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Subject: hurm

Thanks for the offer Albert but I don't want to change any characters mid-stream. Besides Sparrow is a Ranger, both clerics are strong warriors and Arien is well Arien. I can always play him as an NPC because I love dwarves.

Besides, the nature of this tomb is that more fighters will not help you. I have seen ToH decimate a 30 member barbarian hoard in one room. This requires teamwork and finesse. You are not even near the hard rooms yet.

Winter Wights - Technically no one has seen these creatures before but that is neither here nor there. There are more than one way to extinguish the blackfire and there is a "logic" to doing so (though some methods are riskier than others). I will give the Clerics a wisdom check for my next post and give you a hint if successful.

Posted on 2015-09-09 at 06:55:49.

Subject: yeah, no

It was an 8 man crew going in and we are down to 6 players (If I nag Olan a lot) which is a workable size. Losing the Bard and the Dwarven fighter will not diminish the chances of success much.

Posted on 2015-09-08 at 14:46:38.

Subject: okay - I hear you

Let me see what we can do then. I will ponder and send a few nagagrams

Posted on 2015-09-08 at 07:12:41.

Subject: Originally

I had stated at the beginning of this game that if a player went one gaming week without posting I would play their actions. Two weeks and their character stands still and does nothing and third week they become possessed by a demon and I take control of the character as a monster.

Posted on 2015-09-07 at 13:16:00.

Subject: What I think I will do

Play this out tho the end with the rules I started with. No posts and players become possessed and attack party. Lets see where this goes.

Posted on 2015-09-07 at 12:14:23.

Subject: well

Olan is knee deep in kids and work. Tiamat has not posted to a game since June.

Posted on 2015-09-07 at 12:08:44.

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: moving again

Rim's Dream "Penthouse" Day Five of Journey. 11:10 am ST

The WInchester brothers walked alongside the Baron through the corridors of the liner. Every attempt they made to find out more of what was going on was rebuffed with a "We'll discuss that later" and "Don't worry, everything is in hand boys. " They travelled up to the secluded penthouse of the liner, which the Baron had rented the entirety of this occasion. S they wandered through the lush and ludicrous quarters, they realized the penthouse had its own airlock to which there was a large yacht visible through a port window.

In a lounge area they met with a voluptuous blonde lady dressed in a form fitting business suit and glasses. "This is Yama Jiang Ziwen, my personal solicitor. She will assist you from this point on. Gentlemen, if I do not see you further, it has been wonderful to meet you and if all goes to plan, I am sure I will have work for you in the future."

"This way Gentlemen." Yama said sweetly and lead them down a hallway to a small room at the end. She opened the door with a separate door pass and lead the brothers into the room, closing the door behind her carefully. Both brothers noticed the door pass was on both sides so the card was needed to get in and out. The room was a guestroom, and there was Daniel, tied up and secured to the couch in the room. Yama walked over to him and checked all his binding, "He has been recently in attempting to escape." she said disapprovingly. Once she was sure he was secure, she turned to the brothers.

"Okay boys. I only want to go through this once so please pay attention. The wedding is tomorrow morning so we have about 24 hours to go. We must keep him alive until the wedding is official and the Baron has his mineral rights." she walked over to a desk and pulled it open to draw out a handgun - one that looked exactly like the one that Seth carried. " You will kill him this gun. You will wear gloves. Reverse the battery in the charger and an acid will cause the gun to dissolve rapidly so dicard it in a ship disposal chute quickly."

The brothers exchanged a look. "what about ..." AJ started.

"Wait until I am done to ask questions please." Yama intoned like an annoyed schoolteacher. She walked over to a closet and pulled out a room service tray cart, "Dump his body in here. Switch into the uniforms of the liner provided underneath, and then proceed back to the ship you came in on - Destiny was it? Take the body back to the ship and hide it in such a way that it can be easily found. I will inform the ship authority, the ship will be searched, Seth will be blamed for the murder and the crew will be arrested as accomplices. You will change out of the uniforms and I will give your papers to get off the liner when it makes port. Now do you have questions?"

"Umm..." Rick said slowly.

"No." AJ answered firmly. "Seems like you got it all covered. Are we to stay here until the wedding is over?"

"Yes." Yama said, "The walls are reinforced and soundproofed so we do not need to worry about being overheard or interrupted."

"Okay then. " AJ said flashing a look to his brother to keep quiet. "Will you come to tell us or is there a comm in here?"

"Oh I am not going anywhere," Yama said as she took off her jacket. "There is a king size bed in the next room and we have a lot of time to kill boys." She smiled as she slowly unbuttoned her top, "and the baron wanted me to make sure that you were very very well compensated for your efforts."

Rim's Dream "Lady Luck" Day Five of Journey. 11:10 am ST

Jon watched Angela transform from a meek and mild payload specialist into a card playing lady of fortune before his eyes. He could not - would not dare stop her now. Whatever part of Angela was working right now, he knew that it was would be far beyond his depths.

Looking around the casino, Jon enjoyed the view, both the grand design and the cocktail waitresses while trying to make sure he knew where all the exits were. The seemed to be a lot of security working in here. he tried to be discreet and watch Angela but he was not surprised to see she was winning money. Actually she was doing quite well.

"What can I get you?" a voice said beside Jon. He turned and looked into the cleavage of a waitress. She smiled cheerfully and said, Hey there sugar. How can I help you? My name's Plenty and I have plenty to offer - what would you like?"

Angela moved to the Craps table her eyes quickly searching for a post for Grace's bug. Across the room there was a high roller with bad luck and no skills losing at the high stake Faro table. The wannabe companions were sensing their opportunity dwindling with him so they were moving off his shoulder. A security guard next to a credit refill station was more interested in the women going by then station he was suppose to be watching. At the blackjack table a man was winning big and they just switched the dealer on him. One of the waitresses with more flesh and less class was working the room and the others were getting annoyed at her for the tips she was trolling. There were so many possibilities.

Rim's Dream "Olivier's Tailor Shop" Day Five of Journey. 11:10 am ST

JC just let the tailor prattle on but noted the information hoping there would be anything worthwhile to pass it on the Jon. However he thought why not ask one more question.

"So tell me about Annie."

"Annie? How did you know? I have always wanted to play Annie since I was in the 4th grade but they would't me. Claim is was because I was too big but honey we know that Miss Sung had a thing for Betty Parker."

JC realized his mistake, "Umm yeah. I meant Annie Foy. She is a performer on the ship? I know her and was hoping to meet up."

"Oh!" Olivier said and laughed at his mistake, "Here let me look on the entertainment core. " He said and pulled up the screen on his terminal. "Oh yes. Annie Foy. Musician. She is performing at the Olde West Saloon in an hour. Joust up the corridor and pass the Lady Luck Casino. Go if you want. We have work to do I can have the suit ready for early this evening so come back for final fitting."

Rim's Dream "Loading Docking" Day Five of Journey. 11:10 am ST

"Say ... Could I get a tour of this ship? Nowhere near Lilianna, I understand but I would love to look around this amazing vessel."

"I do not really know the layout well Mr. Steele but perhaps Grace here could do so. She is the engineer of this ship and no one knows it like her." Seth replies and gestures at Grace

"Grace?" Templeton says as if something just occurred to him. He looks to the mechanic and smiles broadly, "Yes Grace. Would you give me a tour of this ship please? I am sure we have a lot we could discuss."

A panicked "NO!" came out of Grace's mouth before she could stop herself, but she quickly recovered with "I mean, that I am not sure I could do it , in a very short amount of time. After all, I know you have a wedding to prepare for and I hate to waste your precious time." Grace tugged her hat down farther in an attempt to seem bashful (and hide her face).

Templeton smiled, "As the groom I have remarkably little I have to do for the wedding besides show up and say 'I do'. I do find ships fascinating and this was is really unique. Of course if I can't convince I can always return to my yacht. Your name is Grace? You know, I have this old friend who is looking for his daughter quite desperately and her name was Grace. I have not spoken to him in some time but perhaps I should call him. I know he'd move heaven and earth to find her - even stop a cruise liner in its track if he had to. So if you are sure that you can't give me a tour Grace, I can be off then."

Rim's Dream Security Station C, Day Five of Journey. 11:15 am ST

Yeomen Barnes was new to the Rim's Dream and he was very pleased to be working here. It was not an exciting job, watching the cameras in the Casino for any red flags to pop up. Like anyone was going to send a red flag among all these rich people?


Barnes punched his keyboard to open up an alert message. Expect some silly message about a ex-wife's restraining order or the like, Barnes almost fell out of his chair when he saw the alert. He activated his comm, "Sir! I have a red flag at the Lucky Lady Casino. A level 6 flag sir."

"A level six? That's impossible. Check your system Yeoman." came the response.

Barnes quickly ran the diagnostics. "No sir. System is fine and we still have a level six."

"A level six would never get on board. The system would have flagged the ID."

"Yes sir. This is not from Identification. This is the facial recognition program."

"Patch it through to me then. What is his name?"

"The Black Mark, Sir and it is not a man. It is a woman currently up over 300% at the Lady Luck. According to the report, she took out a 12 man security team at another establishment several years ago. Shall I dispatch a team?"

"Negative Yeoman. Hold and keep eyes on her. I need to verify and call the captain."

Posted on 2015-09-06 at 15:32:37.
Edited on 2015-09-09 at 09:13:47 by Alacrity

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Moving again

Day 1, Mei Long's Fine Dining, 7:10 PM PT

"Truth be told, Ma'am; this here rock ain't exactly one o' my favorite places in the ‘Verse, "Wyatt said while removing his own hat," So, I'd just as soon bury the Ol' Warhorse with whatever honors me an' my crew can give, pick up another contract, an' be on my way. We're not lookin' t' involve ourselves in nothing further, an' most certainly ain't looking fer no trouble.

"Didn't get no invitation. We was out an' about. However, now's we're here perhaps you could point out what's t' have an' what's not t' have on the menu?"

Willow smiled to herself as Colonel Wu processed Wyatt-speak; she knew it would take a moment. Idly picking up her napkin and laying across her lap, Willow asked casually," What's the Alliance's interest in visitors to Morningstar? You weren't briefed by Saunders, I take it."

Colonel Wu did not smile or change her expression much as she listened to Wyatt and Willow. "Briefed? No I was not briefed nor would I expect to be. Saunders is a federal Marshall and there is a long history of miscommunication between military and Marshalls. WE enforce the law for the people, Marshalls chase the people that refused to be enforced." She said plainly and leaned back. "However, when a lone tramp freighter appears out of the blue to rescues passengers from a liner that no one knew was going to be taken, and then said crew fights off the most vicious and ruthless set of mercenaries in the verse with minimal causalities - I start to wonder. Then said crew decide to honour the dead by coming here and gets permission to bury someone in the valley - well that seems to be a bit much."

The doors opened to the room and waiters brought in bowls and began to serve duck soup with thin wonton noodles to everyone. Tea was served and they filled the centre table with Har gau, Chiu-chao fan guo and Siu mai. Wu did not speak while the servers were in the room but as soon as they left, she waved her hand to say that you should go ahead as she sipped her tea. "What I think is you are working with the federal Marshalls on a covert mission. I would like to know what that mission is as I have worked very hard to gather what information I have on Mr. Morningstar and I will not have it Ni
tama de tianxia suoyou de ren duo gaisi
." She stabbed a Siu mai with her chop sticks harshly and popped it into her mouth while waiting for your response.

Day 1, Serenity Views, Phoenix Heights. 7:10 PM PT

As Wolf was walking through town trying to find his way to the noodle house he saw a group of trade workers (by their clothing) walk by with duffel bags. Normally Wolf wouldn't have noticed them but there was something about them that triggered a memory. It was the way they walked, a sorta swagger that Wolf learned in prison meant a gang was planning to rough someone up or teach a lesson. The swagger said - I mean to hurt and enjoy it. The mechanic decided to follow them for awhile just to make sure they were planning anything that would effect his own people. So it was that Wolf was lead pass the junk yard to a ghetto like place called "Phoenix Heights". His gut instinct turned out correct as there was Jade alongside a preacher and a guy with a shotgun who were not too happy to see these gentlemen.

(Note: Wolf would have overheard the initial exchange of the workers and the three)

Jim stepped forward, put his hand under the Doc's shotgun and moved the barrel downwards, "You'll have to excuse my friend's caution but we have had some strange dealings around here of late, and we rarely get civic minded visitors. Who sent you?"

"Guy, Our Guild boss, asked for volunteers. Said it would look good on the guild if we did some community service. It is just sandwiches and water. We ain't looking for a fight or nuthin'."

Jim and the Doc exchanged a look and Jade took the lead. "That very kind of your guild leader! As Jim said, not too many civil visitors come by. However just to make sure everything stays that way," Jade gave the shotgun a pointed look, "I will stick around and make sure that everyone gets a sandwich and there are no problems.

The Doc whirled his head towards Jade, "What? I thought you had to run off to some noodle house lady? And who appointed you lawkeeper?"

"Now Doc, She is trying to help." Jim admonished gently.

"But we don't know her! Or them!"

One of the workers takes advantage of the distraction and sweeps his long wrench out of his side pocket to knock the shotgun out of Doc's hand. The doctor is knocked to the ground and starts to cough violently as the dust and dirt are stirred up. The others take up their hand tools as well and move menacingly toward the preacher and Jade.

(Jade is in combat. Wolf, you are able to act with surprise on your side)

Posted on 2015-09-06 at 13:51:47.
Edited on 2015-09-06 at 13:52:08 by Alacrity

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: my bad

I will send you a PM Astrid or put what you find in the post, Sorry about that.

We have most of the players still going here, from what I see except hammer's which I can npc for now.

Posted on 2015-09-06 at 12:15:57.

Subject: wondering

At this point of the game I am wondering if I should call it fizzled. Olan, Tiamat and Hammer are not playing. Tann has not posted at all. That is half the crew gone.

Funny that all my attempts to bring D&D to this forum do not work.

Posted on 2015-09-06 at 12:13:37.

Topic: Alacrity is back
Subject: Alacrity is back

Hello all,

I have returned from a horrible summer of no daycare for my son and working odd hours to cover for it. He goes back to school on Tuesday and that should mean a return to the routines of life.

I with be going through my games over the next few days a and seeing what is still going and what is dead.

Sorry that this happened but RL gets on the way of FL alot.


Posted on 2015-09-06 at 12:05:03.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: update

I intend to post this weekend to move things along so you may wish to wait until then before posting.

Posted on 2015-08-21 at 08:58:17.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: updating soon

I have the ladies back and posting. Will update soon.

Posted on 2015-08-20 at 10:06:01.

Subject: Hammer

Hammer has dropped out of this game. Wondering how many others are still playing. I know Nomad, Ody and Keeper are still active. Olan is still emailing me.

Tia? Tann? Nimu? Still out there?

Posted on 2015-08-20 at 10:05:00.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: Lost Hammer

Hammer has dropped out of this game. I will either NPC Rat or find a suitable exit for him.

Posted on 2015-08-20 at 10:02:07.

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: From Vanadia (who is locked out)

Angela smiled while tucking the bug into her upswept hair, "The casinos. Alliance keeps a tight leash on gambling activity in the verse. They would be monitored by the alliance gaming commission so there would have to be ports there. Video feeds, security stations. The best place would be the casino. Shall we?"

"Yeah, but there would be a lot of eyes watching those ports, wouldn't that just be tougher?" Jon worried aloud.

Stephanie gave a little chuckle. When Jon looked at her she glanced at Angela's dress. Jon cleared his throat, "Oh..yeah,Ok then, the casino it is." Jon fumbled with the brochure, "Let's see the casino is," but Angela had tired of waiting and was already walking away. The glance at the brochure had been enough, and she could almost hear the cacophony of forced merriment from where she stood.
As she stepped into the gambling establishment, a ripple of excitement went through her. A barely dressed cocktail waitress changed her course through the crowd to intercept them with her tray of drinks, only to veer off as another waitress appeared and hurried (without seeming to) to reach them with the complimentary bubbly.

"Good, " Angela smiled to herself in a way that made Jon's heart sink," They're going to take me seriously. First girl had the watered down dreck for the tourists, this girl's got the high grade stuff."

"Oh thank the stars!" she declared out loud breathlessly while swooping the nearest glass off the tray and taking a sip, " I believe I've been here for two whole seconds without a drink! You ARE a doll for saving my life! Now, darling, I've only got this on me," and she waved the Baron's card merrily while taking another sip," so help me find a lucky blackjack table so I can get my chips and thank you properly. Who's lucky today, hun?"

The bemused waitress beamed at the thought of a gambling chip, as Angela knew she would. All the waitresses had readers in their trays (and in her cleavage, no doubt, for the creeps) but casinos tended to take a hefty handling fee for scanned tips. A chip was as good as cash, and Angela just made her first friend.

Cherry, as the waitress was called, led her to a blackjack table manned by a friend of hers, and Angela quickly surrendered the Baron's card for a modest stack of hologram chips. The waitress' smile faltered as she saw the chip stack, thinking she'd been played by a well dressed poser, but returned to full force as Angela plucked the highest value chip from the stack and set it on Cherry's tray.

"For love and luck, hun, love and luck. Swing by once in a while with more bubbles and we'll see how my luck's running. The Baron and I have a little wager - he thinks this won't last me more than a drink's worth of playing, but I want to see just how far the rabbit hole I can go. This your friend? Hi Frank! Shall we play?"

Angela found herself a spot at the table at the far right of the dealer, where she'd get the last card before he dealt his own. She set her chips down and pushed forward a chip worth the minimum bet for the next hand. The first few hands never mattered, she needed to see all the cards to know how many virtual card decks the dealer was dealing, then she could start making educated guesses. In the meantime, she kept up a steady stream of idle chatter, a bored rich woman who clearly knew her way around a casino. Cherry would return periodically to bring fresh drinks and Angela made sure to tip her each time.

Once she had a bead on the cards, she was better able to assess what her fellow players had, and what the dealer had, based on the cards showing and the cards already played. When the odds were in her favour, she bet heavily (but never all in) and when they were against her, she kept to the minimum bet. Even with occasionally losing on purpose, her stack of chips grew, and Frank went from affably polite to carefully polite, and finally chillingly polite. She'd attracted a crowd of watchers, and it was getting hard to see past them to watch the security guards and pit bosses make their rounds, so after one last sizable win, she tipped Frank handsomely, finished her fifth glass of champagne (which burned a little at the back of the throat,had Cherry been told to get her tipsy?) and gathered up her chips.

Once away from the blackjack table area, Angela considered her options while pretending to sway a bit from her drinks. She needed a port for Grace's bug, and every table had a port for the dealer's ID, but an empty table wouldn't stay empty long. Same with any waitress' drink tray. She needed a port that was out of the public view and not routinely used. Her best bet was to win enough chips to go to one of the high rollers' cashier offices, which offered privacy and security, or attract enough attention to get taken to a security office for a "discussion" of her gaming practices.

At that thought, a flash of light, seemingly behind her eyes, made Angela blink and shake her head. For a moment there, she'd been astride a hovercycle (a Harley Quinn, no less) racing away from a different casino, a heap of bodies in security uniforms behind her. With a second blink, she was back on the cruise ship. She tasted copper at the back of her throat and shook her head.

"Nope, nope, nope. Winning loads of cash, it is," she muttered to Jon, and looked around for the craps tables. Maybe she'd been marked as a card counter, maybe not, but most cheaters were one trick ponies, so no one would expect her to be good at craps, too.

Posted on 2015-08-19 at 20:06:20.

Subject: Tomb of horrors, not tomb of vacation

are you not entertained?!?!?!!

Posted on 2015-08-13 at 19:22:44.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Again
Subject: Finally - a post.

Moving quickly, Arien leaps charges to put himself between the Bard and the Winter Wight. The creature is fast in its attacks but although the cold if the creature is numbing, Arien's armour defends him well from the icy claws. He strikes hard with his flaming sword and shatters the ice skeleton down the centre, leaving bones and slush in its wake.

Sparrow fires rapidly at the wight that is moving up the corridor towards Maximus. The bow she uses is particularly powerful against undead and the enchantment remains strong as she destroys the icy skeleton with her three arrows.

Maximus attacks the wight even as he can feel his life force fade within him. He manages a good blow against the creature. Odyson comes in to aid the rogue with his huge axe but not before the undead can strike Maximus once again with its Blackfire and claws. Odyson slays the wight with a few hard hits with the axe.

Lum forces her will and faith into a prayer of dismissal against the coming Ice skeletons and she too feels what Odyson felt before - the evil of this place limiting her powers. She too cannot turn or destroy these creatures.

Jarenion casts his spell and a wall of stone appears just in time to stop the other two skeletons from reaching you. Kadrin is left without an opponent to fight, much to the dwarf's disappointment.

You have a moment respite as the fire burning at one end and the stone hold the other. The fire will only burn for about 15 minutes and the undead are pounding on the stone wall. Two of your party are burning to death from a Blackfire that seems to be fueled by their very life.

Maximus: Seriously wounded and down four constitution points (11)
Finarsil: Seriously wounded and down three constitution points (10)

You are trapped except to go further into the deep dark dungeon.


Posted on 2015-08-13 at 11:47:36.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: posting - Yay!

Astrid - I will PM you some details of the writings your character sees and any meaning you can draw from them.

Posted on 2015-08-13 at 06:08:47.

Topic: Weird War II
Subject: Finally - a post.

"How long you figure the dead will stay dead Captain? Maybe someone was planning on burning the bodies." Sarge asked.

"The front door is easy enough to see - and be seen. What's the plan captain?" Corban asked quietly.

"Well Captain, do we all go up the same side or split half and half. Either way we still got go up there. Unless someone else sees another way in,.. Star , Miller and me can take the left..Sarge, Hot Shot and you can take the right,Sir," suggested Doc.

"This seems to orchestrated for my likes. The temple is too readily a vantage point over the area. I'd suggest we proceed with caution and the thought that whoever set this macabre play in motion knows we are about like mice in the dark. "Star said looking to the Sarge.

The captain looked over the scene of this misfortune wishing he had some answers for his men. He drew the same conclusion as the Sarge about what had happened here - the Nazis were piling the bodies to burn and the bodies rose up against them. He doubted that the four they killed were the only ones left.

"We will stick together, not divide the team. Too easy to get cut off from each other out there so stay sharp people." Captain Edintore said firmly. "We will go in behind the trucks, check them out to see if there is any clues as to what is what around here and then up the nearest stair to the doorway. Sarge, you take point, Rat and Star, Doc you are with me and McGuiness in the rear. Questions?"

(Assuming none)

The team took their positions and moved across the sand, cautiously but with as much speed as they could risk. The Lorries were empty, left with keys in ignition and there were signs that they had been unloaded awhile ago (Lifts are down, fresh scrapes on storage area.) Rat sees something he thinks is a shell case but when he picks it up he discovers it a lipstick case (Passion Red #10).

The stairs up to the temple are worn from sand and time. At the top of the stairs, there are bodies of Egyptians and Germans alike. None or the dead are animating or moving in any way. It appears from the wounds that the Nazis figured out that head shots were most effective, although at least six germans were not fast enough to avoid being taken down.

The open doorway is illuminated from within by electric lights and you can hear the whirl and puttering of a generator from within. But you can also hear something pounding on a door or wall within the temple and the sounds of grunting and guttural moaning you have heard from the undead before.

Posted on 2015-08-12 at 11:46:35.
Edited on 2015-08-12 at 11:49:46 by Alacrity

Subject: coming back

Things are getting a bit better on the RL front. Hope to post this week. Do I still have everyone?

Posted on 2015-08-11 at 08:59:20.

Topic: WWII Horror LFP
Subject: thanks for the nudge

Things are getting a bit better on the RL front. Hope to post this week. Do I still have everyone?

Posted on 2015-08-11 at 08:58:59.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: urk

clawing my way back to reality

Posted on 2015-08-04 at 15:10:45.

Topic: Tumbleweeds, again
Subject: here

I'm still standing. Sorta..... Just got hit by the Mack Truck of life but I'll be fine.


Really really.


Posted on 2015-07-13 at 13:18:59.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Sit Rep

Sorry to everyone in my games but there has been a bit of a crisis in our family this summer and it has left me with little time to post. I won't go into great detail but the daycare we used for our son with autism closed for the summer due to circumstances beyond our/their control and we are scrabbling in the middle of summer to find special needs daycare. Not easy, let me tell you.

So I am still here as is Vanadia and Mmv but we are all a bit stretched on time. Please bear with us over the summer.

Posted on 2015-07-13 at 06:52:44.

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