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Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: to me

Send it to me so I can include it in my post.

Posted on 2011-07-14 at 14:39:59.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Discouraging

I am waiting on Phelan to reply to a PM I sent but I can go forward without his answer.

Our "new" Doctor has not sent me anything and has not replied to my messages.


I want to get the game moving so I will do a post to move things forward, let Phelan fill in the blanks on conversation and keep the doctor in the background for now. If I don't get a doc replacement by end of this week, I will probably put in an NPC doctor like Trish is the NPC within Rocinante.

Posted on 2011-07-14 at 13:33:52.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Going down

Frisco, Day Nine 11:10 pm Planet Time

Asher looked at the blood on the stairwell and knew that he had struck her someplace hard. There was a lot of blood on the stairway up. He pulled out a flash bang grenade and counted to five before tossing it up stairs. The cigar shaped explosive flew upward and bounced inwards towards where Ash knew the bed was on the second floor loft.


The kid took cover and waited to see what would happen. There was no cry out of any type but then something banged hard against the floor, something that sounded long and metal - like a rifle hitting the floor. There was a brief whimper and then a woman's voice calls out feebly, "Lord I don't want to die. Please! I surrender! I don't want to die."

Just then Ash's radio sounds off, "Bowman, Wolf, Kid? Anyone read?"

Down the street, Andrew Bowman checks the man before him for a pulse and finds none. He takes the man's gun away as a precaution but doubts he will rise again to cause trouble.

"Bowman, Wolf, Kid? Anyone read?" Wyatt calls out on the radio.

“Wyatt… Bowman here,” he said in a low voice as he kept to the shadows as much as he could… “.. encountered some … problems… nothing that I couldn’t handle … enroute to the jail house… what’s your situation?”

(assume Wyatt fills in Bowman on the situation)

“Ok soon as we finish up here we will head over to the back entrance… don’t worry we will be there.” he replied and turned his head with gun pointed as something moved behind him. It was Wolf coming towards him with assault rifle ready.

(I will let you fill each other in and head over to the jail. Please be specific how you will approach.)

Hornsilver Mine, Regina, Frisco, Day Nine 11.:05 pm Planet Time

"All right, friend," Sung motioned towards the elevator. "If we go down t' the first level an' then want t' move on t' the second an' third. Would we have control of the elevator, or have t' ring you topside?"

"I can rig it either way." Cullen answers, "I can always override from up here, but I'll set it for manual but put the code as 9876. That way no one can snatch it from you easily."

"Well then," Wyatt gave the man a nod and stepped towards the lift. "Let's be about it."

Once Wyatt had had a brief communication with Andrew, he advises them of the second shaft and then heads for the elevator lift. Matt gives the battery lanterns to Wyatt and Sam and explains the controls to the three of you.

The platform drops suddenly as it is engaged and you move down into the deep darkness. As you move down you can hear water dripping and running in rivulets down the sides of the shaft walls. The emergency lights have failed and it is darker than a cow's insides in here. The air is oppressive with humidity and you can hear the constant groaning of the timbers straining against the weight. Suddenly you stop at the a tunnel, illuminated by a few still working emergency light. A sign hangs beside a timber reinforced entrance - "Warning - Unstable caverns ahead". There is only one way to go at this point and the way is shrouded in darkness.

Posted on 2011-07-13 at 01:30:39.

Topic: Loaded Dice #72 - Can We Just Get on With it?
Subject: you know what they say

The joke may be simultaneously alive and dead. Yet, when we look, we see the joke either alive or dead, not both alive and dead.

Posted on 2011-07-12 at 18:53:59.

Topic: Loaded Dice #72 - Can We Just Get on With it?
Subject: Well

You did put a Schrodinger joke in there. I'm tempted to vote it down and I liked the art.

Posted on 2011-07-12 at 18:13:40.

Topic: Weird War II
Subject: Let me explain, No take too long, let me sum up.

Captain Luke signaled to his men to stop and take up defensive positions within the room. Things were getting out of hand rapidly and he needed to get his bearings, but more importantly, they needed to know what they were up against.

"There is a secret passage in the crypts of the castle - they lead out though caverns. That is are only way out now." Great said.

“Well if that’s the case I think we need to start grabbing any and all weapons we find, grenades and heavy explosives being a priority. Not to sound crazy Captain but I have the feeling the creature we just fought won’t be the last Sci-fi horror we encounter. Whatever the krauts were working on, they sure as hell F-’d with the wrong s**t.” The Sarge responded.

“I think you are right Sarge.” Luke said mulling the situation over in his mind, “It seems that all the Intel we received about this place and mission is wrong. “ The Captain turned to Greta, “Mrs. Hofsetter? You seem to be the only person here not surprised by a monster on a bridge and detailed knowledge of the layout of this castle. There are 25 men who have already died for this mission and I don’t know why yet. Something out of one of the Sarge’s science fiction stories just destroyed our only way out. I don’t think this is the time for secrets anymore. Tell me what you know so we can deal with this and get out.”

Greta looked at the faces of the men who now looked at her expectantly. The Captain had a good point although he was wrong about her not being surprised. All the studies she did on the occult did not prepare her for this evening. She had just schooled herself in not reacting over the last few years.

“I work for the British Security Coordination under a man whose codename is Intrepid. My husband and I have been working against the Nazis since they came into power. That is to say, we had been, he was killed a year ago. “Greta takes a breath to steady herself. “I have smuggled code, intercepted transmissions and helped coordinate other listeners and even sabotaged Nazi operations.

“As you might know, Hitler is passionately seeking out any and all occult and legendary artifacts in an attempt to harness supernatural powers in his drive to control the world. Castle Rautenberg has a long history of strange occurrences. - dating back to the 1600's. The castle is built on a convergence of 4 ley lines. I don’t suppose you know about ley lines?” Great asked rhetorically, “Ley lines are the theoretical channels of mystic energy that surround the earth. Think of them as invisible power cords, if you can find them, you supposedly can tap into them. Baron Karl Rautenberg had the castle build on the specific point and spend a vast fortune to have it done. The Baron died before it was completed and his son, Rudolf was left with half a castle and a bankrupt legacy. To finish his father's work, he organized a small army of men and pillaged the areas around his land, robbing many Churches, cathedrals and abbeys. Rudolf was cursed by many a priests before they were slain and he was excommunicated by Pope Clement X. Rudolf in return swore an oath that he'd serve the devil before he'd bow before the church again.

“Having rebuilt his fortune and then some, Rudolf had a vast crypt build in the lowest level of the castle itself. He then interned his father there and completed the castle to his father's specification. Although he never married, Rudolf had seven sons and 6 daughters from a series of women he ravaged during his conquests and gathered them all to the castle when they came of age. He lived to the age of 86, and in the last years of his life became obsessed with some the books in his father's library and would spend days reading there. He would wander the lower levels of the castle muttering about "old ones". Eventually he was found dead in the crypts themselves, having died while attempting some sort of mystic ritual. After Rudolf's death, there was discord among the siblings for a few years which lead to the death of 5 of the brothers at the hands of the others. The eventual patriarch of the family was the youngest sibling, a strong and ruthless warrior.

“The castle's history continues with the same reoccurrence of the head of the family having many sons, then becoming "eccentric" and "obsessed" with either the library or the crypts. Many of them are found dead in the crypts and then a multitude of sons mysteriously "die" leaving only one or two siblings left.

“In 1910, the last of the Rautenberg family perishes at sea and the castle fell into disrepair until the Nazis seize power and it is claimed by the military as a research faculty. Captain Metzger has been assigned to the castle to study examine some claims found in journals within the library that the castle holds great power and is a key to an unknown occult mystery. Apparently, he figured out how to tap into ley lines and if what we saw out there is any proof, may have opened a portal to another dimension - a place where monsters that predate mankind were banished long ago.” She looks around at the blank stares of the soldiers trying to comprehend what she just told them. Somewhere above you in the castle there is the sound of automatic gun fire and a scream followed by a tearing sound.

“Why are you here and how do we kill these things?” Luke asked.

“Intrepid assigned me to find out what this occult power is and if it is a danger, find a way to shut it down. I had planned on using the young major to get into the castle and work from there, but as you saw, he had other plans. Without your intervention, I would be dead or worse. Behind these doors, there be monsters but we need to stop them before all hell breaks loose. There is a book called the Necronomicon which I believe was in the library – it must be destroyed. There is also a small green-grey stone called the”Elder Sign” in the shape of a five pointed star. I would imagine that Captain Metzger has that or the head scientist. It also must be destroyed. Without those two items, Hitler cannot replicate this experiment. What we saw out there was a Great Old One and they are vulnerable to fire and cold iron. Most old ones are, but some are …more powerful.”

“How do we deal with those ones?”

“Pray. And run as fast as you can.” Greta says sadly.

OOC: There is some discrepancy with equipment and it is my fault for not changing your character descriptions as we went along. You have (had) a grenade each plus four from the dead GI’s at the start of the game. So I will comb through the equipment found and redo all the characters so you know what you have. Just let it be known you have more ammo and grenades than previously thought.

Sorry this took so long but as you can see, there was a lot of info to pass along.

Almerin is on vacation until August so I will NPC his character until then.

Posted on 2011-07-12 at 17:56:48.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: posting

We have a busy weekend of socialization so I might not get to posting this weekend but I will set a goal of have all games done by Wed.

Posted on 2011-07-09 at 12:00:51.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Socialization

We have a busy weekend of socialization so I might not get to posting this weekend but I will set a goal of have all games done by Wed.

Posted on 2011-07-09 at 11:59:59.

Topic: Loaded Dice #71 - That Hollow Feeling
Subject: Tim's line

I have had the same conversation with players when I give them healing at the start of a game.

The more I read this one the more I wonder if Jing does commissions.

Posted on 2011-07-09 at 11:58:20.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: waves

This is the way it is ....

My thoughts on the "wave" messages at the time and today is based on radio wave as I understand them and concept on how "waves" could work in Serenity.

Waves are long range messages through space that use tachyon pulse to make person to person possible over vast ranges of space. They need a pulse beacon and a powerful transmitter. You only have one pulse beacon in a ship with multiple stations.

Grace basically took the communication tech from the ship when it was being stripped and refitted. So if you send a secure message to someone, you are still going through the same system. Grace is too....cautious to have left a back door open.

So in short, you can send a secure message from the bridge. There would be a comm station on the bridge, in the infirmary and in Grace's room. Plus one in the shuttle that would be simplistic and have only the most basic security.

The encryption software and black boxes are for Grace to hack the cortex, which is different from sending waves.

NOW - if someone believes this is wrong and has a different opinion then sound off please. Communication is a very grey area in the TV series vs the Movie so I am open to different theories.

I hope I get the details on the new doctor soon because your "new" captain is gonna develop an embarassing and highly itch rash soon if he doesn't stop stealing my jokes!

Posted on 2011-07-09 at 11:49:57.
Edited on 2011-07-09 at 11:52:59 by Alacrity

Topic: Loaded Dice #71 - That Hollow Feeling
Subject: Very well done

I especially like the more goth Amy and the Chibis.

Goth Amy ....mmmmmm.

Posted on 2011-07-08 at 17:36:54.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: ODY!

People with "things don't go smoothly" as a complication should not piss off the GM.

Posted on 2011-07-06 at 18:12:06.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Don't steal the GM jokes!

Ody!!!! I was working that joke in slowly for somewhere later in the game. No Plot Points for you! Steal my joke...

Glad that we can keep the game rolling. I am very busy at work right now too so if we can get the new players and characters ready to roll, I consider it a victory.

Posted on 2011-07-06 at 11:57:36.

Topic: Loaded Dice #70 - Chapter Two Cover
Subject: Very Nice

Looking forward to more.

Posted on 2011-07-05 at 18:07:02.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Sex change for doc

We have someone interested in the doctor role but wants to have their own character so this is how it is.

Odyson will take over Jon so welcome him to the game.

The doctor will (most likely) become a different person played by ForeScythe. There has been little interaction with "Brian" that I am just going to have the new doc come in as if she was always there. It is called a "woof" moment as in WOOF okay this has changed, let's move on. We can adjust any character to character backgrounds in this forum if necessary. I really don't want to reboot the whole game at this point.

Posted on 2011-07-05 at 11:59:24.
Edited on 2011-07-05 at 12:00:20 by Alacrity

Topic: Serenity RPG needs a player
Subject: Captain

Odyson has agreed to take on the role of Captain Jon and I have a possible player for a doctor.

Posted on 2011-07-04 at 19:49:58.

Topic: Serenity RPG needs a player
Subject: bumpity bump

I am running a game using the Serenity RPG based on the Firefly TV series. I have lost two players and would like to find someone to take over the roles or come abroad with a new character.

The players in question are Jon the Captain and Brian the Doctor. Niether have posted enough to establish a personality in the story so we can tweak existing or switch over to a new character.

If you are interested let me know. I can walk you through the rules so don't worry about not knowing the system. It is a very "role-player" based game, so backgrounds and personality matter.

Posted on 2011-07-04 at 12:19:17.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Okay....This is how it goes

Grugg has also told me he doesn't have time to play and doesn't know when it will change. So out of six, we have lost three. The way I see it we have three options:

1) Dig up two players to take the roles or swap in new ones.

2) Drop the Doc and get a new captain and go with five

3) End the game and put it down as another rpg ruined by RL.

I know where MMV stands so I need to hear from Celeste, Phalan and YeOlde.

Posted on 2011-07-04 at 12:15:18.

Topic: Serenity RPG needs a player
Subject: bump

Getting thread exposure. Need a player.

Posted on 2011-07-03 at 19:57:26.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Darren

Darren has asked to to leave the game as he realizes that he prefers DMing to player, which I fully undertstand. I hope to find a replacement player or I may write Brian out.

Posted on 2011-07-02 at 22:31:56.

Topic: Serenity RPG needs a player
Subject: And again

I am now looking for another player to take on the role of the Doctor, either the one on board or a different character with first aid experience. I am open to idea and as I said above, I can walk you through character development.

Posted on 2011-07-02 at 22:19:31.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: communication

There is a complete comm link unit on the bridge for visual waves, messages and the like.

Worrisome how well my daughter plays the paranoid. Wonder where she gets that from?

Posted on 2011-06-28 at 16:52:29.

Topic: Loaded Dice #68 - Closure for the Adventure
Subject: very nice

good to see it back although I enjoyed the Guardian arc.

Posted on 2011-06-28 at 16:44:41.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: oh relax

I was joking. She will not be on the stairs though when you get there - she will have moved to the second floor.

BTW - I screwed up and forgot that Andrew's gun had silencers so the shots that Wolf heard would have been the deputy firing in reflex as he died.

Posted on 2011-06-27 at 12:08:33.
Edited on 2011-06-27 at 12:37:38 by Alacrity

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: well

Winnie isn't there as she is running up the stairs and counting to ten to avoid being in the grenade blast.

The one she left at the bottom of the stairs.

Posted on 2011-06-27 at 03:02:13.

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