her, but she found a stubborn streak and persevered.

Charlie had been playing with the goth look when she was first arrested for the hack, and she embraced it fully as her quiet rebellion against the tucked in, razor creased life of the people around her. Her jet black hair is usually tied onto two ponytails, one on either side of her head, with the part and her heavy straight bangs aligned with mathematical precision. Her naturally pale skin has seen very little sun and the long hours in front of a monitor would soon bleach out any colour she accidentally acquired. She has blue eyes that are so pale as to seem almost white, with a darker blue ring around them, which she refers to as her “husky dog eyes”. Her eye makeup varies with her mood, from fairly simple black eyeliner smudged carelessly into the creases to elaborate kohl lines and extended lashes, a la Cleopatra, with lipstick ranging from matte red to glossy black.

She wears two black knit wristlets that cover the palms of her hands while leaving her fingers free. One has the word “geek” on it and the other says “nerd”. When she’s feeling playful, she’ll change them for ones that say “good” and “evil”. When she’s not in front of a computer, fueling up on Caf-Pow (a highly caffeinated energy drink) and Gummi Bears, she’s knitting. It’s like her hands don’t know how to be still.

Although she was apprehended in Fort Worth, she doesn’t sound Texan, indeed, she will sometimes sound mid-western, or effect a New Englander’s loss of consonants, before rattling of a sentence with a New Yorker’s speed. Whatever her family may have been like, she’d clearly moved around the country a lot.

M6A1 carbine w/7 magazines of 30 x 7.62mm ammo
M9A2 9mm pistol w/3 magazines of 15 x 9mm ammo
MAK Knife
Fitted ARBA suit
4 fragmentation grenades
computer gear

Name: Jeremiah Kane
Player: Tann'Talas
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Billet: Team Sergeant (Heavy Weapons)
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Height: 6’1
Weight: 225 pds
Hometown: Dallas Texas
Appearance: Large well built very muscular (Think Arnold Schwarzenegger during his body building day), Short cropped Blonde, hair military cut. Ice blue eyes laced with steel An Attractive scar running from skull to neck. Tattoo on right arm of redheaded Angel w/ purple wings wearing a tight green leotard, black elbow gloves, black hip high boots and wearing mirror lenses sunglasses a banner underneath reads “Rebel Angel”
Born in Ft Meade Maryland at Kimbourgh Army hospital Jeremiah Kane it seemed was destined to be a soldier, or so his Master Sergeant of a father bragged. How wrong at that time his father was to be no one had any idea.

In school from Elementary on up it was fast discovered that the young blonde haired boy was a fighter, always seeming to be in involved in some type of fist fight. As his suspensions grew it was hard on his parents, his Dad by now retired, and his Mom working, to deal with him being home sometimes for a week at a time due to his behavior. Hyper active, prone to violence, disruptive, he was labeled with it all and finally his luck so to speak ran out and he was expelled in his 10th grade year for beating up his shop teacher one afternoon. Though it was to come out later that the teacher had in fact attacked him first by grabbing Jeremiah’s long hair from the back and had been fired, the school offering to reinstate the boy, his father had, had enough and with the start of his 2nd 10th grade year off to military school he went.

To the surprise of all, save his father perhaps, Jeremiah excelled in the rough stern school, and with the progress of medicine, his hyper activity finally had a name ADHD. With the close attention given to each student and the mandatory ROTC curriculum Jeremiah began to change and finally in his senior year he lived up to his fathers bragging and enlisted in the US Army Airborne on a 1 year delayed entry program. With 3 years of ROTC and 1 year delayed service on his graduation from Basic Training he was made an E-4.

Now 14 years later he has fought in Panama, the Persian Gulf states of Kuwait and Iraq, has seen duty in Afghanistan and has since transferring to the Rangers seen combat in many an unnamed hell hole all under the radar of MSNBC, CNN, CNBC and so many other “News” shows.

A skilled veteran at the age of 36 he now leads a hand picked team of men on missions no one will ever know about. Like the Navy Seals before them they take on what Uncle Sam calls the bad guys Rangers all.

But now to Staff Sergeant’s Kane dismay not only has he to work with a “civie” on this new as yet unknown mission the upper ups have dumped an Officer on him, an Officer for Jesus Christ, his day just got worse.

Personailty: A tough take charge attitude don't give me any shit kind of mentality. Willing to listen to advice on a mission but always gives the orders, a get the job done no matter the means yet bring his men home alive leader yet very laid back when not on a mission. Believes true love does not exist yet yarns for it anyway. A father to a 16 going on 17 year old boy who he has seen very little of due to consent missions a longing to be the boy's Dad once again.

M251 SAW w/10 belts of 200 x 7.62mm ammo
M13 .45 cal pistol w/3 magazines of 10 x .45 cal ammo
MAK Knife
Fitted ARBA suit
2 fragmentation grenades
2 concussion grenades
Gerber MK II knife

Name: James Lee
Player: YeOlde
Rank: Sergeant
Billet: Rifleman
Specialty: Marital Arts
Race: Chinese/American
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 175 lbs
Appearance: An average height Asian/American man sporting a black crew cut wearing typical Ranger uniform and gear.

Background: James Lee, son of a Chinese mother and an American Army Father who were never married, grew up a typical army brat on U.S. Military bases all around Asia. He has studied martial arts since he was 4 years old from his father and his maternal grandfather who was a Chinese Wing Chun Master. He often had to use these skills in fights because of his mixed parentage.

At age 14, James and his mother moved to America after his father was killed in action in some top secret conflict. When he was 18 he joined the Army despite the objections of his mother. James excelled in his military training and learned communications as well as his other combat duties. He was accepted into the U.S. Army Rangers and received further training in weapons, tactics, stealth, and infiltration; all of the typical ranger skills. During his term of service he has risen to the rank of Sergeant and often serves as the communications man in a Ranger Squad.

Personality: James is a driven man, though he is a fine Ranger and excellent close combat fighter, he feels that he has been held back in his advancement because of his mixed heritage. He is often brooding and solitary at times, something that is often counterproductive to the team. He has a short fuse and often meditates when angry in order to keep from exploding at someone or some situation.

M6A1 carbine w/7 magazines of 30 x 7.62mm ammo
M9A2 9mm pistol w/3 magazines of 15 x 9mm ammo
MAK Knife
Fitted ARBA suit
2 fragmentation grenades
2 incindiery grenades
Chinese short sword

Name: Richard (Ricky) Hatherford
Player: Grugg
Rank: Corporal
Billet: Sniper
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 179 lbs
Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Appearance: Slightly short and lean, but in shape. Shaved head, with blue eyes and a black goatee, often wears polarized sunglasses. When not in uniform prefers loose jeans, t-shirts and a padded vest along with military style boots.

Background/Personality: Born in Portland, Oregon, Ricky is the third generation of service men from the Hatherford family. Both his father and his father before him were Rangers and served in various combats throughout the years. When he came of age Ricky had joined the military without a second thought, his first and only concern keeping his family's tradition alive. His keen eye and marksmanship soon earned him a place for special training as a sniper with the Rangers.

Ricky always seems to to be in a good mood, and is at an age where he seems to think he's invincible. The fact that being a sniper often means he is removed from the actual fighting and he's come to feel more like fighting is a game than the actual life-or-death situation it is. Ricky always tries to break the tension with jokes whenever possible and does his best to keep his teammates in the same good mood he always seems to be in.

M28 SWS w/7 magazines of 10 x 7.62mm ammo
M13 .45 cal pistol w/3 magazines of 10 x .45 cal ammo
MAK Knife
Fitted ARBA suit
2 fragmentation grenades
2 smoke grenades (red)

Name: Inga Borg Louise Bjornnsen Medic
Player: Brianna
Rank: Corporal
Billet: Medic
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 5’11
Weight: 135
Hometown: Born in Los Angeles California, Currently

Appearance: Inga had very Nordic looks with straight, flaxen blond hair, cornflower blue eyes, and fair complexion that does tan lightly with exposed to the sun. While she usually is appropriately dressed for whatever she is fdoing she is not a clothes horse.

Background: Inga is third generation American, born to Waldemar and Christina Bjornnsen. Both parents were lightly respected scientists in their respective fields. Her father was an astrophysicist and the mother did medical research. She was school at home until high school when her parents sent her to a prep school with strong science department. She truly enjoyed her senior year and graduated with honors. She started college on a fast track for medical school with the idea of becoming a doctor, however in school she learned a lot nore that medicine and when there was a call for qualified medics she fit the bill and on top of that that she wanted to serve her country, She signed up for the Army much to her parents surprise and dismay. Inga had that idea since she felt the best people should be doing their best for their country. She speaks, Norwegian, English, and can read Latin. She is most likely in her early twenties

Inga’s physical activities include archery, karate, horseback riding and skiing. Her knowledge of guns is limited before joining the Army but she learn to do that as well. She understood the principles of good marksmanship from archery with a laser sight she does very well. Inga has a black belt in Karate. She enjoys downhill and cross-country skiing, learning that when her parents went back to Norway on vacations. As a child she participated in gymnastics, especially like rhythmic gymnastics and floor exercises.

Personality: Inga is level-headed, and has a no non-sense personality. She likes to get to the point. She is tenacious in her work and studies. Inga likes to socialze since being home school and traveling a lot with her parents precluded having lots of friends when she was younger. She is tolerant of others though she haa a strong sense of principals that she does not often go against.. She still plans on being a full-fledged doctor.

M19A2 rifle w/7 magazines of 30 x 7.62mm ammo
M13 .45 cal pistol w/3 magazines of 10 x .45 cal ammo
MAK Knife
Fitted ARBA suit
2 fragmentation grenades
1 concussion grenade
1 incindiery grenade
medical kit

Name: Gabriel Jame Hart
Rank: Corporal
Billet: Demolitions
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Hometown: Lockwood, MO (though he now wanders from base to base)

Appearance: Short and of a small to medium build, many would call him puny at first. He has always kept in shape and has a muscle tone that many professional athletes would respect. He has brownish-green eyes and black, straight hair that he keeps longer than most other soldiers but still within army regulations. He remains clean shaven.

Background: Born in Joplin, Missouri, Grabriel was nearly six weeks premature and grew up as a sickly child. His father was in the National Guard unit 203 and had served in both Iraqi conflicts. As he grew up, Gabriel learned the importance of having both a strong back and a strong mind from helping his father around the farm.

In Junior High and High School, Gabriel found he was too short to be any real good at basketball but found that he was a fine receiver and helluva good at running track due to both his speed and endurance. He was always energetic with a fiery personality and had found a good release for it. At the age of 14, Gabriel set fire to a full bale of hay and found it strangely fascinating. From that point on, his father supervised him in his new-found hobby of amateur explosives.

After graduation, Gabriel enlisted in the army and worked as a demolitionist in the airborne infantry. After a few years, he was accepted into Ranger School and found it to be no less a challenge and a thrill as he had expected. Conduct unbecoming due to brawls and other actions has kept him from advancing beyond e-4.

Personality: He is always energetic and has a constant "twinkle" in his eye. Some says he has a bad temper but it takes alot to get him going, but he says that he has a "fuse that is short, but just hard to light." Always looking for something to do and never able to sit still has gotten him into some trouble from time to time and he won't bother with denying it.

M6A1 carbine w/7 magazines of 30 x 7.62mm ammo
M13 .45 cal pistol w/3 magazines of 10 x .45 cal ammo
MAK Knife
Fitted ARBA suit
2 fragmentation grenades
2 incindiery grenades
M213 Demo Kit (sixteen M132 6" x 2" x 2" blocks of APE, four priming assemblies, one M88 carrying case)

Name: Denes Pearson
Player: Utan the Orange
Rank: Private 1st Class
Billet: Grenadier
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 220 lbs
Hometown: Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Appearance: Built like a grizzly bear, Private Denes Pearson is the epitome of “strapping, young lad”. You can tell his thick, corded muscles, while powerful, have been conditioned for endurance; he looks more like a farm boy and less like a body builder.

Pearson keeps his naturally curly, sun-bleached blonde hair cropped short in a typical military cut. The young man’s skin is darkly tanned and small “nicked” scars can be found on his arms and face.

On his upper right arm, Denes sports a tattoo of a black, cartoonish, lit bomb about to explode. Within the bomb is silver lettering which reads “Heavy D”.

Pearson’s face is youthful, his eyes are lively and bright blue. While he normally has a gentle and cheerful demeanor, he can, when necessary, put on such a scowl that, when combined with his powerful build, is very intimidating.

Background/personality: The Pearson family has owned dairy operation just outside of Oshkosh, Wisconsin for more than a century. And while most folks count on death and taxes, Pearson sons have known only two constant truths over the past hundred years: working the farm and serving your country. It was a family tradition, and Denes could trace his family’s military history all the way back to his great, great grandpa who had served in the second World War.

But while most of the Pearsons served in the army for only a time before returning to work the family farm, Denes knew he would likely be a career soldier. It wasn’t that he didn’t like life on the farm… he did and, in fact, missed it sometimes. But Denes knew that with two older brothers and the current economic climate, there just was enough work to feed them all.

And so Denes stuck with the military. Sure, it had something to do with family tradition. Sure, it made his dad proud. But Denes was also built for it and, for the most part, enjoyed it. He could think of very few other jobs allowed him to maximize his strengths, save for maybe farming.

While he has been in the military for a while, he has yet to be promoted past private. Denes knows this is because he is academically weak and, really, he doesn’t mind much. While the pay continues to be pretty low, Denes has no family to support and no bills to pay, so he’s been able to put away money into savings.

Even though he is built like a grizzly bear, Denes personality is closer to that of a teddy bear. Cheerful and encouraging, the young man leans towards hopeful optimism more often than not. While he is adaptable and easygoing, Denes prefers the keep things simple and likes his orders that way too.

M19A2 Assault Rifle w/ 7 magazines of 30 x 7.62mm ammo
M413 Under-barrel Grenade Launcher w/ 6 40mm fragmentation grenade rounds
M9A2 Pistol w/ 3 magazines of 15 x 9mm ammo
MAK Knife
Fitted ARBA suit
2 Fragmentation Grenades
1 Concussion Grenade
1 Incendiary Grenade

Posted on 2007-08-17 at 14:14:21.
Edited on 2008-08-22 at 13:21:08 by t_catt11

Topic: An alternate sci-fi game?
Subject: okay, that does it...

I believe that our roster is now full. As such, I do not need any further applications (though if you are dying to play, and still want to get in, I could squeeze in one more).

If you have received an acceptance PM from me, you are in!

Now, please note the following:

We have a Q&A thread titled "A Cold Day in Hell" Q&A. Please refer to the equipment list there. You will need to submit your choice of a primary weapon and a sidearm to me.

Questions from accepted players should be posted in the Q&A thread, not here.

Good luck!

Posted on 2007-08-17 at 14:13:46.

Topic: Audalis: afterlife
Subject: hmmm

Interesting takes, all! I am very glad to see this old discussion dusted off... welcome back, Mith - don't stay gone so long next time.

The idea of syls being reincarnated as another natural being is one that had never occurred to me. I do like it, though I'm not totally sold.

As to the comment regarding "lots of gods, no one way", this is very true - there is no one size fits all answer for the afterlife. I think that since each deity is different, the associated afterlives should be, as well.

I do NOT like the standard D&D alignment-defined planes tied to a deity approach. To me, someone who has worshipped Rydor, and spent his life championing justice and fairness - but is of neutral good alignment - shold still go to Rydor's afterlife, despite the fact that Rydor is lawful good.

I also agree, I don't think that undeath should be a standard afterlife destination. Undead are, by and large, artificial creatures dur to spells and similar meddling. Only some noteable free-willed undead (vampires, for instance) are an exception to this.

More musings to come...

Posted on 2007-08-17 at 13:41:42.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: cool

The equipment listing is close to complete. If you have already been selected to play, feel free to PM me your following equipment choices:

If you are NOT a sniper (in which case your primary weapon will be the M28 SWS), please let me know if you wish to use the M19 (rifle) or M6 (carbine) as your primary weapon. Everyone, please select either the M9 (9mm) or the M13 (.45 cal) as your sidearm.

Everyone will get a knife, standard issue, as well as hand grenades, and ammunition appropriate for your weaponry choices. If you don't see something here that you were hoping for, PM me and we'll discuss it.

Posted on 2007-08-16 at 22:25:49.
Edited on 2007-08-16 at 22:26:28 by t_catt11

Topic: Goofy Burf-day stuff
Subject: heh

I'm a dove.

Posted on 2007-08-16 at 21:59:14.

Topic: An alternate sci-fi game?
Subject: yup

I have notified everyone whose submissions I have accepted. I did send you a PM a few minutes ago, Brianna, with a question. Please check your inbox.

Posted on 2007-08-16 at 17:07:58.

Topic: An alternate sci-fi game?
Subject: is there a medic in the house???

I need a strong leader type, and I need a medic. We really have the team covered well, beyond that.

Posted on 2007-08-16 at 17:02:12.

Topic: The Guiding Light Q&A
Subject: *crack*

Whaaa-ssssshhh! Get to work!

Posted on 2007-08-16 at 16:57:15.

Topic: An alternate sci-fi game?
Subject: plblblbllbbb

Puhlease! you are leadership material and then some, just this character appears to not be.

Posted on 2007-08-16 at 16:56:39.

Topic: The Guiding Light Q&A
Subject: hallo?


Posted on 2007-08-16 at 16:45:36.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: ranger creed

Recognizing that I volunteered as a Ranger, fully knowing the hazards of my chosen profession, I will always endeavor to uphold the prestige, honor, and high esprit de corps of my Ranger Regiment.

Acknowledging the fact that a Ranger is a more elite soldier who arrives at the cutting edge of battle by land, sea, or air, I accept the fact that as a Ranger my country expects me to move farther, faster and fight harder than any other soldier.

Never shall I fail my comrades. I will always keep myself mentally alert, physically strong and morally straight and I will shoulder more than my share of the task whatever it may be. One-hundred-percent and then some.

Gallantly will I show the world that I am a specially selected and well-trained soldier. My courtesy to superior officers, neatness of dress and care of equipment shall set the example for others to follow.

Energetically will I meet the enemies of my country. I shall defeat them on the field of battle for I am better trained and will fight with all my might. Surrender is not a Ranger word. I will never leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy and under no circumstances will I ever embarrass my country.

Readily will I display the intestinal fortitude required to fight on to the Ranger objective and complete the mission though I be the lone survivor.

Rangers lead the way!

Posted on 2007-08-16 at 15:44:26.

Topic: An alternate sci-fi game?
Subject: by the way...

I don't think that I mentioned this before, but please do realize, character can absolutely die in this adventure. In fact, it is a pretty tough plot, so, well... were warned. Yo wanna bail, say so now!

Posted on 2007-08-16 at 15:35:06.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: equipment guide

I will be adding to and editing this post, so keep an eye on it. This will be the official equipment guide for the game.

ARBA: Advanced Ranger Body Armor was adopted in late 2023 with the aim of improving upon the earlier body armors such as the PAGST (kevlar flak jacket) of the 80's and the Interceptor system first introduced in Iraq and Afganistan in the late 90's.

The ARBA system features the amenities one expects in a military armor - loops for attaching grenades, various pouches for ammo and other small items, and the ability to quickly affix on top of combat fatigues. More importantly, it possesses the ability to stop a direct hit from a 7.62mm round without the need of the weighty, bulky inserts that earlier armors required, thanks to a breakthrough in composite technology yeilding a weave even tougher than kevlar, while yet remaining lighter.

M19A2 assault rifle: as body armor technology and availability increased, so too did the need for a more powerful way of combating it. In 2019, The United States Rifle, Caliber 7.62mm - more commonly known at the M19 - was introduced as an upgrade to the somewhat questionable stopping power of the 5.56mm M16. The M19 may be fired in single shots, three round bursts, or on full automatic.

The M19 is a lightweight, air-cooled, gas-operated, magazine-fed rifle, capable of both longer effective range and greater stopping power than either the M16 or the AK-47. Typical ranger ammunition loadout consists of magazines of thirty jacketed rounds with a tungsten-carbide penetrator, designed to penetrate body armor.

M6A1 Carbine: The M6 is essentially the same weapon as the M19 assault rifle - the two have an 85% parts commonality. The major difference is that the M6 is somewhat lighter and more compact due to the shorter stock and barrel. While these differences make it less accurate at long range, its handiness makes the M6 quite popular in CQC (close quarters combat), and is the preferred weapon of many special forces soldiers.

M28 SWS: The M28 SWS (Sniper Weapons System) is a descendant of the venerable M14 rifle that still sees use around the globe nearly seventy years after its inception. The standard ammunition for the M28 is the 7.62mm round, available in 10 or 20 count box magazines. However, the long action of the gun also allows for use of the .300 Winchester magnum cartidge for extreme long range firing.

M251 SAW: The M251 Squad Automatic Weapon follows suit with the philisophical shift seen in the rest of the United States military's moves away from the smaller 5.56mm rounds to the 7.62mm for increased stopping power.

The M251 is an air-cooled, gas-operated, fully-automatic-only firearm that fires from an open bolt position. It can accept belts of linked 7.62mm ammunition through the top-mounted feed tray or M19-type magazines through the side-mounted port. The latter allows a SAW gunner to use riflemens' magazines in an emergency if he runs out of belted ammunition, though this often causes jams as the magazine spring cannot adequately keep up with the weapon's high rate of fire.

The M251 is designed to be fired with the aid of a bipod or vehicle-mounted tripod, and works best as a supressive-fire weapon. However, the lightweight design does allow the weapon to be shoulder-fired like other rifles if need be.

M413 Grenade Launcher: The M413 is a single shot grenade launcher that attaches to the M19 assault rifle or the M6 carbine. The weapon represents an imporivement of the past M203 and XM320 designs, integrating the easiest reloading mechanism ever seen in a rifle-mounted grenade launcher, along with unparalled accuracy. The munitions for the M413 are standard 40mm grenades (which resemble small artillery shells more than they do typical hand grenades).

M73 Grenade: The M73 is a standard fragmentation hand grenade used by US and Canadian forces. The M73 is a replacement for the M67 of the late twentieth century, with the noteable improvement being a more powerful blast with similar fragmentation dispersion.

M9A2 Pistol: Formally referred to as Pistol, Semiautomatic, 9mm, M9A2, the M9, originally intruduced in the 1980s, is still the most widely used handgun in the US military. Standard issue ammunition consists of 15 round magazines.

M13 Pistol: Formally referred to as Pistol, Semiautomatic, .45 caliber, M13, the M13, originally introduced in 2016, has seen widespread use in US special forces due to its increased stopping power when compared to the M9. That stopping power does come at a tradeoff, naturally; standard issue magazines for the weapon only hold 10 rounds, and the M13 is not quite as accurate as - nor does it enjoy quite the range of - the M9.

MAK Knife: The Multipurpose Attack Knife is a twelve inch (7 inch blade), lightweight, titanium knife manufactured exclusively for the US Rangers. It is non magnetic, non corrosive, extremely durable, and retains an edge exceedingly well.

APE: Advanced Plastic Explosive is a lighter, more powerful improvement over the standard Composition Four (C4) "plastic" explosive in use over most of the past century. To the untrained eye, it appears very similar to C4, but has an effectiveness rating of 1.85 (a standard set against TNT), when compared to C4's 1.34.

While APE is at least as pliable as C4, it has one further advantage - when kneaded vigourously, the material becomes temporarily adhesive, even to dirty, rusty, wet, or otherwise unfavoriable surface conditions. Therefore, a soldier can tear off a small piece, knead it, place it against the structure to be destroyed, and attach the remainder of the charge against the sticky portion.

As with C4 (and other plastic explosives), APE will not detonate even if dropped, struck, shot, cut, or burned. Detonation requires high pressure and heat, such as produced by a detonator or blasting cap.

Posted on 2007-08-16 at 14:48:12.
Edited on 2007-11-01 at 17:21:56 by t_catt11

Topic: An alternate sci-fi game?
Subject: nuh-uh!

Tann, I got your placeholder submission, but still no background/personality section. Until I get that, the charater is not complete.

I have accepted three applications thus far: the sniper, the computer tech, and the martial artsty person. As of right now, I have not assigned either the team leader or team sergeant spots. I am considering another application for the scientist position.

Honestly, I have not yet received an application to make me seriously consider them as team leader. *shrug* Everyone has gone for a nitch that doesn't quite line up with it.

If you wish to be accepted into this game, please do not try to "munchkin" your character! I am accepting no supermen, no cyborgs, no avatars, and no beings with myserious powers!

I am looking for smart, tough, qualified soldiers. This game is set eighteen years in the future, not eight hundred. This game is populated by people, not superheroes. If you are only looking to play someone more "powerful" or someome with way more skills than everyone else, please look for another game.

Posted on 2007-08-16 at 13:33:12.
Edited on 2007-08-16 at 13:49:15 by t_catt11

Topic: An alternate sci-fi game?
Subject: bleh

NOT your daddy.

Nice number of submissions so far!

Posted on 2007-08-15 at 19:37:42.

Topic: An alternate sci-fi game?
Subject: you are correct...

Read the directions, children.

Posted on 2007-08-15 at 17:20:19.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A

This will be the official Q&A thread for my modern/military game, "A Cold Day In Hell", currently being advertised for as "An alternate sci-fi game?" in the recruitment area.

Watch this section for a complete character roster (as it becomes available). Naturally, all out of character conversation, questions for the GM (me), etc, go here as well.

Posted on 2007-08-15 at 17:01:32.

Topic: An alternate sci-fi game?
Subject: pish tosh

Of course you are supposed to be here!

Posted on 2007-08-15 at 16:55:59.

Topic: An alternate sci-fi game?
Subject: what I need...

On the one hand, this will be, quite honestly, a modernized version of a dungeon crawl. On the other, this will be (hopefully) a fun RP experience, and one that will include some good writing. No, you don't have to be a novelist, but I will be looking for characters with some personality, and posts with at least a couple of short paragraphs in them.

This squad will be a handpicked, super-elite unit. That being said, superman is not a member. We'll pick skills based off of a fair system - you can't be an expert at everything!

It is assumed that everyone will be capable of handling typical firearms - both pistols and assault rifles. Furthermore, everyone will have the equivalent of the combat martial arts feat - in battle, you can deal lethal damage unarmed. Finally, the rangers are a force deisgned to be elite light reconnisance - so everyone will have training at survival and stealth, as well.

Beyond that, we'll add in the ability to specialize a bit. If you are taking the scientist role, you simply won't be quite as good in battle as someone who has focused on it. If you are a demo expert or heavy weapons speacialist, again, you won't be quite as good slinging a rifle as someone who hasn't branched out like you. Ditto on the medic.

Hmm, let me digress for a moment. I have tossed the term "squad" around - in correct nomenclature, this will actually be a "team". Normally, a squad is 10-12 members split into two teams, plus a squad leader. Now, back to the show!

These are the slots we have available. I will update as they are filled!
Edit: as of right now, I have accepted four submissions. I do not need another sniper, martial arts specialist, or computer tech at this time. I do seriously need a medic!

  • Team Leader: 1st or 2nd lieutenant.
  • Scientist: Warrant officer - you would technically outrank everyone but the team leader, but would be outside the chain of command. I will consider a civilian for this slot, but for the survivability of the team, another gun-toter is probably best.
  • Team Sergeant: Staff Sergeant. In a standard squad, this individual would actually be the squad leader, with two teams under their command. However, for this mission, the brass wants an officer along.
  • Grenadier: enlisted rank. This individual will function as a typical rifleman, except that they will carry the M413 grenade launcher mounted on their rifle for additional firepower.
  • Rifleman: enlisted rank
  • Rifleman: enlisted rank

You may pick ONE specialty for your character. If you are going for the scientist, medic, or leader slot, you guessed it - your speciality is taken (though as GM, I reserve the right to allow the squad leader and/or sergeant to hold one additional speciality due to their experience).

Specialities include: demolitions, heavy weapons, martial arts, tech, science, medic, tactics (leader), sniper, rifle, pistol. If I've missed one, lemme know.

If you are interested in playing, a post here to that effect is fine and dandy, but I want the body of your submission to be PMed to me.

I need the following:
Age (though this can and will be adjusted to reflect your rank)

No, you don't have to give me a novel. But I really would like a couple of paragraphs so that I can have an idea of what your character is all about!

You may request a rank, but please don't make that the end all point of your submission. The lowliest rifleman in the group will still be an expert at something critical to the team's success. I reserve the right to hand out spots to those who I feel are the best fit, not simply those who ask first. Sorry, but I have been involved in games where rank was used to the detriment of the game (note that I said GAMES, not GAME, for those who might think I'm singling them out), and so I will be picky on this. You may ask for the looey spot, but still make an excellent grenadier, for instance.

We'll get to equipment AFTER we start getting characters in the team.

Okay, whew. Any questions, ask!

Posted on 2007-08-15 at 15:58:37.
Edited on 2007-08-16 at 16:58:43 by t_catt11

Topic: An alternate sci-fi game?
Subject: wow...

Great responses, all!

Thanks for the suggestions for setting and such. However, I pretty much have that - my plot and all is fairly dependant upon it.

After a bit of musing, I have decided that we'll stick with one branch of service: all personnel will be US Army Rangers. As such, you will all be highly qualified in both hand to hand and ranged combat - you have to be to earn the Ranger tab. Of course, you may bring special skills to the table beyond simply killing enemies. You are the best of the best.

The year will be 2025. There have been some noticeable political shifts around the globe, and the United States has been involved in quite a few comflicts, but there has been no apocalypse, no WWIII.

We'll get into details once we start the game itself, but the high level plot of the mission is this: a scientific station in Antartica of significant US military interest made some strange communications before falling completely silent. The mission will be for the ranger team to investigate what has happened to the station, and to contact the lead scientist onsite, if possible. If not, the team is to recover as much intel as possible as to what has happened to the station - and more importantly, to the project that was being conducted there. Finally, any materials related to the project should also be recovered, if possible.

I will be using the d20 modern system as a base for what happens, but I do not expect you guys to worry about stats and the like - I'm handling that. I may ask you some questions to help fill out some stuff for me, but that's it. Note that I said "as a base" - I'll be handing out some extra feats and such to allow you to do your jobs.

More to come...

Posted on 2007-08-15 at 14:13:26.
Edited on 2007-08-15 at 15:31:09 by t_catt11

Topic: An alternate sci-fi game?
Subject: okay, here's the idea....

This is going to be a mixture of genres. Military, sci-fi, maybe a bit of something else tossed in?

We're gonna set this in the not terribly distant future, perhaps the year 2025 or so. The PCs will be SpecOps personnel... I have yet to decide from exactly which branch(es).

I am opening this game to no more than six PCs, of which at least one needs to be a medic. Ideally, we'll have one PC playing the role of a scientist type. This person could be a civilian specialist brought in for their particular knowledge, or it could be someone with a military background. If you are interested in the science role, please PM me for more detail.

I would expect that we will need one demo expert, as well. Beyond that, ratings (jobs) are pretty much open.

You guys will not necessarily be a squad, in the traditional sense - it would work well that you are each handpicked for this mission.

I will be loosely using the d20 modern system for this game, but as of this moment, I am not soliciting character sheets - simply character concepts.

Posted on 2007-08-14 at 22:15:08.
Edited on 2007-08-15 at 13:19:53 by t_catt11

Topic: Star Wars: The Tides of Fate
Subject: Dalroth

Ziv's earnest attempts to tinker with the landspeeder are interrupted by a female voice. "What exactly do you think you are doing?"

The begoggled young engineer nearly conks his head on an access hatch as he turns to focus on the disapproving stare of Jeena. "Let me see that," she demands, indicating the datapad.

GM's note: assuming he agrees...

After reading the output on the screen, she visibly relaxes. "Offworlders," she speaks, rolling her eyes. "You do realize that if a stranger showed up in your garage and started tinkering with your equipment, you might think they were trying to sabotage things or something? I can see that you're not, but in the future, it might be wise to ask before you go poking into other people's gear."

As she hands the datapad back to Ziv, he notices grease under Jeena's fingernails. The look on his face says it all, and she laughs prettily. "Sure, you're not the only gearhead around here. I've spent plenty of time out here, working on things with Jaal. He showed me everything I know, but I'm better than he is at a lot of things now - including speeders."

Indeed, she is good - despite the age of the equipment, Ziv can find no way to improve the performance of the landspeeders. Eventually, the time comes for dinner, and the two of them head that direction.


He stood in the shadows beyond the periphery of the compound and away from prying ears. "That's correct," the large man spoke quietly into his commlink. "I trust that the information will be beneficial to our mutual interests?"

He nodded at the reply. "Remember, you MUST allow enough time for the transportation to clear!" This time, the reply was enough to cause a wide grin to split the man's face.

"Excellent." With that, he cut the comm off. In some small way, he would have his revenge.


The food, though basic fare, is rather tasty, and quite plentiful. Gerald is fairly quiet throughout dinner, refusing to even look in Caise's direction, and sticks mostly to monosyllable answers. Jaal sits next to Jeena, and attempts to keep the conversation lively, but has very limited success - Gerald acts as a proverbial wet blanket. Eventually, the time for sleep arrives.

The morning comes soon enough, and it is time to head in to Dalroth. There is a brief argument where Gerald apparently tries to order his son to allow Umalad to drive the party to town, but Jaal objects strenuously, and eventually wins the discussion. He and Jeena pile into one of the SoroSuub 45's along with the group, and the distance to the city is covered rather quickly.

"I don't understand why he's being like this," Jaal complains. "He rides me for days about being responsible, keeping my appointments, that kind of thing, and suddenly he wants me to just not show this morning? I know that he doesn't like jedi, but it's not like you're going to get me to run off and join your order or something." He rolls his eyes, and Jeena chuckles gaily as she leans against the young man. All in all, it is a pleasant ride.

When compared to, say, the settlements of the core worlds, Dalroth is a mere speck on the landscape, but in the sparsely populated countryside found in this part of Taanab, is is a veritible metropolis. Hovercars and speeders dart this way and that, and despite the early hour, a large assortment of beings pack the streets as they go about their business.

Jaal negotiates the traffic until the speeder arrives as a long, squat building contructed of drab gray polyblock. "Brod's Mercantile," Jaal announces. "The place to purchase ag equipment at decent rates here in Dalroth - provided that you have the know-how to make any needed 'improvements'."

Jeena snickers. "Don't you mean, fix the broken junk they try to pawn off on you?"

Jaal chuckles in response. "You get what you pay for! Still, it's also the biggest trading post here in Dalroth - if you need any gear, this is probably your best bet in the city."

Everyone climbs out of the speeder and Jaal sets the security field before speaking again. "I supose this is where we part ways - Jeena and I back to our boring lives, and the rest of you off to adventure and excitment, eh?" He smiles, an odd expression in his eyes. "I'll be here for a couple of hours, at least, so if you need anything, just ask." He focuses on Caise. "It was a pleasure to meet you, sir. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions." He then looks around. "And the rest of you, as well. Safe travels to you all!"

GM's note: any conversation can go here...

For her part, Jeena simply smiles, bids you goodbye, and takes Jaal's hand. The two of them enter the mercantile, leaving you in the busy street.

Posted on 2007-08-14 at 14:43:32.
Edited on 2007-08-14 at 14:47:52 by t_catt11

Topic: The Guiding Light
Subject: no ships...

The barkeep seems somewhat bemused at the bladesinger's discomfiture. "Does it happen often? Not by a long shot, else'n this town'd dry up and blow away on tha breeze, lass! Fishin's fine an' all, an' keeps a good lot of bellies full, but Crall's Shoal is a port 'o trade. If there be no ships, there be no trade."

He grimaces before picking up another glass to polish. "Stormy season'll be on us afore long, and there's a goodly lot o'folks who're countin' on ships from Bayris to make tha last transactions o' summer. But as of yet, the weather's been right as rain far sailin', so that cannae be it. And the fishermen themselves seem ta have no trouble with the waters or anything in 'em. Course, they don't go too far from port... why would they?"

He shakes his head. "I did hear old Jenris sayin' somethin' about tha lighthouse bein' dark a time or two lately. 'Bout tha only strange thing I've heard tell of." He gestures at one of the sailors in the far corner. "If ya wanna know more about that, talk to the fella over there with tha long beard."

Posted on 2007-08-13 at 22:13:09.
Edited on 2007-08-13 at 22:14:03 by t_catt11

Topic: The Guiding Light Q&A
Subject: heh

Oriana is the goddess of love and passion. Historically, in the real world, such religion has resulted in works of great beauty... and in some extremely carnal acts!

Now, if your pali was looking to manipulate young women into doing things against their will, or was trying to use his status/position/religion in a way that harmed others, then it would not go well for him. But I see no issue in him looking for consenting physical love as an outlet for his, er, worship.

Posted on 2007-08-13 at 21:56:04.

Topic: The Tides of Fate Q&A
Subject: whoa...

More creepy "Eol in our heads" again!

Posted on 2007-08-13 at 17:21:35.

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