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Topic: Weird War II
Subject: And we start - cue heroic music

Captain Luke Edintore looked down to the ground moving up towards him. It was dark but the moon was full and the luminous of the heavenly body was enough to see that he and the men that survived were heading into a forested area – not good when you were landing a parachute.

He was the last to leap for the plane before it started to dive. Luckily the wind was pushing them south of the crash so they would have some distance from the crash site. But what about the mission? He counted four other parachutes – not much of a strike team. He had a bad feeling that he was now in command, especially after seeing Major Banks go down in a hail of bullets shortly after ordering the jump. Waste of a good man.

Master Sgt Troy Romo grunted as released himself from his tangled chute. He had managed to get caught in a tree but close enough to the ground that his feet touched. He immediate checked his weapons and started to look for the other survivors.

Corp. Jake ‘Brutal’ Clements brushed off the branches and twigs from his uniform. He was alive, he wasn’t hanging from a tree. He looked around for a moment and saw another GI moving to his right. He was pretty sure that was Sarge Romo, so he moved to meet up with him.

Cpl. John Stewart ‘Doc’ Reid swore a blue streak as he got himself up. His chute was tangled in the tree above but his line had swung him directly into the tree trunk. His face hurt, his chest hurt and he had no idea where he was now. Hopefully there were others nearby that made the jump.

Private Corban McGuinness was lucky to be alive. As he jumped from the plane, he felt the bullets hit, and he thought he was dead as the impact swung him around as he fell out of the plane. But his number wasn’t up today and it looked like his pack absorbed the gunfire. To top it all off, he now was hanging from a high branch of a tree, dangling about 4 feet off the ground. Alive is alive, he thought as he pulled his knife out to cut though the binding holding him.

OOC: Okay. You are down on the ground (mostly) and alive. Feel free to post, those of you that need details filled out for your characters can still post just keep it simple.

For the game, assume you all “know” each other from mission training, at least by name if not as friends. You may also assume you will all meet up quickly. The sky is clear, the moon is full and you can see all the stars. You are in a forest, you do not see any signs of towns or villages or even roadways.

Posted on 2010-08-31 at 13:15:10.

Topic: Weird War II
Subject: Silver Screen

OOC: for those of you new to my games, a silver screen moment is when I show what "the other side" is doing in order to add suspense and colour to the game. Naturally, your characters are not aware of these so they can not act upon them.

“Herr Doctor, you may proceed*.” The SS commander said looking out over courtyard of the castle. Four generators hummed loudly as they provided the electricity not only for the lights in the compound but for the rather large an complicated machine that the scientists had created.

“Pull ze switch!” The lead doctor called out. One of the other men in lab coats moved to the machine and pulled a red lever upwards. Nothing seemed to happen.

“No! The other switch you idiot!”

The man quickly returned the red lever back to the start position and moved the green lever up. The machine roared to life. Energy crackled from within and then was released like blue lightning bolt towards to giant electrodes on the far side of the courtyard. The energy arced, and then flowed together between the electrodes like a liquid.

``Ja! Pull ve Red Switch!”

The assistant immediately complied and the machine became much louder. The energy between the electrodes seemed to collapse together and form like a rip – like a tear in the very matter if reality. The commander stood up to get a better look at the energy field. “what am I looking at Herr Doctor?” He asked in fascination.

“It is a dimensional rift Herr Metzger. With it we can now focus ....” The doctor words were lost as the machine made a churning noise. The sound of gears and smell of gears stripping was overwhelming. The rift turned to energy again and then arced from electrode to a soldier manning one of the generators. The energy hit the generator and the man and the same time with similar effects – both frying from the inside out rapidly. The soldier fell to the ground a burn skeleton, the generator burst into flames. Officers shouted orders and immediate other soldiers moved to put out the fire.

“You were saying herr doctor?”

“I was... I am sorry Sir.”

“It would be a wonderful weapon if it wasn’t for the bother of carrying three generators to the front lines for every soldier you wished to kill.”

“Yes. I will...”

“You will find out what went wrong and fix it, herr doctor. I do not want to send a report of failure to the Führer.” Commander Metzger walked away from the scientist splutter apologies before his rage won over his better judgement. He was entrusted with this special project by Hitler himself, and he wasn’t going to let a few setbacks get in the way of success. He continued walking until he was beside the watch captain.

“Sir!’ The captain saluted.

“Captain. Have the poor fellow taken to the infirmary in case the doctors want to examine him.”

“Yes sir.”

“Oh and one more thing. The young lady who was serving at my table this evening - have her brought to my chambers. After a night like this, I’ll be in needs of her services.”

“Yes Commander!” The captain saluted and immediate turned to carry out the orders. He saw that some of the soldiers were gathered around the dead man. “What are you doing!” He yelled, “You have all seen a dead man before!"

“But Captain, look!”

The officer pushed the soldiers aside and looked at the body, “Gott in Himmel!" he cried out in shock, "Get herr Doctor quickly!”

Posted on 2010-08-31 at 12:43:36.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: speaking of zombies

My home computer died yesterday - complete hard drive failure. So I will be delayed in answering questions or posting for the next week until my new computer arrives and I transfer my back up over.

I hope to do my second post so everyone can get started. I just have to tap it out on the laptop keyboard which is not made for my oversized hands.

Posted on 2010-08-31 at 11:31:21.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: Same as Roc

My home computer died yesterday - complete hard drive failure. So I will be delayed in answering questions or posting for the next week until my new computer arrives and I transfer my back up over.

Posted on 2010-08-31 at 11:29:25.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: He's dead Jim

My home computer died yesterday - complete hard drive failure. So I will be delayed in answering questions or posting for the next week until my new computer arrives and I transfer my back up over.

Posted on 2010-08-31 at 11:28:39.

Topic: New To The Forum
Subject: Welcome

Welcome to the Inn. Last refuge for all us 2e lovers.

Posted on 2010-08-30 at 19:32:57.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Don't worry

I promise you'll get your chance with Pearson later on. That is a given.

BTW - just to remind people as we did take a break. The plan is based on you getting the sheriff and then dropping off the sheriff and Frisco men as you head back to the Lullabelle mine to grab another shipment of ice, to which you were promised 6000 credits if you could do it within 14 days (so they do not have to shut down)

3 days to B, 3 days back, 3 days to L, 3 days back. Not much room for delays considering the time to cut and load ice or running blockades or dealing with slow port workers.

To avoid the blockade at Regina, you are letting the folks take one of your shuttles to make landfall (Blake and Sherm can fly a shuttle) so you can keep going. Asher will "keep an eye" on the shuttle once it is on Regina so you don't have to lose a crew member.

Posted on 2010-08-30 at 11:58:26.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: no

Sheriff isn't going to get involved in every bar fight in town. Now if someone kills someone, then you are in trouble but as I said, no one is going for the weapons.

Posted on 2010-08-29 at 21:16:32.

Topic: WWII Horror LFP
Subject: Characters are posted

Some of you need to finalize some skills and equipment with me so don't thing it is written in stone.

Characters in the games

Posted on 2010-08-29 at 19:22:10.
Edited on 2010-08-29 at 19:23:02 by Alacrity

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: no problem

We play it calm and relaxed here.

Posted on 2010-08-29 at 19:19:58.

Topic: Characters in Weird War II
Subject: The Sniper

 photo aidan-turner.jpg

Name: Corban McGuinness (Nomad D2)
Position: (PFC) Private First Class in the 1st Marine Raiders Battalion (Marine Corp.)

Agility: d12
Strength: d6
Vitality: d8
Alertness: d10
Intelligence: d6
Willpower: d8

Initiative - d12 + d10
Life Points - 16
Physical combat - d6 + d6
Gun combat - d12 + d6 (d8 w/ pistols - d12 w/ rifles)
Basic Combat Dodge - d12 + d10

Athletics - d6
Covert - d6
Specialization: Camouflage d10
Discipline - d6
Specialization:Concentration d8
Guns - d6
Specialization: Pistols - d8
Specialization: Rifles - d12+d2
Medical Expertise - d2
Melee Weapon Combat - d6
Perception - d6
Specialization: Tracking - d10
Survival - d6
Specialization: Hunting - d8
Unarmed Combat - d6

Intimidatin' Manner (minor) - True grit and a steely-eyed stare identify him as a dangerous man.
Sharp Sense (minor) - Sight - Has the eagle eyes of a trained sniper.
Steady Calm (minor) - Keeps a clear head no matter the situation he finds himself in.
Trust Worthy Gut (minor) - Learned long ago to trust his hunches.

Credo (major) - Sense of honor, fights for those who can't defend themselves.
Ego Signature (minor) - Leaves a nine of spades in his sniper nest after assassinating his targets.
Hero Worship (minor) - Deceased father. (Died mysteriously while serving in the Marine Corp.)
Loyal (minor) - Loyal to his family and the Marine Corp.

USMC M1903-A1/Unertl (x8 optical) - (sniper rifle - 5 round magazine - .30-06) - 8 lb 11 ounces
Colt M1911A1 - (pistol - 7 round magazine - .45ACP) - 2.44 lb
USMC Ka-Bar - 1.1 lb (combat knife)
Dog Tags w/ P-38 can opener (known as a "John Wayne" by Marines)
Gun cleaning kit (canvas pouch - in pack)
Wet Stone (in pack)
Steel & Flint (in pack)
Jump Boots
M1 Steel Helmet (w/ camoflage netting)
Reversible Camoflage Uniform (green pattern/brown pattern)
M1936 Reinforced Field Suspenders
M1936 Pistol Belt w/ M1916 shoulder holster
Ammo Pouches - (belt)
- Two rifle pouches holding five magazines each (standard issue) (50 rounds on belt)
- One pistol pouch holding 2 magazines and a combination tool (standard issue) (under arm)
- additional leather pistol pouch holding 2 magazines (not standard issue but often carried)
Pistol Clips (loaded - 0.481 lb) (belt & weapon - 5 clips - 35 rounds)
Rifle Clips (belt & weapon - 11 clips - 55 rounds)
M1942 First Aid Pouch w/ Carlisle Bandage
Supplemental tie-on First Aid Kit (ankle - it is basically just a spare bandage)
M19 Canteen w/ Cover - water (2 canteens were standard issue - 1 in pack)
M1936 Wire Cutters (canvas pouch - in pack)
MKIIIA1 Fragmentation Grenade
Playing cards - Nine of Spades (most in pack but a stack in pocket at all times)
Water Purification Tablets (in pack)
Wrist Compass
Lock Picks (canvas pouch in pants cargo pocket)
Soap (in pack)
Socks (in pack)
Tooth Brush (in pack)
Poncho (in pants cargo pocket)
K-Rations x3 (in pack)
T-5 Parachute (for jump) (standard issue until replaced by T-7 mid 1944)

Description - 6' brown hair, hazel eyes. He appears younger then his 20 years and though he is clean shaven whenever necessary he tends to shave as little as necessary when in the field and is often seen as scruffy with a few days of growth on his face. He claims to not shave both because it would interfere with his lying in wait for targets and because it aids in his camouflage but the main reason in truth is that it makes him look a older. He is a handsome young man with his only distinguishing mark being a small scar in his right eyebrow.

Personality - Even amongst hardened soldiers his piercing eyes and quiet demeanor give him a dangerous aura that belies his young face. Raised in a poor family with numerous siblings he had been taught to hunt from a young age, not for sport but in order to feed to himself and his family. The talent he found and cultivated when out in the woods has now been sharpened by his combat experience and the only reason he feels no qualms that he now finds himself hunting men is because of his patriotism and firm belief that he is fighting a necessary war for whats right. He sees himself as the guardian of his unit which makes him willing to kill anyone who comes into his cross hairs as any enemy he kills at range is one less person shooting at his fellow Marines. When he leaves a sniper nest, after making kills, he leaves behind a nine of spades as a calling card. With the history of spades as a symbol of death coupled with the divine nature inherent in the number nine, no matter the culture or faith of the card's viewer they should understand at least a part of the message inherent in this display. Among Christians there are of course nine choirs of angels, the ninth choir being representative of innocence and thus symbolic of those he fights for. Amongst Taoists the nine nodes of the bamboo hold great significance. Among the Siberian tribes the nine notches of the birch are the axis of the world. In Islam there are nine openings of man. The ancients held the number nine in great esteem as well, the Greeks and Egyptians included, as well as the Azects who counted nine underground worlds as well as nine stages that their souls must traverse to reach their eternal rest. Obviously the list can go on extensively but personally, and thus most notably, Corban ponders the nine levels of hell according to Dante whenever he leaves behind his calling card. When pulling the trigger on a target he sincerely hopes that he is sending them to the fate they deserve, down to the ninth level of hell, there to join their fellow betrayers of humanity.

Background - Service record states that he is now 20 years old and that he has served for 2 years but in truth he is only 18. He enlisted at 16 with the aid of his uncle, a Master Sergeant, who told him that if he waited he would miss his chance to serve his country by entering the war. Raised from birth on a strong diet of loyalty and honor by second generation Marines, his father and two uncles, he needless to say felt a strong compulsion to follow in the family tradition of serving their country. An Irish boy from a large Irish family, he is the oldest of his many siblings and as their father died during military service he has been raised to be protective of his family in his father's stead. His idealizing his father and taking on his duties in turn fed into his sense of honor and was at least in part responsible for his enlistment as well. (It should be noted that the circumstances of his father's death were never released by the government. While his uncles claimed he died a hero they never gave a sufficient explanation to family. Though he is unlikely to ever be given the chance, if given the opportunity he would look into his father's death though he would not be likely to accept an explanation that portrayed his father as anything other then a good Marine and a good man.) In the Marines he could earn his family much needed money, an income he couldn't make as an uneducated and underage boy in the states. While he has family at home, and he knows they are receiving the bulk of his pay, he hasn't seen or heard from them since his enlistment which he assumes must be because they feel as though he abandoned them when he enlisted. When coupled with what he has seen in this war, so many good men dying on a daily basis, he see no point in wasting time dwelling on the past or pondering a future beyond the days of fighting ahead. Simply put, he is a survivor through and through, a marine who lives in the moment and dreams only of the next days hunt. And it is this grit and determination that has carried him forward to where he is today, and that will in turn carry him through the days of war ahead.

Service Record - He first saw service in the Pacific within the 1st Marine Raiders Battalion, an elite force within an elite force made up of selected volunteers that was created under the orders of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and was said to be the first United States Special Operations Force to form and see combat in World War II. Starting on February 16th 1942 under Lt. Col. Merritt A. "Red Mike" Edson, he took part in the landing on Tulagi in the British Solomon Islands Protectorate as the opening phase of the Guadalcanal Campaign. After the successful capture of Tulagi, the Raiders were moved to Guadalcanal to defend Henderson Field where they had one of their most notable engagements during the "Battle of Edson's Ridge", where the 1st Raiders, remnants of the 1st Parachute Battalion, and the 2nd Battalion 5th Marines scored a major defensive victory over Imperial Japanese Army forces on the night of September 13-14. Currently volunteered for special assignment.

Posted on 2010-08-29 at 19:19:13.
Edited on 2015-03-12 at 10:22:44 by Alacrity

Topic: Characters in Weird War II
Subject: The Doc


Cpl. John Stewart (Doc) Reid, (Odyson)

Agility - d6
Strength - d8
Vitality - d8
Alertness - d8
Intelligence - d8
Willpower - d10

Sharp Senses (Minor) Hearing - You have very sharp hearing
Steady Calm (Minor) - Even in the most dangerous situations, you remain calm, as if nothing fazes you or could ruffle your feathers.
Tough as Nails (Minor) - You are much tougher than you look. You can dish it out and you can take it as well.

Crude (Minor) - You say the wrong thing at the wrong time, and the right time and well any time really. Subtle is not your middle name.
Easy mark (Minor) - You are gullible and believe every hard luck story in the world.
Phobia (Minor) - You do not like Snakes and their presence can cause you to have difficulty.

Covert d6
Discipline d6
Guns d6
Knowledge d6
Specialization: Concentration d8
Melee Weapons d6
Land Vehicles d6
Ranged Weapons d6
Unarmed Combat d6
Perception d6
Medical Expertise d6
Specialization: First Aid d10
Specialization: "duct tape" Improv d8

Jacket/Pants (Reinforced)
Jump Boots
Pistol Belt
.45 Caliber Pistol with holster
First Aid Pouch w/ Carlisle Bandage
Fighting Knife w/ M8 Scabbard
M1A1 Carbine w/ Folding Stock
Canteen w/ Cover
Gas Detection Armband
Musette Bag
Entrenching Tool
Paratrooper Gloves
Fragmentation Grenade
Medic Kit Satchel
Carbine Ammo Pouch

First aid supplies:

Number Item Quantity
1463600 Sulfanilamide, Crystalline, 12 5-Gm Envelopes 1
7624000 Pencil, Lead 1
7878000 Pin, Safety, Medium 1
9102500 Ammonia, Aromatic, 10 Ampules 3
9112200 Iodine Swab, 10-minim, 10 2
9115500 Morphine Tartrate, 5 Tubes 2
9201000 Bandage, Gauze, Compressed, White, 3-Inch by 6 Yards, 72 10 Bandages
9204000 Bandage, Triangular, Compressed, White 6
9206000 Dressing, First-Aid, Small, White 4
9705000 Case, Instrument, Medical Officer's, Complete 1
9707500 Kit Component, Insert Type II 1
9708000 Kit Component, Litter Strap 1
9708500 Kit Component, Pouch 1
9767500 Container, Metal, No. 1 1
9961500 Vial, 1/2-oz: 1 each for the following 6
1006000 Acetophenetidin, 1000 Tablets 16 Tablets
1010000 Acid, Acetylsalicylic, 1000 Tablets 16 Tablets
1084500 Atabrine, 100 Tablets 50 Tablets
1150500 Compound Cathartic, 1000 Pills or Tablets 36 Pills or Tablets
1223000 Glycyrrhiza and Opium Compound, 1000 Tablets 25 Tablets
1463700 Sulfanilamide, 1000 Tablets 16 Tablets
Form 52b Emergency Medical Tag (20 in Booklet in Duplicate) 1

9705100 Case, Instrument, Medical Officer's, Empty 1
9705200 Case, Instrument, Medical Officer's, Metal Container for 2 Knives 1
3008500 Bistoury, Sharp-Pointed, Straight 1
3228800 Forceps, Hemostatic, 4 3/4-Inch, Straight, Abbey 1
3229500 Forceps, Hemostatic, 5-Inch, Straight, Jones 1
3269500 Forceps, Tissue, Spring, 4 1/2-Inch, Straight 1
3335600 Knife, Operating, 1 1/4-Inch Blade 1
3393500 Needle, Surgeon's Regular, Size 6, 3/8-Circle, 6 1
3394500 Needle, Surgeon's Regular, Size 10, 3/8-Circle, 6 1
3401100 Needle, Uterine, Size 5, Half-Circle, 6 1
3474500 Scissors, Operating, 4 1/2-Inch, Straight, 1 Point Sharp 1
9377000 Suture, Silk, Braided, Non-Capillary, 3 Sizes 1

The roar of the C-47's engines made normal conversation impossible. As Jack sat in his assign seat awaiting the order to hookup his mind drifted back over the past year and other events that had brought him here.

It was June of 1942 and John Stewart Reid had just graduated Monroeville High School. His class was all of 47 students and that was thought of as normal for this rural Pennsylvania farm community. For as far back as he could remember he had been called Jack. John had been his father's name and his Stepfather's name so folks called him Jack to avoid confusion. Even though he had grown up in town his life was not pleasant. Jacks father had died in mining accident when he four, leaving his mother to care for three kid by herself. She had moved the family to Monroeville because her sister lived on a farm there and she took her and the kid in. Susan was able to get a part time job in town at the Dry goods store owned by widower. George was from Russia and had moved there with his wife and started business seller goods to the locale farmers. His wife had died shortly after they had moved to Monroeville. George had two young sons and they all lived in the apartment above store. It wasn't long before George asked Susan to marry him and she accepted. Susan felt it was a good way to care for her children and to take the burden off her sister. But right from beginning George let the family know that his sons were his family. Jack, him older sister Anna and his little brother Mike were second to Paul and Max. Every night Paul and Max ate at the dining room table while Anna, Jack and Mike ate in the kitchen. All the heavy hauling, cleaning and other chores at the store were now his and Mikes to do while Anna did the cooking and cleaning of the apartment. The community thought George was such a good man to take in those poor children, but they didn't know how cruel he was forcing his authority on his stepchildren. He had no use for girls and would verbally and physically mistreat Anna. Jacks mother would do nothing; she feared that George would throw her out.

Jack soon learned that he could distract the man with smart remarks or actions and get George to punish him and leave Anna alone. It just became natural to be blunt, but it kept him from having friends at school. All he could think of was to get out of this town. For nearly twelve years Jack took the brunt this hot tempered Russian. When Anna left to get married Jack had just started his senior year but he continued to suffer his stepfather's wrath.

Jack turned 18 in April of 1942 and had enlisted in the army just before graduation. Jack had packed his belonging and the day he graduate he move in with his sister until he was to report for his induction two weeks later. His sister was the only person to see if off when he boarded the train for boot camp.

When Jack had completed basic training he volunteered for the Medical Corp. Jack was assigned to the 307th Airborne Medical Company. Jack seemed to have a knack for first aid and soon was promoted to Corporal. In May of 1943 he volunteered to be one of the first 30 medics to receive jump training. He was attached to the 504th PIR of the 82nd Airborne Division.

In July the 504th PIR was dropped in the vicinity of Gela in in Italy, with heavy losses from both the German and Allied (friendly fire) antiaircraft fire. Despite the heavy losses the division was moved up to the front by motor and reinforced by the 39th Infantry Regiment of the 9th Infantry Division on July 12, 1943. The crossings of Fiume delle Canno were secured on July 18, 1943 and the division pushed along the coastal highway, seizing the Marsala-Trapani area of Sicily's western coast by July 23rd.

This was Jacks first action and he lost many of his new friends, some dyeing in his arms as he tried to help and comfort them. By the end of the action Jack was getting use to being called "Doc", it had caught him off guard at first. Jack's curt manner seemed to relieve the tension of the wounded. Most saw it as "Gallows" humor, it was never mean.

Because of their heavy loses the 504th was relieved, the 307th Medics were detected and reassigned. Jack was approached for "special duty" because of his jump training.

Posted on 2010-08-29 at 19:15:28.
Edited on 2015-04-04 at 15:06:32 by Alacrity

Topic: Characters in Weird War II
Subject: Corp.

 photo rex.jpg

Corporal Rex 'Rat' Miller
5' 10" 160 lbs
Black Hair
Black Scraggly Beard
Blue Eyes
Athletically Muscular
Age is 28 years young

Agility: d8
Strength: d10
Vitality: d8
Alertness: d10
Intelligence: d6
Willpower: d8

Discipline - d6
Guns - d6
Specialization: Pistol - d10
Specialization: SMG - d8
Knowledge d6
Specialization: German (Speak/Read/Write) - d8
Specialization: Explosives - d8
Melee Weapon Combat - d6
Specialization: Knife fighting d8
Mech. Expertise d6
Specialization: Hotwire - d8
Specialization: Fix/Repair - d8
Pilot - d2
Land Vehicles d6
Armoured Vehicles: d2
Survival - d6
Specialization: Desert - d8
Unarmed Combat - d6

Born Behind the Wheel : +1 step bonus with land based vehicles
Mean Left Hook: Deadly in hand to hand combat
Tough as Nails: 3 extra life points

Amorous: Loves the ladies
Head Strong: If you believe you are right, you do not back down
Hooked: Cigarettes
Overconfident (Minor) - You believe in yourself a lot


Jacket/Pants (Reinforced)
Jump Boots
Pistol Belt
.45 Caliber Pistol with holster
First Aid Pouch w/ Carlisle Bandage
Fighting Knife w/ M8 Scabbard
Thompson SMG
Canteen w/ Cover
Gas Detection Armband
Musette Bag
Entrenching Tool
Paratrooper Gloves
Fragmentation Grenade
Supplemental tie-on First Aid Kit
SMG Ammo Pouch

Back Story for Corporal Rex ‘Rat' Miller

In his early teens Rex ‘Rat' Miller was a resourceful ‘Ridge Runner' for his parent's Moonshiner operation in the rugged mountains of Kentucky. By far the ‘Best Wheel Man of the Miller Clan!'

Revenuers with ties to Chicago Mobsters blew up the Stills that claimed the lives of his parents. His older sister and brother were gunned down after the three siblings retaliated with explosives and gunfire of their own, utilizing strategic ‘Hill Billy Guerilla Tactics' to carry on their personal vendetta.

Mobsters kidnapped his fiancée Alice, raping and torturing her to persuade Rex to cease and desist with his personal vendetta against them, but the young Moonshiner was too stubborn to quit, especially when the naked, bloody remains of his fiancée was found in the trunk of a car near his home.

It was during this vendetta that Rex developed an affinity for Tommy Guns, fighting with an ‘Eye for an Eye' attitude, using the chosen weapon of the Chicago Mobsters against them.

The only thing that prevented Rex from being executed by the Chicago Mobsters was the intervention of his Uncle Charley, who pulled some strings to get young Rex enrolled in the Marines.

His fellow Marines soon learned to refrain from ridiculing him about the teeth marks on his tooth bitten ears and the numerous knife scars and bullet wounds dotting his muscular, but lean body. These were his personal trophies from his numerous Street Brawls and Pistol Fights during his Moonshiner Days.

Lars, the German-born American Training Camp Cook, befriended Rex, taking the time to teach the former Moonshiner how to read, write and speak German. Countless hours of KP Duty resulted in the Kentucky Moonshiner trading his natural ‘Kentucky Brogue' for a passable German Accent.

After the war broke out, Rex was assigned to the European Theater of War as a Gunnery Sergeant, but when he refused to follow orders to send his units into an obviously Suicidal Mission that Rex adamantly insisted was not necessary, citing numerous examples from his Moonshiner experiences, he was busted down to the rank of Lance Corporal by a Lieutenant Colonel who refuted his objections.

His Sword was confiscated and the Red Stripes were stripped from his pants in full view of his men, before his units were sent on their mission, while Rex was held under guard and banished into Solitary Confinement in the Field Headquarters Brig.

Not only were his units annihilated, the entire Field Headquarters was wiped out by the Nazis, killing everyone except Rex, who was buried under the bombed out debris of the Brig.

When his Uncle Charley got wind of the predicament that his nephew had gotten himself into, he again pulled some strings and got Rex transferred to the African Desert Theater of War.

Assigned to one of the British dominated ‘Rat Patrol' units, Rex quickly gained notoriety as a Fierce Fighter, Strategist, Wheel Man and Demolition Expert as a ‘Rat Patrol' machine gun jeep driver.

He also showed a knack from his Moonshiner Days to fix equipment; especially necessary when stranded out in the desert and lives depend upon your equipment not malfunctioning!

His Ability to Hot Wire a Vehicle, Drive a Tank or even Pilot a Plane proved most helpful in tight situations! At least Rex could get a Plane off the ground and fly it far enough to come in for a Hard Landing! Rex is Not a Certified Pilot, but is a Certified Nut Job in some circles of the Military!

Proving to be virtually Fearless, he was promoted to the rank of Corporal, earning himself the moniker ‘Rat' after outwitting the Nazis with his ability to speak German, while leading his wounded comrades from behind enemy lines back to the relative safety of the British Desert Command Headquarters!

However, because the Germans were on high alert for the escaped ‘Rat Patrol' unit, a major offensive was launched against the British Desert Command, resulting in Rex being wounded and fortunately once again eluding the Germans with his ‘Rat' abilities.

After being found wandering aimlessly in the desert as the lone survivor of his unit, ‘Rat' as he was now code named, was sent to a London hospital for both physical and mental restoration.

There he met and became romantically involved with Lady Pamela, a British born nurse of Royal Bloodlines, in charge of his personal recovery. Her influence and love brought forth a side of his humanity that had been severely repressed by his Moonshiner and War experiences.

This resulted in Rex having a bit more compassion and understanding when interacting with his fellow soldiers; especially in situations where a disagreement would have previously been settled in mere moments by the use of fists, knives or guns!

Rex Does Not have a Constant Problem with Authority, just that instance that busted him down from Gunnery Sergeant to Lance Corporal and witnessing the senseless slaughter of the units previously under his command, plus the destruction of the entire field headquarters while imprisoned in the Brig.

Yet he will challenge any decision or proposed strategy that he thinks will produce similar results!

Lady Pamela had limited success in curtailing the Amorous advances of Rex towards other nearby nurses or women, but she dismissed such conduct as a Casualty of War, as she did with the Addiction that Rex had for Cigarettes, which seemed to calm him in times of stress.

During his rehabilitation, Uncle Charley came to visit, introducing his nephew to Colonel Kevin Darling, who offered him a position that Rex now holds with Team YeOlde.

Posted on 2010-08-29 at 19:03:14.
Edited on 2015-03-12 at 08:07:17 by Alacrity

Topic: Characters in Weird War II
Subject: Sarge

Sargent Richard "Dick" Harris Branigan

Agility d6
Strength d6
Vitality d10
Alertness d10
Intelligence d8
Willpower d8

Born Behind the Wheel (Major) - Dick's upper class upbringing gave him access to motor vehicles from a very young age and in his younger days he enjoyed pushing it to the limit.
Heavy Tolerance (Minor) - Dick never lets enjoying a night on the town impair his manners.
Mechanical Empathy (Minor) - Dick enjoys tinkering with things, whether or not they go boom.
Tough as Nails (Minor) - The amount of hairy situations Dick has survived defies explanations.

Credo (Minor) - Dick adheres very strongly to the code of gentlemanly behaviour, holding doors for ladies, removing his hat, etc.
Hooked (Minor) - Dick has smoked pipe tobacco almost as long as he can remember and gets irritable without it.
Loyal (Minor) - To the Crown, Country and any man he fights alongside.
Overconfident (Minor) - A boisterous Brit with a penchant for grandiosity, very little deters Dick.
Prejudice (Minor) - Raised and trained in a traditional manner, Dick believes women belong in the home, not factories or the battlefield.

Guns d6
Heavy Weapons d6
Specialization: Demolitions d12+d2
Land Vehicles d6
Specialization: Cars d8
Armoured Vehicles d4
Ranged Weapons d6
Melee Weapons d4
Unarmed Combat d4
Perception d6
Mechanical Engineering d6
Specialization: Machinery Repairs d8
Scientific Expertise d6
Specialization: Chemistry d8

Jacket/Pants (Reinforced)
Jump Boots
Pistol Belt
.45 Caliber Pistol with holster
First Aid Pouch w/ Carlisle Bandage
Fighting Knife w/ M8 Scabbard
Lee-Enfield Rifle
Canteen w/ Cover
Gas Detection Armband
Musette Bag
Entrenching Tool
Paratrooper Gloves
Fragmentation Grenade
Supplemental tie-on First Aid Kit
Carbine Ammo Pouch
Hair Comb
Demolition Kit
Steel reinforced Briefcase with 6 tumbler lock on each hinge.

8 blocks of Shock resistant High explosive (H6, Torpex, C-4 or equivalent) (one block can destroy a tank or knock down wall. All 8 can blow a bridge or building)
2 priming assemblies
1 pull/push igniter with 30' cord (cord is thin and can easily break)
1 timer assemble for igniter (60 second max)
2 "pen" bombs (look like pens, click and then 10 seconds boom. Small charge - enough to blow a hand off or kill a man if in pocket. Once clicked, it is live, no shutoff)
1 Tin Black Powder (3 oz) - alternate for fuse or primer
1 Tin Methyl Hydrate (3 oz) - alternate for primer and can be mixed with block of explosive to make it volatile
2 M67 Grenade core-detonators - alternate primer and timer
3 long burn fuses (30 seconds each, can be cut)
4 sheets flash paper (8x9) sealed in plastic
1 ball of plasticine (for molding)
Assorted twist-tie, string and elastics
Padding to hold everything in place

The second son of an upper class British family, Richard Harris Branigan seemed destined to join his father's successful import business and spend the rest of his life in an office. Shipped to a fine private school, Dick (as he called himself) excelled in applied sciences but never really found the inclination for white colour work his family expected of him. Where his older brother spent his allowances on investments and high society life, Dick spent his on fast cars, strong drinks and adventure. By the time he'd graduated, Dick was heading in a much different direction than his family intended.

A proud Brit, Dick enlisted in His Majesty's Royal Marines shortly after leaving school, his mechanical and chemical aptitude providing a strong base to develop a healthy career as a demolitions officer. Despite being in his 40s when WW2 broke out, Dick was one of the first in line for deployment, hoping to use his skills however best they could serve his country.

Though not as quick as he once was, Dick remains tough and unwilling to bend, which coupled with his stiff upper lip has given him quite the reputation as hardened soldier. His predilection for proper manners, well maintained uniforms and impeccable facial hair led to him standing out, not to mention his ability to provide quite a bit of quite literal bang for his superiors buck.

Posted on 2010-08-29 at 18:52:47.
Edited on 2015-03-11 at 20:45:28 by Grugg

Topic: Characters in Weird War II
Subject: Characters in Rautenberg

Captain Luke Edintore (Almerin)

Agility d8
Strength d6
Vitality d10
Alertness d10
Intelligence d8
Willpower d10

Allure (Minor) - Ladies go crazy for a Sharp dressed man. Luke is a good looking man
Sharp senses (Hearing) (Minor)- Your hearing is very good
Healthy as a horse (Minor) - You are rarely sick and generally throw things off easily

Amorous (Minor) - Luke has an eye for the ladies as well
Loyal (Minor) - To Government & army superiors
Memorable (Minor) - Hard to forget such a fine distinguished gentleman
Prejudice (Minor) -The SS, soldiers and officers alike. Seen far too many atrocities in this war caused by them.

Covert d6
Animal Handling d6
Specialization: Pets d8
Discipline d6
Specialization: Leadership d8
Guns d6
Specialization: Rifles d12
Knowledge d6
Melee Weapons d6
Land Vehicles d6
Specialization: Engine Repair d8
Ranged Weapons d6
Unarmed Combat d6
Perception d6

Jacket/Pants (Reinforced)
Jump Boots
Pistol Belt
.45 Caliber Pistol with holster
First Aid Pouch w/ Carlisle Bandage
Fighting Knife w/ M8 Scabbard
M1A1 Carbine w/ Folding Stock
Canteen w/ Cover
Gas Detection Armband (issued during normandy invasion)
Musette Bag
Entrenching Tool
Paratrooper Gloves
Fragmentation Grenade
Supplemental tie-on First Aid Kit
Carbine Ammo Pouch
A pair of Carl Zeiss Jena Binoculars 8 X 24 with leather carrying case

Comes from a family of Italian immigrants, the Addentare's. Unfortunately the people at the immigration office spelled their name wrong, so now it's Edintor.

Luke is an older man, 40 ish. Black hair combed back tightly, with a thin black mustache. (Think E.P. Jacobs, but slightly older)

Before the war, Luke was a milkman, going from door to door. Passionate about milk and dairy products. The attack on Pearl Harbor woke something up inside him. He watched the news in a theater and came out another man. The world didn't need milk in these times. Housewives could wait. His son Julio would take over the business. Luke volunteered.

Only, his son didn't take over the business. Instead, Julio got called for duty and Luke's business was in the hands of a cousin, something the milkman didn't like.

But he was off to Europe, and proved himself capable of surviving dire situations. He showed insight, willpower and enough eagerness to follow orders to be given the title of Captain.

Luke is quite a stern man. He's of average height and weight, leaning towards athletic. His role as captain is taken very seriously, but he isn't too familiar yet with the terminology. He adopts quickly though and learns on the fly.

His biggest assets are intelligence and agility. He is tough, but not muscular.

Posted on 2010-08-29 at 18:40:31.
Edited on 2015-03-11 at 13:36:23 by Alacrity

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: Graphic

Almerin did a graphic for the game that I added to my first post. Check it out!

Posted on 2010-08-29 at 13:41:55.

Topic: WWII Horror LFP
Subject: game start posted

Castle Rautenberg

Posted on 2010-08-28 at 19:36:27.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: Castle Rautenberg Q n A

This is the question and answer area for the World War II game - Castle Rautenberg.

There is no Horror in the Rule Based game Section so I put it as Modern.

Posted on 2010-08-28 at 19:30:30.
Edited on 2010-08-28 at 19:31:28 by Alacrity

Topic: Weird War II
Subject: Escape From Castle Rautenberg

Special thanks to Almerin for the Graphic!

The drone of the plane’s engine has become a part of the background, like it has always been there. Twenty soldiers sit in position awaiting the orders to jump out of plane and carry out a mission that if successful, no one will know about it until long after the war is over, and if not – well, that isn’t an option.

It is 1943 and OSS picked up reliable intelligence that the Nazis are developing rocket fuel at a remote location near the Swiss border. An old estate - Castle Rautenberg, is being used as the research facility. Due to the remoteness of the castle, and it close vicinity to the neutral country of Switzerland; the allies can not risk a bombing run.

The briefing didn’t mince words. If the Nazis perfect this fuel, it could fire long range missiles of mass destruction capacities – and they meant long range. If this mission fails, then the folks back home could be in serious danger.

The plan was simple. Two demolition experts would be part of the team. They would set charges to blow the only bridge to the castle on a timer. Then the team would move to the castle, wait for the bridge to blow and serve as a diversion for the castle’s resident forces (thirty men, a few commanders, a SS overseer and a team of scientist estimated at 6). In the confusion, the team would move in, find the rocket fuel and destroy it and the castle. Once the mission was completed, the team would move south across the Swiss border to a town called Barovia – where a contact (Baron Winters) would arrange for their safe return.

“How much longer?” a young private asks.

The soldier beside him looks at his watch, “About a half hour or so.”

Suddenly, the transport plane veers to the left and dives at the same time. Soldiers are scattered and flung about as the plane almost does a roll.

“What the..”

“Did the pilot just ....”

Machine gun fire tears through the fuselage of the plane. Five men go down in the hail of bullets.


“Holy ...”

“Mother of God ....”

The transport banks right and up as more gunfire rips through the plane.


Soldiers scramble to get their footing, but so many are killed or wounded before the doors are even open. You jump out into the night sky muttering a profane oath or a prayer to whatever god may have mercy.

The plane you were on dives to the ground and explodes upon impact. Whatever charges the demo guys had, it works well – unfortunately. You look around for others but only count a few parachutes in the air. There are two german planes in the air, but they are banking away from you. Either the pilots did not see you, or they are very low on fuel. Either way, you are alive for now.

But what of the mission? You are nowhere near the drop point, and the explosion is going to bring every Nazi in the area running. The voice of the Major giving the mission briefing runs through your head,

“Gentleman. I dare say that if you don’t succeed, Hitler will be raining bombs on New York by the end of the year.”

OOC: Wait! Don't Post yet. Another post is coming. But time to finish off those last details on the character.

Posted on 2010-08-28 at 19:27:35.
Edited on 2010-08-29 at 13:40:41 by Alacrity

Topic: WWII Horror LFP
Subject: Character sheets

Would people like the characters posted? I don't usually but it might help in this adventure to "know" your fellow team members.

If you have an actor in mind for your character, let me know because it help visualization. Any actor of any time period. Almerin gave me one for his and Tann's sounds like Dolf Lundgren.



Posted on 2010-08-28 at 18:30:53.
Edited on 2010-08-28 at 18:34:30 by Alacrity

Topic: WWII Horror LFP
Subject: going char by char

I am working through the characters now. get me a name soon or you will be Sarge Red Shirt.

Posted on 2010-08-28 at 18:10:55.

Topic: WWII Horror LFP
Subject: thanks to all

I will be working this wekend on getting this game started. Sorry for the delays.

Posted on 2010-08-28 at 15:37:25.

Topic: Loaded Dice #55: A Burning Desire
Subject: Very off topic

Personally I would question the effectiveness of a wineskin. I think the player may get a quick lesson in the "wick" effect.

Posted on 2010-08-27 at 18:06:01.

Topic: First day of seventh grade.....
Subject: fries with that

Just keep in mind - all those bothersome kids will grow up to become McDonald's managers - and poor ones at that.

Posted on 2010-08-25 at 17:17:56.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: a tale to tell

There was an old tale of a Elven Princess would disappeared shortly before the second Blood war. She became an adventurer and traveled with a Ranger named Connor.

Anyway, she ran into what first appeared to be zombies, but turned out to be a spider demoness that would wind its prey in thread and manipulate them as tools to fight and capture prey. The ranger carried a sword called Bar, or Never-Blunt which had a magical quality of sharpness and was particularly effective against the pawns, though not the spider itself. Connor downed the spiderspawn by attacking above their heads, instead of the creatures theemselves. The demoness was defeated in a grand battle but in the end the body shriveled up and crumbled.

So, there are some similarity in the story and what you are dealing with now.

Posted on 2010-08-25 at 02:33:48.

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