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Topic: New Destiny Characters
Subject: Jonah "Pops" Hicks

Jonah "Pops" Hicks


Agility - d8
Strength – d6
Vitality – d8
Alertness - d8
Intelligence - d10
Willpower - d8

Life Points 16

Good Name (Major) – You are known by some and you are held in high regard
Not your First Rodeo (minor) –You have training, experience, education and a sharp mind. You can you plot points to draw out facts and details others might know
Forgettable (minor) - You have something about you that makes people not notice you.

Straight Shooter (minor) - You are generally honest and like to remain that way.
Things Don’t Go Smooth (Minor) - Lady Luck hate you. Things never work out in the end for you without a series of complications.
Crude (Minor) – You are blunt especially when you are irritated, which is often.
Loyal (Minor) – Destiny is more than a home to you and the people in it are more than family

Athletics d4
Covert d6
**Disable devices d8
Guns d6
Pistols d10
Shotguns d8

Influence d6
**Barter d8
Melee Combat Weapons d6
**Knives d8
Perception d6
**Deduction d8
**Intuition d8
Planetary Vehicles d2
Pilot d6
Unarmed Combat d6
**Karate d8
Mechanical Engineering d6
Technical Engineering d6
**Hacking d8


8 x Magazines of Ammo (96 bullets)
5 x Boxes of Ammo (240 bullets)
1 x Shotgun 
4 x Magazines of Ammo (24 shells)
5 x Cases of Ammo (240 shells)4 x Basic Outfits 
1 x Multiband Watch 
1 x Fancy Outfit
2 x Bandoleers 
1 x Athletic Bag
Multi tool
Ruck Sack
Throwing Knives (3)
Basic tool kit
Tool Set, Electronic
Lock Picks (Manual)
Lock Picks (Electronic)
Ballistic vest
2 x Handheld Transmitters
1 x Combat Knife
1 x Utility Pocket Knife


Jonah "Pops" Hicks is in his late 50s to early 60s. A drummed out Alliance Officer, been out 10 years before the war running his own business shuttling people. He somehow got his hands on one of first Knorr class transport prototypes which he flew through the end of the war.

 How it happened:

Some nine years before the Unification War, ship designer Contessa Herkeimer set about designing the light cargo transport to supply the needs of Border and Rim freight shippers. The result was the “Knorr.”

Her design was fairly radical for the time, and seems to polarize opinions. Johan had worked there for years and had become the Senior Quality Engineer in Research and development. Although he didn't really support any political side he had to join the Alliance to keep security clearances. He was awarded the rank of Captain which would allow he to fly. As his job he would review designs, check and test prototype crafts to see that they met specifications before turning it over to a test pilot who then push it to it limits.

A hot shot young pilot got cute attempting a vertical landing of an early design Knorr and lost control of the craft. It swung toward the observation area. Herkeimer's daughter had been on the tarmac with Johan and the other engineers.  As the thrusters were melting and burning a path toward them the group fled to the hanger.  Jonah scooped up the young girl rushing her to the safety of building. They were able scramble through the door, the girl safely clear of the danger, but as Jonah turned back to pull the door closed the backwash flashed through burning his face and hands. The burns left his face badly scared with pinkish wrinkled skin. (He now wears a full bread to cover the scares.)

 The pilot was from a wealth core family and eventually the blame was place on a malfunction the Jonah had missed. The family saw to it that Jonah lost his job and his commission. Herkeimer however knew the truth and felt indebted to Jonah for saving his daughter. He helped Jonah move out from the core plants and set up a shuttle business. By spreading the word Jonah became nearly a personal shuttle service many friends and family of the Hereimers. When the war started he turned the business into a diplomatic currier service that got him clearance in and out  of many  planets and situations.

 Jonah never really support the Alliance, that young hot shot had become a ranking officer and his recklessness had cost the lives of many of his own men. He had also ordered many of the unnessary bombing in Serenity Valley. 

Pops has varied background. He can fly, cook, open locks, fix computer, hack programs and other unexpected skills. He says he was too old to be a Browncoat, but he seems to have been in a lot of places when someone was needed on the QT.

Posted on 2019-07-17 at 08:39:29.
Edited on 2019-07-23 at 08:12:37 by Alacrity

Topic: When dad jokes meet Star Wars
Subject: really?

Why did I come back to the inn again?

Posted on 2019-07-16 at 13:49:15.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: break

I got four up. Taking a break from the hunt

Posted on 2019-07-16 at 10:38:26.

Topic: New Destiny Characters
Subject: Alaxis Van'Stathem



Name: Alaxis Van’ Stathem

Agility: d10
Strength d6
Vitality: d10
Alertness: d10
Intelligence: d10
Willpower: d8

Credo(Major) - To never leave anyone - soldier, civilian, adult or child in harms way if she can help them - even if it costs her life. 
Memorable(Minor) - As a daughter of a rich core world family fighting for the browncoats caused her to become quite memorable in certain circles and an embarrassment to her family 
Loyalty(Minor) - To the Browncoat Philosophy and Wyatt Sung
Lightweight(Minor) - You get drunk really easily - Doc needs to show needle to make you pass out (Due to Alaxis being the doctor she doesn't drink thus the reasoning for this complication) 
Dead Broke(Minor) - Due to her falling out and disownment her father cut her off from the family money thus she never seems to have enough money 

Highly Educated(Minor)- Family were rich Core Worlders you never wanted for anything growing up. Put you through high paid Med school.
Lightning Reflexes(Major)- Thanks to the high priced Med school gym and sports teams fitness centers you became fast, some would say as fast as lighting if they knew how fast lighting was.
Medical Empathy(Minor)- You found out while in med school you had a feeling for the human body and what made it tick. In almost record time you could diagnose ailments and render care.

Athletics d6
**Dodge d8
Discipline: d6
Influence d6
Knowledge d6
Medical Expertise: d6
**First Aid d10
**Surgery d12
Guns d6
**Pistol: d10
Unarmed Combat: d6
**Martial Arts d10
Perception: d6
**Read Lips: d8
**Sigh Language d8
Planetary Vehicles: d2 
Pilot: d2
Scientific Expertise d6

2 Pistol (In low slung spring loaded fast draw holsters) Dam: d6w Rng: 100ft  RATE: 3 Mag: 8 Wgt: 2.5 5 speed loaders (48 rounds) 1 in weapon, 4 on hip. 420 rds stored

Advanced First Aid Kit 10c (Includes everything needed to preform emergency Surgery outside a hospital. 30c
Gun cleaning kit 2c
Survival Kit: (The following are included in the pack) 
• 1 person shelter, basically a small pop tent • Bio-canteen. A self-contained water purification system that holds 1 liter of water. • 2 Bio-canteen filters (1 filter is good for 3 refills). • 1 protein bar. (If sliced thin bar will easily last a week) • 1 space blanket. • 1 basic first aid kit. • Flash light(manual powered, lasts 4 hours, 5min to recharge) • Survival Knife (treat as combat knife) Knife contains; • Small compass • 2 needles • Spool of nylon thread • 12 matches • Piece of flint
patch tape (2 rolls) 4c
ballistic mesh shirt 46c
handheld transmitter 30c
jumpsuit 3c
basic outfit 4c
Semi-fine blouse / Skirt 12c
200 credits

Background - Being raised in Ariel Alaxis was put through medical school by her family. However, once she graduated she decided that her skills would be put to better use on the outter Rim. Doing this however caused her to fall out with her family and joining the browncoats caused her father to disown her. 

Posted on 2019-07-16 at 10:16:19.
Edited on 2019-07-16 at 13:40:14 by Alacrity

Topic: New Destiny Characters
Subject: Fenris (Wolf) Apollo

Name: Fenris (Wolf) Apollo

Agility: d10
Strength: d12
Vitality: d8
Alertness: d6
Intelligence: d6
Willpower: d8
Life Points: 18 
Initiative: d10+d6

Deadly Enemy(Minor)- During his prison term one of his boxing losses was deliberate. Seems two men had bet a large amount of money on him, one a high level Alliance guy by the name of Cranston Van’ Stathem for him to win and the other a high level mob kingpin for him to lose. Being imprisoned in a prison run by mob paid guards Fenris figured it be better to lose and he did. However this gained him a very deadly enemy that he does not know he has. It was only by the Mob bosses protection and two deliberate lost fights for him that Fenris made it out of the prison alive. 
Don’t Come Back Now(Minor)- The paperwork that Fenris uses is really only good for the outer Rim planets. In the core worlds he would have his travel restricted or be required to use his real papers Fenris
Loyal(Minor)- After the events of the war, prison, his friendship with Wyatt was the only thing left. Finding the Destiny with Wyatt and Pop he has come to feel that the only people worth saving in the verse are Wyatt, himself, the Destiny herself, and her crew and to hell with everybody else. 
Memorable(Minor)- Thanks to his years of fighting, his 25 wins, 5 loss record and numerous prison tattoo’s, Including the name PERDITION burn branded across his back shoulders, he is not easily forgotten by certain Alliance or Rim folks.
Straight Shooter(Minor)- Fenris has a code of honor that holds to the belief that he would rather hurt a person with the truth, then with a lie.

Friends in Low Places(Minor)- Fenris picked up the friendship of mob boss Anthony”Big Tony” DiNozzo while in prison losing fights at the bosses say so. The mob Boss’s protection helped him to survive prison. If not for reuniting with Wyatt he would most likely be working for him as an enforcer or hit man.
Mechanical Empathy(Minor)- Having finally accepted the Destiny as his home he is more in-tune with her, feels her in a better way, and loves her as more then just a ship.
Mean Left Hook(Minor)- His fists are hard as rocks. Fenris is easily capable of killing a man with his bare hands. his years of boxing/brawling gave him hardened callous so finger/knuckle breaks are rare.
Tough as Nails (Minor)- Fenris's spent a lot of time scrapping to get and keep what's his boxing/brawling matches helped him to take painful punches and blow them off. Enough years of that kind of thing's like to make a fella pretty hard to put down and keep there.


Athletics d6
**Dodge d8
Mechanical Engineering d6 
**Create Replacement Parts d12
**Repair d12
**Rewire and Reroute Electrical d10
Planetary Vehicles d6
**Ground Vehicle Repair d8
Guns d6
**Repair d8
**Pistol d12
Melee Weapon Combat d6
Unarmed Combat d6
**Mixed Up Martial Arts d12+d2
Pilot d2


*1 COLT PYTHON LG 6 (HEAVY COMBAT REVOLVER) (Slung low on right thigh in spring loaded quick draw holster.) Dam: d8w Rng: 120ft Rate: 2 Mag: 12 Wgt: 3 Speed loaders: 3 (36 rounds) 1 in weapon, 2 on hip. 500 rds stored
*1 DESERT EAGLE (SEMI-AUTOMATIC HEAVY PISTOL) (Slung in shoulder holster under left arm) Dam: d8w Rng: 120 Rate: 2 Mag: 12 Wgt: 3 Mags: 3 (36 rounds) 1 loaded, 2 carried under right arm) 500 rds stored
*1 NEO-TECH DERRINGER (CLOSE-ACTION, CONCEALABLE PISTOL) (Concealed in secret inner waistband holster, small of back) Dam: d4w Rng: 30ft Rate: 1 Mag: 2 Wgt 5 200 rds stored.
*1 GERBER COMBAT KNIFE (Sheathed on left hip, hand grip facing to the right for right hand draw) d4w (W/ Brass Knuckles +d2ds)
AR-15 (SEMI-AUTOMATIC ASSAULT RIFLE) Dam: d8w Rng: 150ft Rate: 3 Mag: 40 Wgt 11 Mags 2 (80 rounds) 1 loaded 1 carried 500 rounds stored
COMMANDO CM 30 (SNIPER RIFLE) Dam: d8w Rng: 1000ft Rate: 3 Mag: 20 Wgt: 10 Mags; 2 (40 rds) 1 loaded 1 carried. 500 rds store

(*Weapon carried whenever away from Destiny)

Knife, utility d2w (Swedish Multi Tool)
Tool set, mechanics
Tool kit, basic
Databook 30c
First Aid Kit
Survival Kit (The following are included in the pack)
• 1 person shelter, basically a small pop tent • Bio-canteen. A self-contained water purification system that holds 1 liter of water. • 2 Bio-canteen filters (1 filter is good for 3 refills). • 1 protein bar. (If sliced thin bar will easily last a week) • 1 space blanket. • 1 basic first aid kit. • Flash light(manual powered, lasts 4 hours, 5min to recharge) • Survival Knife (treat as combat knife) Knife contains; • Small compass • 2 needles • Spool of nylon thread • 12 matches • Piece of flint
Cutting torch
Scrappers gel (x5) 15c
CADboard 30c
Gun cleaning kit 2c
Gun repair kit 8c
patch tape (2 rolls) 4c
ballistic mesh shirt 46c
handheld transmitter 3c
Ship-linked Handset 3.2c
Spare Clothes
*jumpsuit/coveralls 3c
*basic outfit 4c
*Semi-fine shirt / Pants 12c
230 credits

Fenris was a drifter and an orphan as a young boy. He loved machines and found that fixing them came easy to him. When he got into a pretty serious fight in a bar, leaving his opponent ending up in a coma in the hospital. He was arrested and taken to jail where he first met Wyatt Sung and the two started to become friends. When offered a way out of jail by joining the Browncoats, Fenris was the one that convinced Wyatt to take the offer from the Sheriff and join the Browncoats. In the course of their joining up they stayed together and both ended up on a Firefly-class blockade runner, Wyatt as its pilot and Fenris as its mechanic. However Fenris was later wounded and captured by an Alliance patrol.

Taken to Perdition prison Fenris spent roughly the next 2 1/2 years imprisoned there until 6 months after the war had ended. While there he met and made friends with one Sean Lee Sarafina, better known as Eagle Eye. Eagle Eye was the prison fixer, the guy everyone goes to get something. The guy who could get you a girl, a bottle of whiskey, smokes you name it he had a way to find it. He was also the guy who put on the Octagon, a no hold’s bared anything goes gladiatorial type brawl. Two guys in, one guy out, the second left behind for dead, crippled or just beaten unconscious. With the war in the Black in full swing the guards cared less what went on in these fights, even placed wagers on them, and if anyone died all they had to do was dump the body in the incinerator and problem solved. The only thing they did not allow were weapons of any type it was all bare knuckle. Well Sarafina seeing the young man’s size and potential took him under his wing and after a year and a half of training, building muscle and somehow the two becoming close friends, he had put him into his first fight… Which Fenris barely lost. However three months later he was on top and no longer losing and sharing in Eagle Eyes good fortune as friend and bodyguard.

It was during this time the guards became more involved and with Eagle Eye’s help arranged for fights in other prisons. Then suddenly Eagle Eye was released with no explanation other then “Good Behavior and a mob boss by the name of Anthony”Big Tony” DiNozzo quickly took over for him. After making Fenris a good deal the win streak continued till the DiNozzo told him to lose, which having really no choice Fenris did. However a high ranked Alliance noble man by the name Cranston Van’Stathem lost a lot of money that night and vowed to make Fenris one day pay. Protected by DiNozzo he was only asked to lose 2 more fights and 6 months after the war he was released marking almost three years in Perdition.

After his release to his surprise they returned his clothing to him, including his Browncoat duster with the unit patches intact, yet minus the weapons he was captured with. After a day or two of paperwork Fenris found himself placed among others of his old unit for the sake of “efficiency” he was told. Fenris did not buy their efficiency as the Alliance called it. He was pretty sure it was them being too lazy to look up each man’s records fully. However, it was still good in some ways as he greeted old and new faces and was once more reunited with Wyatt Sung. Put on a ship, you watched as Perdition prison became just a memory as you headed out into the Black.

Posted on 2019-07-16 at 09:58:33.
Edited on 2019-07-31 at 23:46:43 by TannTalas

Topic: When dad jokes meet Star Wars
Subject: crickets

*cheep cheep cheep cheep*

Posted on 2019-07-16 at 09:50:07.

Topic: New Destiny Characters
Subject: Ivy Sanders

Ivy Sanders


Name: Ivy Sanders


Agility: d12
Strength: d4
Vitality: d6
Alertness: d10
Intelligence: d8
Willpower: d12

Talented (Minor) – Dodging really fast, like she knows where they gonna shoot
Trustworthy Gut (Minor) – She get that feeling

Things Don’t go Smooth (Minor) – Lady luck don't get along Ivy, Mom is dead, Dad is long gone
Anxiety(Major) - Ivy don't go out much, not into people or crowds and stays mostly on the ship.

Athletics d6
**Climbing d8
**Contortion d8
**Dodge d12
Covert d6
**Stealth d8
Sleight of Hand d8
Guns d6
**Pistol d8
Perception d6
Intuition d8
Performance d2
Pilot d6
**d8 Freighter
**d8 Astrogation
Unarmed Combat d2

Action Figure comes with: 
Ballistic Mesh shirt (1W-converts all damage from bullets to stun/shock)
Combat Knife (d4 W | 1 lbs.)
Pistol (d6 W | 100' | 3 [8] | 2 lbs.)
Shipped-Link Handset
PADD (Personal Access Data Device) with wireless earbuds
Ballistic Vest
Assorted clothing (Favours Flannel shirts and yoga style pants)
Locket necklace with picture of her Mother
Basic Toolkit


She is of average height for a 16 year old girl, with bright blonde hair and wide blue eyes. She is remarkably empathic and very open in her outlook, enjoying interacting with the crew but is painfully shy around strangers.. She’s had a rough time over the last few years and settled into her teenage rebelliousness a little early.

Born on Rhamba to a single mother, Ivy's mother was approached by some men asking if she would like to enroll Ivy in a special school on Sihnon. When she refused, not wanting to relocate, things got rough for her and Ivy. She lost her job, people broke into her home, and she was assaulted on the street more than once. She turned to an old friend (Captain Wyatt). The Captain flew Destny over as fast as he could to help but while he was en route, Ivy's mother was killed. The Captain and his crew collected Ivy and took her with them and now she lives among the crew.

Posted on 2019-07-16 at 09:19:08.
Edited on 2019-07-16 at 09:33:38 by Alacrity

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Character

I am starting to bring the characters into the thread. I have made a new thread this time because it is easier and I don't want to kill the old page.

If you have not sent me a picture of your character yet, please do. Or give me a actor name to look up.

If I post something wrong or different that what you ecpected, please let me know. There is a lot to copy and paste, plus I make mistakes with the best of them.



Posted on 2019-07-16 at 09:10:30.

Topic: New Destiny Characters
Subject: New Destiny Characters


Name: Wyatt Sung
Position: Captain

Agility: d10
Strength: d6
Vitality: d8
Alertness: d8
Intelligence: d6
Willpower: d8

Skills Athletics d6
Dodge d10
Covert d6
Discipline d6
Guns d6
Pistols d12
Shotguns d8
Influence d6
Barter d8
Leadership d10
Mechanical Engineering d4
Melee Weapon Combat d6
Perception d6
Intuition d8
Pilot d6
Pilot Caravel, Outrigger d8
Unarmed Combat d6

Assets (* Denotes might not be known to all): 
Fightin, Type - Always ready for a fight, Wyatt is a man who can duke it out
Steady Calm - not much fazes the captain, he's seen it all
Heavy Tolerance - Wyatt can drink a lot of whiskey without noticing the effects
Leadership - Wyatt inspires others
Friends in Low Places - Wyatt has many a friend in the underworlds of the Verse

Credo - Wyatt has a personal sense of honour that effects his good judgment sometimes
Straight Shooter - he is a basically honest person, not cottoning to lying
Superstitious - There be signs of bad luck everywhere in the verse
Loyal - Wyatt is extremely loyal to his crew and Destiny
*Hooked - Wyatt is an Alcoholic, but he keeps it to himself.

Action Figure comes with: Ballistic Mesh shirt (1W-converts all damage from bullets to stun/shock)
Combat Knife (d4 W | 1 lbs.)
Pistol (d6 W | 100' | 3 [8] | 2 lbs.)
Shotgun (d10 W | 10' | 2 [10] | 10 lbs
Derringer (d4 W | 30' | 1 [2] | 1 lbs
Shipped-Link Handset
2 cutting torches
10 "Sticky" Scrapper's Gel
Basic Toolkit
Electronics Toolset
Mechanic's Toolset

Blue Jeans; Red T-shirt; Gunslinger's Holster (low on the right); Shotgun shoulder-rig with back holster; Knee-high, brown cowboy boots, Long brown "Browncoat" Duster; brown, wrist-length leather gloves; red bandana (worn about the neck); Brown cowboy hat, low crown, with crocodile teeth in the band.

Back-History Ni how. Name's Wyatt Sung an' I'm whatcha might call a Rimmer. Now, ya wants t' glean a bit of know-how 'bout me an'mine, so's I'll make it speedy-like. I was born to a mercantile-man who owned an' worked his own shop on Jiangyin. My ma was a sweet li'l ol' woman o' Korean-blood who helped 'round-about the shop. I grew up with them wanting me t' excel in my educatin' an' pick up the family business, but that weren't fer me. I got the itch t' travel, ya know? Went on to work at a ranch out yonder hills from town as a hand movin' cattle an' the like back an' forth t' the shipyards an' spendin' hard-earned livin' at dance halls and gamblin'. 'Course, as fate would 'ave it that's where I made acquaintance with my wife, Eden. Now, I could ramble on 'bout the way she looked an wax all poetic an' such, but a man'd be plumb stupid t' latch himself t' someone he thought was just joo bah jeh, so I'll's jus' leave it at I married the woman an' move on.

Couldn't do 'er justice anyways.

Like I said, we married an' I stopped spendin'. That gave me rights t' purchase a small piece o' land near the stretch I rode. I began keepin' cattle an' Eden glorified our spread. Then my baby girl was birthed. We named her Summer 'cause that's what she brought t' our home - an' she was birthed in the summer. 'Course, all my time carousin' and womanizin' must've tempted the fates 'cause that's also the year the Unification War started. Jiangyin weren't no interest t' the Alliance an' I don't much care fer politickin', but Eden was all in a fit 'bout it. She kept on an' on, every meal, an' I didn't stop her none. I thought it quaint at first; ya know? But the sun set on that dern quick. I laid down the law - practically bound her by it. Was the last convo I had with her, an' the last time I saw my daughter livin'.

Some big damn bad men came by while I was rangin'. They was Alliance supporters an' my beautiful wife wouldn't lie down as far as her politickin' was doin' an' they killed 'er fer it. They torched the homestead with Summer still inside - I killed 'em dead that night in town. All of them. Took my scattergun in the saloon after I did some researchin' an' opened them all up. After, I was bound by law. I coulda run, but I don't run, an' the Law bound me. I was due t' be hung when a roughrider by the name o' Sam Hayword was dropped in my cell fer performin' the fisticuffs in the saloon 'cross town. He told me all sorts 'bout the Browncoats an' the fightin' 'gainst the Alliance; so much that my ear was done near talked off. When he was plumb tuckered out I lay wakeful an' thought 'bout Eden, Summer, and the Fight. I thought 'bout Eden's politickin' an' knew then an' there the only ways I could do her an' my baby girl honors would be t' carry on her dreams. The sheriff was a sympathizer with the Browncoats so it took little convincicatin' t' get 'im t' let me go so long as he never saw me no more. Me an' Sam hitched us a ride t' the nearest recruitin' post an' volunteered. Sam went off t' foot soldierin' somewhere's an' I gots the flyin' gig tha' got me familiar with the Firefly. Tha' boat was called Celestial Diva an' she was a handful; all skirts an' no sense, but she could run them blockades. The rush o' flyin' helped keep my mind off Eden an' Summer-girl, an' I gotsta kill me some Alliance. I continued t' run blockades an' kill me some purple bellies 'til them tian di wu yohn in high command sign that treaty. That's when I was left with something of a pickle in the brainpan. I didn't know what t' do with myself an' memories were lookin' t' kill me. Saloons became my puhn yoh, liquor, my ma tze. 

Posted on 2019-07-16 at 08:55:00.
Edited on 2019-07-16 at 09:27:50 by Alacrity

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Yeah yeah

give me some time to actually sit down and play copy and paste

Posted on 2019-07-15 at 16:26:21.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: umm

You do all know I have posted the intro, right?

Posted on 2019-07-15 at 13:55:37.

Topic: Firefly Serenity reboot
Subject: Dude

48 is for attributes 

76 is for skills 

Posted on 2019-07-15 at 13:05:19.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: hmm

If i have not answered a question in a PM, please ping me again as I get a lot of messages and sometimes lose track of what I am doing.

Posted on 2019-07-12 at 10:49:42.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Reactivate

let's use this QnA for the new destiny game and let the recruitment thread go.

Posted on 2019-07-11 at 12:18:09.

Topic: Firefly Serenity reboot
Subject: posting schedule

I will look to post every 2nd Thursday, with Friday being my backup if running behind. Feel free to post anytime within the timeframe.

Posted on 2019-07-11 at 11:35:09.

Topic: Firefly Serenity reboot
Subject: and we are a go

Destiny is in flight again. Characters and such will follow soon. Let me know if there is info on your character you do not want shared.

Posted on 2019-07-11 at 11:32:21.
Edited on 2019-07-11 at 11:32:49 by Alacrity

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: And here we go

Destiny Crew

Wyatt Sung – Captain
Fenris (Wolf) Apollo – Mechanic
Jonah (Pops) Hicks – First Officer and The “face” man
Alex Castlebrandt/Dakota Jones – Pilot
Sean Callahan – Tech
Alaxis Van Stathem – Doctor
Ivy Sanders – Pilot/Wyatt’s ward

The war was over. The battle of Serenity Valley was done and all that was left was to pick up the pieces. It has has been a year now but it was a long hard year.

You (Wyatt, Fenris and Pops) were abroad the Alliance ship “Victorious” along with many late released brown coats and people generally suspected of being a disturbed of the peace. For Jonah, it was just a simple “pickup” job for the alliance but he ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Either way, you were bound for the core planets, whether you wanted to go their or not. Some of you had your card in hand, with coded access to reparation money the alliance was throwing your way to keep you quiet.

But then something happened. Alarms starts clanging, the ship shook with the sounds of missile hits. Explosions followed. People running.  An alliance guard came to the door and opened it quickly “To the life pods!” He said firmly, “Now! Quick quick quick! We are under attack!”

Under attack? But the war was over? Why was anyone still fighting?

Another explosion rocked you and you decided to ponder while running. You make it into the life pod and it seals itself and launches. There is one view point to watch as you spiral away from the burning ship. You see small ships (one to two man interceptors), black and diamond shaped flying pass, launching more missiles. The “Victorious” breaks up into pieces. Unfortunately Jonah’s freighter was attached to it at the time.

The big guy, Fenris immediately starts opening panels and looking around, “Gonna kill the beacon. Don’t want them xxx homing in on it.”

Jonah went to the flight controls and found they were locked out. “I can figure out how to get these working.”

Wyatt checked the stores. There was enough rationed food for 6 people for 10 days, 2 Heavy duty EVA suits and 4 suits that were basic keep you alive for a very short time EVA suits with 12 hours of oxygen tanks total. No weapons but a basic tools kit and a manual for Blue Sun Life Pods XL3’s.  Fenris quickly discovered you were in a Blue Sun Life Pod XL6.

Jonah got the ship controls working and you moved away from wreckage and debris. Wyatt suggested that since you did not have a lot of fuel, you would drift for a time (two days) and then use the thrusters judiciously to try to get to a shipping area where you could reactivate the beacon.  Nothing came around to shoot you down and you all worked on getting as much life out of the pod as possible.

After 5 days, you got a ping on the proximity detector. Something was out there. Was it a transport? Alliance or one of the ships that destroyed the “Victorious”. Wyatt made the decision to activate the beacon and take your chances. But nothing happened. Jonah moved the pod around and soon found the ship. It was a derelict floating in space. Looked like a transport but it was painted black and very stylish. There were no signs of life on the ship and no power signatures – it seemed completely dead.

The three men debated the options at this point. The Life pod was not going to last forever but the ship was dead in the black. Jonah wanted to stay with the pod, Fenris wanted to try the ship. Wyatt again made the final decision to see if they could get in to the ship and see what was salvageable.

The cargo bay had to be manually opened through an outer hatch which Fenris did via the EVA suit. Once inside, Wyatt and Pops took the two HD suits and explored the ship, short distances at first. The cargo bay looked like it had been through a battle. It did not take long to realize that someone had lined the walls of the Bay with claymore mines and then there were all set off. Not much left inside.  

The ship had no dead aboard, but there was definitely a battle here before. Most of the ship was shot up from within, or destroyed by an explosive force. The only places intact were the cockpit and engineering. You found another HD EVA suit and more oxygen tanks in a locker. Fenris checked the engines and found to his surprise that they were operational. There was some damage, enough to stop them but he could at least it spinning.

So you fixed the ship as best you could, keep life support and heat to the cockpit and engine room only. It was tight, but not as tight the life pods.  Once you had that, you scavenged as much fuel as you could from the pod and put the ship on a slow course to the nearest planet – Beylix. You were alive and had a ship – but who did it use to belong to? The only clue you found was a locked cabinet in the cockpit, indie was a suitcase, also locked. Inside it was a polymer sheet of paper with four words written on it.


Other interesting things about the ship:

The Speed Gauge went to 13. Most transports can reach a hard burn of 6, maybe 7.
The ship’s wiring had been hand rolled with anti-magnetic tape. Every sign piece of wiring.
There was a backup fusion battery that drew power from the engine. It was basic put in to restart the ship and life support if ever hit by an EMP attack.
The Pulse beacon had seven setting (Seven different call numbers spots). Pulse beacons are only made to hold one. However all the numbers in the array were wiped clean.

Once you reached Beylix, you landed as discretely as you could (Beylix is notorious for criminal activity) and you were alive and on a planet. What to do now? Something about the ship drew you all together and you decided to pool your money and work of fixing it up. Yes you could have bought a ship, plenty for sale now that the war was over but something about this one – like it was your Destiny to find it.

Fixing the ship up was difficult as many parts it had were simply not the same as others. Fenris had to retool almost every piece that went into the ship. He hand wrapped every wire he redid with the anti-magnetic tape because someone cared enough to do it before. Jonah had a wealth of knowledge about fixing the ship and he sold of his now defunct shipping business to help with the repairs.

Soon you were able to get the boat in the air and test flew it, often with terrible results but always making progress.  You pulled a registration number of an old wreaked Whitefire Class ship and submitted it as you own: Destiny – WhiteFire (Modified). You waited for someone to come take it away but no one did and the paperwork went through without a hitch.

You started gathering a crew. Alex Castlebrandt signed on as a pilot, Sean Callahan came on as the Technical and computer guy and finally Alaxis Van Stathem joined you as Doctor. Each one of you had a past and you all wanted to be the master of your own future. Destiny was running well except for some odd glitches. It would vent steam in places and no amount of repairs seemed to fix it. The steam often looked like a shadowy woman in white (decide what you wish on that) which was a bit distressing at first but you got used to it. You could get speeds up to 12 on the ship and the handling was quite precise. It flew as a transport but handled like a gunship.

Wyatt got a message one day and you flew off to Rhamba. Wyatt left on his own for what he called a personal errand. When he returned he had a young lady with him. He said her parents were dead and she would be joining the crew. Her face and Wyatt’s did not broker any discussion. Ivy is a very bright young lady with an aptitude for learning. She is very shy though, so much so that she rarely if ever leaves the ship.

So now you are looking for the big score, a job to develop a reputation and get your name known.  That has come now in the form of a crime lord in Berylix named Molly Malone. She is willing to give you a trial run, Beylix to Haven hauling foodstuff for a shelter. Pays 200 credit, plus full tank of fuel. Do it in a week and there will be a job on Haven with a better payout waiting for you. Don’t manage the time and then, well good luck with you then. Molly is very well known, very influential, and has a good reputation compared to the Badger’s and Dodgers of the Verse.

So you have four full skids of foodstuff packed and wrapped delivery to your ship’s hold. Haven is 5 days at a regular speed so you are confident that you can get there on time with room to spare.

OOC: Please post a brief intro to your character with whatever you want the crew to know about you.






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Edited on 2019-07-11 at 11:31:32 by Alacrity

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: Bababada!

Start over

Posted on 2019-07-11 at 11:23:31.

Topic: Firefly Serenity reboot
Subject: delayed

Sorry. Busy weekend. Things keep breaking down in the house and need to be fixed or replaced. There is all this lovely meat to bbq as well.  I an still on this, just trying to find some personal tme.

Posted on 2019-07-09 at 08:38:22.
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Topic: Firefly Serenity reboot
Subject: and

I am also keeping in mind that it is some minor american holiday as well this weekend I believe ....



Posted on 2019-07-04 at 10:40:05.

Topic: Firefly Serenity reboot
Subject: no problem

I can get the game started without all the full character sheets. I have a very good idea of everyone's role now so that is the most important.

Posted on 2019-07-04 at 10:38:14.

Topic: Firefly Serenity reboot
Subject: start

I am hoping to get game going this weekend if I get all characters in by then.

Posted on 2019-07-03 at 12:00:39.

Topic: Firefly Serenity reboot
Subject: still here

Been busy with work since I got back from long weekend. What is the formula? For every one day off you take you are two days behind.

Posted on 2019-07-03 at 09:05:10.

Topic: Firefly Serenity reboot
Subject: and we are talking about guns again

There was a supplement book called "Six-Shooter and Space Ships" that had additional weapons. I do not allow all the weapons from the book (Gauss is out of the question), but here are that stats and Descriptions from the book..

Pistol, Light: A ladies weapon or a good holdout gun, light pistols range in size and configuration from derringers to those fancy rigs some folks use for trick shooting. (d4w, Rng: 50, Rate 3, Mag 6 16 credits)

Pistol, Heavy: This meaty, powerful pistol has a bit of heft and considerable physical presence.Two popular brands are the Century Marauder VI and the Deutrex SI–4.The best thing about a heavy pistol is that once you run out of ammo, you can always hit someone with it (for d2 Stun). If it jams and you can’t fix it,you’ve got yourself one fine and impressive nutcracker. (d8w. Rng 120, Rate 2 Mag12 credits 25)

I have to go through some of my notes this weekend and I will post the rules on armour soon.


Just to make sure we are on the same page, I am not producing modules with a lot of gun play. In fact, the first adventure I have for you, it is possible to get to the end without ever drawing a weapon. The second adventure, the theme is to prevent guns from being drawn. So if you are looking for fight after fight after fight - you might be in the wrong game. 


Posted on 2019-06-27 at 07:17:45.
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Topic: Firefly Serenity reboot
Subject: heads up

This weekend I will not be very responsive as it is the Canada Day long weekend and I have an extra day off on friday as well. I will see stuff posted or sent but it will be via my phone only.

We have 4 out of six characters that I have seen. Some are done and some are still a work in progress. 

The NPC on the ship will be a sixteen year old girl by the name of Ivy. She is the daughter of a friend of Wyatt. The Mother passed away so Wyatt agreed to take her under his wing and keep her safe. Ivy has pilot skills and is learning to defend herself. She is eager to learn, very athletic and smart. Ivy suffers from severe social anxiety and does not leave the ship much.


Posted on 2019-06-26 at 07:43:21.

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