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Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: Hello

Janthea? Is that you?

We are playing here on this site. Under the rule based Dungeon and dragons forum. Click on the link above where the "You are here" message shows.

Posted on 2006-10-26 at 09:50:26.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: standing around

Just a note on action and discussion

Although it may seem like you are standing around gabbing, I consider this to be almost within a few minutes game time. So if you need to discuss, go ahead.

Now I will work on what I think your plan is, based on Arien's posts first, then considering the others.

I plan to post on the weekend.

Posted on 2006-10-26 at 08:40:26.

Topic: Star Trek: Discovery - Q&A
Subject: Whoa dudettes!

Is it like getting hot in here or is it just the Bobster?All this about ridden and none of it bidden. But it's cool, Dudes. If you are in for the long haul, then Yeehaw, dudes.

Posted on 2006-10-25 at 14:12:40.

Topic: Getting to know you
Subject: Mmmm....Jerky

I tried Beef Jerky when I was in Alabama and I have to admit to being hooked on it now. Especially Hickory smoked.

Posted on 2006-10-24 at 20:48:01.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: watch it!

I remember those memories too.

Posted on 2006-10-24 at 13:41:30.

Topic: Getting to know you
Subject: esp

I actual had a "psychic" do that whole routine of refusing to read my hand yada yada yada. She needed acting lessons.

If you can't guess, my thoughts on psychics, and esp is sceptically at best. I put them into the same lot as chiropractors, naturopathy and used car salesmen.

I can't remember any costumes I wore. My daughter is going out this year as a "Ghost Karate Girl". No regular halloween costume for my daughter lol

Posted on 2006-10-24 at 13:17:57.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: post

I realize that my post leads to one person posting (Hello Bro!) but I wanted to give the chance to respond to Char. Also some of you have received Pm's or emails with extra details you may post on.

Posted on 2006-10-24 at 09:49:26.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off
Subject: Bandits ahead, we soon be dead.

The lands around the city of Freegate are lush and green, with endless fields that in the summer grow thick with crops. Now, in the spring, the fields are dark, blacken exposed soil – tilled earth of the farmers busily working the land making it ready for another year’s harvest. The field workers watch you as you pass, waving happily and nodding greeting as you go by. But things in this land change drastically. One minute you are traveling flat lands, then you are moving down a steep hill, then up the side of a hill, and before long, the city of Freegate is no more within your sight.

By halfway through the day, the party has reached lordless land. No noble to bring order, and no troops to patrol here. The land is to hilly for most but the most hardy, or foolhardy depending on to whom you are listening. Huge trees blot the land, and high cliffs on either side of the path – making it a treacherous place to pass.

Some come to this land. People that yearn for freedom of living without Lord or tithe. You pass more homesteads with people working the fields, They watch you pass with a cautious eye, but no happy wave - fearful of the day when someone might come and tell them the name of the new lord of the land. Some of the farmers are deserted, the fields left untouched or overgrown, signs that not everyone is cut out to be a man of the earth.

Ahead of you, Char scouts the tall grasses and trees that surround the pathway. Signs of passage, recent are clear to his eyes. Four people, likely men moved through here recently. He leaves his mount behind and travels through the untended brush. It gets thicker and thicker as he moves to follow the trail, until he finds a cluster of trees, very close to the pathway where the party will travel. Char takes the time to be cautious here, moving silently and sticking to the shadows. The ranger lets his senses guide him – the smell of human sweat, the sound of whispered voices.

“Phil?” A voice from the trees, youngish by the crack in the voice.

“What?” A husker voice, weary but with affection, like a brother speaking to another.

“I’m hungry.”

A heavy sigh. “I know you are Thom. Just be patient.”

“What are we doing again? I’ve never even used a sword before.” Another voice.

“Waiting. For a merchant or traveler.” Phil whispered back.

“Are we gonna kill them?” Thom asked, obviously not keen on the idea.

“Phil sighed again, “No, We will just threaten them a bit, get some money, food, whatever and then will go from there.”

“Still think we should be gonna to Freegate,” Another voice his opinion.

“When we have enough to pay for the entry tax. Now hush all of you.” Phil commanded.

The four men stayed quiet for awhile.


“Yeah Thom.”

“I’m hungry.”

Another sigh, “I know Thom. I know. We all are.”

“I wish Dad was here.”

“So do I Thom. But he isn’t. I’m gonna look after you now, so be quiet.Something will come soon, I can feel it.”

Char had seen and heard enough. Four men, armed with most like knives and swords only, waiting to commit banditry out of hunger and despair. No threat to them in anyway, but desperate enough that they may try something anyway.

Posted on 2006-10-23 at 20:48:25.
Edited on 2006-10-23 at 20:51:45 by Alacrity

Topic: Getting to know you
Subject: Catching Up

What's the first thought that crosses your mind when you get out of bed in the morning?

Move your a$$ fatboy, you won't lose weight in bed.

What's your idea of the perfect romantic evening?

Wine, cheese, hottub, my wonderful wife. Plus my daughter staying at a friend's place for the entire evening.

Fave Colour


Fave website
Hollywood Stock Exchange -

Here is a question from me.

What is your favourite drink - with or without booze?
Me - Vodka and Tonic, with lime

Posted on 2006-10-23 at 08:15:11.
Edited on 2006-10-23 at 08:17:21 by Alacrity

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off
Subject: Sun comes up, It's Tuesday Morning

OOC: I will be away this weekend helping a friend move, so I figure I will post now. Of course anyone wanting to back post can – I figure you’d prefer to get the show on the road.

The West Gate - Daybreak

Morning comes as it usually does to Freegate, the sun peaking from behind the tall mountains like a mother sneaking a look at her baby sleeping. The sun’s rays were warming to the party who were at the west gate and preparing to head out on their journey.

Dwan was there, but not Gwanele. Terrin, his perpetual shadow was on hand to hand out the potions to all and the special potion promised given to Arien, so he could choose who needed it most. Not a person for speeches, Dwan gripped each of you by the arm and wished you luck and fortune on the journey.

Arien was particularly dazzling in his full plate lit up by the bright sun. In fact, you were pretty sure that Keoland, on the other side of the world could see Arien coming. How much work goes into polishing armour that much – is the question bantered around.

Sunset flies off from Dapple’s shoulder to land on Arien’s helm. The small dragon’s skin changes colour, slowly at first then rapidly to take on the polished silver of the helm. The Knight looks at you all and smiles, a fierce image to be sure of a warrior in a dragon helm – if the dragon wasn’t sticking its tongue out and crossing its eyes.

Char was anxious to get out and ahead of the party to scout out ahead. The prospect of being away from the city cheered the ranger more than the prospect of adventure.

Kilgim looks dreadfully uncomfortable on his stead, which he named Grumpy. Most Dwarves disliked horses and there seemed to be no exception for the Cleric and his pony.

Talas’ horse was one of the biggest many you have seen in a long time, suitable for the huge warrior. In the light of day, it is not hard to imagine Talas as a gladiator, for he is a tall man with a muscular build and a huge barrel chest.

Looking more like a warrior than a mage, Adrian Valentine adjusts the strap on his bastard sword and awaits departure, as if born to face dangers in the morning.

Jal muttered to himself about winter, despite it being a lovely spring day.

Dapple remained cloaked against the light, quietly checking her daggers for the umpteenth time. Here we go again. Wonder how many of us will come back this time.

Later in the day, in town.


“He left town.”

“How? Why?”

“He got up and left, and why I don’t know but he left with the same group as last night at the tower.”

“But he… I expect him to buy supplies. Shop for stuff! No one just leaves…Why did you let him go?”

“What was I going to do? I don’t go after men with huge swords and the skills to make me a eunuch. You can’t pay me enough.”

“Fine, Fine, Fine. Damn it! Okay…let me think. Where did they leave from?”

“West Gate, at day break.”

“Okay. Okay. Fine. Okay. Good. We still have a chance. This is what we are going to do.”

OOC: Might want to establish a marching order. I know Char will want to scout ahead and Arien will want to take point, beyond that I need positions.

Posted on 2006-10-19 at 21:35:56.
Edited on 2006-10-19 at 21:38:16 by Alacrity

Topic: Getting to know you
Subject: aha

Traditional Virgo Traits eh?

Modest and shy - Yep
Meticulous and reliable - Yep
Practical and diligent - I like to think so
Intelligent and analytical - I hope so!

On the dark side....

Fussy and a worrier - Me worry? a little...sort of...maybe alot
Overcritical and harsh - Umm, don't like where this is going
Perfectionist and conservative - Aha! I am not a prefectionist!

Sleep - fetus position but in a defensive mod to keep from being pushed off the bed by my lovely bellycrawling wife - who has to move to the centre of any bed she sleeps in. Then Rose, our cat takes over the bottom of the bed and I'm better off on the couch.

Posted on 2006-10-19 at 14:58:59.
Edited on 2006-10-19 at 15:01:39 by Alacrity

Topic: Getting to know you
Subject: Virgo

I have no clue what it is suppose to mean though.

Horse under the Chinese Zodiac

Posted on 2006-10-19 at 11:32:52.

Topic: Star Trek: Discovery
Subject: Bob chips in

Stardate: 2366.10.22
USS Discovery, Main Engineering– 1400ish hrs


MacTavish started at the sound of his name – sort of. The attachment of dude revealed who was speaking long before the Scotsman saw the blue dreadlocks and the yellowish skin of Lt. Bob N’Doog. He had been walking along with a PADD in hand when he spotted Jack.

“H’lo Bob,” Jack nodded. Something about the Catullan computer wiz always brought a grin to his face. “How’re ye, lad?”

“Doing Dandy and that ain’t Candy. But I’ve been hearing tales of woe about you dude! Fists flying, face bashing and other assorted violent imagery.”

“Aye,” Jack nodded… Gads, but waird travels fast roun’ ‘ere… “Well …”

“Don’t be splaining, cause the Bobster doesn’t need it. Not the judge nor the jury and sure ain't into execution. I’m in your corner, dude, and there for you in a pinch, without a hinch. You need an ear, or a shoulder, then I am fully tuned into you without the rules and regulations, dig?” Bob’s voice took a whispering conspiring tone, “Come to my pad and I’ll get Shelia to give you a backrub. Nothing like it in the 'verse, dude, trust me.”

The Scot arched a brow and couldn’t help but chuckle at that. “A backrub, is it,” he grinned, “I’ll be sure ta keep tha’ in mind, Bob lad. I cannae say tha’ Chan’d approve ev’n ef Shiela is a computer,” he clapped a hand on the man’s shoulder, “Thank ye fer th’ offer, though.”

Bob turned to walk away, “Got to fly. The Commanderdude needs to see this report, so I better get a crackin or I’ll be packin.” The Catullan left Jack behind, all the while making a tapping gesture at his comm. Badge and mouthing “call me”.

Posted on 2006-10-19 at 09:29:00.

Topic: Getting to know you
Subject: okay here we go

Musical Performers
Loreena McKenitt (sp?)
Cowboy Junkies
Guns and Roses
Sarah Mccaughlin (sp?)

Places to visit:
There is a tour that follows the path of the First Crusades Soldiers from start to finish. Love to do that.
Grand Canyon
Las Vegas - got to see it once

Posted on 2006-10-18 at 13:50:02.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: At Last!

Whatever anger or malcontent Magma had towards Conall vanished in the instant that the Dwarf saw the beast. Bless you! Bless your copper bottomed arse! A worthy opponent! Thank you for not killing it before we got here!

Magma gets ready his crossbow to take aim against the beast. He plans to flank the creature as best he can, to whatever side seems best.

With a cry of unbridled joy, Magma calls out “Get ye down Beastie!!!!!”

OOC Crossbow first, then throwing axe as I get closer then in with the battleaxe and shield. This is one happy dwarf!

Posted on 2006-10-18 at 11:51:53.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: Well I failed completely, so there.

I need to read over my posts better because the Sunset and Jal moment did not go the way I had expect it.


Before I get around to hurting your characters, a brief note on damage. As I do all dice rolling, I do not like to put the damge into numbers in the posts. So I have a system of keywords to figure out how bad off you are:

Minor - Between 1 to 10 points of damage or less than 5%
Light - between 5% to 25% of Hp lost.
Serious - 26% to 50% lost
Critical / Bad - 50% to 75% lost
Grave / Dangerous - 75%+ lost

Death's Door - you are at 0, you are unconscious. Less than 0 and you are bleeding to death. you can go as low as 10 plus your constitution bonus.

Posted on 2006-10-17 at 05:00:59.
Edited on 2006-10-17 at 05:01:53 by Alacrity

Topic: Star Trek: Discovery
Subject: They are all insane and running Engineering! RUN!

Stardate: 2366.10.22
USS Discovery, Main Engineering, 0755

They sat around the elliptical table looking at their new commanding officer. The most senior of them was Lt. Gregory Maguire, an African-American who was the Head of Communication Systems. Even the Commander had heard of this man before, “G-Force” they called him around the race circuits with more records for speed unbroken to this day.Something had happened to him, some accident that injured him. The loss of the race circuit was starfleets gain by the looks of his record.

Next to him sat the Vulcan woman, Z’var, who also had dark skin and stern expression one expects from her race. Z’var was Section Head of Sensor Maintenance. Vulcans always made good engineers and officers.

Beside her was a man with blue hair and yellowish skin – a Catullan who must be Lt. Btxwytre N'doog. He was the Head of the ship’s Computer systems and according to his record, only recently promoted to Lieutenant.

Further along was a very young lady with short red hair and a welcoming smile, Acamarian by her forehead cleft and the facial tattoos. This was Senior Chief Petty Officer Tanyi MeCall who was the Engineer’s mate – in charge of training and NCO crew placement.

Then there was another Senior Chief Petty Officer, an older man with blonde hair and no nonsense look about him. This was the Warp Core Specialist Malcolm Barrows, who did little to hide his lack of interest in his new commander. The former commander had noted that she would have to earn his trust; that Barrows didn’t respect anyone who didn’t work from the ground up, or was unwilling to get their hands dirty.

Finally there was a taller man with slicked back brown hair and a smile on his face that made the commander feel dirty. Chief Petty Officer Richard "Rizzo" James, - Chief of Shuttle Craft maintenance. Avanti had left her extensive notes to keep an eye on him. Apparently he was a career enlisted man known to the ship and crew as the man who could get things, and not all things that were according to regulations. Avanti had been working on cleaning him up but with limited success.

The Commander drove right in, "I demand a lot from Engineering Staff because the ship demands a lot. Engineering is a pivotal department and everyone aboard depends on us. I demand a lot, but I’m fair and open to suggestion.” Katrina smiled to soften her words. “And I’m not a complete ogre, my door is always open.”

Polite chuckles echoed round the room.

“Its because of this dependency, I’m to change the shift pattern for all staff from the ship’s standard. From tomorrow morning, all shifts will start one hour earlier than usual.”

She paused and bit her bottom lip, an unconscious use of body language that betrayed her nervousness.

“The day shift will start at 0700 and finish at 1500 and consequently all other shifts will follow suit. This is a system that I have worked under for three years and I believe it to be an efficient use of Engineering’s resources. Now, practically, this means that tonight’s Night Shift will work an hour less than usual but I’m sure we’ll be able to make up the time at some point.” Katrina sat back in her chair. “Any questions?”

The staff exchanged glances. No one seemed overtly surprised by the change, by then every commanding officer had their own way of doing things.

Lt. Maguire stood up, “Commander Waldgrave. On behalf of the engineering crew, I would like to welcome you to the Discovery. We look forward to working with you. Whatever you demand from us, we are more than ready to face to challenge.”

“Whoa Dude.” Lt N’Doog leaned back, “My vertebrate quivered when you stood so fast. Chill a dill, dude!” He offered his hand to the Commander, “I’m N’doog- call me Bob, everyone does. Sheila and me, we be ready to gleam the cube on your die, anytime, on the side. You the man, Commanderdude. Well, not really but, it’s cool, dig?”

There was silence in the room for a moment as everyone tried to figure out what Bob had just said. Then Z’var spoke, “Commander. Lt. N’Doog dialect can be hard to follow but I believe he said that he is up to the challenge. Sheila is an acronym he used for the Discovery’s computer. As well, I find your changes to be logical and with merit.”

N’Doog smiled and nodded, “What it is Dude.”

“Do you want the training sessions to mirror those changes?” Tanyi asked happily, “Because it would be no problem. I can switch things around to your schedule without any delay. Oh! And let me say it is an honour to service with you!” She bubbled happily.

OOC: Assume some response

“One thing Commander. Do you have someone in mind for Assistant Chief Engineer? Commander Avanti took Lt. Sango with him. We also lack an Environmental and Structural Integrity officer now that Ensign Tier has left as well.” Z’var noted.

“I can make you a list of potential candidates, commander.” Maguire piped in.

"For now, I expect a full and detailed list of all modifications to ships systems by midday and I'll call an Engineering meeting this afternoon."

The others, Barrows and James both kept quiet but neither seemed bothered by the shift change. Katrina smiled once more and stood.

"It's been a pleasure meeting you all. Dismissed."

Katrina watched as her staff filed out of the room. The meeting had gone far better than she'd hoped and she was pleased.

Posted on 2006-10-16 at 09:52:39.
Edited on 2006-10-16 at 09:54:03 by Alacrity

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off
Subject: Wrapping up

Gwanele thought a moment over Dapple’s question, letting Adrian throw his own opinions out first. “The empire doesn’t give people with magic skills a choice. They are part of the red corp. or the face death.” Her eyes looked to Adrian briefly, “Or worse. Although given ranks of commanders, they are often no more than slaves – taken from birth to be a tool and nothing more. That may be an advantage unto itself, if you can use it as such. The ones you face may long for freedom if the others do not.” A slight smile flashed across her face and vanished, “Or they could be complete insane and addicted to magic, which can also be used to your advantage.”

Abruptly Sunset took flight and landed upon the bookshelf close to Jal’s shoulder. He had been speaking to Sunset quietly, asking about sausages. The small dragon leaned his head to one side of Jal, looking intensely, and then leaned the other way, again with a searching look. It then looked at Jal, cocked its head and flew again, this time to land on the armrest of a chair between Char and Dapple.

The following only Char and Dapple feel through Sunset – Your mind flashes with pain, dreadful pain like someone is peeling the skin off your back. Then there is a girl, a young girl, first in a field close to a waterwheel of a mill. Her eyes are blue and her hair is the colours of wheat ripen on the stalk. Then being burned to death with mage’s fire, slowly, deliberately tortured. The images pop into your head, and vanish quickly but the sheer power of them almost overwhelms you. If it wasn’t for you being used to Sunset’s telepathy, you might have cried out in pain.

Dwan cleared his throat, “Well then. We will meet at first light tomorrow and leave from the west gate. Supplies promised will be given to you then, and Terrin will give you the money we promised up front.” As he spoke Terrin was finishing handing the bags of coins out, in a deliberate pattern to serve Dapple last.

After a few drinks and introductory conversation, you all leave to pack up your gear and attend to your own business – be it to get a good night sleep, polish the armour or go out for a night of the town. Dapple was the first to leave – you realize only when the absence of Sunset is mentioned. After that, you all find reasons to make your exit into the night.

OOC: if you wish to post in answer to the question of what you bring to the table, please feel free to backpost. I just don’t want to spend a lot of time in town if unneeded.

A man stood still in the darken alley, watching the people leaving the Iron League’s tower. He had been there all night waiting – but he was a patient one. He saw his quarry leave and waited until the man was well on his way to start following him, slowly clinging to the shadows and darkened doorways. So there he is, And I didn’t think that Dodger was telling the truth. He’s not what I expected but nothing I can’t handle. Well…maybe. I should get a few more men to help me. Rather be safe than sorry and with the money I’ll make, I can afford a few good men. Especially if he's travelling with those others, that will be a caution mark my words.

Posted on 2006-10-15 at 19:50:58.
Edited on 2006-10-15 at 19:51:27 by Alacrity

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: Woohoo Vanadia

Thanks to my wife's infinitely better patience and skills, she has re-etablished the internet at home. So I will be able to post this weekend.

Raven has sent me a note to go ahead as he will be busy all weekend.

Posted on 2006-10-13 at 08:55:41.

Topic: Question and Answers Game
Subject: principal

Why is the Principal wearing a kelvar vest?


But I always wear my sunglasses at night *bang, crash* Oww!

Posted on 2006-10-12 at 15:34:56.

Topic: Star Trek: Discovery - Q&A
Subject: hey!

Bob considers Sheila to be his main squeeze. Don't mess dude or you'll find your credit limit slashed, and your record filled with reprimands from various comodudes.

Posted on 2006-10-12 at 15:13:54.
Edited on 2006-10-12 at 15:14:14 by Alacrity

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: It is snowing here! InToronto! Snow! AAAAHHHHHH!

In the wisdom words of my father:

"Knock it off or I'll bash all your heads together!"


Picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue...

wandering: a groups of Storm giants, all with helms of alignment change and girdles of femininity/masculinity. Look like oversized Paris Hilton, Anna Nicole Smith, Nicole Ritchie, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears - carrying large swords.

Posted on 2006-10-12 at 13:11:45.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: ummmm... guys

Are we gonna play nice eventually or should I wait two weeks before posting so you can get all the name calling done with?

Posted on 2006-10-12 at 12:49:12.

Topic: Star Trek: Discovery - Q&A
Subject: For the record

If we start any romance with the plants, Bob is so out of here dude.

Posted on 2006-10-12 at 11:07:31.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: I attack with Flurry of Posts

I will "get this party started" on the weekend. That will give Pekka a chance to join the lovefest, as well I have just received the Serenity RPG rules so I am happily mired in another rule system (I aim's to misbehav').

Two days in the wilderness. So many wandering monster, so many choices....

"Hi! We are wandering monsters. Let's fight!"

Posted on 2006-10-12 at 11:05:23.

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